Rising signs are important to me so try to figure out WHICH your person is. In many ways, you do better reading for the RISING than for sunsign. The rising is the zodiacal sign rising on the Eastern horizon at the moment of birth. It changes every few hours all day so you need a stargazer and exact birth hour to calculate them. If you don't have a true birth hour, bottom of this article has way to get it. 

So for your close tie whose hour you don't know, tell me, you think they might be:

ARIES RISING- You move fast, love sports, wear hats well, look good in the color red and flash a ready smile. You're competitive, a loner, keeping to a clique that considers you an absolute leader. You always keep score, because you need to be #1. PLAN: to leave home early in life in a fast sports car. You COLLECT: trophies. GREATEST QUALITY: Ability to get any project implemented and done. IN LOVE: you need the guy to be prettier than you are. DREAM: To have your own biz. BOYFRIENDS are Leos. HUSBANDS: will be Librans. Secret turn-on: DIMPLES on fellows. HERO: Tom Cruise. FAVORITE GIFT: Posters of vintage cars, red scarf or hat. YOUR HOME: Moonchild on the 4th cusp points to your mother doing all the décor work, her making it very comfy as you are not the little homemaker type. 

TAURUS RISING- You put on weight easily, have a green thumb, plan to own a restaurant or a farm, as you are a gardener and cook. You collect everything Mother nature made: shells, lapidary, geologic specimens, ceramic cows, wear all shades of dark rich green, were born to shop hence could deal with marrying for money. Greatest Quality: Make mealtime into a gourmet party. LIFE GAME PLAN: Gramps left it to parents, parents should leave it to you. BOYFRIENDS: Virgos. HUSBANDS: sexy Scorps. SECRET TURN-ON: rich food, sparkly gems especially emeralds. HERO: Bill Gates. BEST GIFT: Cookbooks, seeds, bulbs, plants and trees. YOUR HOME: Party central, flashy, opulent, comfy. Leo on the 4th cusp. 

GEMINI RISING- You're mental, always reading or talking, can't wait to have a car so you can travel the backroads, you love the color yellow, want a bump removed from nose, enjoy libraries, museums, know the history of rock. LIFE GAME PLAN: To be a fact checker at the New Yorker then edit for a big publishing house in New York. WHAT YOU NEED: a generous, educated, world traveling mate. BOYFRIENDS: The pretty Libran boys. HUSBANDS: Wise Sagittarians, often from foreign countries. SECRET CRUSH: your brilliant professor. SECRET TURN-ON: your ring collection. BEST GIFT: Yellow sweaters, finger rings, vintage movie posters. HOME: Pristine, utterly organized Country, not too cluttered. 

CANCER RISING- Moon-faced, prone to bloat, moods and activities change hourly, no consistency, blown this way and that by the wind. You like older, conservative and powerful leader type men. COLLECT: antiques, family heirlooms, moons and mermaid jewelry. WHATYOU NEED: A SUGAR DADDY to tell you which end is up. GREATEST QUALITY- You mother geeks, nerds, teach them to belong. BOYFRIENDS Scorpios as bedroom eyes turn you on. HUSBANDS: solid-earning, high prestige Capricorns who make great fathers to kids and you want plenty of those! SECRET TURN-ON: ditching school & cocooning with quilt, clicker and the soaps. LIFE GAMEPLAN: Find the best man in school and marry early, keep figure, stay in love forever. BEST GIFT: pearls, abalone, moonstones, mother of pearl. And as you love daytime TV, a TIVO so you can tape soaps and still make a living! FAVE PHRASE: "Words can never hurt me." (but they do!) YOUR HOUSE: A big old vintage house like the one in Little Women.

LEO RISING- Easily meets new people, endlessly creative, art projects come naturally. Your moods change every 2 days so you leave exciting projects behind, forgotten. Big mane of hair, proud, regal demeanor. You get irritated for a sec and roar at someone but then your heart opens to them for having taken lip from you. GREATEST QUALITY. You are rarely depressed, turn any event into a party. You're upbeat, adventurous, take risks and are funny! BOYFRIENDS: wise Sags. HUSBANDS: those hard-to-land unconventional, maverick, brilliant Aquarians. YOU COLLECT: clothing, glitter, crystal, stars, suns, cats, lions. SECRET TURN ON: having a positive effect on another's life for a job and posh, solar resorts on week-ends. LIFE GAME PLAN: to leave your DAY JOB behind for show biz!BEST GIFT: SUNS, CATS/ LIONS. FAVE PHRASE: Tomorrow is another day. TYPE OF HOUSE: Big old, antique fixer-upper as Scorp is in 4th solar house.

