Like lobsters in a pot, Americans live and die in denial. We swim in a sweet, scented sea seeing a big, generous hand throw salt and bay leaves into the water; we paddle blissfully, beginning to sweat and perhaps for a second have a qualm, an occasional FLASH of something ugly but we are certain, so certain, for our safe, cozy, lobster future.

   Guys, is it just me or is getting HOT in here?

The more quick-witted of us catches the odor of melted butter in the wind and shudders with the apprehension that some dark spirit intends consuming us. Have you had these feelings lately? My friend Rama the carpenter did. He called me at four a.m. having been wakened by a nightmare in which his children were starving; his beautiful wife lay in an alley, raped, stabbed and dying. He ran home with her body in his arms and found his home was gone.

 In the dream, Rama looked up and saw a huge tidal wave coming. Then, he was swimming in dark swirling waters reaching for the hands of his two daughters. The waves were breaking over his face when suddenly; a tentacle wrapped itself around his foot and pulled him downward. Rama awoke screaming. What does my dream mean? He asked?

 My feeling is that many psychic beings, like Rama (a vegetarian kundalini yoga practitioner, master level...) intuit the future. His unconscious has caught sight of what many of us feel---that the safety of the city is an illusion, that murder waits in alleys. That the ocean is about to rise up and move in. And worse, that something organized moves in its black waters, a demon creature that thinks it needs to eat us to survive.

 This blandly benign, efficient, hungry being, has a refined and terrible palate. It could go without this terrible meal that is our body but it insists. We are its NEED --- not its fancy. Our destruction is its blood requirement and not just its whim because it, too, lives in Malthusian fear. Fear of being crowded out of existence. Five billion and a half are just too many of us. Some of us have to go to the bottom of the food chain, be on the MENU...if the rest of us are to survive. This is what the creature believes.

 There are stories that this Malthusian monster has doubled its jails to get the chronically poor and unimaginative off the streets permanently. By 2005 there will be no more coin in this realm, only credit cards so that every transaction can be fiched. That means if you have no job and no card, you can't get food any way except stealing which makes you his for the capture.

 The creature legislates all kinds of population control laws, like the infamous 'Three Times you're Out' law. The first man in the state of California to fit the law's requirement was black and had taken a piece of pizza from a white teen-ager. His penalty: a lifetime in prison for rage, hunger and envy and who of us has not felt those?

These are laws designed to fill those new jails. Designed to get ethnics off the street. 12% of the country is black. 28% of the prison population is black. One deduces there is a racist tilt to their plans. On FM Commercial Free Public Radio, ---which I heartily recommend you listen to, -- authors, researchers, social scientists and prophets -- say that this many tentacled monster (i.e. The Power Hierarchy) has paid reasonable men of science to engineer viruses, biological germ weapons which 'unexpectedly', somehow 'escaped the laboratory' when they were vaccinating the continent of Africa for Small Pox, so that now The DARK Continent plus a few more will soon be vacant. The Ukraine just had Engineered Viruses sweep them to prepare them for the OIL being returned to PUTIN so he could sell it to America. Hammering with viruses is a safe kind of Crowd control. And not just spurious urban rumors.

The workers have to bend over and let the Gov and its boss the Oligarchs, Uberwealthy, Transnationals do what is their wicked, royal Will. That kind of power hierarchy with a dozen men in two groups controlling all of us is what creates slave states and that's what we have.

To understand skinny bucks and what they do to inflation and your wallet, and why bankers rig them that way, and what they aim to do with you, I suggest DEBT FOR DUMMIES


