By Anita Sands

About a week after the 911 business, while I was online, the CIA reached into my computer and destroyed 1770 EMAILs. They did it with a super ballistic 'exe' file. Now, any newbie knows, we're not supposed to ever open an EXE file. (or bat. pif.) That's how viruses arrive, (it stands for execute-able!) but I had been harassed by the Secret Gov for a full week after I phoned the FBI and Department of Justice and told them about their own responsibility for the 911-WTC tragedy.

Every day after writing Ashcroft, when I went online, they'd start turning my addressbook into Swiss Cheese. I was on edge after a week of that and stupidly and angrily hit REPLY button to that exe file and typed "F.U. guys, and I hit 'send'. POOF! My 8 million byte collection of EMAIL (the inbox in my netscape,) went BYE BYE. Vaporized.

How did it come to this? It's very simple. Who you hang out with is what you become. It's a metaphysical law. See, I do astrology for ladies in trouble. Usually their trouble is men but this client that came ONE YEAR BEFORE 911, Mary S. ---was unusual in that regard. She had no romances and didn't want or need them. She had other things to worry about. She had the voice of a little girl or a nun, melodic, quiet, sweet, soft and in total terror all of which belied the fact that she was a tough government cop. Or at least the government was using her gentle, psychic nature to bust smugglers at the border.

Mary was an INS head honcho in ORLANDO, a career Immigration and Naturalization Service agent who had worked borders at Canada for two decades, gotten awards for being so sharp that no smuggler or criminal could fool her. They put her on a desk in Orlando where she spied on her own superiors, seeing bribery, ties with Muslims. She reported it and then suddenly, she was in deep doo-doo. So who do you call? An astrologer! "HELP me she said, on the phone from Florida. I'm in a battle for my life with the government. Do my chart. I sued my bosses, the INS, and they're torturing me over this. Will I get the money?

"You sued your bosses? I whistled, seeing she was a Pisces, a born victim. No sign makes more money in a law suit than PISCES! SUN is gain, PISCES is victimization.

"Yes, I'm a whistleblower and I stumbled on other INS agents selling citizenship for cash under the table, to certain undesireables, --Muslims, green card fraud, marriage fraud. They ostracized me and tried to fire me instead of listening and firing the guilty parties."
"Oh, that's awful."
"No, you see, I won in court. The judge found for me.
"No, you see, the INS is appealing the judgement. Rather than say 'awful' again, I cast her chart, saw Saturn was going to grind her til Spring 2002 but instead of saying so, I gave her the soothing advice she needed to hear and that began a year long relationship... I only took money from her that first time, a mere 50$, never again -- as I quickly began to think of her as a kind of JOAN OF ARC.

This poor sweetie was being burned at the stake, persecuted by an INS that would hide the fact they had agents who were on the take, letting unworthy people in, for cash. Were they all doing that? Or just the ORLANDO INS office? And why would the INS want to hide that so much? You'd think they'd fire agents selling citizenship.

Mary told me that she had written to INS head officials in Washington, PROVING with paperwork that her ORLANDO bosses and some other agents were taking cash for citizenship, 6k was the sum. She substantiated that with a lot of tapes, recordings, videos, of MIDDLE EASTERN TYPES trying to get citizenship, and she had the paperwork that proved they were phonies, phony greencard marriages, whatever. And AOL chat rooms where people discussed the fees involved.

Her co-workers and unit bosses 'disappeared' these files from her desk, and later she'd find that these very, MIDDLE EASTERN GUYS had been given their legal entry papers in spite of her recommendations that these guys be denied.

SUCH A STIR she made, (yiddish intonation here,) that they tried to fire her, get her to quit, and when none of it worked, the exact people that she'd implicated went sour on her in the office. That went on for a year of torture and that's why she sued them which one can do, if one is a legitimate whistleblower. For suffering, and God knows what else. Harangues, shunning, scarcasm at work, the whole nine yards. There's a name for that kind of lawsuit ritual but I never paid too much attention to the exact legal details. The point is that a judge found for her, SHE WON and THE INS APPEALED IT. Facing a second trial, she wrote JOHN ASHCROFT the nation's ATTY GENERAL, at Dept of Justice and another man, Miami's Atty Genrl also, saying that these bad things were happening. Ashcroft passed her letter and its complaints back to HER BOSSES. Now that reeks of CIA/ INNER SANCTUM interventionism. The Justice Department frequently shows up as the co-mal-factor on any CIA effort to destroy a whistleblower. This happened to a HUD official who maintained 59 billion had been stolen from HUD. Details at The Justice Dept ignoring MARY really got her stressed. She was hysterical all the time. I kept telling her, Mary, the worse they are, the more you can sue them for! Don't worry, just keep notes on all the 'shunning' details. She already had a lawyer Donald APIGNINI, down there in Orlando, and then she got another one in L.A. to do a new lawsuit, which is about to be filed at time of my writing this, Sept 2001. For a million, I recall the sum. Wish I'd paid more attention to what the lawsuit and damages were for, all these details.

