Steven Hawkings, the physicist, used to ponder the ever expanding universe and pray that entropy wasn't the primary law of matter and that an endless expansion outwards was not the basic gear of all worlds, both those above and below.

To Hawkings' immense sorrow, after long research, he realized that endless SPREADING is all there is. As this is so, it is incumbent upon man to learn all the other, secondary laws of the universe and use them ruthlessly to battle that pesky 'looseness' and suck the gut back in and bring our own little six square feet of matter back into some semblance of control.

The SYMPTOMS OF OLD AGE are many. They are: arthritis, flabby flesh and skin, arterial plaque, high blood pressure, diabetes, easy fatigue, forgetfulness. The wrinkles and flab comes from endless expansion as cell walls' collagen is bullet-holed by free radicals from cooked foods, especially cooked or rancid oils and transfats.  Cell walls will stretch bigger, --- giving wobblier thighs, thinner muscles but a fatter face, flesh hanging so the mouth turns down, all of you  unrecognizeable from the YOU we saw when you were young and courting.

Faintness and stupor after eating. BODY STIFFNESS or sore muscles after fasting, (i.e. when you wake up in the a.m.,) or for a few days after any minor exertion (meaning digestive waste products are being stored in the muscles because the body had no other way to get rid of them.).

Expect enlarged, painful, uric acid deposits over all the muscles on the body, painful a few hours after exercise or being strongly massaged. There is Eye Puff at dawn turning into bags under the eyes by noon. TOXINS come from mixing PROTEIN, STARCHES, DAIRY AND SUGAR. Burgers with fries and a coke is an incompatible mixture. Want no puff? No deposits? GO TO BURGERWORLD, Get two plain MEAT patties, eat them with a bag of dark greens you bring to the BURGERAMA SHOP. Eschew fried taters, or eat them alone, store the meat for later. As for cokes? ALL THOSE calories just to jack your pancreas up? A million raw juices easy to make at home, and of all the drinks in the world you pick coke? So bring your thermos and then, final touch you sit in the BURGERAMA patio throwing the BUNS to the pidgeons! Munch your meat, greens, feed the birds all that gluten. Heaven on earth. You go away with your spiritual heart and your belly FULL! And stay gorgeous and young. And there's always good karma when you feed birds. It can even burn off bad karma from other lifetimes that you don't know about stuff that was keeping you from having luck in this lifetime!

A SIGN OF DUMB EATING is that you have Stomach gas and burping after eating. That means food was FERMENTING in your TUMMY, not digesting. That means YOUR KIDNEYS will be insulted in an hour when UNDIGESTED MEAT tries to go thru them! BESIDES achieving KIDNEY FAILURE, we will SOON see wrinkling, pouchy loose skin! No biggie you say? YOu're not vain? Hey! Capillaries, veins and arteries are softening too, their walls getting weak, same time as lard is being stored with salt plaque so big lumps are in there, plus your blood is full of agglutinated blood corpusles that are gummed together, little fat shouldered athletes trying to break thru plaque and soft vein walls, all of it ready to burst in an aneurysm or stroke. That's no fun. Spending years with paralysis and shitferbrains?

But in addition, we will see graying hair, thinning of the hair on head, loss of lower body hair.  Totally UNSEEN: yellow fat deposits in arteries, plaque in the veins so that brain gets no blood, nor do hair roots, so you get senile and bald. And plaque builds up more and more so you also can get heart attacks and strokes. See how inorganic calcium supplements cause all this:

Toxic inorganic sodium (table salt) and calcium, along with fats combine and kill us. That 'phony' CALCIUM is found in our water, in useless calcium supplements, (in many brands of orange juice these days,) creates not only plaque deposits in the arteries but painful CHANGES in your BONE structure, rheumatoid arthritis in hands or gout in feet. Sore joints mean hip replacement may be necessary. Osteoporosis is occurring if any of the above is noted in bones. If bone changes continue, spurs on inside of spine (part of these bone changes) will eventually interfere with nerves coming out of the spine, giving not only pain but organ failure, deafness, blindness, paralysis, an actual lack of ability to walk without fatigue. An Inability to do minor exercise. But also Fast heart beat, breathlessness from any motion, walking, standing up indicates serious Heart changes, clogged pipes. Delicate digestion. IBS or diaharrea. Constipation. White tongue in morning. Vitamonosis, or no vitamins getting into you inspite of eating so much wonderful food. Often the GLUTEN* in most all grains is the reason.(*a CLICKABLE URL!) GLUTEN is GLUE! It lines the gut with a LAYER of GUCK and your poor starving body can't inhale the vitamins in your food. And the last symptom of our aging?? I forget. What's that last one??? It escapes me now.
It'll come to me. ( HOPE IT DOES!)


