Want your life to take on a sparkling champagne social dimension? Want to know all the fun, young, smart eligible people in your town  and help them to meet one another, plus make $6,000 a month? Consider hosting SINGLES PARTIES at local restaurants then doing matchmaking as a second business.

If you have that extra social, people loving spark that could put this over and if you have a few friends and several nights a month free, this concept will not only help you buy your first piece of property but help you do good for lonely people. You will also make such huge money you can leave any boring job you hateÖ giving you FREE TIME to study, paint, travel with groups of pals and family members. Doing this idea will aid you in meeting all the great business people of your area as the toast of the town and the town's # 1 elegant party host. And you might even make a lot of new, close friends! Or find true love yourself. SoÖ

Just try this. Put on a serious business suit, do a promo on your own stationery "PARTY PEOPLE" or 'SINGLES PARTIES" and carry a briefcase full of sample flyers. Go to a really charming restaurant thatís the new guy in town and tell the owner what you're going to do for him: put l00 guests into his side room for a singles introduction-party on what is usually a 'slow' week night, when he's losing money..a gathering that will bring the cafe a huge bar tab.

Restaurant should have a second room, (or in summer, a patio) as you don't want to bother their regular diners. It must have a liquor license or why would the cafe do it for nothing? You'll give your party at an early hour, 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. so owner can go home early. But tell him, my people will make your wine/beer or hard alcohol bar very wealthy. If I do 12 parties a year, which I plan, you are making a lot of money. Iím not asking for a share of your bar. I canít pay you a share of my guests as I have a lot of advertising to do.

Out of 3 cafes you approach 3 will say yes, because they can't fill that room on a week night, no way, and they arenít going to do flyers or advertising for their place as regularly as you do (12 times a year!!) so you have leverage to demand they serve a free meal---vegetables on pasta (bell pepper, broccoli, garlic, parmesan and lots of rich, olive oil and Greek olives on top) with green romaine salad, serving only 50 people, buffet style. This costs the cafe .30c per person. They can afford to donate that food because they are going to make beaucoup $$ on the bar tab which you tell them in front! This absolutely guarantees the cafes say YES to you. The Next thing you do:

TYPE SET or HAND PRINT a flyer, (BIG PRINT) saying "WEDNESDAY NIGHT SINGLES" etc; duplicate it at your local xerox joint. Hang everywhere: in hair salons, barbers,dry cleaners, markets, libraries, gyms, schools, college bulletin boards and hang a quadruple sized, hand lettered POSTER done with black marker pen) on local PHONE POLES saying PARTY HOTLINE And phone #. Put places where your target group is likely to see them. If you call the group "30-Something" hang them at upscale, yuppie markets, boutiques. If older population is your target audience, hang in pharmacies, medical bldgs. Then you call it "50-something Singles". Or PERSONALIZED INTRODUCTION PARTIES. Or if you're tired of ORDINARY people, try "VEGETARIAN SINGLES" and have speakers; that way you meet the high souls. Or Socially Responsible Singles. Whatever the target group, YOU WILL BE the star & host of the party, making introductions.

Do this lucrative party every week at the same locale. Change cafes every few months. Keep investigating different venues: fancy hotel dining rooms, foreign eateries, even country western music places---if the back room is quiet enough for singles, (as there's no dancing, only soft music at your parties as the idea is--people TALK. It's classier this way. And, do as we do here, get a fortuneteller from your local metaphysical book store, and let her give 5$ palm readings at a back table, as it amuses, amazes and entertains. She can be a PSYCHIC astrologer or palmreader who brings a plug-in table light so she can SEE. You can pay her l0$ to show up. She'll do it as she'll also pick up dozens of new clients. Also ask your astrologer to pick the really powerful, VENUS or JUPITER night. You schedule your parties ONLY for those nights. An astrologer can pick them months ahead. So every Wednesday night is not necessarily the tack to take.

Pay a trusted girlfriend 10$ to sit at front door with a cigar box to collect money and hand out stick-on name tags. YOU will walk around getting acquainted with your guests, finding out who they want to meet, what qualities they want in a mate, and making intros. People have to be introduced, so you need helpers who come for free maybe as an exchange.  You give them the pep talk about walking around, chatting with everyone, finding out WHO they want to meet and making the formal introductions!

At parties, your entrance helper sits at the table near the entry, letting no one get past her without paying. Anyone without a name tag is a CRASHER. But don't say so; be polite, say "Oh, you need a name tag," not "you didn't pay." Remember, a crasher today is a serious paying fan of your parties tomorrow.   The girl at the desk also has a name and addresss book for people to sign in on and leave their EMAIL on, then you email, write or phone them their message or flyer or invitation on the next party day. Or fax them flyer for them to fax or email ON to other people.

Also, create a MESSAGE RECEIVING TELPHONE "HOT LINE " The Phone Company will give you a voice mail box for 5$ a month. Record a message: "Hi, it's the 30-Something Singles. Or PARTY PEOPLE or "FIFTY SOMETHING" Ö Our regular Wednesday event is 6:30 Wednesdays at the Blue Lagoon, 10$ at the door. But don't forget our Valentine's event Saturday the 14th at the Hermitage Hotel."

