To fix what's wrong with the world today, analyze WHAT IS WRONG
LOOK OUT THE WINDOW at an imaginary land. Its King is mighty, his Palace is magnificent, his armies immense The streets are clean, wide and there the country's wealthiest citizens drive in fine coaches. Now, imagine that as you walk in, observe this city, this country, Jesus Christ walks up to you and takes your elbow. He walks with you as you stroll through these magnificent parks and lanes. Slowly he reveals to you what is going on in this country. He says Look at this family that rules and in this one family, you will see all THE SINS OF MODERN LIFE

You're surprised. You say, Sir, I respect you alot but we have a good governor here, I think. Look how rich the country is. What are these sins you speak of?

And Jesus looks you in the eye and says:  NEPOTISM. That is when unworthy people are raised up by people with wealth and power who themselves were appointed or raised by those in power. MERIT, TALENT OR LABOR never had anything to do with their rise. The desire to take care of others, or serve the people did not figure. It was simply the ability to flatter the guy with the dollar, and do his bidding blindly that got the family that rules this country in the door. Jesus points to the image on the televions.  "This man has an IQ of 80. Nobody tells the emperor that he has no clothes. His father and his father's family has had hidden power for generations as they have all served the wealthiest merchant in the land. Now that is a man who hides his face. None know his name. This KING and his family have done the merchant's bidding for generations, waged wars to increase the merchant's wealth and in so doing, killed millions. And of course this lowly family stole and plundered like a vassal will.

Imagine that we read of an election occurring anywhere in the third world in which the self-declared winner was the son of the former prime minister and that the former prime minister was himself the former head of the nation's secret police secret police. Imagine that the former King belonged to a family that had served the wealthiest family in the entire country for hundreds of years as clerks. Imagine that this hidden merchant had sided with, traded, funded the Nazis and brought them to this shore and imagine that the new King's father had not only belonged to this covert spy group but run this secret offshoot of Hitler's private Police complete with gun running, drug running, (for secret funds) selling drugs to the country's children in economically ravaged cities, destroyed their minds, creating crime. Imagine this Evil King as had his father the former King, operated death squads functioning in the entire world at full throttle, killing educated teachers, priests, liberal expose journalists, opinionmakers, even the head of the United Nations, Olaf Palme.

Imagine that the secret government in pay of oligarchs, the 13 families of that country had a lineage that dated back to the late 30's pre WWII, and had been transhipping drugs all that time, using Italian criminal brotherhoods to distribute it to the ghettos and with resulting profits, running incursionistic secret operations in the entire world, to subvert elections and fund/assasinate third world nations' most prominent liberal, democratic or nationalistic presidents along with hundreds of priests, educators, elected rulers world-wide. Imagine that this art of terror had been imported to us by Hitler's own Gestapo and SS at end of WWII when this secret gov took entire GESTAPO / SS to their capital and put them to work at this intelligence service as a determinational core group.


Imagine that the self-declared winner lost the popular vote but won based on some old colonial holdover (electoral college) from the nation's pre-democracy past which did NOT refer to popular vote! Imagine that the self-declared winner's victory hung on disputed votes cast in a province governed by his own brother and that this very state had been used by the intelligence service for over fifty years for transhipping guns, sending secret mercenary troops to nearby islands to subvert foreign govs. Changing the Monkey they called it.

The indignant PUBLIC CLAMOR was more than IGNORED. Imagine that the poorly drafted ballots of one district, a district heavily favoring the self-declared winner's opponent, led thousands of voters to vote for the wrong candidate. And that the recount of this district was shut down and ignored, the vote uncertified. 11,000 votes ignored. The bought media began a campaign of jeering the populace as stupid liberals. At every turn, the scorn becomes thicker. Soon, to disagree is really not stylish.

THE POOR AND DOWNTRODDEN were placed IN DANGER AND ALARM to cow them. Imagine that members of that nation's most despised caste (African-Americans) fearing for their lives/livelihoods, turned out in record numbers to vote in near-universal opposition to the self-declared winner's candidacy.

Imagine UNLEASHING FASCISM, and POLICE controlling AN ELECTION. Imagine that hundreds of members of that most-despised caste were intercepted on their way to the polls by state police operating under the authority of the self-declared winner's brother.

Imagine that this nepotistic bunch of clerks CONTROLLED an ELECTION so that six million people voted in the disputed province and that the self-declared winner's "lead" was only 327 votes. Fewer, certainly, than the vote counting machines' margin of error.