HOW: if you over use animal protein then less should be eaten, as the acid needed to digest it also melts our bones. And when we eat meat, we want to be reverent of it, not add sugar or starch (potatoes and pudding later?) just green salad or non starchy vegetables, SEE HOW TO COMBINE TO DIGEST. That way protein digests perfectly in stomach acid and is eliminated. Then as we do need THREE PROTEIN MEALS A DAY, some have to be other kinds of proteins, more 'vegie nutloaf substitutes' or 3rd world bean based 'hummous' type sandwich spreads, used in the center of a salad or toasted BIBLE BREAD as a sandwich or on toasted bible bread squares as chips and 'dip'.

As adrenals are the master gland that cause secretion of youth hormones, drink NO ADRENAL-killing coke or caffeine products that blacken the pancreas. (They actually do. See IRIDOLOGY).  Find herbal stimulants that do a better job (mate, hawthorn,) or take  a cup of green tea which is high in antioxidants and not 'burned or charred' like coffee beans but it does have mild caffeine.

FOODS TO CUT DOWN ON THAT HAVE HIGH URIC ACID: Coffee, tea, meat soup, organ meats, all animal flesh, shellfish, dried peas, cabbage, peanuts.  (Highest in toxins and pesticides plus molds of any food known which is why some people die if they go near them. Switch to raw blanched almond butter).

AVOID: Nightshade plants (tomato, potato, eggplant, bell peppers) as they contain an allergin which may make your joints swell up.  Many mammals drop dead if they eat nightshade when grazing. They affect or aggravate the arthritis factor. Instead, use the power vegies, beets/carrots, broccoli, green salads. (NO HEAD LETTUCE, it's junk but is fabulous as a soporific. Meaning simmer a head of iceberg lettuce and go party, you act drunk all night, or use it for insomnia, turn it into soup w. onion, chicken broth cube, you will sleep eight with ease)

Instead of animal protein occasionally, SUBSTITUTE: homemade VEGIE BURGERS. (URL!) You must develop the discipline to make your vegie burgers in lg. amt., freeze for later use, or install patty in sandwiches to take with you wherever you go. Store bought vegie patties no good, ALL soy must be fermented, as in TOFU. Avoid Soy concentrates, isolates. For pigs, gives humans a prolapsed colon. Soy milk is a precursor of industrial plastic, lines our bowel with a film that blocks vitamin absorption. Almond milk can be made by you and is delicious! (recipe below)

HEALING GOAL #2- Better digestion of protein that IS consumed.

HOW: THE ONLY RULE is never mix meat with sweet,-- flour with sour. (grain or starch with acids, but I'd say you should not eat any food that has flour in it! Switch to BIBLE BREAD, no flour at all.  Eat a raw salad with proteins!

Some of us who burp a lot (symptom of fermenting food, not digesting it,) might eat bitter greens (salads like endive, chicory, dandelion) BEFORE your meal. They make stomach acid plentiful.

If you have extra cash lying around, take digestive enzymes like RAINBOW COMPANY's ALL ZYME (Protease and Lipase ) to be consumed at same time that you eat animal proteins. (Available at Healthfood store).  Buy BITTERS in a bottle which Europeans have used for centuries. But a bowl of cress, arugula before eating is just as good. NIGH FREE too. They're BITTERS!

DO NOT COMBINE proteins (in same meal)--with sugar, fruit, starches, milk, juices as they dilute stomach acid. Eat these foods alone, later.  Try the real deal yogurt, not gelatinized stuff, that's a four CULTURE type of YOGURT (Persian, Hindu markets have it, or MOUNTAIN HIGH is good), taken alone or with sour fruits.  In summer I stew peaches, nectarines, guavas, yes in a tad of sugar, I'm not perfect, but when cool, I freeze the jars for winter use over yogurt. Toasted Bible bread is good with GREENS. COMBINE MEATS only with greens, broccoli. No fruits and tomato is a fruit, with proteins. No desserts in same meal as meat. Do not DILUTE your meat meal with water or cokes. STOMACH ACID is going to break meat down.  We do not dilute that acid!

