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AND MY chicks’ nest here in this TREE?

WAR EAGLES are high flyin!

Extinction is nigh

Will pols continue to lie? 

We give a sorrowing, grieving SIGH

Cuz everyone's chicks will die.

IT IS EASY TO WRITE AND SELL MOVIE SCRIPTS or NOVELS on SOCIALLY RELEVANT CONCEPTS'FLICKS' ABOUT REAL and SERIOUS ISSUES and you have a thousand times better chance of making a million than with a lotto ticlet.

Filmscan change the world by changing the attitudes of viewing audiences so that they move to change their reading habits. Movies (like books or college) are highly educational and arousing. Films are more than factual, they make people CARE. They enter on a subliminal level, using music, empathy to motivate the activists of the future. And activists (if you clicked on that URL, DO EVOLVE THINGS! BIGTIME!)

Some screen writers think that life on earth is hopeless. Mystics agree, saying this is but a futile, five-fionger exercise that never leads to playing concertos well. They believe that Hollywood will never make films about major/ true/ important issues or scandals. Think again: Hollywood loves to put a big slice of very peppery tongue between a few slices of predictable formula junk bread, slaver on a ton of greasy mayo, throw in some hot chile sex and they will, can and DO sell important, meaningful ISSUES rewrapped as tempting hero sandwiches. And when wrapped that way.. they do real well at the box office, people see them and by osmosis get the issues. And get an education.

Look at the box office success of:THE DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMAN, Eddie Murphy plays a Congressman introduced to the world of political graft, PACS, LOBBYISTS and ‘bought legislation.’ You will be laugh your head off and be astonished. Written by Insider Marty Kaplan. Jonathan Reynolds.

REMO WILLIAMS- Fred Ward stars as a CIA bozo who wakes up with a KOREAN martial arts guru, (JOEL GRAY) and sees what's really happening.. Our own, US pentagon and defense industries are rife with corruption and graft. Daring subject. Brilliant and funny action suspense film.

THE PACKAGE - Hackman/ Cassidy/ Tommy L. Jones. The CIA runs a practiced sniper and assassination operative (JONES) who has been kept on ice INSIDE the military. He is used to sabotage a big Ruski/USA Geneva type  Peace Conference, to assasinate Ruski Premier and  make it look like some crazy Cuba loving Oswald did it. This was the exact map of the JFK murder by the way. The film's  producer went to one of America’s wealthiest men, John Kluge, for the money to do the JFK killing, told him the ostensible killer is not the real killer. Like Oswald, he's a patsy, Kluge said he knew all about the JFK hit, but please change the other details a little so no one will be able to say it's the JFK hit. Writers did. Great script! Made me break out in a cold sweat. Nominated and I think it won for best script. RENT IT! BREATHTAKING!

THE KILLING FIELDS Sidney Sheinberg of the NY TIMES wrote the novel on Nixon's bombing CAMBODIA and what happened when we walked out on South Vietnam, how those people were killed by CAMBODIAN DICTATOR in the civil war that followed.  We genocided those two countries! WE DID! And in the CHAOS, the rats come out, POL POT, and finish the job. Well, Hollywood shot it, the flick won every oscar, best FILM of the year.RENT IT.

MISSINGLemmon/ Spacek- OUR State Dept and CIA is guilty of complicity with theDeath squads of third world countries who murder emerging nationalist rulers abroad and cause riots that tumble these heroic upstarts out of office so that U.S.A. can install a flunkie dictator. In this case, the nat'lst president has dared to try to get back Chile's copper fields from ANACONDA COPPER INC. as happened in CHILE. They cover for each other, State/CIA. Costa Gavras directed. Won many oscars. Brilliant film, great novel.

JFK by OLIVER STONE with Costner, Sissy Spacek
SALVADOR another Oliver Stone films. And WALL STREET, * BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY Many oscars. I loved them.VIVA STONE! 

UNDER FIRE with Gene Hackman, Nolte and Joanna Cassidy. WOW! Your knees are weak when you leave theatre.

