How to BECOME a highly paid MASSAGE therapist without even going to school!

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HOW CAN I DO MASSAGE and earn l00$ the hour, starting now? TELL ME!

1.) BE A SAINT. Do free "geriatric assist" for every senior you know. Massage is only one phase of it, combing her hair-tangles, doing her dishes is also part of it. But trust me, that senior will tell her friends that your shiatsu rolfing with coconut oil makes her feel l8 again. And has healed all her little maladies. (High BP, arthritis, stress, negativity, depression..)

2.) START A free, HOLISTIC GROUP THERE IN YOUR LIVING ROOM! These are often called CHURCH BASEMENT GROUPS." Hang ads around town, invite family, friends/ holistic researchers and local experts (if you HAVE any, if not, you're IT,) invite 'em together to review holistic subjects. Use the group to talk up HEALING REGIMENS, tips on DIET, COOKING weird stuff like tofu, power salad dressings, vegan soups;  STUDY FRUGAL SHOPPING, study herbs for different maladies, and to start PRACTICING informal HEALING massage modalities and protocols on our chums, students, aging relatives, their friends, and on each other. HOW to do massage in a group? YOU PAIR OFF, everyone's wearing soft sweats, . and you give each other practice massages. Or, ladies wear tube tops and then you can use oil and work on skin. But if young bucks are at your meeting, I HAVE NO IDEA how this work CO-ED! You figure that out and let me know.

3.) SHARE THE BOOKS- A few library books on massage would give you an idea of different ways to do shiatsu, Swedish massage, Rolfing massage. You might invite a pro massage therapist and ask her to show the things you do not touch, (LYMPH GLANDS!) and to point out the NEURAL NEXUS from hip to base of brain stroke, The hand and foot massage techniques. The lower brain rolfing session, The calf loosener -- (more tension and build up occur in calves than in any other part of body) And start reading EYES at your group, to diagnose incipient body conditions, maladies, trends, (see below, #4).

4.) LEARN IRIDOLOGY. It is the most amazing diagnostic tool that exists. Even an amateur can do it. You need a magnifier and a pen flashlight and the 3$ Dr. Bernard Jensen book on IRIDOLOGY (hundreds of color plates,) at every good healthfood store book section. Or used online for a buck, on that fabulous   ABE BOOKS.

5.) READ UP ON "THE ART of CREATING UNDERGROUND COTTAGE INDUSTRIES," and take zest in some serious MOONLIGHTING. Read up on "BANKING IN THE ROSE GARDEN!" BUILD THE FIELD, the CLIENTS WILL COME. HOLISM, ALTERNATIVE HEALING is ABOUT TO BE HUGE.  20% of AMERICANS have HMO's which is like having nothing! 80% of seniors have no MEDICAL COVERAGE except in a medical emergency. So 80% of Americans are DANGLING OVER the firepit of weariness, blur, aging, disease and potential sudden DEATH. These people need to seek help outside of the HMO system. And there you are giving out your business card at the Whole Foods over the CELERY! (Technique to meet clients!)


Here are 5  USEFUL (to you) Truths About Aging and Income which are the reasons WHY we SHOULD at least eyeball THE FREE SEMINAR at the HOLISTIC ARCHIVE:

1.) A HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR POTENTIAL EARNINGS- My healer Marjorie in EL MONTE, later DUARTE, both very remote sectors of Los Angeles, far far from the Center of town, was able to make 800k a year. A very small part went to her HERBAL supplier, "Nature's Sunshine." (Spanish Fork Utah)
She diagnosed with iridology and the Wheelwright method of reading WHITE of the EYE. She Rxed herbs and diets. Boy was she good. SHE CAUGHT MALADIES that UCLA CLINICS and SHERWOOD CLINIC couldn't get close to diagnosing!

2.) AGING POPULACE!! According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, every seven seconds a Baby Boomer turns age 50. 80% of them with no med coverage! Once a senior feels revivified from a toxin-eliminating massge, they get hooked. Repeat biz is fabulous! One-half of all people who have ever lived to age 65 are alive today. LOTTA GERIATRICS WALKIN' AROUND! What I'm saying is that even an unlicensed massage therapist, one that knows her cookies, can make bank.

3.) INCREASING PRIDE IN their LOOKS (appearing in SENIORS).  In 2003, 8.7 million procedures were performed by plastic surgeons on people who wanted to manage the signs of aging. That number may have doubled 5 years later! BOOMERS do not want to be OLD! OR LOOK OLD. REJUVENATION (offered by HOLISM & NEW AGE CALIFORNIA DIETS) will appeal to them enormously.

4.) THEY'VE GOT THE BUCKS!  Americans older than 50 years of age control more than 77% of the country's financial assets and that number is even greater worldwide. THEY have the actual cash! Just not the health coverage!