AVOID MUCOSA-BURNERS like aspirin, soda pop, pasteurized citrus/tomato or vinegar which burns stomach lining, hurting our ability to manufacture our own tummy acid. Switch to RAW LEMON juice in all salad dressings. LEAVE lemons on tree thru third year when they fall off on their own. MOST market lemons (all citrus for that matter,) are two year fruit, they look ripe but are not.

HEALING GOAL #3 Less uric acid stored in body.

HOW- 1). SWEAT must flush uric acid and salts from the body so exercise in sunlight, as you'll DRIP thru the pores. Second best is to take steams, at health club. Last best, as hot water directly applied ruins the skin, is to take a super hot tub bath, with acid added. 2 cups apple cider vinegar in tub, soak 1/2 hour until you sweat profusely. NO salt at all in the diet, as salt traps water in body, prevents flushing action. Use amino broth on food. Occasionally, use herbal teas like corn silk, una ursi herb to cleankidneys but when using diuretic herbs like this, replace trace minerals magnesium/ boron/ calcium (by calcium from plant sources or calcium rich vegetable juices.) And supplement potassium (liquid source only). Magnesium does double duty. It prevents brain receptors that look for magnesium and can't find it, from locking on to aluminum which makes us senile.


HOW- Restore the potassium/sodium balance of the body. For a meat-eater (meat is full of salts) this entails more potassium. To RID BODY of excess calcium from our drinking water, from commercial orange juice and calcium supplements, stop using all these. Quit using table salt. Use diluted soy sauce added when food is cooked, in olive oil and lemon. That can replace butter. Cheleate inorganic sodium that you are all your life with ORGANIC sodium from raw juices. Inorganic sodium or table salt ends up in veins as plaque. Juice foods high in natural, organic SODIUM like celery, vegetables, which WILL chelate or REMOVE INORGANIC-FORM SODIUM FROM veins. Don't eliminate sodium as it happens to be required in digestion, but make certain it is organic, assimilable, soluble, easy for the body to handle. Inorganic sodium (table salt) CAUSES PLAQUE AND ARTHRITIS AND OVER ACIDITY. YOU DON'T WANT table salt. SALT STUCK IN YOU NOW CAN BE CHELATED OR removed by taking organic sodium foods. Meat eaters have high levels of arthritis. Dogs/ cats for instance. Vegetarians do not. The vegetable kingdom has a great deal of potassium, found in 'live foods.' Potassium balances the high salts/ash of MEAT eating. In non-meat eaters like cow or deer who eat only potassium rich foods, the craving for salt is very balance them. We humans have the reverse situation. Liquid potassium is useful. It's found in vegetables, salads and raw juices.


HOW- During fasting periods, (long summer days,) quit food. Just drink raw juices. Sweat in the sunlight by doing garden work. GET hard MASSAGE daily from family member, ON ALL YOUR MUSCLES, wherever your body is painful to touch, and on NERVE MERIDIANS. (Chinese have dolls with these lines painted on them. They usually go up down every limb on four sides!) Have a strong masseur oil hands, dig deep, rub hard on nerves. If you are not slightly uncomfortable, it's not hard enough. Work on all limbs, moving toward lungs. Drink lemon and water afterwards to flush out poisons that are loosened from body via kidneys. Some people take hot baths with plenty of rubbing skin w. bristle brush to get skin to 'work' better. Eventually (try QUICKLY) hot water makes skin old. Occasionally a sweat bath is good. Acidify tub water w. two cups apple cider vinegar, stay in a half hour. You'll sweat nuts and bolts. Gardening or exercising in the sun, head covered, provokes copious sweating and does not age skin. (if gloves are worn.). WORK OUTS in the sun will double down your sweat removal! COVER HEAD!

Eat foods rich in CALCIUM like yogurt, whey, veal bone broth, raw green leaves in salads, lime-rich corn tortillas, sesame tahini, and occasionally, fresh, not aged, cheese. Take calcium citrate with magnesium and boron for assimilation. AVOID other sources calcium as they end up in your veins as plaque. Avoid black tea which contains the strongest diuretic of all, theophylline, more diuretic than coffee or chocolate, which melts your bones right out of your body. Many types of calcium leave more plaque than they do good. Calcium citrate is safe, and may be used. To read more, go to


HOW- Do painful Yogic stretches with nose (not mouth) breathing. (VERY DEEP LONG BREATHS). HAVE SOMEONE PUSH YOU DOWN INTO a deep nose to knee position (and hold you down) in HARD long STRETCHES. That is what yoga is. And do the arm stretches the same way.