AIR AMERICA with Downey and Mel Gibson. ACID edged comedy about CIA HEROIN business in Nam. It ROCKS! THEY TELL the secret TRUTHs about NIXON/ CIA.Pepsi Cola

OLDIES BUT GOODIES:“BURN” by Italian director, big commie, done with Brando, truth about colonizing third world
Z by Costa Gavras again, the US aided military Coup which ended democracy in Greece.You come out of theatre screaming!  AND READ GOLDSTEIN's LIST. It's really GOOD.  My friend the Brit intellectual S.V heard me say V for Vendetta (I never saw it,) he told me it was lousy, said the 3 Best revolutionary films are:

If….and it has those 4 dots Lindsay Anderson

A Fistful of Dynamite

O lucky man! Also Lindsay Anderson (Which had the quote: ' revolution is the opiate of the intellectuals' – but which really tore into the class system.! Again, gratuitous punctuation after title! He also told me to watch British Playwrights: David Hare, Trevor Griffiths -Wrote Reds with Diane Keaton and Warren Beatty also wrote a play called Comedians - great play. Edward Bond who had to go abroad (Paris in his case) to work. MI5 vetted writers. I.e. censored all these guys. Got them unhired, unproduced. Howard Barker is one of the greats, had work performed in every country in the world (Literally) yet he is little known in the UK. Google these names, get their work off ABE BOOKS, used for a buck.


Political people are Intelligent, well read, have a better sense of humor and no matter how little they know about screenplays, when they sit down to channel their plot, visualize the scenes in sequence, and then supply dialogue, these brainoids can write intelligent edgy films that entertainSo read the great novelists, The hot sellers like Stieg Larsson. He loved comic books, that was his thing. His mind worked like a comic book and what he turned out was better than any thriller writer ever! I ascribe it to consciousness. He’d fought Suppressive Masters of The Universe in Sweden for years, a real saintly activist. Death threats had been out on him for his expose articles on Nazis and Pedophiles. 

To catch the drift on specific issues, attend OCCUPY WALL STREET protests and make pals with those intellectuals who have time to read. Catch up on Expose non fiction. Read online newspapers, they're free. Don't volunteer to be a mushroom. i.e. to live in the dark and be fed nothing but bullshit. Garbage IN garbage OUT. That's so lazy! And not necessary today where online, you can DO YOUR HOMEWORK for free. Get real about what is happening on this planet, about the power cabals. Listen to FM RADIO, KPFK WEDNESDAY NITES, THURS AM. ROY OF HOLLYWOOD SHOW. Listen to Air America online, google that word. I'm a granny but there were speakers on my pc so I downloaded free REAL PLAYER software, and  voila ! I can listen to radio! There's KPFK online, a pinko liberal station, Ram Das, Michael Moore, Howard Zinn... find your own local FM radio talkshows at NIGHT, where smart moderators deal with this. USUALLY they have an INTERNET FEED same hour. At bedtime, put a tape deck on to record a few hours that you can't be there to hear. Listen to it by day. CATCH up with the 20th century so you can be on top of media in the 21st.

NEW CONSPIRACY THEORIES abound. Did you know the Military had hit squads that went into prison camps in North Vietnam, taking out dozens of G.I.defectors with sarin gas? CNN had it on then Ted Turner fired those two producers. But books already had been published on this story. MIKE LEVINE, Ex DEA agent had the authoress on his show. She was a 20/20 segment producer who'd stumbled on story. It appears that U.S. DEFECTORS in Nam GOT OFFED by G.I's. Talk about FINDING PRIVATE RYAN, this was GASSING PRIVATE RYAN.

WHEN A NEW YORK TIMES reporter flees Vietnam as the North invades and writes a book like the KILLING FIELDSand critics love it, that film gets made, no matter what it says about the American Government, EVOLUTION is helping the writer make his statement that the State Dept. CORPORATE FUNDERS & CIA cannot go on their merry genocidal way in the third world, or in our inner cities. Americans must wake up, get hip and put up some resistance. The NAM resistance was waaay a case of too little, too late, though it was the first tennis lesson for the right arm of the American activist in memory. There were other crooked invasions and other crooked coups in the last l00 yrs but so far those haven’t made it to the movies. Mark Twain was a huge activist during the Spanish American war. (Cuba Philippines,) where lots of genocide went down. US caused.