I've seen HOLISTIC HEALERS make a good living and render a fabulous service to the community, and they'd never finished HIGH SCHOOL. No licenses are required as long as you don't advertise. WORD of mouth and the CELERY 101 TECHNIQUE bring you more clients than you can imagine. Be like the early CHRISTIANS; they were just part of the UNDERGROUND. In the catacombs so to speak.GUERILLA CAPITALISM!

A new and exciting home-based business is available to you in the anti-aging health business. You start slow, with NATURE MASSAGE and as you learn/ research, add the FREE GIVING of Natural diet hints, kitchen cooking/juicing hints even Rxing arcane Supplements. LEARN what supplement or food will cure what syndrome or malady. Do it for GERIATRICS. Well, for post 50 TIRED PEOPLE! Add a senior exercise class in your living room. Keep charges low. 5$ for an exercise class, or even 3$. Also, do BUDDY SYSTEM massage after class. Everyone pairs off, you do the HARD ROLFING of toxic areas, 20 LBS pressure, and FOOT MASSAGE, free! And do shiatsu nerve meridian massage but with some REICHIAN ROLFING of nerve bundles around heart, even in face, around pelvis and in calves, where there is incredible build up. Add GESTALT and PRIMAL when the client is young or in depression or grief.

No grief here just total serenity

YOU can begin immediately earning a living in HOLISM. READ THE FILE on MASSAGE at the HOLISTIC ARCHIVE :  "HOW TO DO RESTORATIVE BODY WORK without TRAINING." Cuz that's a good starting place while you're studying up on herbs and power foods. The only Caveat in massage is never massage LYMPH GLANDS. GOOGLE up their placement in body and avoid them. EVERYTHING else is fair game. Though why you'd want to massage JOINTS or BONES? Only if there's a problem with one.

To do massage, you need intuition, strength, good wind, charisma and kindness. To get the clients you must have enough charm to start a conversation with a total stranger and pass your business card to seniors in the CELERY or TOFU department of your local WHOLE FOODS GROCERY STORE! You start up a conversation about CELERY or TOFU and then when they ask, 'are you a healer?' you say shyly, "well, I do nature massage and Rx diets that heal as well as prevent conditions in your family tree. We can also a family tere analysis to see what you're getting, and IRIDOLOGY confirms that. I also run a senior exercise class in my living room, Kundalini YOGA." (You gotta have clean carpets and everyone discards shoes at door, guests bring beach towel.)

I wrote up forty years of holistic files on NATURAL HEALING, at the HOLISTIC ARCHIVE. Take them, they're yours. They're online, THIS URL is a 'live link," a clickable URL where you go to get them all, free. No charge. Those files train you free, online. I am a Granny/writer researcher who raised four kids organically, no vaccines, natural childbirth, breast feeding, then segued to raw certified milk, tofu, etc. I used to get 5$ massages from a 20 yr old on my street who'd studied Yoga with YOGI BHAJAN for years as he was on the same street, his home, his ashram both. She earned so much money in college that she went to INDIA for Easter week. Good ole Liz. She'd never done massage, was just a student (like me,) and a holistically savvy teen. SIX FEET TALL by the way. ARMS LIKE TREES. This size/strength factor makes this job real easy! Today, Liz lives in TOPANGA CANYON (the most hippie hills above LA's beaches,) rents a house. 2k a month I'll bet. She has to be about 30 now. She never went to massage school. She never got a city license. She must make a million a year under the table. The massage table, that is.  You can also. I'm the kind of person thinks about the RECESSION, the firings, the fleeing factories, the falling Dollar, the War, inflation, stock market in disarray CITIES ENTIRE CITIES going bankrupt......and thinks, 'what have I SEEN make a million as a cottage industry' so I can share it with folks who are very soon going to be desperate for a way to make a living.

This kind of earning power isn't just an L.A. thing. ANY CITY in the world has geriatrics who feel sluggish. TRUST ME ON THAT ONE. Massage causes energy flow, the body feels 'waked up' for a few days, then the client needs you again, so charge a reasonable amount, the repeat business will be terrific. You'll never be poor again, ever. No boring 40 hour week hoeing somebody else's row. You can help the weary to function! EVEN if this is a hobby, something you do for friends/ family, it's a SKILL you want to master.

Take the free, HOLISTIC online SEMINAR and you will graduate in a few hours and can start healing.

P.S. You are unfortunately going to make so much cash green paper money that you cannot bank it gotta bury it under the rosebushes until you're ready to buy first 4 unit building. AND you had better study how to l.a.u.n.d.e.r something beside that cotton sheet under the lady. Like the moola. AND read the GUERILLA CAPITALISM WEBSITE WELL. Then the "SMALL CASH FOR BIG REAL ESTATE " WEBSITE. OKAY?????????  That should get you out of trouble!

signed, ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ,  researcher, mother of four,

PS.S. astrology @ is where I'm found, and my biggest holistic article collection (click on thegraphic images when you get there!!) is ASTRAL WEBSITE