HEALING GOAL #8- Rejuvenate glands so they secrete hormones.

HOW- Use hormone rich, gland precursors, or gland-feeding foods like tofu, clarified butter. Supplement with gland nutrifying items like Mexican yam, pregnenolone, DHEA, available at healthfood stores.

HEALING GOAL #9- Stop free radical formation from making all our cell walls soft and stretchy, so that our flesh dissolves into softened cellulite, including the softening walls of our veins and capillaries that bulge in aneurysms, burst in cerebral strokes.

HOW- Free Radicals are renegade atoms that place our bodies in a microscopic shooting gallery. They are formed by the simple act of eating anything cooked or heated.  They are an anorexic's worst fantasy come true. HEATING KILLS. The worst manufacturers of F.R's are frying with oils ---any oil that has been given an oxygen molecule by being exposed to air, oils that are rancid or heated or which were hydrogenated, and all commercial baked goods are hydro.oils. Using oils in their cold-pressed state as vinagrettes over food, instead of frying our food is a start toward lowering the FR quotient of daily life.  Steam that protein, pour cold pressed oil over it. Fasting or juice fasting with anti-oxidants which FIGHT OFF Free Radicals, doing so between meals will somewhat cut down on this wear and tear of all this eating. We eat to live but in irony, that very eating turns around and bites us in the....errr, it kills us. ANTIOXIDANTS and OMEGA OILS are said to be the remedy for the damage that cooked food does. Find some NATURAL cold pressed oils and use them.  Keep in fridge between time.

HEALING GOAL #10- Sleep Longer- Use the passionflower tea recipe below. Steep the herbs, don't simmer. Less than 8 hrs sleep is not healthy. Try for nine, not necessarily all at once. If you are not using caffeine, you will be able to sleep twice, two periods of 4 hours each. Equally fine. Caffeine users have to wait til that morning cup wears off, can't nap or break up their sleep period into two chunks. If you have a sleep problem, simmer a half head of iceberg, 10 min, add a vegie soup or chicken soup cube, drink down.



DURING NIGHT Mineral or purified water, never tap water, or alfalfa TEA; lots of it all nite. For insomniacs, herb tea made of hops, vervaine, passionflower, skullcap, chamomile. See INSOMNIA.

BEFORE BREAKFAST: LIQUID FIRST THING, drink EITHER A HIGH CALCIUM TEA OR high organic sodium and organic calcium raw JUICE. (TEA: raspberry leaves, alfalfa leaves with some mate as it's morning! ). Juice is fine if you pick your own fruit (orange and grapefruit must be fully ripe. Fruit must be fully ripe as citrus creates arthritis if it is picked unripe so you must find oranges picked after WINTER cold is over. Never pasteurized juice as it would be triple acid. Drink juice with some Twin Labs liquid potassium hidden inside and some Liquid K, which balances sodium, effect of life long meat-eating, and gives muscular strength. Or take mineral caps. Take Cayenne pepper capsules to dilate, clean out capillaries, prevent heart attacks, angina. Niacinimide(B3) 150-250 mg. Take DHEA and germanium, a life extender element found in certain plants.

BREAKFAST- fresh almonds, soaked overnight, peel as you eat. Add a date or raisin every few mouthfuls for deliciousness. Maybe along with that some raw goat milk, (we do not need cow milk, cows these days are disease factories.) Goats milk made into yogurt with genuine culture served w. Papaya, pears, pineapple, pomegranate, raspberries, strawberries. Watermelon by itself as it doesn't combine No melon does.(THESE are high sodium fruits). AVOID CAFFEINE; Take your all day brain tonic caps like BRAIN POWER or "Mental Edge" (these have magic brain vitamins, ginseng, amino acids, dong quai, fo-ti, and stimulating herbs like gingko, gota cola that do NOT work like caffeine on vagus nerve or pancreas. TAKE a TWIN LABS Multi-vit. Or, have a Bioflavenoid- rich stroke-preventing fruit shake, (cherries, orange, blackberries all prevent strokes) add Spirulina algae and bee pollen especially if you want to lose your allergies. In cold weather you may want a more substantial whole grain toast. Use jam of the new fruit only variety, made with no sugar. GET OFF COFEEE or at least, use water- processed COLUMBIAN De-Caf, paper filter. CAFFEINE aggravates any blood sugar or pre-diabetic pancreas problems gives Diabetes. TAKE MULTI VIT PILL that has Vit E, Choline, a MEGA-B-Complex. +Sub-lingual B- 12, OMEGA FISH OILS, and with every meal, appropriate digestive enzymes, protease, amylase, etc.

