FROM SUNNY, GREEN CALIFORNIA: THE Latest thing in Health food Consciousness Healers. The TOTAL AND IMMEDIATE GOOD LUCK DIET!

Your thought forms attract everything that comes to you. Did you know that? Even this article that came to you.

Yes your THINKING somehow ‘pulled’ this bit of writing in to you, at this moment in your fabulous life adventure!

FOR YOU A SPECIAL new 'reduce stress' and “EMPOWER THE SOUL” DIET has arrived from sunny CALIFORNIA where we live in green meadows with birds singing and eat fruit off the trees, four seasons a year. Here we have perfected the technology of the 'Don't worry, be happy" in a MIND DIET. NOT ALLOWED on this diet:

GUILT, for thinking, doing and continuing to do what you have done or may still be doing. Heck, You are human. No one's judging you or keeping score, (EXCEPT YOU!) BUT the point is, what you're doing is not always working to advance the action in your life! So let's just look at the OTHER MODE  of getting GOOD STUFF. KNOWING that it's coming. YEP, simple as that.  SAY: This goodie is coming. Say it a lot!

Stop doing those panic button things that make you THINK. That comes from feeling guilty. Stop having those freefloating thoughts (like, did I really eat the entire PINT of ice cream last night?) Any shock to the heart, any thoughts of pure GUILT for something you ate, someone you loved…. all that keeps the good stuff from coming!

Stop thinking of what you think you need to do. THINKING about doing something is NOT DOING IT!

JUST DO IT and to banish the need to think (in fact practice the PSYCHIC ALPHA WAVE EXERCISE, to develop E.S.P and pick winning lotto numbers.) I'm not saying divorce reality. Have memo board, mental jog reminders in the room so you can keep your mind empty. I have big ole day runner on the wall, huge blackboard or big piece of butcher paper and write with a big marker “DO THIS, DO X”. “BECOME A ROCK STAR” it might say. And along side, “PRACTICE GUITAR!”

THINKING about how you gotta practice guitar only makes you GUILTY THAT YOU DID NOT DO IT!  GUILT is salted with huge self hatred and and where there's self hatred, there's the devil. There’s rage at self! AUTOMATIC doom!  SO LEAVE GUITAR next to a soft chair, your guitar music on table. MAKE it easy on yourself. And promise you get this big bowl of POPCORN as you do it. Or…..chocolate bar.

So embrace RELAXED DOINGNESS, NOT planning to do but when you get around to it, doing the thing. Not THINKING about doing. Not self scoring. Because these moods all create SELF HATRED. PANIC!

And in fact, while we're giving up stuff, stop all thinking. Because when you think, what generally comes up is this ominous, tremendous sense of LACK. And when you feel or THINK that you lack something important, you start stressing on how to PLUNDER it out of your immediate environment with some snaky, violent or criminal method and those mind forms attract most of the seductive liars you know.

All THAT is now off your DIET. No thinking about what you lack, need and want to get and trying to get it your way, and dreaming up wild methods. That is just impatient and it's making you very stressed and guilty. JUST BE what you really are. AN ANGEL. Go on. No one will accuse you of turning wimpy.

You think God wouldn't give you your desires, an angel like you? WRONG!

You think it's not coming? IT IS COMING, all that you need and a lot that you want and deserve. Yes, You already deserve it. You are already perfect. So trust Him, it is coming. God has heard your prayers, seen your needs. HE has stamped “YES GIVE IT, SUPPLY It, immediately” on your NAME SLIP at the COMPANY P.X.

The problem in your life is NOT one of essential non-havingness. It is NOT EVEN a problem of beingness. YOU ALREADY ARE A GOLDEN ANGEL. The thoughts you have however, are impatient thoughts; impatience is not angelic. It is stressed and by stressing impatiently, you are actually putting up a wall preventing the good coming. And you  have created events, people that you do not need, which are only TROUBLE with impatient stripes of desire in your mind. A MIND radiates like a TV STATION. So shut it down or radiate good stuff. FAITH, TRUTH, RELAXATION.

PROBLEMS in your life now are not a crisis of money, love, career. THEY are a crisis of faith. You are running amok, acting, creating with panicky randomity, creating disharmony with skewed agenda, skewed strategies. Garbage in, garbage out.

Not one second have you stayed in the relaxed JOYOUS, trusting  FAITH gear. The gear where you know the missing goodies are already in the Fed Ex truck of life and are coming to your door! The gear that creates harmony.

Part of the problem is that you can't hear the truck on the street as you're in a blur of action. Activity. Skewed action. That has to be given up. THE fussy bother of fretting doingness.

So discard  pressure and hurry. To do it, on this diet is to give up watching the damn CLOCK on the wall. FATHER TIME. A Sense of time passing, bills pressing in, doom coming from unpaid bills. Or from not having that person in your life, or that romance or that baby and getting older...

Discard all SENSE OF A NEED to do something while the "time is right". A sense that you must seize some object, person, event now and hurry and fast or the time will go.

