WHY WE  NEEDED AN IMPEACHMENT  FOR "W." BUSH and why we need one for TRUMP

            BUSH AND TRUMP, LOW IQs

Back when AMERICA discovered the BUSH war on Iraq was predicated on LIES about WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, there was an overwhelming public response to the announcement of the grassroots campaign calling for the impeachment of the BUSHES. Many documents  found online. Google then Scan these thinking about how we go about IMPEACHING TRUMP.

"Look out your window at your city today. Peace demonstrations involving millions are taking place! This weekend, Israelis shot 3,000 killing 59 of them For demonstrating. We have gone FAR BEYOND the VIETNAM era! It's time to get just one placard up and running, "IMPEACH THE BUSHES" Not only the kid, George W. Bush, but THE FATHER, who is clearly calling the shots, and along with them, all the war toy and oil biz revolving door hawks in the administration,  Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and John Ashcroft, Condoleeza Rice, Ollie North etc., for high crimes and misdemeanors.  Among these:

1.) Placing the entire government and its military at the service of a handful of oil billionaires. We already have cheap alt fuels for automobiles. 47 members of Bush administration come from high placed jobs with oil corporations. The rest all worked for Daddy Bush. Condoleeza is both. She has a CHEVRON OIL FREIGHTER named after her. That this administration nakedly is of the oil transnationals and makes no apologies for it means we are exchanging blood for oil. This is not even a resource war for our American benefit. We have all the oil we need, we do not need to steal Europe's sources! The enrichment is for a handful of men, Bush Friends. As ENRON was all Bush friends.

2.) THE BUSHES declared and are entering a lethal bombing war against a huge modern city, Bagdad, to nail an Arab ruler who's pretty much like all of them, and doing it in an unconstitutional manner. In so doing, the BUSHES have jeopardized long term loyalties with Europe, our allies for hundreds of years, countries who depend on Iraqi oil.

3.) BUSH JR. is the puppet of a true ruler en absentia, his father. A young man with an IQ 80 could not arrive at the presidency if there weren't an engineered election by people who knew what strings to pull, and WHO could pull them. BUSH SR's other son, the gov in FLA. put the puppet over the top in the last minute with clear electoral fraud. THE OLD man is no longer legally able to rule. He is ill, sick, very old, demented and clearly in service to oil-ogarchs, as was his own father, Prescott Bush.

The BUSH LINEAGE will forever be remembered as a dirty spot on the American history, one that totally proves things that economists feared, that oil and war toy manufacturers, the wealthiest sectors, would take over government, creating catastrophe in their wake. The third high earning sector, drug running, is also represented by the Bushes. They have reinstituted hashish, opium production in Afghanistan. Continue to use their distributors so they're funded with drug money. And ex drug runners like Ollie North continue to champion their work as a talking head at a network.

4.).HALF the country does not want this war. Peace demonstrations continue with millions of people picketing in snow and rain. Many more are signing petitions calling for impeachment. This is an effort of widespread grassroots democracy. We can see from recent months that the grassroots peace movement has become a major factor in world politics. We, the people, are making a difference. So let's escalate to an IMPEACH THE BUSHES movement!

The next step in the grassroots impeachment effort is to launch a massive public education campaign through your phoning in to talk radio shows with your true feelings.

The U.S. Constitution provides the means for preventing George W. Bush from engaging in, and carrying out with impunity, crimes against peace and humanity and war crimes and deprivations of the civil rights of the people of the United States and other nations.

Members of the House of Representatives and other elected officials need to hear and feel the pressure of the people demanding that they introduce Articles of Impeachment. Please forward this e-mail to your friends and family members and others who are outraged by the actions of
the Bush Administration. You can encourage your favorite web sites to write a banner saying
"let's impeach the jerk!" If the people of Germany had done that when Hitler first started talking about invading Europe, killing Jews, do you think the people Funding HITLER would have let him and the SS/ GESTAPO kill everybody? NO! He'd have been removed.