MID MORNING: SNACK ON HIGH CALCIUM raw nuts/seeds. Dried, unsulphured fruits in small amts IF YOU SUSPECT A BLOOD SUGAR PROBLEM TO EXIST.

LUNCH: 3 high sodium VEGIES like Squash, Swiss chard, Chinese cabbage, okra, pumpkin or brown rice, taken with salt-free sweet butter OR OLIVE OIL. soup made by cooking Veal bones several hours to make a calcium rich broth. Then, put vegetables in it, simmer a few minutes. Have high calcium sesame, miso, tahini, garbanzo in sandwich spread, with Dr. Bragg's amino seasoning, or low-salt soy sauce or gomasio (toasted sesame w dash salt). Eat salad with high sodium, high-Calcium watercress, celery and romaine.(no white head lettuce). If protein is included in meal take protease enzyme. Avoid nightshade plants: potato, tomato, eggplant, peppers and all unripe citrus/pasteurized citrus (frozen oj.)

MID AFTERNOON SNACKS- IF NOT HUNGRY, use raw juices that chelate the blood, ridding blood of inorganic salts, and inorganic calcium, and replacing these with ORGANIC CALCIUM AND MINERALS. IN A JUICER, JUICE celery/parsley/cress/carrot. Or, soak almonds in water overnight, peel, eat with a few raisins. Peel not good 4-U. Astringent. A great easy to fix snack is guacamole with corn tortillas. Recipe below.

DINNER:3 high sodium (celery, romaine, spinach in a raw salad,) or cooked low starch vegetables: leeks in veal bone broth, or chicken bones, (knobs are good to eat, prevent osteoporosis) high calcium peas, turnips, parsnips, kale, kohlrabi, romaine, carrots, asparagus, cauliflower, lima beans. SALAD of cucumbers, endive, cress, romaine, chinese cabbage, cheese & dressing of olive oil, real garlic, & a dash of soy sauce; a whole grain like brown rice, bulghur wheat, quinoa or millet, (very high protein). Use unsalted clarified butter. Clarify it yourself. Use the white dairy foam for baking cookies. Take RAW GARLIC on all foods, as it's high in germanium. Raw won't make you smell. COOKED garlic WILL! Take a HEALTHFOOD STORE multivitamin.

BEDTIME- It is a good idea when seeking healing to sleep more than 8 hours. This is especially useful for meat-eaters. So, we will use an herbal sleep mix tea starting an hour before bedtime to encourage the desire to sleep earlier. This will also lengthen sleep to 9-10 hours. You will make enough tea to drink 1 cup at bedtime, then another 2 cups during the night. Leave the brewed tea next to the bed in case you wake up. Buy bulk herbs which are cheaper than capsules. Tea is better than capsules as it is assimilated quickly and won't linger in the bowel next day, mixed with your food, making you groggy in day time.

SHOPPING LIST: BULK SLEEP HERBS TO BUY; First, a SLEEP HERB formula would contain: a base of iceberg lettuce tea, a half head of iceberg, chopped, simmered 10 mins. Strainoff leaves, drink the tea, or you can open capsules of VALERIAN, HOPS, SKULLCAP, chamomile, red poppy bolux, vervaine, passionflower and let it brew just as water stops boiling! Cover for l0 mins to get a good brew. Strain away the herbs. A common garden flower, Red poppy, has a bolux which forms, which gives superb sleep and you dream in Chinese, but a huge depression follows, next day, late afternoon. Use morphine products like this flower w. caution. That happened to me once, I wasn't about to use a bolux a night for several weeks to relax about my insomnia but once I saw what a BIG poppy withdrawal was like, I abandoned THAT project!

KIDNEY FORMULA (if facial puff shows edema) Uva-ursi, peach leaves, Juniper berries, Corn silk, Cayenne, Queen of Meadow (root), Buchu leaves, Cleavers. Diuretics all, can't be used long cuz you piss your bones off into the ocean!