Do you think your life here is is in better shape after three costly wars (Nam, Iraq I and Iraq II ?) These were waged so UK/USA could get the richest oil fields on the planet. The biggest of all is in the South China sea just off the coast of Vietnam.. We were wasted by those wars. GAS prices at 70$ a barrel today instead of 25$ as it was before this insanity. IN the case of Nam, we went into that war because the 7 sisters wanted it, (the oil companies.) They got the Pentagon to go for the oil, largest single oil dig on the entire planet. In the south China sea, just off the coast. It ruined the US economy. Sunk us in debt. Reagan's tax tricks could not resolve the harm.

In the old days, after WWII, before NAM, the work of one man, one single job produced a good salary ---enough money for him to buy/ pay for a great house in the city, a great car, a wife and kids could stay home. He had credit and could afford to travel. Now the average working stiff can't even afford an apt. without a roomie with her own job. Things have changed in USA.

Before all these wars a man could work, keep his wife at home with kids and STILL BUY a house. Now? It isn't happening. What happened to the money situation? THE MONEY goes to the men who make war toys, planes, bombs, not to the worker. The super rich with banks, insurance companies, war toy factories have all the dollars and we are in hock to Stepfather Bank and the FEDERAL RESERVE which are not governmental, they are private bankers and their chums. And that's the way the IMF wants it. The matrix movies didn’t have it far wrong!

Right now you and I are living in a major recession and you don't even KNOW it because you're like a lobster in a pot brought to a slow boil. You're going 'duhhhhh, jeez it's warm in here, wonder what's up?' Clients tell me "I work day and night, two jobs, so does my wife and we can't eat steak. Ever! It's pasta and tamale pie! "

I tell him to read books from the library and give him a bibliography which I'll send you if you ask, l00 titles, free at the library. Understanding of the debt issue, the IMF, IRS, the preposterous fraud of having our country RUN by the FEDERAL RESERVE… is necessary. Just reading these books is an education. Get the books at your library. Want the files on which books are meaningful? Read Noam Chomsky, Go to his website. Do a search on that name.

A "Top Ten" Reading List by broadcaster David Emory:

I. Basics of Fascism, Totalitarism

They Thought They Were Free: The Germans 1933-45

By Milton Mayer, 1955 University Of Chicago Press

Facts And Fascism George Seldes, 1943 In-Fact Inc. New York

II. American and German Industrialists, 1920-1950

Treason's Peace: German Dies And American Dupes

Howard Watson Ambruster, 1947 The Beachhurst Press NYC

The Plot to Seize the White House Jules Archer, 1973 Hawthorne Books

The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben Joseph Borkin, 1979 Pocket Books New York

Trading With The Enemy Charles Higham, 1983 Dell Books SC / 1983 Delacorte Press

All Honorable Men James Stuart Martin, 1950 Little & Brown, New York

Who Financed Hitler? James Suzanne Pool, 1978 Dial Press New York

The Great Conspiracy Michael Sayers &Albert E. Kahn, 1946 Little & Brown

1947 Boni &Gehr paperback reissue Proletarian Pub S.F circa 1973.

III. The SS, Gestapo and Interpol, 1933-1945

The Order of the Death's Head Heinz Hohne, 1966 Ballantine Books New York SC

Gestapo Roger Manvell 1969 Ballantine Books New York

Illustrated History of World War II series

The Interpol Connection Vaughn Young & Trevor Meldal-Johnsen, 1979 Dial Press

IV. Everyday Life and Politics in Weimar and Nazi Germany

Paramilitary Politics in Weimar Germany James M. Diehl, 1977 Indiana University Press

The Pink Triangle: The Nazi War Against Homosexuals Richard Plant, 1986 Henry Holt &Co.