VIRGO RISING You worry too much, have tricky digestion, allergies, hypochondriac tendencies, swim in beige and white as it's a purity thing and you like to be hyper-neat. You love white collars and cuffs on anything. You COLLECT: vitamins, pets, clothes, especially sale sweaters. GREATEST QUALITY: You can help others organize their office. BOYFRIEND: super straight Capricorns, then you get bored. HUSBAND: a space-case sloppy Pisces. Best GIFT: Fresh, natural, organic, flowery perfumes. SECRET TURN-ONS: cleaning and organizing your room, closet, drawers, notebooks and desk then your friends'. FAVE PHRASE: "Where there’s order there’s money." PLANS: To have your IRA's and 401 plans make you super rich. YOUR HOUSE: will live abroad as Sag is in your solar fourth house!

LIBRA RISING-You wear pastels, are really pretty and always cooperative. You have already been deeply in love. You have a hope chest, plan a church wedding. You stand up straight, posture is A+. FOUND: with your sweetie. BOYFRIENDS: wild AQUARIUS. HUSBAND A muscley ARIES. YOU COLLECT: rainbows, unicorns, psychology books. FAVE GIFT: Seventies retro chatzkes with rainbows, unicorns. Anything with mother of pearl, abalone. PEOPLE THINK: You are socially gifted, so polite. IN REALITY: You read Miss Manners And Amy Vanderbilt. DUH! SECRET TURN-ON: seeing beautiful homes, imagining you're married and live there. FAVE PHRASE: "You can catch just more flies with honey than vinegar." YOUR HOUSE: airy, new, urban condo high up in bldg. as Capricorn is in the 4th solar house. FAMOUS LIBRA RISING? LIZ TAYLOR. 

SCORPIO RISING- You dress counter-culture, love second hand clothes, in weird colors are attracted to a hunky actor. Your parents are always saying 'you're not wearing THAT thing are you?" You have an unusual, piercing gaze, were born with curiosity, are the detective snoop of the zodiac. Kathryn Hepburn. You could easily work for the CIA but you'd really be spying against them for the radical left. SECRET CRAVING: Power over bodies, wanting to attract intense love. FOUND: curled up in den, eating chips or icecream, sensuous food. YOU DEMAND: personal freedom. BEST GIFT:Spicy books. BELIEVES: the masses should fight the Planetary Overlords to the death, that's why you would betray the CIA. FAVE FLICK: The MATRIX! 80's TV shows like DYNASTY! BOYFRIEND: PISCES a spacey liar. HUSBAND WILL BE a super rich TAURUS. LIFE GAME PLAN: to have a career somewhere between Wonder Woman, Joan of Arc, Mother Teresa and Tomb Raider. SECRET TURN ON: Seeing malfactors suffer. FAVE PHRASE: "I did it MY way." HEROES: Mata Hari, Cleopatra. HOUSE: Wild, original, full of antiques, trash with a new spin as invetive kooky Aquarius is on fourth cusp. 

SAGITTARIUS RISING- You have a fiery, alert, upbeat, happy look, ready to give info to the group. You’re the luckiest kid on the block. Even bad luck works to your favor. Think Marlon B. who was Sag rising with JUP his ruler IN SAG in trine to his ARIES planets. This man was the most lucky actor in the world, but waay too pretty. Well, he broke his nose days before opening of Streetcar. The look worked to his favor rest of his life. He was more than just a pretty boy. This sign is a born teacher. DIDACTIC. Even Preachey. You may have already taught either at Sunday school or in your group, with younger kids. You plan to travel the world. BELIEF: You get what you dish out. PEOPLE THINK: You have no problems. IN TRUTH: You let no negative bother you for more than a minute. BOYFRIEND: ARIES, sporty, fast, muscular, macho. HUSBAND: A humble Gemini who is smart enough to be willing to learn from you. FOUND: giving advice. COLLECTS: books to pass on to your kids. FAVE PHRASE: "Let God handle it." HEROES: Jesus, Buddha. SECRET TURN-ON: exotic food from a new country.BEST GIFT: Metaphysical self transformation books. HOUSE OF YOUR DREAMS: Remote, near ocean, silent except for crashing waves as Pisces is on 4th cusp. 

