THE FILE YOU WANT TO READ "WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE MAGNESIUM to avoid aging and heart attacks,  wAS SO POPULAR IT got more visitors than my cheap EARTHLINK SERVER wanted & HAD TO BE MOVED to THE HOLISM AREA of one of my 5 WEALTH/ HEALTH 101 websites, exact PAGE is

TOO MANY VISITS on that baby and they'd TURN me off! TAKE DOWN THE PAGE til end of month and do it EVERY TIME more than 2 dozen readers came in on any given day......just til first of month but NO THANKS EARTHLINK!  And
They actually demanded that I pay 75$ a month to GET more visitors or be allowed them, also for some kinda HYPE deal called SUPER FAST DSL as (NOW they tell me, ) MY 40$ a month DSL isn't the cat's pajamas. Try 1.2 MEG BYTES PER SECOND...... on a good day. And then they murmur something about bandwidth. They sold it to me for 20 years so if they had FASTER all this time and didn't give it to me when I paid for DSL, it isn't MY FAULT! 75$ repairs it, they tell me. A pox on THEM! I just give you an arrow to another website that is HONEST and you can read it and get away from EARTHLINK

See, when my scribblings actually get visitors, they say they have to turn off my webpage. Say I should go without my website til end of month just cuz it got more than 20 visitors a day
. NO THANK YOU EARTHLINK ! I'd leave your greedy butts but then I'd lose my great EMAIL Addie ASTROLOGY AT EARTHLINK NET! So EarthLINK TRAPPED ME GOOD! we came, we saw, we were turned away,
                              when TOO MANY visitors come to your
She is trapped if we get turned away.

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