DURING the last year, she has had me mail press packets to the NYTIMES (to Ben Weiser, NY TIMES reporter in charge of stories on Muslim terrorists since First 1993 WTC bombing.) And to God knows what other papers. I didn't look. I just mailed them. She didn't want her Orlando postmark on them so they went out from CALIF.

In the Press packet were many articles from papers all over USA saying that terrorists types were being let into the country, and proof that the calibre of men let in was real low. These bums all were turning up in newspapers for last few years, allied with the 1993 WTC bombing. Those are the clippings.

Most interesting though, and what held the rest of the stuff together, was a copy of a PRE-911 AOL CHAT ROOM where Muslims were discussing how THEY paid for citizenship (the exact names of Mary's coworkers who sold it) and the amt, $6,000 to 10,000, and how that sum got them their legal citizenship papers!

Well, THEN COMES THE 2001 bombing, the 911 Emergency. NOW the fit hits the shan. I am watching jets GASH holes in steel buildlings on t.v. There is no uglier sight on film in history. So, 911, after a few hours of watching it, I see JOHN ASHCROFT on TV saying 'if you know anything about who did this, call us at the FBI.' I LUNGE for the phone. I say to the FBI recording 'you did it John. Cuz you knew the INS was selling citizenship to terrorists and Mary told you and you turned her in to her bosses. And did nothing. Who do you work for, Ashcroft? BUSH Sr and his Houston OIL friends who want a war in Middle East so they can grab all the oil? Is that who you work for? Chevron? Mobil? LIke Pearl Harbor, you let it happen so the citizenry would want war?"

I was so steamed that I got on my PC and wrote emails to Teddy Kennedy and a half dozen more senators and congressmen.. In a fury, I find every address of every newspaper and spend a whole night, til dawn sending out a letter telling everything that I've told here.

A day later, I get a phone call. It is the NY TIMES reporter. "I'm so sorry I didn't write earlier, when I got the package, but now Im interested. Where is she, will she talk." I email Mary saying 'get in touch with Ben Weiser he's ready to do the story.' An hour later the phone rings, it's her. "NO!" she screams, tearful, weeping, 'they're after me. I can't tell you more, just that my family is in danger. Forget about sending off those press packets, tear them up, and if any reporter contacts you, call them off. Throw them off the story. Deny it. "

"Well, Mary", I say, "Not only the NY Times, but an LA Times person had heard about it and about ten other papers and they're all going to want interviews, now.

"NO! She shrieked "I can't talk now. It's over. We're at war. I have to be quiet, They'll hurt me. I have to be patriotic. It's going to be a long war."
"War, what war? I say, thinking she's dingy.

"War sounds terrible, Mary. If you speak up -- maybe you can stop the war. It won't happen." I said meaningfully.

There was a long silence and then the shrieking started and the making me promise I wouldn't blab, and hey, -- maybe I promised, but I haven't been a Girl Scout since 1950. So I again began to make copies of the press package. I'm sending it everywhere. Why not? Am I to hold a promise extracted by a tearful, fearful wimp of a fake patriot as sacred? It turns out she isn't Joan of Arc. I should have taken the damn cash for the year of star readings! Suddenly I feel free to do whatever I want. I am of a mind to let the American people KNOW that OFFICIALS on high levels had NOT been interested in serious malfeasance by US employees which had caused THE HORROR of WTC 911 TO HAPPEN. ' OR I intend to let the public know that officials knew and didn't care.

That was late September. From that day on, my PC suffered attacks. While I was online, my address book would be shot out from under me. First time it happened, I blinked. What could do that? My Norton Anti Virus was on. What happened? I got offline, got a back up floppy off the shelf. Loaded back-up copy of in, got back online. As soon as I'd go online, POOF it happened again! They'd take out just the LISTS in the address book. Fifty names would go poof. CHOIR list poof. PTA LADIES list Poof. POLITICAL LIST Poof. Not the actual names, hundreds of names remained, only lists disappeared. Their aim was impeccable. As if they could look over my shoulder! HOW COULD THEY DO THAT? I've been online 4 yrs solid, nobody ever aimed at my NETSCAPE BROWSER and its ADDIE BOOK before and I never ever lost a list or a name. THIS HAPPENED daily SEVERAL times a day, and always during business hours. So I switched my schedule. I'd go online after 9 pm until 5 a.m. And doing that, I was safe. I'd work til 5 am and then POOF lists would disappear. The fiends either woke at five a.m. or they were in Washington where it was 8 a.m.