OBVIOUSLY GOD made this entire universe in proper order. YOU DO NOT NEED to take the reins of the universe from Him and start sorting out events, people, the timing of love, profits, births, deaths, marriages. All that is NOT YOUR JOB.

It could be that your stress is organic. Why might your adrenals be so stressed with this sense of urgency, clocks, hurry, need and time? Maybe sugar/caffeine have snuck into your diet putting you into hyperalert. These foods actually do stimulate the need for ACTION and as there’s not a lot to be done, the STRESS sensors of the body go off, giving the body the sense of urgency, danger, need to act. They are ADRENALINE TRIGGERS, so Quit sugar, caffeine and remind yourself; THERE IS NOTHING TO DO, THERE IS NOWHERE TO GO. Get into that gear and stay in it.

The main problem when you fuss, fret and do is that you walk too near the cliff's edge, the "temptation" cliff, the chasm that panicky troubled, desirous people walk near. That is a potentially big problem because you can create HELLISH Stuff.

SO discard action now. DO LESS. Keep saying to yourself, there’s nothing to do. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t practice guitar. IF YOU LOVE the sound of music, you will practice out of ADORATION of the sounds you make. It’s not “OH GADDAMMIT I GOTTA PRACTICE if I’m goinna be a rock star.” That’s sooo heavy. THAT REPELS the thing you want. Stardom

Barbra Streisand told a friend (The Master Jules,) that she used to sing in tenement hallways as she got great vibrations, echoes. And she was intoxicated doing it and her soul gradually knew that she had the golden lungs and throat. She also said she hated the traffic sounds outside and this blocked them out. SHE REALLY GOT THE SOUND that could block traffic noise!

THINK of your life as DOING WHAT YOU LOVE cuz it blocks out the ugly traffic noise.

THINK LESS about the environmental ugliness as that p7uts ANGER in your mood. SING AGAINST the ugliness.

AVOID that other form of impatience, clock watching. Clock watching, puts PANIC in you. Gad I’m forty and I still haven’t done X. The panic puts you back next to the cliff edge.  ACT, think less, GO less to those panicky places next to the no-faith chasm. The chasm of DOOM. Where once you act, you get boiled in oil down below.

REPLACE all that WITH ... BEING yourself MORE. TURN UP THE VOLUME on the essential you, the angel part. Let The Angelic you sing in the hallway of life. That way you get to be on stage, all the time. In the spotlight that GOD puts as lighting director from up on high. So what if you’re in a tenament hallway? If it was GOOD ENOUGH FOR STREISAND it’s good enough for YOU!

Angels shine with faith as that light shines on them all the time. They wouldn't fly on wings if they didn't have faith, would they? Who would just take off on flight if a great deal of faith weren't involved?

The Angels of this world are flying around in perfect faith, doing their angel things, giving succor to WHOMEVER GOD HAS PLACED IN THEIR ENVIRONMENT no matter who those needy folks are.

GIVE to those little, needy beings around you. Most of all give them the secret of not needing! Give them this secret. Give them this little diet.

BUT when you are running around giving? NEVER give to somone you WANT something from as a way of dazzling them. For instance, never give to the opposite sex if there's one of those hot attractions going. Don't give one drop of thought, action or energy to them --as BOTTOM LINE, your favors are really only calculated to get THEM to give back to you. That would be MOTIVATED giving. Stop all motivated forms of action. Angels don't have motives. So discard motives from your diet.

So come on try the California Mind Fast diet. You've tried every other diet. When one of the above, NASTY THINGS gets near you, cut it off. Don't even open that refrigerator door of the mind. ONE THOUGHT about those subjects of anger, desire, entrancing, seducing, ... all that is off your diet. It’s junk food to the mind. Has penalties!

Start now. It's easy. REPLACE all fear with "it is coming, I don't have to fret."

And then last leave screechy monkey JIBBER JABBER out of your diet. No more incessant talking. Go into silence and get busy handling practicing guitar out of love for sounds of beauty, mastery of sound making. Put down the guitar and handle life as it comes to your door. There's enough there to keep you occupied!

That's the fasting diet that will deliver total ecstasy and happiness and THAT gear attracts LUCK. Mainly because instantly you start dodging l00 heart attacks a day.

The CALIFORNIA  'mind fast' diet attracts what you secretly wish you had. It attracts all that you feel you lack. It attracts what you worry about not getting.

THE JOYOUS, relaxed in the moment gear brings miracles. So live as an angel, wait for the Fed Ex truck, loaded with miracles that have your name on them. Trust in your HIGHER SELF, and your higher self is really the manufacturer and CEO of this Life University.

And now that you dwell in a fret-free universe, busy yourself doing what Life asks, at the second life asks it. Be in the now. Surf the now. Be the ballet dancer en point in the NOW.

GOD is in the NOW. Be here and now with Him.  PS if you want a magic CALORIE diet, CLICK ON SOLAR DIET.

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 Anita Sands Hernandez,  astrology at is email



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