Anita Sands Hernandez who tells you, Six is too few; TEN IS ENOUGH.

PREGNANT? You lucky woman. Your baby is coming. You are in for the most joy a person can have, especially if your baby is healthy.

To make sure he or she is, it's time to get on the right diet now. Rule Number One, to create the perfect baby, you need to eat a lot of the best, most powerful foods around. These aren't necessarily gourmet foods, costly or high calorie foods, nor are they meat and milk foods.

Carrots qualify as healthy food and they are very low in calories. Next, you'll want to eat healthfoods with abandon, without fear of gaining weight. You'll lose it later. Look at Jackie Kennedy. Four pregnancies and she lost it all afterwards and was thin as a stick all her life.

Plan now on giving up a few foods that might not be good for junior. If you fancy tea/coffee/cokes, your baby may be born with pancreas or adrenal problems. It's time to taper off on caffeine, going less and less every day until there is NONE in your diet. Do not quit cold turkey. It's jarring to the fetus and to you.

Plan on it. You have to be on the right diet as of YESTERDAY. If one vitamin FACTOR is left out, baby can have defects. For instance, Vitamin D. It's important to get some of this vitamin to be able to metabolize calcium. You need calcium for baby's bones. So to get your Vitamin D, take sun baths with almond oil & lanolin slathered on skin. LET the oil stay on the skin, afterwards. Only bathe your sweaty areas with a splash of warm water. Leave the irradiated oil on the big skin areas overnite so it soaks in. SKY cloudy? Take D-rich, flavored cod liver oil mixed with Vit E and A instead. If you don't get enough VIT D your CALCIUM products will not be absorbed WHICH MEANS calcium pills will be DEPOSITED as plaque in the arteries which gives heart disease. To SUPPLEMENT CALCIUM use Calcium Citrate with Magnesium already in it. Vitamin D, via cod liver oil capsules, aids in calcium being assimilated.

Sodas, tea, coffee, citric acid, the acid coming from STOMACH involved in meat-eating ---all have stripped calcium from our bones. An old rule is to take calcium supplement with something sour, a sour/acidic drink will do. A lemon squeeze in water will break down that calcium or a tsp. of Apple cider vinegar. Remember, no calcium is absorbed if VIT D isn't there so take COD LIVER OIL which is cheap at the drug store. We must do cal/mag/D all together. We city folks are ALL headed toward osteoporosis. It's necessary we COMPENSATE by supplementing calcium.

If you use other forms than calcium citrate, like eggshell, bonemeal, or any of the other forms, always take it with magnesium and an acid drink, cranberry, or a little apple cider vinegar or fresh lime/lemon in water as these acids dissolve calcium.

Next: Get your VITAMIN B -- The whole B complex. Also, You separately need sublingual B-12. My fave way is calves liver fried lightly in onions. Very cheap compared to really GOOD B-12.

VIT C is found in citrus but most isn't three years on the tree. It colors up after 2 yrs so that's when farmers harvest. Chez Moi, tree drops the fruit after 3 yrs on the tree, then it's perfect, ripe, no burning thru our bodies like battery acid. No citrus trees? Chew rose hips. When roses have those red balls, that is the best source available. Cut slices off, into OJ,  let stand over night, or to get all the vitamin in it,  take bites out of them! Cut off chips of the red flesh. Chew the way you chew gum, swallowing juice, spitting out pith after you suck the vitamins out.   AUTUMN is red rose hip time. (These ubiquitous fruits prove that even if you don't have money, can't beg vitamins, don't worry, the vegetable and fruit kingdom has all the elements you will need.

CALCIUM You do not need milk as a calcium source or those calcium supplements that fill veins with plaque and kill us with strokes. Use TAHINI, or sesame butter mashed w. garbanzo beans, as HUMMUS DIP.  See recipe. Eat CALCIUM RICH GREENS: cress, collards, romaine, raw spinach not cooked---and grow an organic salad garden.

Do this daily and your child will be born big and strong. When baby arrives, above all, breast feed. There are immune enhancing factors passed on from your blood to his. Every disease you ever had, your IMMUNE SYSTEM recognizes and can cure on sight. Your T-CELLS have been exposed to measles, colds, flus, etc. all kinds of bacteria and viruses too, and have learned to KILL those germs. A baby has no immune protection. But when he gets your MILK, he inherits immunity. Plus, Medical Journals tell us there is 22% less breast cancer in woman who have nursed so there are no excuses for not breast feeding.