You are young and may not recall what life was like in the fifties. I GREW UP IN THE 1950's. Families then supported themselves with one worker, one job one man working 40 hours a week. That man bought homes easily. Plural as we could all afford a summertime getaway cabin in the mountains. Your generation  can't do that nor will your children do that. They will have to have two wage earners, one has to have 2 jobs and they're still trying to squeak by. If ordinary working stiffs got the same % of the wealth that they created (like we almost got in the 50's)  we  could support our families with one worker, one job working 2 days a week. Do you know an economist figure out that a just economy today to be like the one we had in the fifties would translate to Dad the Worker earning 170$ an hour.  That's how good it was in the fifties. WE ARE LIKE hamsters today in a spinning treadmill, frazzled trying to keep up, but this kind of stress tweaks immune systems so we're dying early like flies --a  short brutal life. How did this happen? Since the early fifties, we have been like a lobster in a pot, coming to a gentle simmer, but so slow that we didn't notice until the boil started & presto, we were cooked! Their aim was clear, to cook us, to assure our workers were paid very little compared to their true value to corporations that employed them.  The government knew --they can read stats, but we have lost our servants in Congress and along with it, the country. Legislators today don't represent their constituents. They serve the lobbyists  who hold the stick of butter, say bend over and oh yes, here are our campaign donations. That butter money comes from the transnationals. Does it suit the big corps to have humanity over a barrel?  I don't think so. Their strategy is skewed and doesn't even serve THEM! We can no longer buy their TV's and SUVS

So we are the lobster and the pot has been simmering for a while. Maybe as bay-scented water heats my brain, I'm having feverish paranoia pictures of non-existent conspiracies. I only think I am aware that some giant creature in advanced lifeboat theory has whispered in the night: "I'm alright Jack, screw you. You are extraneous to the system. You can be cooked; your future lines will never be born and will bother me no more." I wake screaming from my own nightmare. A dark dream spirit grinds my children and grandchildren in its molars, afraid of its own survival. I run to the window and look to the wrong side of the tracks seeing fear lodged equally in the hearts of immigrants who huddle ten to a room in East Los Angeles with school, medical care and their welfare check cut off, unable to find jobs, their women holding infants to dry breasts and begging the men to go steal or kill to buy milk.

 On my middle-class street, unemployed, white, welfare mothers thrown off cash assistance, thrown onto the street, no food stamps or job programs--- survive by cooking, cleaning for middle class neighbors, giving child care or massages, doing fortunetelling and dodging the tax man. The alternative? Living under bridges.

The shaft doesn’t stop at poor white trash. I see fear in upper middle class Brentwood country club types who have found their sacrosanct family accounts raided by a liberal president who legislated a new sliding scale of inheritance tax against them--from the old, 5% inheritance tax to an alarming 37% for the middle class or as high as 60% sliding hike for the propertied. Their ‘bought high’ homes are foreclosed upon and they’re back in apartments.

 The terror is evenly distributed among all of us, except for a few bankers and oligarchs who write our tax codes with their tax lawyers, implement them with their legislators and who are exempt from taxes with their foundations, bogus charitable write-offs, and who can bleed corporations dry, leaving fleshless skeleton corpses for the stockholders.

Because the IMF demanded it, a fearful Congress has brought all social programs to a grinding halt, allowing five years of AFDC to single parents if the recipient takes a job cleaning streets, from a high paid city worker who was then fired.  Most single mothers on the dole now have already used up their allotment. In any case, five years is less than the pregnancy, infancy and pre-school childhood of the normal kid. What the new regulations mean is that children will be latchkey while mothers clean freeways.

With immigrants, government really hit the jackpot: no green card means Uncle Sam doesn't have to give roof, food, emergency medical aid or education. News laws were enacted, making it so. Wetbacks will die quietly outside in your alley or in your yard if they try for your orange tree.

 Starving hordes can't travel to Washington to demonstrate outside the White House. Even if they did, the government would pull out it's pockets --and cry 'woe, woe, we're servicing interest on the interest to a l7 trillion debt to the World Bank. Leave us alone!'

 Don't think the gnome of fear, that red-eyed wide winged bat that wakes us screaming and sweating is not disturbing the sleep of the number-crunchers in the bowels of the Debt Management offices. Insufficiency feelings are everywhere as the IMF tells us new things to do to economize. Ditch welfare, or make recipients work for the dole and make geriatrics retire at 70. Let the geezers and poor carry their share of the debt burden.