Racial Hygiene: Medicine Under the NazisRobert N. Proctor, 1988/89 Harvard University Press

The Men Behind Hitler Bernhard Schreiber, 1983 Section Five Books

V. Japanese Fascism

Government by Assassination Hugh Byas, 1942 Alfred Knopf NYC

The Kempeitai Richard Deacon, 1983 Berkeley Books British hardcover edition published as A History of the

Japanese Secret Service 1982 Frederick Muller Ltd., London

The Militarists Edwin P. Hoyt, 1985 Donald I. Fine & Co.NYC

VI. Reinhard Gehlen & his Nazi Organization: (which became OSS then CIA)

Gehlen: Spy of the Century E.H.Cookridge, 1971 Random House 1973 Pyramid Books

The General Was A Spy Heinz Hohne & Herman Zolling, 1972 Coward, McCann & Geogheagan NY

British HC edition published as Network 1972 Martin Secker Warburg Ltd.

VII. The Truman Doctrine & Western Allied Intervention in Greece 

The Kapetanios Dominique Eudes, 1972 Monthly Review Press NY, 1972 New Left Books London

"The Dulles" by Leonard Mosley, 1978 Dial Press New York

VIII. The Nazi Fifth Columns during WWII: The Nazi Underground after WWII (Connections w/ the CIA and its surrogates: neo-fascists, drug smugglers and organized crime

Klaus Barbie: The Butcher of Lyons Tom Bower, 1984 Random House NY, 1984 Michael Joseph London

Wanted: The Search for Nazis in America Howard Blum, 1977 Quadrangle Books New York

Undercover: My Four Years in the Nazi Underworld of America John Roy Carlson, 1943 E.P. Dutton & Co.

Klaus Barbie: The Shocking Story of How the U.S. Used this Nazi War Criminal as an Intelligence Agent Erhard Dabringhaus, 1984 Acropolis Books Ltd. Washington D.C.

Aftermath: Martin Borman and the Fourth Reich Ladislas Farago, 1974 Simon & Schuster HC / '75 Avon Books SC

American Swastika Charles Higham, 1985 Doubleday NYC

Skorzeny: Hitler's Commando Glenn B. Infield, 1981 St Martin's Press New York

The Belarus Secret John Loftus, 1982 Alfred A. Knopf NYC

Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile Paul Manning, 1981 Lyle Stuart

The Nazis Go Underground Kurt Riess, 1944 Doubleday &Doran NY

The Plot Against the Peace Michael Sayers & Albert E. Kahn, 1945 Dial Press Inc. NY

Blowback Christopher Simpson, 1988 Weidenfeld &Nicolson NYC

The Bormann Brotherhood William Stevenson, 1973 Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich New York HC 1974 Bantam Books SC

The New Germany and the Old Nazis T.H. Tetens, 1961 Random House New York

The Old Boys: The American Elite - the Origins of CIA

Burton Hersh, 1992 Charles Scribner's Sons NY HC

IX. South Africa, the Third Reich and the Bomb 

The Rise of the South African Reich Brian Bunting, 1969 Penguin Books Middlesex, England

Reissued in 1986 by International Defense and Aid Fund (IDAF) for Southern Africa, Canon Collins House 64 EssexRd.LondonN1 8LR

The Nuclear Axis: The Secret Collaboration Between West Germany and South Africa Barbara Rogers & Zdenek Cervenka, 1978 Times Books New York

The Broederbond Ivor Wilkins &Hans Strydom, 1979 Paddington Press

X. The CIA-Drug Connection

The Great Heroin Coup: Drugs Intelligence and International Fascism Henrik Kruger, 1980 South End Press Boston Acid Dreams: The CIA, LSD, and the Sixties Rebellion Martin A. Lee & Bruce Shlain, 1985 Grove Press New York

The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia Alfred W. McCoy, 1972 Harper & Row New York

The Politics of Heroin:CIA Complicity in the Global DrugTrade Alfred W. McCoy, 1991 Lawrence Hill Books (new updated version!)