A great many women tell me that they could not breast feed, as there wasn't enough milk. When I lived in the hills of Mexico, the Indians had a secret way of creating milk in abundance. They told me that oats and beans, for some reason, cause milk to flow amply. Have oats for breakfast and BEANS with lunch and you'll have more than baby needs. But breast feed. ALL babies do best on breast milk!

If allergies still persist and you feel baby cannot drink your breast milk, then give up all cow's milk yourself. All products made of it. Your milk will soon be fine. If nipples are sore, towel them until they're tougher. Use Bag Balm cream, available at all horse feed stores.

IF breast feeding is IMPOSSIBLE, and you are already using bottled formulas, THROW THEM OUT or give them to cats and dogs. Switch now to live, raw goat milk, (impossible to find but pasteurized goat is at every super nowadays.) It is the best kind for human babies next to MOTHER's. You are going to go to healthfood STORE regularly, 2 or 3 times a week, read their books for free every visit. Get your milk. Taste it before feeding it to junior. If not good enough, return to store for refund or use for the dogs.

Vaccinations and anti-biotics are dangerous & a total waste of everybody's time. They kill some infants. If he survives, they hurt the baby's body in ways we can't see, but which give him serious disease later in life. Once a child gets sick, his immune system 'learns' about that virus, beats it next time without getting sick. When he's ill, take away all solid foods. Put him on a raw juice fast. "Feed a cold, starve a fever." Keep him covered & warm. Let the HEAT of his fever KILL the infection. The heat will kill bacteria and viruses. Make the little tykes sleep in complete PJ's w. foot socks as they might kick off the blankets. If temperature goes over l05, wrap his head in a cold, wet towel. THE BRAIN doesn't like anything over l05. Keep rewrapping head until fever breaks. When he's awake, give raw fruit to which you add BUFFERED powdered Vit C, avail at Health food store. He will quickly get well, sometimes in HOURS, then have lifelong immunity to the virus he fought off. In times of trial, give baby's body vital power with a NATURAL food diet of live foods, magical goldenseal AND echinecea tea. Steep 20 min in near-boiling H20. Feed off a spoon. Add a few teaspoons of fruit juice concentrate from a frozen cylinder to flavor. Apple or grape are fine.

A protein meal when he's sick would feature avocado with a few drops of lemon, and raw, pre-soaked and peeled,  ground up almonds. I pre soak for an hour, the skin comes off. Some holistics pre-soak a few days in a row, changing water every 8 hrs, to semi sprout the nut. Almonds MUST be skinned as the skin is astringent, really screw with the tummy lining, which you can feel. And probably with the intestines which you don't feel. After peeling,  the white almond is dried ... then ground into powder in a food processor, nut grinder or blender and finally stirred into the guacamole. A fruit meal would be fresh raw papaya or grated, fresh raw apple. Not nuts in that one.

When baby is ill, always give light raw foods that would help any sick person recover: raw fruits even chicken with a ten vegie broth. Scrape a highly colored, hence solar powered, fruit like papaya or nectarine, or peach. Feed off spoon. Give baby as much in a sitting as he'll take and do not feed any milk/meat. We don't give sick people anything rich to digest until they are well again. Give l0-vegie broth for lunch/dinner, raw juices between meals. Fruit for breakfast. That's it. When baby's digestion goes on vacation that little body can spend its time beating those microbes! REMEMBER, at all times, MONO meals work best. All fruit, or all vegies, or proteins combined with vegies. Teach kids to eat dark green salad. Go to library, read everything on your 612/ 613 shelf and you'll learn wonderful tricks, like how to sprout seeds, nuts, beans and your dear little tyke will be eating LIVE proteins not dead bodies which make us into a GRAVEYARD or give MAD COW disease. FRUIT / SPROUTS/ GREENS have a jolt of sunlight which has some mysterious LIFE energy we don't understand. Man can't duplicate them at his factories; these foods can't be stored; they don't keep. ONLY DEAD food can be stored in markets. Inert food. No bug will attack white flour. But no market can keep brown flour long. Learn to make your own whole wheat bread for this reason. Best is Ezekiel bible bread from the supermarket, made with sprouted grains. A great chew for a toddler, but not for infants.