 At the very top, sweating fear dews foreheads of the IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve, Bretton Woods Bankers and New World Order politicians---a night sweat scream-dream that some nationalist president might lead his severely over extended banana republic to abrogate its national debt to Stepfather Bank and say in macho tones, 'whacha gonna do about it, meester?' as a few South Americans did once back in the 40's. Heroism mixed with feckless nationalism might start a trend.

 Any politician who doesn't salute the multi-suckered fat tentacles of Alan Greenspan and the Federal Reserve, ---any thinker, writer, journalist, educator, columnist or poet, who spoke candidly about the debt issue would be disappeared or neutralized if he didn't click heels and salute Stepfather Bank in his every speech. I wonder how Tom Hayden, Gore Vidal, Ralph Nader, Jerry Brown, Daniel Sheehan, Noam Chomsky, Richard Anton Wilson and Craig Hewlitt still walk the earth. Danny Casilero who found them out was eradicated in one minute.

The World Bank is God on this planet. The 71/2% solution of compounding interest with the interest multi-layered on unpaid interest, multiplying exponentially in a line straightly vertical on any chart...is sacrosanct. It is a Holy Book. A hallowed canon of a dark Moloch. The column of numbers His Sacred Syllable-mantra. These other columns in front of the world bank's iron doors --- the magic Stonhenge monoliths rolled on the backs of slaves, greased with their blood and sweat.

 To pay national debts takes the BACKS OF A STRONG hard working enslaved people (and look on your check to the IRS, it didn't go to the government, it went to pay USA debt to the Federal Reserve which is a private corporation run by the planet’s biggest bankers which lends countries money and gets the taxes from its people.

 The US could print its own money and manage its own budget but thanks to Alexander Hamilton's banker friends and the bankers who created the Fed and IRS, someone else is the Master Planner about matters fiduciary in America. And he prefers to lend huge sums to our politicos. Our politicos let it happen as they don’t have to pay it back. They just have to herd you into squeezing bins and juice you. Once a year, your income tax check representing one year of your labor is devoured, emptied of calories and returns to you stamped on the back, endorsed by the FEDERAL RESERVE, crumpled, countersigned "THE FED." Wham bam thank you ma’m, you were raped by a few guys in black silk hats and never knew it because a silky government whispering patriotic claptrap held you down. Uncle Sam is a henchman, servicing (not pay, we didn't say pay. Service means pay interest on the debt, not pay the debt off). THE USA is SERVICING its national debt anyhow it can and the anyhow is you. The entire GNP only rakes a few pebbles from the rim of this vertical mountain of debt and as there is no progress at paying Stepfather Bank off, there is a continual lessened quality of life, complete with low salaries, no job programs, the dead center city, the closed down stores, the mini-maxi marts in the suburbs paying minimum wage to burger flippers, the welfare programs that require the poor to do city jobs and minimum wage jobs so you can't find one. The unemployed and jobless, the exported factories, the corporate downsizing --- all of it is the bloodless corporate strategy Marx predicted. Monolithic monopoly capitalism is an engorged tumorous mountain that will drain the masses, the body and soul of our universe, stress our citizens into creating mutant, killer children, fathers that off the whole family, baby kidnapping rings, and patrolling sex maniacs. Things Marx couldn’t even have envisioned.

 No wonder we’ve gone crazy. Our work is so unproductive. We flip burgers 40 hours a week, eat genetically engineered nuked food, our cells melt and we go mad. Nothing gets better down here. No one has the strength to demand an electric, non-polluting car. The debts don’t get paid off with our work.