Imagine that the self-declared winner and his political party opposed a more careful by-hand inspection and re-counting of the ballots in the disputed province or in its mostly hotly disputed district.

A GUN-TOTING KILLER WINS. Well, who else would win by such methods? Only an evil man. Imagine that the self-declared winner, himself a governor of a major province, had the worst human rights record of any province in his nation and actually led the nation in executions. Naturally he, like his father before him, perfects the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction like Daisy cutters and Missiles that can kill civilians in other countries by the thousand.

 MEN OF PEACE LOSE, ARE SLANDERED AND JEERED. Imagine that a major campaign promise of the self-declared winner was to appoint like-minded human rights violators to lifetime positions on the high court of that nation.

Take note that the WOMEN AROUND THE WINNER ARE HARLOTS, PAINTED TARTS. Imagine that the female Secretary of State in charge of entire election, in the state where this vote occurred was a supporter of the Intelligence family candidate and that to look on her was to know she got there through favors bought and traded for. Imagine that the Father of the King likewise has had many mistresses and only married his wife as she was a blue blood and he was not. He was the  son of a clerk. The peace loving candidate had, in contrast, a pure wife, and no mistress. His wife had tried unsuccessfully for years to get children to listen to pure music.

 GREED RAMPANT. Imagine that the state from where the father of the moron candidate provened, was run entirely by a handful of secret families that had hundreds of billions of dollars in their personal fortunes. THE FELONIOUS, DYSFUNCTIONAL FIRST FAMILY, IN A RUSH TO MAKE MORE, MORE MONEY END UP KILLING ALL THE REST OF US. These Oil Oligarchs who had paid for the murder of a beloved, peacenik liberal president four decades earlier. (Rent EXECUTIVE ACTION w. Burt Lancaster and see how it happened and see THAT these Oil men also hid any other technology so they could go on selling the toxic material, also poisoning the world's air fully knowing other viable car energy sources existed. So this truly is the Death Candidate in every sense of the word. YOUR GRANDCHILDREN's DEATH, your CHILDREN's DEATH. YOUR OWN.

Imagine that THUGS FRIENDLY TO THE KING ARE ALLOWED TO PLUNDER, LOOT. OF COURSE, THEY ACCIDENTALLY MURDER THEIR country's STOCK MARKET. Imagine that a group ofREDNECK BOZOS IN THE PROVINCES GO WILD. They are supporters and friends of the KING and his father. The day the IQ 80 son "wins", they triple the cost of heating gas to the poor, cold people. Imagine that provincial bozos in a fit of greed, Enronize the corporation, cannibalize it, so rapaciously that news gets out cutting a lethal X on the country's jugular, (Global Crossing) and Tyco are found to be doing the same. The cash supply for the entire business community dries up and every other nation pulls its investment out of the market and the country's previously strong economy goes flatline. The Euro Dollar replaces the Dollar. The Oil OPEC countries switch to the Euro. Seeing this, totally cornered, the Clerk to the rich oil man is advised by his Gestapo to contrive a horror they can blame on the OIL MEN. Through his vast, secret police, the Old King sees to it that the INS allows terrorists to come in. To study flying jets. It is clear that they intend to harm public buildings. Finally the day arrives. The brass sells the two best buildings in the country to Silverstein, a little nobody, and the day he signs the lease, they create an engineered kind of Reichtag fire, so that the stupid, IQ 80 moron son the King can then make a one syllable war on all the other people on the planet who have oil and steal it all.

Imagine that THE DUMB KING AND THE EVIL KING WILL BOTH MURDER THEIR OWN PEOPLE. Imagine that these corrupt RULERS TURN ON their own PEOPLE. They raise the cost of fuel. They SQUEEZE their own PEOPLE by the NECK until they start to choke. Then, when they are in fear and terror, they flood the air with horrific, SCARY PROPAGANDA. They carefully engineer a horror. They let a small group of terrorists they were watching, create an immense atrocity. They then repeat the allegation that the people who survived this atrocity will be infected by the enemy, again and again and bombed, assailed and they'd better get some duct tape fast. And they'd better let the EVIL KING invade the people who did this. Well, they can't find him so we'll invade some other people that look like him.