When a child's cold or fever infection goes away, only mucus is left. This is natural and we want to see it come out. Let baby's body expel it with a good, wet cough. Coughing is good. It shows the body wants that waste matter OUT. Encourage coughing with a big smile and praise. Help the infant spit into a kleenex you hold.

As he recovers, continue light foods, Orange juice, papaya as these foods cause mucus to be expelled. Give herbal teas that are expectorant in nature, (bayberry, lobelia, cherry bark, mullein, grindelia, yerba sante, licorice root, loquat leaves,) or soups w. onion, garlic in the broth.

NEVER use soy milk. It is implicated in crib death. Soy cannot be eaten by humans unless fermented as tofu, miso or tempeh. It lines the gut with plastic. They make plastic out of soybeans, you know. Baby can have seasoned tofu, as a food, though, in place of meat. A few drops lemon juice a little olive oil and some amino seasoning work fine.

BABY FORMULA: This recipe for baby formula using goat's milk came from a great European healthfood doctor who charged thousands to his clients. It's HALF grain GRUEL and half goat's milk. Gruel is a thickened cereal broth. You boil cereals, they make creamy brown gruel. Make a whole cup of cereal powder and keep it in fridge in closed jar.

CEREAL POWDER: In black iron skillet, toast brown rice until it pops, & it's golden. Cool. GRIND in blender until it's fine powder.  Keep in glass jar, tightly lidded, in fridge. Use clean dry tablespoon each time you reach into jar.

TO MAKE GRUEL: Take 1 cup of water. Stir in 2 tbsps of powder, boil at low simmer, in good, clean water until it's thick like cream. You'll get about a cup of gruel. Use l tsp sweetener. DO NOT USE HONEY as it can cause serious problems in infants. It isn't always pure enuf. We do NOT want to use sugar which is what corn syrup it harms even adult sized pancreas/adrenals. Invest in a bottle of rice bran syrup at healthfood store, or use GENUINE maple syrup. Keep all the components of formula in fridge. The powder, the syrup, the gruel COVERED in plastic bag, and of course, the goat's milk. ALWAYS Taste-check your goat's milk to make sure it hasn't gone sour. If sour, offer to pet or return to store, complain, get a new one! The final result from this perfect raw milk diet/breast feeding, is perfect health, a minimum of health complaints, no need to ever use anti-biotics, hence a terrific immune system and no serious disease ever in this child's life, later.

Give bottled, pasteurized formulas, you'll have disease in your kid for years! CHOOSE the happy path of low cost health, no costly anti-biotics, no costly doctor visits, no lost work for parents, no hassles.

The best way to raise a family is get everybody on a CALIFORNIA HEALTHFOOD DIET. Less eating dead bodies. When you cut down on meat or at least buffer flesh foods with salads, you will never be logy, fatigued, depressed again.

It's not OPTIMUM nutrition to stuff three times a day on animal protein, especially eating beings who were murdered in a state of shock & despair. Get onto a diet of HIGH VITAMIN/OXYGEN high mineral, high NITROGEN foods, as these 4 ITEMS GIVE PERMANENT YOUTH. These are raw green/orange or high color things that GROW & which are alive, full of SOLAR POWER. OR proteins like tofu or vegie meatloaf, dark green vegie/salads. GET OFF a high uric acid (flesh foods) as they're also high torpidity (SLEEP LAZINESS FOODS, constipating, toxic & with a high-rot factor. If it smells bad when it's been in your body l0 hours, like meat or eggs, avoid it. Switch to foods that don't rot inside U-. Vegetarian 'nut & sprout' loaf, vegetarian high protein sandwich spreads, made of sesame tahini & garbanzo beans, mashed into 'hummous,' higher in calcium, iron & minerals than meat, equally high protein. CUT WAY DOWN ON high mucus producing (asthma) & fatty animal products: butter, cheese, milk, eggs, meat except sprinkled on top OF VEGETABLES as a condiment. Milk is almost sacred to Americans but truth is grown-ups get more than enough calcium if they enjoy dark greens & sesame tahini & take mineral supplements. (Calcium citrate should be given with boron, magnesium, selenium, and trace minerals must be taken by ALL PREGNANT WOMEN. (Don't take calcium when older, it just lays around in your veins giving strokes, High Blood Pressure and heart attacks.