So act up. Listen to public FM radio and encourage your family to do likewise. My FM Pacifica local radio station read off a list of demonstrations in fifty cities around L.A. It took a half hour to say 'the demonstration Saturday will be at this corner at this hour in Arcata, At this corner at this hour in Reseda, etc."  THEY WENT THRU FIFTY CITIES. and that's just L.A. They are also doing Friday 5 pm traffic hour demonstrations and invite those who pass them to honk, wave and carry a white kerchief in the car and wave it.

The peace and justice movement around the world that is showing leadership and foresight in the world's events. This campaign is an important way that George W. Bush and his administration can be held accountable for their mad and reckless war, for their assault on the Bill of Rights, for their abuse of power, and for other high crimes and misdemeanors.

MAKE YOUR WILL KNOWN. You do not want the blood of innocent, poor children and women on your hands. A hundred years of cheap OIL isn't worth one single baby's death or one mother weeping at a child full of shrapnel. You want to load your car's tank with BLOOD for the rest of your life?  If so you are little more than a Nazi. Your karma will be very severe. If you catch your adrenals working overtime and you bought this war as some sort of revenge for some SAUDIS who'd lived in Germany running 4 airplanes into targets, pulling down two skyscrapers -- just as the Gestapo (who work with the Bushes for last 57 yrs,) calculated you would, --- you have been played like a Lute. The propaganda worked on you!

IF YOU THINK BOMBING BAGHDAD can help anything in this world be better, you are no better than the worst of the german Nazis who elected Adolph in an election cuz they all hated Jews. IF THAT WERE THE CASE, then the seeds of hate have sprouted in the fertile soil of  some  immense stupidity. You should check yourself into the home of any peaceful person who has researched these matters and ask for the true facts to be read to you:  the corporations or transnationals today fund this war just as they did in Hitler's time. Dulles and the OSS in fact conscripted the Nazi spy apparatus, Gestapo, learned to do Reichtag fire type propaganda which 911 was, and hd their spies go to school with GEHLEN. Vietnam was an exercise in Nazi civilian death programs, Phoenix Program, with Gehlen students calling the shots. Study / do Google search on the subtle manner that the DULLES group, working for the transnationals and CEOS, has Enronized your planet! Leaving you and your country and your kids and grandkids in horrific economic condition that will deepen. Bombing Baghdad and stealing Iraq's resources isn't going to help. The lies the BUSHES have told, that SADDAM created the Kuwaiti oil fires in 1990 war were LIES. American soldiers already came forward and on PUBLIC RADIO revealed that they had been asked to set those fires and did. Then the lies about Saddam gassing the Kurdish tribes. A CIA whistle blower came forward and in N.Y. TIMES told the truth. IRAN gassed the Kurds in that border skirmish. Saddam didn't have Saran gas. CIA knew it and one spy whistleblew in NY TIMES on this. BUSHES knowingly lied to get you angry at Saddam. You have been propaganda drenched to the point that you'd rise up and want to bomb Baghdad in fury. Give it up. This isn't a football game. Rage isn't cute. Would you want your children pierced with daisy cutters? THINK THIS THROUGH! What you do unto others comes back to you. The only Dad to bag up and dispose of in Badhdad is Daddy BUSH! BAG that Dad. That xenophobic, oil-ogarch serving greedy Puppetmaster pulling the strings on his idiot son. Dad is l00 times worse than Saddam ever dreamt of being and he piously goes to CHURCH when PHOTO opps permit, and pretends to pray to God. What a slimeball!

 * * * * * * * * * *

I sent that to my list. EVERY TIME I WRITE ABOUT SPARING THE IRAQUI BABIES, painting pictures of mothers holding dead kids full of shrapnel, my CONSERVATIVE PAL Christian Grace writes me, "uh-oh, more liberal, lapdog rhetoric. Clinton went into Bosnia without UN approval or Congressional approval.

EVERYONE felt he should go into BOSNIA. Different thing. This is a thuggish theft of the source of European OIL. NOBODY wants us there not for this reason. The reason is bogus, and the world knows it.

She went on, "Brother, you liberals sure have short memories! Bush has 65% approval for war!. Don't you watch public tv?

I watch cable and public tv both. ONLY 65% of the highly paid talking heads support the official line. The people are divided half and half. It has something to do with the intelligence curve, too.