When PEACEFUL CITIZENS DO NOT BUY THIS clap trap, and they ARISE IN ALL CORNERS OF THE WORLD and clamor against the war THE EVIL KING plans distracting wars on other rulers, flooding the airwaves with stories of their atrocities. He uses talking head-bought media to bombard the people with dangers, threats, anthrax duct tape, lying that the FOREIGN oil men and FOREIGN kings had done immense atrocities, killed their own family members, lit fires at neighbors' oil wells, gassed their own poor, rural tribes, dumped infants out of incubators, created weapons of mass destruction, all of it proven lies, even by the finest journal in the land. Imagine that the SS/GESTAPO brings false witnesses to the media, telling of rape and

None of us would deem such a candidate to be anything but Hitlerish, the election that got him in office to be representative of anything other than the self-declared winner's will-to-power. All of us, I imagine, would wearily turn the page of this novel thinking that it was another sad tale of pitiful pre- or anti-democracy peoples in some strange third world country, elsewhere. But election fraud and collusion, nepotism, bought media, bought candidates are not only phenomena of the developing Third World. It is an art mastered by the oligarchs here, who have funded a secret government for 50 years, sold your parents heroin and your children cocaine, creating insanity and crime, then devised a three strikes you're out law to lock our kids away, subverted democracy to ignore our own citizens and with WTO agreements, exported the manufacturing sector to 1$ a day wage countries. And refused to sign any agreements about pollution," Jesus says, coughing at the fumes in the street.

"Well" you say to Jesus. "This is indeed an Evil King and an Evil country, They both deserve to perish. Jesus turns to you and says "This is your RULER, your president, the face of your country. The entire world can see what you cannot. You applaud that little cowboy with an IQ of 80, when you know he's stealing as his family did, that he's bought by oligarchs just as his family was, is murdering as his father did before him and lying about it in single syllables. You are fed on, eaned on, hear, breathe, assimilate nothing but propaganda so perhaps you cannot see or know what is obvious to your neighbors in other lands, people who sleep on the sand and ride donkeys and visit their children's graves and weep. You with your freezer full of food, eat candies in Hell. Your brains are eaten out and you deserve to perish. And Jesus embraces you, while you stand there stunned, then Jesus walks away leaving you with this paper in your hand. You stare down at it. It reads: "Books you should read on Big Business / Corporations / the THIRTEEN FAMILIES. Low cost used books found for pennies at

Chernow, Ron. The House of Morgan: An American Banking Dynasty and the Rise
of Modern Finance. New York: Atlantic Monthly Press, 1990. 812 pages.

Author Ron Chernow divides this history of the House of Morgan into three
parts: the baronial age, which ended with the death of the famous J.P.
Morgan in 1913, the diplomatic age from 1913-1948 with J.P. Morgan, Jr.,
Thomas Lamont, Dwight Morrow, and Russell Leffingwell, and the postwar
casino age, when Morgan was three houses in one. (As required by the 1933
Glass-Steagall Act, it became J.P. Morgan and Company and its bank, Morgan
Guaranty Trust; Morgan Stanley, an investment house; and Morgan Grenfell in
London, an overseas securities house.) In its golden age, the House of
Morgan catered to prominent families such as the Astors, Guggenheims,
DuPonts, and Vanderbilts, and to corporations such as U.S. Steel, GE, GM,
and ATT. By the 1980s they found themselves in a more competitive Wall
Street environment, and made money by engineering hostile takeovers.

Chernow enjoyed unusual cooperation from the Morgan empire
while writing this book. Despite his disapproval of the House of Morgan's
support for fascist Italy and Japan in the 1930s, and his ability to throw
around concepts such as "interlocking directorates," in the end Chernow is
just one more "liberal" scholar who has written a conservative history.
There is no mention, for example, of the 1934 Morgan-DuPont conspiracy
involving Smedley D. Butler, to organize a military coup against Franklin

Barnet, Richard J. and Mueller, Ronald E. Global Reach: The Power of the
Multinational Corporations. New York: Simon & Schuster (Touchstone), 1974.
508 pages (includes 90 pages of end notes).

In the 1970s it was still possible for scholars to affiliate with think
tanks whose budgets did not depend on huge corporate donations. This didn't
always make them less elitist, but in most cases it made them more honest.
Richard J. Barnet, who has been a member of the Council on Foreign
Relations for more than ten years, was associated with the left-liberal
Institute for Policy Studies when he co-authored this book. "Global Reach"
is one of the first (and only) books to examine the transnational
corporation, which was then just emerging as a separate political and
economic entity, with the potential to subvert the historic social-welfare
functions of the sovereign state, and thereby affect billions of people.