GET SPROUTED FLOUR BREADS AT HEALTHFOOD STORE. Sprouted grain bread avail at every HFS in America. YOUR OLDER KIDS who have mucus, adenoid, sinus, or asthma problems should switch to vegetarian sources of calcium. Casein in cow's milk is too GLUEY. Milk creates gummy mucus sites in lymph glands where bacteria grow. Female hormones of Cow are suspected by holistics to cause reproductive cancers. All super markets have SOY milk. Naturally leaving all of our basic, favorite foods behind requires one study books at healthfood store for new recipes that supply taste/protein/calcium: (soaked peeled and sprouted almonds ground into vegie meatloaf with quinoa/millet, brown rice only, or mung beans. 2.) Get DETOX herbs at healthfood store being psyllium seed (main ingredient in Metamucil) which is ground into fine flour. Once wet with juice, this will expand 2-soft bulk & go through digestive tract like a broom, cleansing caked, old food particles, scraping off milk-mucous on intestinal walls, & cleaning out 'toxic dump sites'. There are herbs that U-add to fiber which also actually cause elimination of stored poisons. Call RISE & SHINE company at 602-293-0891 for information or 602 293-1098 to order products: HERBAL NUTRITION & CHOMPER. Visit Health Food store & find 'fasting' herbs that diminish appetite cleanse mucus sites out.3.) Start regular de-toxing of colon with water. Enemas are much easier than U-imagine. Use a hanging bucket, fill with water, & also a little fresh chlorophyll juice, made from dark greens, on juicer. Use tubing with a clip & a plastic tip. In a pinch, use a garden hose. It works fine. Free magazines at healthfood store can give U-names of Holistic healers, iridologist or colonic specialists who can teach U-how to use a Colema board. Call (916) 347-5868 to get one. 4. QUIT CAFFINE, important for many conditions people have. Don't even take a Pepsi. Ask for my article "QUITTING" on how to do it. Basically, U-take relaxing herbs 1 hr before bedtime & chill out a little earlier, so U-can nick a few extra hours each night. Get a minimum of 8 hrs. sleep. Using SILENT NIGHT type herbal capsules at bedtime to lengthen, deepen sleep. ALL of us have become accustomed to MUCH LESS sleep than our body needs. U-should try l0 hrs. for a while. Panic, Anxiety, Depression is INSOMMNIA. NOBODY sleeps ENUF even tho they're tired. Residual caffeine in blood stream makes deep sleep impossible. Alarm clocks & JOBS make early waking necessary. So use sleeping herbs (passionflower, skullcap) to cause earlier sleepiness. That end of night we can control. There are many commercial herbal sleep mixtures. Investigate their make-up & create formula.) Do yoga to relax nerves. 5.) Switch to an as much as U-can all-raw food diet, especially greens. Use sprouts, a protein which contains live enzymes. Drink fruit shakes. Properly COMBINE. (no fruit should be eaten with vegies. No fruit with proteins. They cancel each other's digestion out making food go thru U-UNdigested, hence poisoning U-. Avoid rancid oil, flours, seeds, stale crackers, frying foods or heating oil or margarine which IS heated oil. Learn about free radicals. Sprout alfalfa seed, mung/adzuki bean or lentils, garbanzo beans. VERY vital form of protein. 6.) Take lots of vitamin supplements espec. DAILY C w. bioflavenoids, collagen factor which firms flesh, gives capillary & cell wall firmness hence prevents strokes, banishes flabby flesh & prevents cancer cell mestasis (in case there are tiny cells starting.) Live bioflavenoids are avail. in raw citrus/cherries, rose hips, & blackberries, guavas. Use pulp, don't strain citrus. 7.) Read entire 612-613 shelf at library. Look for Holistic healing/ diet books by Dr. Paavo Airola, Frances Moore Lappe & classics on herbal remedies like "Back to Eden" by Dr. Jethro Kloss. For 25c, your Library will locate any title at main office. 8.) There are herbs for all your incipient body conditions. For instance, to cure craving for alcohol, give spinach hidden in their romaine, cress salad. It repairs damage of Alcohol. Give L- Glutamine, a vitamin from Healthfood store, also repairs damage. & to cure cravings, give FRUIT FERMENTS, a delicious shake made with raw fruit, pineapple, peach,etc, orange MIXED with any protein --tofu, yogurt or milk. Combo ferments & body thinks it actually had alcohol. There are herbs to repair pancreas (low blood sugar, chocolate/booze addiction: chromium, licorice. Read up on HERBS FOR different, SPECIFIC BODY CONDITIONS:SLEEP/NERVES- Herbs: Black cohosh, cayenne, misteletoe, lady's slipper root, skullcap, hops, wood betony, ginger, St. Johnswort, ginger root, passionflower, white peony, Valerian, B-Complex taken 2 hrs before bedtime, either as tea or in capsules. PANCREAS- Castor