All of Civilization's labors are the endless pecking of a sparrow, which carries away a single crumb of debt so, the bankers can have tea at the Ritz and earn 2 billion per hour. Your endless sparrow effort, every drop of blood and calorie of it, keeps the tumor reasonably chubby and attrition in check so the corporation can order a second cup of tea and perhaps just one more patisserie. While American families are being downsized from oats to rice, moved down the scale of living, from houses with gardens to apartments where the telephone rings and it's not your phone. From when one member working could buy a house to where your wife working and your single, l6-year old daughter working NOT getting an education, and the three of you can barely pay for an apartment. An entire planet, a culture, actively brain downsizing. What good would an education do her anyway? She'd still be entry level, no matter what MBA or Ph.D. Keep 'em stupid and dull their apathy further with a boob tube, written by greedy, pandering writers. Schlock t.v. makes for subservient citizens. For the blue collar or the ethnics, two, three and four kids working and the hot soup of floating bayleaves rises to the nose and we wake from boob tube sleep aware of a dark hand stirring a pot and the nightmare is our children will be wage slaves, endlessly servicing the debt and our grandchildren will not only not be educated, but the real nightmare is that they will not find spaces under the freeways and the nightmare unthinkable is that your great grandchildren will never be born. The bus stopped here. End of your line. You were the final, flowering bud on the billion-year tree of evolution, nature's best thought but with amnesia, a second later that thought is gone. We weep for lost blooms in the rainforest. Weep instead for the bud unborn on this tree. Weep for the next thought mankind was going to have which was never born. Your great grandchildren. A fungus of death rot has infected the tree. A termite fear spirit gnaws at the global soul.

 If the Millenium is sunset, we stand now in the hour of the gloaming just before darkness falls. In the darkness even more terrible fear spores will breed. A parasitic banking fungus thinks IT needs to eat our body to feed HIS, to prevent our children being born so there will be space on this planet where there's nothing but space. TO prevent our children needing a job when it looks like there will not be vital dollar-calories in circulation to pay them. The red-eyes tell you that the sucking wings will absolutely prevent your bloodstream giving birth to your grandsons who are not wanted by the creature, not as slave labor, not as land-occupying, right-demanding nothing. Just get off the planet, please.

 Stepfather Bank has sent the message to the henchmen of the New World Order; those without tickets will please get off the bus. The marginal must step to the back of the bus, carry credit cards, be productive and pay 2800$ a week for a furnished condo during a brief earning span and if you can't hamster-move-in-circles earning and move quick buddy, you fall off the bus in a city of l8 million people (Modern day greater L.A., NYC or Cairo) ---and just HOPE you find a packing box over a warm grate.

 THE GERMAN GARDENER -  What we are about to see on this planet is selective reduction of citizenry---a Nazi practice based on Malthusian theory. This should not surprise us. Nazi population reduction strategies should not seem odd when at the end of WWII, the entire German SS (well, the Intelligence forces) were hired by John Foster and Allen Dulles. The Gehlen organization was installed in Langley offices. Our oligarchs loved Germans, funded Nazis until they got out of hand and were quick to forgive at the war's end. The CIA think-tanks of the most powerful government on the planet were thenceforward staffed with spies with the souls of German eugenicists who would bring this prudent, cautious, Germanic philosophy to the US. The Philosophy of a German Gardener is, thin the ranks; prune the tree harshly so it will bear only perfect, unmarked fruit. The lower branches are expendable. Build higher and thinner so the tree squeezes every calorie to the top to keep a few choice buds flowering in rarified atmospheres where tycoons earn 20 million a year stock benefits and salaries and fly their staffs about in private jets, imbibing gin martinis that calm the mind even as they dull the conscience.

 The German gardener spies carefully on us, easier each day as computers watch our every cash transaction. He has found new ways to make us earn our keep and pay for the space our roots occupy: Inheritance taxes, income taxes, luxury taxes, and endless parking, licensing fees and traffic ticket penalties, huge fees for a public education. On and on the list goes. The poor will be rented the very air they breathe and strangled by laws, prevented from education or upward mobility. The middle class' productive movements will be watched and audited so they can be drained of the wealth they produce.

 The unfiched poor, who may eke out a living in some spurious, underground economy, may catch a few drops of trickle down and earn on the sly for a while but inevitably they will be found out. A cash free, credit card economy is in the works. A federal law has been framed but not passed. The government will lure those with underground money into buying property. The very last of them shall pay back Med-I-Care with his estate, leaving his children at the mercy of the system. Your home will be cannibalized if you require so much as an aspirin or band-aid from the Med-I-care Juggernaut.