After two decades of collecting dust on our bookshelf, it's amazing how
well this book anticipated our problems. Today's issues are all here, from
free trade and the loss of U.S. jobs, to how the transnationals also make
things worse for most people in the Third World -- whether through the
replacement of culture and tradition with mindless consumerism, or through
the outright concentration of income, rape of natural resources,
elimination of jobs, and increased hunger. For the 1990s, this book merely
needs to change is its cover: it ought to be titled "Global Grab."

Barnet, Richard J. and Cavanagh, John. Global Dreams: Imperial Corporations
and the New World Order. New York: Simon & Schuster (Touchstone), 1994. 480

Richard Barnet and John Cavanagh are veterans of the Institute for Policy
Studies in Washington DC, a left-of-center think tank, and both specialize
in the politics, economics, and culture of transnational corporations. A
1974 book co-authored by Barnet (Global Reach) is more scholarly, while
this one is better described as a series of portraits. About half of this
book, intermingled with the other half, provides a valuable look at five
transnationals and some of the moguls behind them: Bertelsmann, Citibank,
Ford, Philip Morris, and Sony. This snapshot from above is based on
interviews with some of the CEOs in addition to research.

The other half of the book is all over the map, which is perhaps
appropriate for a book about globalization. It consists mainly of anecdotes
that illustrate emerging trends in culture, consumerism, and labor. In the
final chapters, this is contrasted with the frantic speculation that is now
typical of transnational financial markets. The total impression is of a
huge, unstable Disneyland with plenty of waste, and lots of people standing
in line but not yet suffering. A third book is needed that depicts the
poverty and hunger in the Third World, in the shantytowns just beneath
those billboards for Marlboro and Coca-Cola.

Colby, Gerard. DuPont Dynasty. Secaucus NJ: Lyle Stuart, 1984. 968 pages.

Gerard Colby, who previously went by the name of Gerard Colby Zilg, has
written the definitive book on the DuPont family. This is an expanded
edition of "Behind the Nylon Curtain" by Colby (then Zilg), which was
nominated for a National Book Award in 1974. When the first edition came
out, the DuPonts played hardball with publisher Prentice-Hall and anyone
who dared review the book favorably. P-H caved in and slashed its print run
and advertising, and despite high demand, ultimately let it go out of print

Colby first became interested in the DuPonts while working as a press
secretary for Congressman John Dow of New York. His research on Vietnam war
profiteering led him to the 1934 Senate munitions hearings, which revealed
that the DuPonts made over $250 million in profits from World War I. In
1934, according to witnesses and the findings of a House Committee, a plot
existed to seize the White House with a march on Washington by veterans who
were to be armed by the DuPonts.

The DuPonts, America's richest dynasty, run a network of companies around
the world from their base in Delaware, a state which is controlled by the
family. To Colby's credit, he avoids much of the titillating family trivia
emphasized by other books on the DuPonts, and concentrates instead on the
DuPonts' political significance in American society.

Lisagor, Nancy and Lipsius, Frank. A Law Unto Itself: The Untold Story of
the Law Firm Sullivan and Cromwell. New York: Paragon House, 1989. 360

After two years in the Princeton library, where the archives of John Foster
Dulles and Allen Dulles are stored, the authors knew about Sullivan and
Cromwell's ten-year record of cooperation with Hitler. Then they approached
the law firm for interviews, but soon a memo went out instructing the
lawyers not to cooperate. At that point the authors found a National
Archives microfilm detailing the Justice Department investigations of John
Foster Dulles's wartime collaboration. They were finally allowed to see a
representative of the firm, but he wouldn't answer any questions. A year
later Sullivan and Cromwell changed chairmen after some embarrassing press
concerning three important partners. Now they were willing to grant
interviews to present their side of the case.

But until then the firm didn't like publicity, and this book helps us
understand why. After 100 years of creating power and wealth by
manipulating the interface between government and business, and with a
transnational reach that considers World Wars a mere inconvenience, the
story of Sullivan and Cromwell makes it clear that there's one set of rules
for the rest of us, and no rules at all for the ruling class.

McCann, Thomas. An American Company: The Tragedy of United Fruit. New York:
Crown Publishers, 1976. 244 pages.

Thomas McCann joined United Fruit in 1952; when he resigned in 1971 he was
vice-president in charge of public relations. United Fruit was the most
powerful economic and political force in Central America during the 1950s.
They were cozy with foreign interventionists and media owners back home,
which meant that they could make or break little countries at will. In
1954, United Fruit and the CIA broke Guatemala. The media, having been
carefully prepped and by United Fruit's PR experts such as Edward L.
Bernays (the "father of public relations"), cheered from the sidelines.
(Forty years of death squads and tens of thousands of killings later, it
remains very much broken, and our media are happy to keep it buried.)