oil pack on body. Ingested: golden seal, blueberries. Herbs: Golden seal, juniper berries, uva ursi leaves, huckleberry leaves, mullein leaves, comfrey root, yarrow flowers, garlic bulb, cayenne, dandelion root, marshmallowroot, buchu leaves, bistort root, licorice root. BRAIN-Ginko, glutamine, Cayenne, siberian ginseng, gotu kola. These 'brain clear' formulas will replace coffee, are taken in a.m. They 'CRANK U-up during day but let U-sleep deeply at night. Herbal formulas available at hfs: Mental Edge, Brain Energizer. Call 1-800-Nu-Brain & order a bottle --Specify formula with NO caffeine in it. COLON Take Herbal lax every night when U-first quit coffee. Lax made of: cascara sacrada, buckthorn bark, licorice root, cayenne, ginger, barberry root bark, couchgrass, red clover tops, lobelia. If U-suspect ADRENALS are worn out, & caffeine users have THIS; take licorice, safflower flowers, dandelion root, horseradish, hawthorne. To rejuv/heal FEMALE PROBLEMS- Dong quai, Licorice root, (for estrogen) Fo-ti, Mexican Yam, Raspberry leaves, Queen of Meadow, Black Cohosh, St John's Wort (depres), Damiana (flashes); Foenegreek (brings period). Eat avocados, olive oil, take Royal Jelly, vitamin E. FOLLOW RULES OF FOOD COMBINING. In one meal, we do not combine more than two kinds of food. & never combine incompatables: starch/meat, sugar/meat, sour/with flour, starches with sugars as U-POISON yourself. Digestive wastes make us OLD, wrinkled, SICK, toxic, headachey, cancer! STARCHES: go only with greens, never with sugars, which causes a ferment. Starches don't go with fats (covers starch molecule with oil slick so saliva cannot digest starch). & they don't go with proteins; ( alkaline ambience necessary for starch digestion prevents meat from digesting which gives U-undigested protein in bloodstream, allergies, toxemia, kidney damage, audible ferment-gas, kidney stress from all that undigested meat, & ultimately edema, & under eye BAGS, or pouches, & eye puff which ages U-, destroys looks. This MIXING causes digestive toxic wastes to be deposited all over body, aging organs, stiffening joints, bulking & puffing face up. EATPROTEINS in 'LIVE' form: raw nuts, seeds. Make m into meatloaf. A GOOD LIVE PROTEIN is SPROUTS. Sprout: lentils, radish seeds, beans, peas, mung beans, sunflower seeds. Put sprouts in salads. Use vegetarian proteins like tofu, avocado. CHICKEN is full of mucous producing gluey uric acids, I simmer mine and throw away the uric acid rich broth or give to animals. Fat is skimmed off for soap makers.  FISH is always old & rotten unless U-just caught it. Cheap fish is from China, loaded with nitrate which fry the brain. EAT PROTEINS WITH GREENS, with a tasty, whole grain corn tortilla but NOT with heavy gluey bread, nor with fermenty cokes/sugar. DAIRY shouldn't be eaten by anyone weaned from breast. Adults get ir calcium from GREENS. (Use dark greens, sesame products. Avoid eat 'head lettuce.' Make salads of raw spinach, kale, waterdress, parsley chopped w. romaine, topped with dressing of garlic/olive oil & lemon, soy sauce. Pasteurized COW causes ear/nose/throat viruses, making U-resort to antibiotics which really damage body. Iridologists can see damage. Healthfood stores sell sesame butter (like peanut butter) which U-will learn to make into DELICIOUS TAHINI 'dressing' or HUMMOUS s&wich spread by mixing with mashed garbanzo beans, & spices. If U-must have milk, get raw goat, eat alone or with acid fruits. FRUIT. Eat most highly colored ones, ripe, vitamin full, oranges, peaches, nectarines, plums, cherries, papayas, mangos, & eat ALONE, as much of one kind at one sitting. Don't mix with or foods. Wait 1/2 hr to digest & leave stomach before taking anor kind of food.Persimmons are very high power. Delicious with lime. VEGETABLES- Greens, also beets, carrots, broccoli, are royalty of vegies. Their dark color indicates high vit. content. Steam & serve w. garlic butter or eat raw. These not only nutrify, they can HEAL incipient disease in body. WHOLE GRAINS- Oatmeal (not instant) in a.m. with real maple syrup & cream, not milk. Toasted, whole grain breads where 1st ingredient on label is STONE GROUND WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR (avail only at HF Stores or make your own.), CORN TORTILLAS, BROWN RICE/BASMATI too, bulgur wheat, millet.GO EASY ON or AVOID Meat, potatoes, butter, dairy. Avoid rancid oils in nuts, seeds, flours. Refrigerate. Avoid white flour, sugar, fried foods, margarine, margarine & things processed in vinegar. Avoid soda pop & anything cooked in aluminum cookware. Avoid putting sour foods in aluminum foil: fruit, tomato sauces, etc. Use plastic. ALZHEIMERS is part tension, nerves, part aluminum which brain seeks if it cannot find magnesium in your diet.