 It’s true; there are tiny generosities. The Fed has been instructed to encourage the very poor to buy homes, and give them a down payment break so they can. The FANNIE MAE. The poor are now being encouraged to save in property and given low interest loans to get them started in tenancy, as blue collar, root-sinking landowners mean every calorie consumed in a lifetime will be in the lard smear you leave when they finally, wipe your name off their books.

 Every senior seated at the gaming table will see his chips confiscated as he leaves the table; the chips put back into play for the use of Stepfather Bank. As drops of water return to the sea, the tide of mankind flows back into the arms of this Bastard Stepfather, the almighty Bank. Your hard earned dollars, those three thousand square feet of paid off land, that roof, that hearth --will not go to your grandchildren, nor to your daughter who may need a few years of AFDC up ahead and won't find it, nor to your son who needs a college or business loan. It will go to the government to pay for your old age home. You heard of the 180$ screwdriver? This is the 180$ band-aid and aspirin. But even the OLD-AGE home will soon go. Doctors are being encouraged to euthanise. A recent Poll revealed one in ten doctors admitted to helping sick patients die. A Soylent Green climate of GERMANIC, EUGENIC POLICY of deliberate geezercide has finally arrived. The State does not want to take care of you with Old age homes and Med-i-care, especially if you can’t pay them back with real estate.

 Does Stepfather Bank give anything back to the people? Not any more. That was the Gay nineties, the Roaring Twenties and the Fat Fifties, kiddo. The Bank will lend start-up cash only to entrepreneurs with equity in property. Lending's for the haves not the have-nots. If the have-nots asked for, demanded then voted a non-usurious, People's Bank into existence, there would be micro-lending with zero % interest so that the starving father could buy a truck and a lawnmower and a shovel. So that your daughter could buy a sewing machine and start a cottage industry with her babes at her knee, so that you could start a home based business. But Americans are asleep. They ask for bread and circuses and nothing more. They dose in front of Monday Night football. Their children eat candies in Hell.

 People's Banks and micro-lending has existed in a brief flowering I a few, third world countries where UNESCO made kind hearted experiments in productivity, and oligarchs looked on, interested if they could create a new tax base to drain. There, 92% payback was achieved and local economies flourished with small businesses but they only existed because a unified people rallied around United Nations types who said in academic tones that it might work with the natives. And it did. But it wouldn't work in a farmyard speckled with different colored chickens who peck and claw at each other --not in Uncle Sam's barnyard where nobody can agree on anything except that they hate each other and hate Uncle Sam so much that no student loan ever gets paid back. America's seething racial hatreds make it easy for the government and Bank to move around within our borders. We are a country divided, not caring for our brothers’ woes, not organized. Any one group will allow a shaft to occur as long as it only occurs for people of another color.

The American populace is such an easy group to control. We join no groups, we demonstrate for no cause. We ask for nothing and seem to prefer complaining. We spend days in the mindless mantra of banal labor and nights locked in our homes watching flickering pictures, floating in a sweet, warm lobster broth perfumed with bay leaves. We smell the delicious scent of our own flesh cooking, not taking note of the signs. College educated people must have been asleep the day Life 101 was given. We haven't demanded popular banks or zero percent loans, entreprenurial launch-loans and probably won't. Melt the butter Mabel, dinner's almost ready. A horrible meal indeed but fear is not the proper response. To be a conscious being is to be aware of our own potential for clear thinking, high energy, sufficiency, resources, indefatigability, Life strategies not banal survival strategies. The passion to make of one’s work and interests a LIFE that is a work of art. Not a dull sell out for cash. A risk-taking passion. Doing what one loves, believing the MONEY will come!