If I hadn't had floppy backups of the ADDIES (not inbox, the that one) they'd have finished me. I RELOADED DAILY. AND made hardcopy copies of hundreds of lists on hard copy paper tablets I stored in my locked bedroom closet! I emailed my woes to pals who answered, 'dummie, get a firewall.'

A what? I am a mere senior girl, stupid and untekkie to the bone but damned if it wasn't easy. I'd never downloaded before, but I downloaded a free firewall from and now I could see where the CIA agents were, their phone number, their street address. With zone alarm, the free version, when you get hit it shows up as 'their net address in code, like four sequences of numbers. was one -- another. YOU write it down, then you go to the FINDER, called WHOSIS, and suddenly one is able to see THE SCOUNDREL was in Fairfax Virginia, his street address, his various phone numbers, his company name, UUNET Technologies. From the address, obviously a CIA front. They gave their email address. AHA! I had them!

Well hubris was my demise. I did a return mail saying F.U. boys, (expletive deleted). And minutes later I was sent an exe file. a garbled return address. Now, you never go near an exe file. But I was smoking. So instead of hitting delete, stupid here hits REPLY. I was going to send another F.U. and wave my fingers off my nose. NO SOONER did I hit reply than my email crashes, I get a blue screen, error message. My blood turns to freeon.

What was that!? I stared. My email had disappeared. ALL MY LETTERS for last few months, it was around 8 million bytes of INBOX, 17hundred something letters, all that neat info I'd collected, and I mail myself notes all the time, or things I see, articles you'd sent me which I was going to read and a few emails saying 'DO MY HOROSCOPE, here's the birth data." That disappeared TOO. What wasn't saved to a directory whatever was left in the INBOX in netscape MAIL is GONE. Luckily I have a habit of saving GOOD INTERNET articles straight to cache, and interesting articles sent in emails to cache as well, a directory called NETCACHE and everything is saved in txt, rarely html. So I wasn't out of commission, but if you're waiting for a free, email horoscope? Send me your birthdata all over again.

I heave a sigh at my stupidity. Not just hitting REPLY to an obvious EXE file. No. I tried to tell Senators and Congressmen that Ashcroft had never ever wanted to catch terrorists because the whole SECRET GOVERNMENT wanted them to do something awful. The BUSH administration pere et fils, 'Bush whacked' us. They neeeded the terrorists to do something horrific to us, something really big so that we'd all hang flags on our cars and they could JUSTIFY TAKING ALL OF ARABIA and all the oil. Seven days before 911 emergency, BUSH had created the perfect corporation to do it. He'd gotten the GOV of Kuwait to join forces with the CIA propriatary GLOBAL MARINE oil company (which runs the Glomar explorer) and with STA Fe Internat'l, a Houston chum of the prexy, the three of them to be the biggest drilling, offshore oil company (ask me for the file on this).

I co-incidentally had been sending out articles on covert ops of transnationals for the whole four years I've been online but that's not what got me. It either was writing the Dept of Justice and saying Mr. Ashcroft, you want us to turn in the terrorist? Look in a mirror. You caused it, and then writing the FBI and saying I KNOW WHO DID THIS. John Ashcroft DID IT. He and his handlers, the Bushes WANT WWIII and all the Oil in Araby.

OR...maybe it was Mary dialing my house. Either way, she owes me one, She asked me to be her press secretary and I did it --- for free. She didn't hire me so she can't fire me. Besides, maybe if Joan of arc had had a press secretary they wouldn't have burned her. With whistleblowers the trick is to make more noise, not less. Cindy Sheehan a great example. Gary Webb bad example

Way I figure it is, the more public I go on John Ashcroft and Bush wanting the terrorists to do something HORRIFIC as a FALSE FLAG OPERATION, i.e. "New Pearl Harbor" to get us into a war, to justify invading Iraq, the less Mary in Orlando has to worry about her neck and the less you have to worry about your men going to World War Three and its lasting for a bloody decade or so. And the less our planet has to worry about being saddled with more gasoline and more cars and more cancer causing smog for our babies.

So Im a professional seer and that's what I see. I forsee Cowardly MARY taking her time, I forsee USA GOING INTO A war that's bogus, costing us trillions, bankrupting the country. All of it done knowingly by John Ashcroft and The Bush Dynasty and the Kuwait-CIA-Houston oilmen BUSH rode in onfor what, maybe a nice, new hybrid electric car that gets 175 miles to the gallon!? But which no one can afford as the planet goes bankrupt!

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Or go to a WEBSITE chronicling her adventures, a 2005 vintage website. She came out of the closet finally after four years! Or some reporter took her out of the closet. I don't think she created this website! She still won't talk to ME because I demanded she get out of the closet back in 2001!

OTHER MENTIONS OF MARY , "20 yr INS vet who warned gov years before 911 that INS was committing felonies with OSAMA BIN LADIN team, and doin' it for money."