HIGH SODIUM FRUITS that chelate inorganic sodium from blood: pineapple strawberry, or mangoes (whole) or fresh citrus juice from TOTALLY ripe fruit only, available after winter is over.

SOUP INGREDIENTS: 3 high sodium low starch vegetables: fennel, leeks, chard in veal bone broth, there is high calcium in fresh peas, turnips, parsnips, kale, kohlrabi, romaine, carrots, asparagus, cauliflower, lima beans.

SALAD INGREDIENTS sunchokes, fennel, cucumbers, endive, cress, romaine, Chinese cabbage, spinach, arugula, parmesan cheese sprinkled on top so it's heaven. Make a dressing. Start with tbspon of honey, add lemon juice to it and stir to melt. Then add olive oil, real garlic, honey & soy sauce to taste, although Dr. Bronner's Amino Broth is just as tasty and unique. Chopped onions, oregano add to it. For health, use lemon juice, not vinegar. TOASTED SESAME SEEDS, ground with minute amt of salt, into GOMASIO the tastiest thing you ever ever put in your mouth. Sprinkle on top.

GRAINS: BREAD made of a sprouted whole grain like wheat, rye, spelt, millet, kamut, millet, or mixes of same. Sprouted grain bread is very good for us. As these cost 2$ a loaf a healthfood store, and breadmaking is easy and can be done without a recipe (on the 2nd occasion, ) make your own. Also, each meal should contain either brown rice, bulghur wheat, millet, quinoa, lentils, barley, or beans. Raw butter or garlic-flavored olive oil are added AFTER the grain is cooked.

PREPARING THE SUPER FOODS: As post-50 people are not as hungry as young folk, every bite counts and must be 'super foods' If you eat junk, you're banishing the appetite that you need for good things and missing an opportunity to give the body VITALITY and YOUTH. To stay young, eat exclusively from power food groups. White yogurt that bleeds when cut, not the creamy gelatin junk kind. Find a brand with several types of culture. PAVEL is best. Actually has Four different kinds of culture! Mountain High has three. Healthfood store has these. Then, make your own HOMEMADE yogurt every few days with the last few tbsps of that store bought as a 'starter' so you never have to spend $2.50 (on sale,) 3.99 if not...for 32 oz again! (RECIPE: Bring goat milk almost to simmer, about 120 degrees, turn off fire. Cool to warm. Then stir in the last tbsp or two of the other package of yogurt, I use the old packaging, too, the plastic tub. Set on a heating pad, wrap sides, cover with towel, leave 6 hrs to stiffen.) Or sink it in a glass jar, in a big pot of hot water. Change water hourly. Best is an electric yogurt maker. When thickened, Refrigerate. Serve with honey, slice fruits, real berries, chopped nuts. Investigate TOFU, full of plant estrogens that keep us from aging; find a source of fresh soy curd in your area. Use tofu to replace meat. Make vegie burgers out of it, stack in fridge, ready to eat when you've got the munchies. Drop into soups where it absorbs flavor. Tofu is like lobster or chicken breast, nearly flavorless and needs the soup or sauce. It is high in Vit B which banishes moody blues,  rejuvenates. See:

RECIPE: VEGETARIAN MEAT -INGREDIENTS- Cup of CHOICE OF GRAIN* whole oats, millet, quinoa,(hi-prot grain from HFS) soak 2 hrs. l00 degrees, simmer) or bread crumb. Can creamed corn, garlic, chopped onion, oil, thyme, oregano, chopped celery, celery seed, mushrooms, almost sprouted nuts: may be mixed sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts and at least HALF TOFU. Optional: shredded carrot, celery, bell pepper, and water chestnuts, minced. Salt/pepper & vegie broth. METHOD: Chop nuts. (Almonds must be soaked overnight in water, then skinned). MIX your soaked GRAIN, nuts, w. thyme, oregano, sage. RESERVE. Saute onion, garlic, red or green peppers, garlic, stir in the tofu so it gathers their flavor, then add the other vegie ingredients, then the nut/grains, add raw egg, shape a soggy croquette, dredge in corn muffin mix or whole grain flour/sesame seeds; fry patty in olive oil/clarified butter (ghee) which are mixed. Fry both sides litely, then finish in oven. You can add cheese and tomato sauce to these for an Italian feeling. You can bake into MEATLOAF. Freeze 3/4 of slices or make as patties. NOTE: Reason we pre-soak grains, sprout nuts/seeds is to inactivate PHYTIC acid nature puts in leaves/grains so bugs won't eat them. This substance inhibits mineral assimilation.