FLYER should state, "Call our party hotline regularly as we change days & dates all the time." Give our phone # to all your pals! You'll never sit home lonely again! After a few events, when you have a bankroll, advertise in SINGLES COLUMN in local papers. Put it all over the internet, every one in your city should send email invites on to ten other people. Give them a buck off if they can find some of their guests in your sign in book.

Remember, collect phone #'s and email addresses at the door in a 'GUEST BOOK," to make reminding your regular crowd real easy. A list can have a hundred names, and one EMAIL with a BCC to LIST (send it to yourself as TO: and their names won't show but allhundred will get it, in one flick of a finger. ) Avoid post addresses as a 34c STAMP COSTS BIGTIME! Three for a buck? Uh-Uh! No way! Not in the beginning at least.

My friend and boss (I read palms at her parties,) Dianne made so much $ at her Wed nite she started a regular Sat nite party called "MUTUAL ADMIRATION SOCIETY --  SOPHISTICATED Ladies, YOUNGER men." Widows and divorcees came out of the woodwork, but surprisingly, cute guys did too. They charged 12$ for that one and got it! They found a beach jazz club and did a Jazz Sunday and made 5 grand in one afternoon! Do it at churches, do it for charity, do it so you can quit your job and study something VALUABLE. BUT DO IT! (Dianne bought an old mansion, created a B&B hotel, was a huge success.)

And do it with two friends so you have a 'keep-up the morale' group. Give it a shot. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Find a parson, a church, a New age Group, some pals, discuss doing it together.

One more thing, if you are young, you can also give "RAVES" in any club that has space for a band, or any space. They do them in underground clubs, too. Empty buildings where they will hold a loud dance. You create flyers and spread them all around the youth community. RAVE Saturday night in the empty store front at X. l0$ at the door. BYOB. You get a DJ to plug in his speakers and record system and a big guy at the door and a few bouncers, and nobody gets in without paying. You call it a private party. But make sure thereís no one under l8 if youíre doing booze. Or is it 21 now?

You put ads at every college, school near this area. You can make thousands in a single night. Or you can do Mariachi, Ranchero music nights, or Tango or Miami Sound Machine music. So your DJ is an important part of this thing. Once you do a few raves, you'll realize what the tricks are and do it well. The way I saw the RAVES done in L.A. was that the money they earned was totally UNDER the table, no IRS, no FICA deductions just a suitcase of cash every Saturday night. But the SINGLES industry people were totally above board. Iíve noticed that cottage industry tycoons launder cash, can even buy property. Whatís strange is that when FANNIE MAE asks you where you got the money, you say Ďwith 'mattress money' and the bank or gov't doesn't ask you where you got it. Just the Fannie Mae lender, and you can say, I was saving for years is all, only in my bedding!

This is going to make you a very comfortable, social old age. You can do a lot of good for your family, have the pick of the litter if you want to find a mate, and get married, (you'll have partied with about fifty thousand opposite sex people!!) and you can have a great life and as far as knowing everyone in your town! OR if you want to sell real estate on the side, or life insurance, this is a way to meet fifty people a day for life so any other business you are hustling, you can do better this way.  Also, if you like music, you can meet a lot of the stars of tomorrow when you use live bands. You could use this experience to get into the MUSIC biz, or nightclub biz. Or manage groups but what's most certain is that you will develop a flair and a kind of luck in all kinds of socializing.

Do this idea with a business partner, a friend you like and trust 100%. Maybe that person sells real estate..the networking will help their biz. It takes two people to KEEP UP and create the really huge profits. Half the money, but half the work. So hit the streets. Go to a few dozen fine cafes, propose this singles party or RAVE idea to the owner. Soon you will be making $ hand over foot. $500-$5000 a party. Your karma might as a party TYCOON, the host with the most. Or you can enter into the matchmaking biz. Iíve seen this done.. Go to the big matchmaking websites. My pal Dianne Bennett, who taught me about all this, (I was fortuneteller at the back table) does match finding now, and gets paid $1,000 by a single male client to arrange ten dates . HE picks the girls out of Dianne's photo book. She runs HIS picture by the girl to make certain she's interested in that first date.  You can bet she has a digital camera and knows how to shoot a pretty headshot!

There are singles groups in all cities and on the internet. A search engine will find you thousands of them. Most singles date-finding services charge men and women over a thousand for the services. Dianne is really very involved with her clients, expensive but fair. Thousands of marriages have resulted from her matchmaking efforts. Now, as is true of all things in life, Men pay, Women go for free -- simply because they're beautiful!

Dianne started with the parties but now finds the side business is more lucrative. Well, in Hollywood there are hundreds of thousands of the most beautiful women in the world. THey came there for film work and are dying on the vine like ripe grapes. The Hollywood males only date the ones under 25 years of age. That place is a holocaust. So  providing ten dates with the world's most beautiful single women is easy to do there. The women sign up for free. The men pay a thousand for those ten dates. She is making so much cash she just bought a 14 room l0,000 square feet mansion in the Valentino style! She has been on every talk show in America and really should do a book. I've offered to ghost write it for her. The RUTHLESS RULES would be one good title. Or "Everything I know about Love and Courtship" by a Hollywood matchmaker. Dianne believes there are definite rules for women to follow to a.) find a good man, and b.) nail him! Ask me for those. I'm collecting them! GO to the free, 90 chapter, HOW TO MARRY WELL  ROMANCE INDEX. Waiting for her to use her famous name to write the book which I'd edit.