 There's no need to contribute our flesh to make a meal for some fearful, red-eyed obtuse maniac demon even if he is the dark side of our planet's soul. The spirit to teach passion, involvement, labor of love and certainty must rise from the grass roots to the heights of the planet tree. But do the TRICKS of consciousness spread from one spiny fearful, predatory lobster fighting the next? No. Our in-fighting only looses the scent of our blood in the water where the great shark prowls. Wounded, bleeding, we labor each day to hoodwink our boss, beat our neighbor, pay our taxes---and grieving from the fray, bathe our sorrowing spirits with the last, tasty bounties of American frozen junk food. Sated with wine, beef, cream and caloric, insulin ecstasies, we stare at chattering images then fall into our beds at night dreaming of Beamers and safe, cottage gardens until suddenly, these baleful, red eyes burning in the dark, this unseen thing blowing thirstily on the fire wakes us screaming from a nightmare where our grandchildren are consumed as the creature's dinner.

Is it just a nightmare? How can one be certain, having spent the night gorging in front of the tube instead of going to a classroom where one could listen to myths of heroicism which might rally and teach this lobster to stand up and remember that we are men and are uncookable.

When Rama told me of his dream, of his feeling that his beautiful daughters and precious wife were sinking into a mire of poverty, helplessness and horror, my ears perked up. I knew that others were feeling that insecurity that I felt. A craving for some new Guerilla Capitalism rose in my bones, a brave spirit --A desire to be a soldier crawling on my belly in the backlands, deep in the forest of capitalism. CHEWING at the roots of the poisonous tree and bring it down.  But the real danger for those who encourage Guerilla capitalism, barter instead of money transactions and not reporting all one’s income to the Bank is not being caught by the Bank, it's being called thieves, bums and damn pinko commies by our friends. One must have the patience to go on talking up the theme, reading, seeking information on the Beast, who he is, how he works, and sharing it with bright people without making demands, just sharing the technology. This is a PC. This is the Internet. This is a search engine. A fun game, no? We can also band together I a business or a communal farm. We must remind one another that an entrepreneurial capitalist society run with passion, spirit and enjoyment is the answer. We don't toss the baby out with the bath water. We reform capitalism. We reform ourselves, becoming workers who adore their work and consider it play. Workers who CHOSE their work. Moonlight in a cottage industry until you get it up and running.

Be angry at what the bankers have done to you, turning you into a machine. Be angry at what they've done to capitalism, fraudulently wrapped in patriotism, a constitution they trash daily, a flag they accuse us of burning. It’s as horrible as what the Russian military did to Russian socialism. They trashed noble aspirations and gave socialism an undeservedly bad rep. NOTHING works when you have one maniac on top giving orders. You get despots who wrap themselves in shining ideas so they won’t be lynched while they practice theft and genocide. Be angry at such hypocrites even as they abound these days. Let your anger make you a soldier in the trenches of capitalism, one who doesn't flinch or succumb to fear, or other forms of hesitation, self-doubt, guilt or even a sense of moral obligation. Do things that come easily. And if not, don't do them. Be a person who doesn’t turn away from pleasure --- the joy of doing the work you are passionate about.. The hardest Yoga of all is the yoga of ecstasy. So be ecstatic as you do battle.  This shark dines on heavy hearts. He luxuriates in our sense of guilt, deprivation and fear. The shark can only get lobsters to cannibalize their brothers --- because of lack, sorrow and fear.. The antidote to heavy feelings is abundance, joy, immortality. The concept of re-incarnation works. If I fail now, in my risk-taking WILD woman’s choice of avocation, I’ll just come back better equipped next time. More educational degrees if required. More sass. Whatever --- but if I fail now in my battle against the hierarchial, controlling Despot Stepfather Bank, next lifetime I’ll just come back more informed, more convincing and persuade more of your sons and daughters to the pluck of challenging the Beast. If I come back to find a planet where any of my friends’ children live.