BOOKS on HOLISTIC HEALING-Any book on #612/3 shelf at library will instruct U-in ways to PREVENT illness, diagnose it early or, if ill, heal body holistically (Through diet, herbs, exercise.) U-will want to read work of Frances Moore Lappe, "DIET-4- Small Planet, " & her many others. Anything by Dr. Herbert Shelton; HANDBOOK of ALTERNATIVES TO CHEM. MEDICINE PO box 2948 Concord NC 28025 9$; Moosewood Cook book, Vegetarian Epicure, by Anna Thomas. Very best books at Healthfood store. Check out bookrack. Find works by Dr. George Oshawa, founder of Macrobiotics "U-ARE ALL SANPAKU" writ. w. Bill Dufty & Sugar Blues by Dufty. "BACK TO EDEN" By Kloss, THE HERBALIST by Myers. See what conditions of ill health exist with a magnifier & a penlight, looking in eye. ridology for Beginners which is 3$ in healthfood stores, by Dr. B. Jensen, is the KEY TO DIAGNOSING ALL illnesses in people's bodies. Dr. Bernard Jensen's "Arthritis Rheumatism Osteoporosis" also an eye opener. Get Complete Guide Health Nutrition Gary Null; "Concentrated Healing Foods, Dr. William H. Lee; The Food Factor, Barbara Griggs, paperback. "Formula for Life" Dr. Eberhard Kronhausen "The Healing Foods " Hausman and Hurley; "Dr Wright's Guide to Healing with Nutrition" Jonathan Wright. Handbook of Alternatives to Chemical Medicine" Mildred Jackson, Terri Teague (P.O BOX 2948 Concord NC 28025 9$ +1 S&H) Reversing Diabetes Dr. Julian Whitaker; "Inner Cleansing" Dr. Carlson Wade. The Cancer Battle Plan" by Frahm. Your library can order any book if you know title, writer. Cost .25c. If U-have a knack for all this U-could become a holistic healer, make $800k per year WITHOUT EVEN GOING TO HIGH SCHOOL. STUDY THESE BOOKS WHILE YOU ARE PREGNANT AND RAISING BABIES, AND SOON YOU WILL BE ADVISING other women how to be healthy and avoid problems and even make the coming child a SuperChild.