CAPRICORN RISING- Aloof, like a mountain peak. Rita Hayworth, Sean Connery, Susan Sarandon. Sinatra. People climb you to visit and they better bring pastries. Your larder is bare. You don't cook. Servants SERVE you. You also don't come off the peak to visit others. Secretive, has a hard time curbing critical tongue. You know you'll never curb your mind. You sit in judgement of what others do. Never perfect enuf. You believe in battle, not peace. You need to be in total control. FOUND: hard at work. PEOPLE THINK: that you don't like them. IN TRUTH: You suffer because you think you're not pretty enough. PLAN: get a career, be butt-deep in money one day. BEST GIFT: designer office wear. FAVE PHRASE: "Living well is the best revenge." BOYFRIEND: Rich Taurus. HUSBAND: Stay at home daddy Moonchild. HEROES: Napoleon, Alexander the Great. SECRET TURN-ON: Scaring little kids at Halloween. HOME: Modern, brand new, industrial loft, red furniture, white walls, a lot of metal as ARIES is on 4th cusp. 

AQUARIUS RISING-Like a lightning bolt. Karl Marx, Jesse Jackson had it. Others never know where you'll show up or when. Nor do you! Karl Marx. You have large, intelligent eyes. If you've had your morning coffee, you have a witty mind, a voice with comedic inflections, electric hair and frazzled brains. True Democrat, no prejudice (except against Republicans, racists, warmongers and dopes). FOUND: alertly studying people. Has innate ability to read character from behavior. FAVE PASSTIME: making notes for a novel. PEOPLE THINK YOU ARE: idea city, ole boiling brains. BELIEVES: people CAN make a difference. SHOULD BE: a politician. WILL BE: a maverick, inventor, writer. TALENTS: Reform, re-doing what was done before. BOYFRIEND: cute talking Gemini but you leave them when you find they're stupid. HUSBAND: a big hearted, loving Leo. LOVER? ARIES. FAVE PHRASE: "Ask not what your country can do for you...." HEROES: JFK, RFK, MLK, Gandhi and Princess Diana. BEST GIFT: Address books, software, Wind chimes, incense, Joy perfume, books by Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore. SECRET TURN-ON: giving a speech that turns people around, makes them as radical as you. PERFECT HOME: Huge gardens, orchards as Taurus is on 4th cusp.

PISCES RISING: You are like smoke, aloof, elusive; seem to be untouchable, but you are easily wounded if betrayed and the scar bleeds later but in different ways depending on what your NEPTUNE is doing, natally. For instance, insulted, you either get philosophic, (Nep in Sag,) irritable, enraged and curious as to why they did it, (Nep in SCORP) or you weep and feel betrayed, (Nep in LIBRA.) Or just get on with life, (Nep in Virgo.).Demi Moore. Whitney Houston. You want respect but feel you haven't done enough to deserve it so you make up a fantasy about yourself. You feed this info to others by giving them clues, hints -- then let them assume the mythology you point them toward is true. You have large, wise light eyes, long flowing hair, delicate hands and feet. You're different from everyone in every way. Smooth pale skin but YOU know you have a beauty flaw and think it's a big one! Born pre-84, plans career in literature. Born post 84, plans to own a Big Business. PEOPLE THINK: You don't know anything when you really DO and just aren't saying. PLANS as rarely as possible, thank you. COLLECTS: mermaid jewelry, seashells, tropical fish. Best gift: Music heavy on newage and strings. FOUND: day-dreaming, in past or future, rarely in the now. BELIEVES: That nothing is certain but uncertainty. FAVE PHRASE: "Let it be" on good days "F-it" on bad days". Pisces gives up hope easily! HERO: Mozart, Bach SECRET TURN-ON: gathering clues from scant evidence and ending up being right. BOYFRIEND: Sentimental, feeling CANCER. HUSBAND: Methodical, clean Virgo. PERFECT HOME: Quiet neighborhood, chummy neighbors, 2nd floor, airy apartment as Gemini is on 4th cusp. FAMOUS PIS RISERS? AUDREY HEPBURN with ruler Neptune in LEO and Whitney Houston and Tony Banderas, with NEPTUNE IN SEXY SCORPIO!

*** I'll read  To get true birth hour, write the HALL OF RECORDS, city of birth, tell them 'mother's name, dad's name, DOB' and send 7$ (check comes back uncashed if they can't give you this info) and a SASE. Ask only for the hour, say you don't need birth certif, you have one, just the HOUR, minute and if am or pm., please.'They DO have this info which is not on the certificate, but it's in the registrar's BOOK along with doctor's name, mother's religion, TYPE of birth, how many inches long you were... stuff like that. They have these HUGE, antique books at the Hall of Records where parents filled in this data while it was still fresh in their memories. Cast your chart free  and email it to me. ASTROLOGY AT EARTHLINK NET