And I don't watch the twenty hours a day that you do as I have to make a living in my cottage industry, can't keep live tubes in work rooms!

"You can be damn glad for war since you arent speaking German or having to memorize mein kampf.

Hitler was supported in his bid by major corporations, many of them funded by BUSH and his employers. If Hitler had successfully invaded ENGLAND and France and controlled all of continental Europe, and had then killed off all the Jews and "Aryanized" the entire CONTINENT, be certain that shortly afterward, he'd be invading Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria etc and even Russia to steal their oil. Could he have done it? Would Communist Russia which has immense oil fields, in Georgia, have been able to stop him? Would we watch all this war go down, isolationist to the end? I feel HISTORY would have taken care of Hitler. Not a chance. But I invite readers to postulate, what would have happened had we NOT PEARL HARBORED ourselves to justify entering that war?

"In Iraq, you would be killed for your communist anti-country treasonist speech. If you don't appreciate your blood bought freedom -(war against British colonalism, war against Mexico for Texas and California, ) why don't you go to Iraq and send one of them here in your stead?

Me a commie? Well, not l9th century style Stalinist Communism or Mao communism. But some kind of IN-THE-WAKE-OF-ENRON communism designed for the 21st Century. Karl Marx predicted all the gambits of the corporations from price fixing to ENRONIZATION. Such crimes are institutionalized now; HARVARD actually taught these guys how to do it! But Grace, why is my interest in having a BETTER AMERICA, a kinder, less BRUTAL, less aggressive, less VENAL AMERICA grounds for my joining MAO at a rice commune or exchanging my rented shack with some IRAQUI? Does it have to be like you say? "MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY"

"This is such crap- -Saddam has a scorched earth policy so the USA won't be winning any oil as occurred last time. This is about humans rights and proliferation of chemical weapons.

No it isn't. That is only what the BUSHES have programmed you to believe it's about. Fact is, they know every weapon Saddam has as they sold it to him. THEM THE BUSHES! The usual arsenal of any modern day ruler. SYRIA has it. Libya has it. THE NRA says they can keep it. Now you imitate me with this puerile --

"Can't we all just get along? (implying I say that we should.) No! I say take this lying tyrant thug out! does anyone bother to ask what the kurds or native Iraqis think? Its not about what courage-less peacenicks think anymore."

Grace, I have to make the same effort you do to get along with people. I am not free of anger. I do not believe the BUSHSCUM can pull liberty and democracy out of a hat and disappear Saddam and make LIBERTY appear in Iraq when we don't have it here. I dodge the NSA all the time for what I do. We have snooping, cheating, lying rulers. They tax to the max, and use their armies to exploit the world with NWO stuff, not colonialism. They just fax the entire economy into their back pocket. They no longer have to go there and colonize. The money gets emailed to their BUSH accounts. And the HARRIMAN and ROCKEFELLER etc.

The BUSHES do not have the moral right to impose anything on Saddam. That isn't why they are going. KIM JONG is worse, and Bush was not going there. This is about OIL. STEALING EUROPE's OIL from the TIJUANA of EUROPE!

Yes, the USA invaded Mexico in 1846 ..to steal the southwest. 'Twasn't necessary. THE THEFT earned us their perpetual wrath and we could have politely bought it fifty years later the way we bought West of the Mississippi states from France. And bought Alaska from Russia. TODAY, Mexicans hate loathe and despise us. I was married to one and he used to rant about our theft of their northern third. He used to say "Pity Mexico, so far from God so close to the United States." As a nation we threw our weight around and continue to do so while other nations are gaining in technology and resources. In other words, your grandchildren and mine are going to live in a hated country when the world has bombs. Tell me, who died and made us GOD? Why do we think we can steal with impunity? After we saved France from Germany they spat on us for the next five decades. Why do you think that was about? We beat GERMANY and they licked our boots thence forward, FRANCE spat on us and we'd rescued them. We saved Brits ass and they barely tolerate us. Anyone know why everybody hates us? It can't be just jealousy of our wealth cuz we have the highest homeless rate on the planet.

Wouldn't you love to know what life would be like if our nation were led by moral men who wouldn't think of stealing Iraq's oil? The Bushes aren't they.

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