GUACAMOLE SNACK- Mash avocado with half a fresh tomato, onion slices, a fresh garlic clove, squeezed, cilantro leaves & water cress leaves, good slash of lime juice, slash of amino broth like Braggs for salt. Heat corn tortillas (that have no preservatives and no cellulose wood fiber) on gas flame both sides until lightly toasted. Healthfood store has them so do Mex markets. Usually one of the many brands in Mex markets will be no preservatives, no cellulose. SUPERMARKETS are offering JUNK TORTILLAS! LOADED WITH CRAP!

QUICK TOFU WITH BLACK MUSHROOMS- Shitaki are considred a HEALER, a body strengthener in Asia. Soak your dried shitake mushrooms for ten minutes, broken into pieces. Bag is $2.50 at Asian market. Freeze what you don't use in baggie. While buckwheat 'soba' noodles are simmering, saute onions, garlic, scallions, eggplant, a cup cubed tofu in a good olive peanut or sesame oil until onions are transparent. Make a gravy mixture of soy sauce, flour or corn starch, slash of sherry or sake, broth, throw into the saute pan, top with the soaked mushrooms. Stir slightly til thick. ADD TOFU at the very end, serve over noodles. Add sesame oil cold at end, a tbspoon stir in. SPRINKLE sesame gomasio, hand made, on top. Make GOMASIO for a week or two (toast half cup sesame seeds, cool. Grind wi a scant tsp of salt I use back of spoon).

ALMOND MILK- Soak raw almonds overnight. Peel next a.m., while you watch tv. Throw away skin or put in compost pile. Too ASTRINGENT. Grind nuts in blender w. water, honey, drops of almond extract. Strain off nut bulk, save for cookies in freezer. Save the almond milk in fridge. This is the last meal of the Master Jules made for him by Jackie Bisset, brought to the hospital.

CLARIFIED BUTTER or GHEE- Put a full pound of sweet raw butter in a heavy bottom iron skillet, or copper bottom pan so it won't burn, melt over low heat, skimming off the white dairy product to put in cookies you give away. Pour clear yellow oil into a jar with lid to store in fridge. Better for you than oil! NATURAL!

SUPPLEMENTS, VITAMINS : B-complex, Sea Minerals if you don't eat enough vegies, raw juices. GERMANIUM, the magic longevity element found in foods like barley and garlic, and Chinese herbs like Ginseng, or you can get it in pill form. And take brain pills of every kind. Best is Brain Health by found in their Brain section. The webpage has a list of what's in it. BUY that list at the healthfood store if you don't want the ENZY brain formula. And their B-12 which is called bioactive B-12 and is in their ENERGY section. It's the genuine thing. 99% of what's on the market is not real b-12 and in fact drains the body. Take minerals like Liquid Potassium, calcium citrate with magnesium, bioflavenoids, pycogenols, spirulina algae, digestive enzymes (or chew bitter dandelion leaf before eating as 'bitters' to give hydrochloric acid flow, or appetite and better digest your proteins. Digestive enzymes are NECESSARY if you burp after meals which shows food is not digesting but is fermenting, a very dangerous condition which will DESTROY your kidneys with undigested protein. However, you might also try to never dilute stomach acid. No sweets, fruits or excess liquids when you eat proteins. Wait several hours for that sweet drink. Let the digestion take place first. Use Vit E, soy lecithin, cayenne, if lifelong meat eating has made heart disease or high cholesterol levels occur. Take Pycogneols, an anti-oxidant. You need DHEA, found in Mexican Yam and raw freeze-dried Adrenal organ extracts. For a concentrated source, get PRENENOLONE, a DHEA precursor that helps body produce its own youth hormones, 59$, from "BEYOND A CENTURY" 1-800-7771324 or NUTRACEUTICS 800-391-0114 or JOMAR LABS 800-538-4545 or LIFE EXTENSION, 800-543-3873. Pick the cheapest.

 *For info on REJUVENATION HORMONES in foods, Write DHEA researcher, Dr Ray Peat PO Box 5764 Eugene Or 97405. He is not connected to pharmaceutical companies. Nor am I. We are all just researchers dipping into the same pool of knowledge.