Cocaine Politics: Drugs, Armies, and the CIA in Central America by Peter Dale Scott & Jonathan Marshall 1991 University of California Press Berkeley

OSS: The Secret History of America's First Central 'Intelligence Agency R. Harris Smith, 1972 University of Calif. Press Berkeley

XI. The Cold War and McCarthyism

The Nightmare Decade: The Life and Times of Senator Joe McCarthy Fred J. Cook, 1971 Random House New York

Witness to a Century: Encounters with the Noted, Notorious, & Three SOBs George Seldes, 1987 Ballantine

Friendship and Fratricide: An Analysis of Whittaker Chambers and Alger Hiss Meyer Zeligs, 1967 Viking

XII. Mind Control 

The Control of Candy Jones Donald Bain, 1976 Playboy Press Chicago HC/SC

Operation Mind Control Walter H. Bowart, 1978 Dell Books NYC

Operation Mind Conrol-2, Researcher's Edition Walter H. Bowart,'94.

At: <>

Flatland Press PO Box 2420 Fort Bragg, CA 95437

XIII. Assassinations

JFK The Man Who Knew Too Much Dick Russell, 1992 Carroll & Graf

Deep Politics & the Death of JFK Peter Dale Scott, 1993 University of California Press

The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy William Turner & John Christian, 1978 Random House HC, 1993 Thunder's Mouth Press SC

"Orders To Kill " William F. Pepper, 1995 Carroll & Graf

"Malcolm X The Judas Factor - The Plot To Kill Malcolm X Carl Evanzz, 1992 Thunder's Mouth Press

XIV. Miscellaneous titles

A Higher Form of Killing: The Secret Story of Chemical and Biological Warfare Robert Harris and Jeremy Paxman, 1982 Hill &Wang New York

VONNEGUT recommends "TREASURY OF GREAT REPORTING" sez it's a great book!

Farewell America by James Hepburn, 1968 Frontier Publishers

The Yankee and Cowboy War Carl Oglesby, 1976 Medallion Books Berkeley SC

The Man Who Cried I Am John A. Williams, 1967 Little Brown NYC.

67 Signet Books/New American Library paperback edition (a novel which contains the alleged details of the "King Alfred Plan" - possible final solution 4America's "black problem."

Kiss The Boys Goodbye: How The U.S. Betrayed Its Own POW's InVietnam Monika Jensen-Stevenson/William Stevenson, 1990 Dutton SEVEN GAS MATERIAL

The Ultimate Evil: An Investigation into a Dangerous Satanic Cult Maury Terry, 1987 Bantam Books

Intercept - But Don't Shoot; The True Story of the Flying Saucers Renato Vesco, 1971 Grove Press, Inc. HC

Intercept- UFO SC '74 Pinnacle Books (first edition) '76 (2nd edition)

Messengers of Deception Jacques Vallee, 1979 And/Or Press Berkeley 1980 Bantam Books SC

The Splendid Blond Beast by Christopher Simpson, 1993 Grove Press

Profits of War: Inside The Secret US-Israeli Arms Network

Ari Ben-Menashe, 1992 Sheridan Square

The New Reich: Violent Extremism In Unified Germany and Beyond Michael Schmidt , 1993 Pantheon Books

NEW!!! Angels Don't Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology (Haarp is army project to harness Northern Lites) Jeane Manning & Dr. Nick Begich Contact: Earthpulse Press PO Box 916 Homer, AK 99603 phone 907-249-9115

The Nazi Connection: Eugenics, American Racism & German National Socialism Stefan Kuhl, 1994 Oxford University Press HC

The Secret War Against The Jews by John Loftus and Mark Aarons, 1994 St. Martins Press HC

Blood Oath: The Conspiracy to Murder Nicole Brown Simpson (and frame OJ) by Steven Worth and Carl Jaspers, 1996 Boulder Publishing, Corp.. (to order call Upper Access Books 1-800-356-9315)

Deep Cover by Michael Levin (also Fight Back) CIA in drugs.

The Day we Bombed Utah, Lives of the Cell, The Thousand Acres by Smiley,

(transnationals screwing up ecology) Rats Lice and History just for fun.

"The case against the World Economy" and " SOUL'S CODE " by James HIllman.