 And last, the final antidote to despair and feelings of poverty is the feelings of sufficiency.. Start some silly cottage industry to make a few bucks under the table. Rent cheap houses and tear out the parched lawns and compost them into Babylonian gardens so we can be surrounded by birds and flowers and fruit trees and feel like royalty. Builds bamboo roofed lanais filled with hanging lanterns, edged with rainbow xmas tree lites, filled with thousands of pots of ferns, palms, orchids from trash dumpsters behind posh florist shops, and carve jungle walks out of the greenery, along gravel paths where sunflowers, morninglories and other seditious plants that landladies loathe -- grow ten feet over your head and pumpkin vines grow lustily in all directions and a summer squash grows veritable flying saucers. Lunatic orange trees root enthusiastically in somebody else’s rented yard where eviction joyfully always threatens. Then we bid one another fond farewell and go find other rented digs But while we're here, entertain like a pashas. Wake at the crack of noon and surf the net until 3 a.m., researching and writing articles instead of working and earning dull, dull money. Life pushes up under the cement of the city like a weed proclaiming, I must do what I can in this battle against regimentation, cruelty, greed, this monster master who wants us all to be silent drones of the State, slaves of the IMF which stands for Idiotic Materialist Fiends!

 In a recessionary, industrialized country, whose politicians are elected by corporations and approved by the World Bank, sufficiency can only be achieved through one's own, entrepreneurial efforts. A few who have expensive educations, and a few nepotistic 'insiders' can get a decent salaried job at a corporation and occasionally get a house in the country. A few of us get our entreprenurial businesses aloft and do the same but it’s been a long time since any Henry Ford was allowed to open a business in his garage. (Bill Gates and the founder of DELL Computers did but it’s Illegal now. )

 Not to worry though. Passion and talent makes its way to the top but for every job out there, thousands of talented applicants are turned away. For most of us, a good job is a pipe dream. In a high UN-employment economy, no corporation need pay you a decent wage. You will get Minimum Wage and for drab work at that. It's time for a change. More than just a new job. Maybe the first thing you have to do in this New Age is to RETHINK the word 'job.' Rethink property ownership. Rethink being fiched by Stepfather Bank and paying taxes. Rethink Social Security pensions as ANY security at all, rethink retirement as a mythical day of glory. Rethink cottage industries and land away from the urban hub. Rethink it all, seeking an alternative that will stop the bank in its unholy tracks. High energy, self-sufficiency, privacy, dignity.

 If the five demons that wander this sphere are lust, greed, hate, anger, attachment, then we will aspire to be the opposite of them in every way and practice daily --- NO sensual addictions that harm the soul and body. (LUST). We will choose harmony, will power, choosing the right food, drink and reproductive pleasures. We will eschew greed. No thought of money. Just work for love, doing work you love. The money will come. No violence, no militia, no guns, no hatred, even of our overlords, for when 5 billion of us rise up politely and embrace them and with one voice, whisper into their ear ‘hey, nice suit. Could you wear it a few more seasons and let off on 8% interest?" they will fall away from their usery and be ashamed. No ANGER even at the filthy Exxon air killing and polluting our starving uneducated jobless children. And last, no attachment to anything that falls our way (the house, the car, the body itself, and life itself) for attachment obliterates our ability to TAKE RISKS and make our life a bold work of art and a personal statement of what we love and believe.


*1.) Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) was a British economist who worked for the King’s Maritime College run by the number one Trading company in the world at that time. East India Trading. Malthus’ research reflected the whims of his bosses, the oligarch bankers and shipping magnates, who wanted the King and Queen of every country where they provided funding and got back plunder, and booty and where they hobnobbed with royalty,) to ‘step on it,’ conquer the world, make all the trade rights available to them.

 Malthus work had enough legitimacy to be accepted as science and stimulated the first organized, demographic studies. His main contribution to economics was his theory of population. It was published in his book, "An Essay on the Principle of Population" written in 1798.

 Malthusian theory states that the population tends to grow faster than the supply of food that is available to fulfill its needs. A larger food supply stimulates an increase in population and if the population grows too fast, this growth is slowed by famine, disease or war. It can be disproven by modern science. There is more than enough land to feed all five billion of us generously, if we don't consume so much livestock and especially beef, but instead use the foods the cow uses. Of course, that wouldn't occur to the IMF. They'll cut down every tree, sell every steer, give us all cancer and heart disease, enrich every doctor and hospital and clear the planet of everyone else along with the oxygen in the air and ten men in ten corporations will make a shitload of cash doing it! Shall we let these idiots rule?