THE DANGER OF MYCOPLASMA PNEUMONIA SPREADING FROM CATS TO HUMANS is important for cat owners to read! BUT the ....... ARTICLE was MOVED TO   <===========CLICK THERE!  as this article GOT TOO BIG FOR THIS FREEBIE WEBSITE which  Earthlink gives subscribers.

YEP! THIS "ART of HEALING CATS NATURALLY" FILE got so many HITS from visitors that IT attracted WEBHOST'S ATTENTION! THEY WANTED me to pay DOUBLE to get BANDWIDTH or they'd shut me down mid month! YEP!

So I'm not paying more than 40$$ it HAD TO BE MOVED to a bigger website.  CUZ LIVING CHEAPLY is very important to a gal with many cats!

But get how BAD EARTHLINK NET my SERVER/ ISP was. TELLING ME IT GOT TOO MANY VISITS and I'd have to pay DOUBLE, not 40$ a month but 75$ for VISITORS TO COME SO I  FOUND A GREAT, CHEAP WEBHOST name of DOMAIN MONGER a great WEB HOST, and YOU CAN read IT THERE.  At THAT U.R.L. Above. AT top.

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