Guatemala's peasants were powerless against United Fruit, so it took a
corporate raider by the name of Eli Black to bring it down. In 1968, when
United Fruit was 70 years old, Black began acquiring shares. After six
years as CEO, making all the wrong decisions and alienating everyone who
could help him, United Fruit was in deep trouble. Black jumped out of his
office window on the 44th floor in 1975, while the SEC investigated his
bribes to Honduran officials for tax relief on banana exports. Now peasants
had only the CIA to worry about -- those thugs from that big banana
republic up north, whose job it is to keep all the little bananas in line.

McCartney, Laton. Friends in High Places: The Bechtel Story, The Most
Secret Corporation and How It Engineered the World. New York: Simon &
Schuster, 1988. 273 pages.

It's trite to observe that some of the world's most powerful people and
corporations are rarely in the newspapers. An example of the former is John
McCone (1902-1991), who made $44 million during World War II on an
investment of $100,000. Then he was Deputy to the Secretary of Defense
(1948), Under Secretary of the Air Force (1950-1951), Chairman of the
Atomic Energy Commission (1958-1961), and CIA director (1961-1965). McCone
was involved in the 1973 coup in Chile as a director of ITT, and his other
corporate connections are too numerous to mention. He didn't give

From 1937-1945 McCone was the president of Bechtel-McCone, which became the
privately-held Bechtel Corporation when he was bought out after the war.
Bechtel thrived on its government and intelligence connections, along with
its huge energy-engineering contracts in the Middle East. After Steve
Bechtel was appointed to the advisory board of the Export-Import Bank in
1969, generous Exim loans were available for Bechtel projects in the
Philippines, Egypt, Algeria, Indonesia, USSR, and nuclear power plants in
Brazil and elsewhere. When Ronald Reagan needed help at the White House,
all he had to do was to place a call to Bechtel and ask to have George
Shultz and Caspar Weinberger transferred to his administration.

Nader, Ralph and Taylor, William. The Big Boys: Power and Position in
American Business. New York: Pantheon Books, 1986. 571 pages.

Ralph Nader is still a liberal, which makes it amazing that he still does
good research. If he were to concentrate his commitment, skills, and
resources on issues involving the national security state, they'd have to
shut him down. But as it is, America's foremost consumer advocate believes
that the system merely needs some fine tuning and rational tax policies,
based on an enlightened appreciation of capitalism's long-term interests.
There are no inevitable conflicts of interest in Nader's repertoire.

This book, based on exhaustive research and copiously documented, provides
portraits of nine corporate executives, each in separate chapters: David
Roderick (U.S. Steel), Roger Smith (General Motors), Paul Oreffice (Dow
Chemical), Felix Rohatyn (investment banker), Charls Walker (tax lobbyist),
Whitney MacMillan (Cargill), Thomas Jones (Northrop), William McGowan
(MCI), and William Norris (Control Data). The chapter on Cargill is
fascinating, both for what it reveals and what it couldn't. Privately-held
Cargill is the world's largest grain trader, one of the largest flour
millers, and its second-largest meatpacker. Extracting information from
them is next to impossible. A year after Nader started, a Cargill vice
president still didn't believe that Nader's sleuths had managed to include
some former Cargill employees among the 175 people they interviewed.

Pacific Northwest Research Center. Rockwell International: Where Business
Gets Down to the Science of War. Eugene OR: PNRC, 1975. Written by Paul
Fitzgerald, John Markoff, Roger Walke, and John Woodmansee, with a foreword
by G. William Domhoff. 69 pages.

PNRC was a collective of researchers that thrived for a time in the 1970s
when "power structure research" meant identifying and tracking the
influence of corporate and government elites. One of PNRC's contributions
was this booklet on Rockwell International's cozy relations with Washington
and Pentagon bigwigs. By looking at Rockwell and its B-1 bomber contract in
particular, this booklet presents an amazing case study of how the
military- industrial complex works. (Nothing has changed since 1975. In
1991 I was employed by Grumman, which along with Rockwell and others was a
contractor for NASA's space station. This latest tax-dollar boondoggle
caused me to resign in disgust after only three months of very fat

By the late 1970s the tendency of "the personal as political" replaced
"power structure research" on the U.S. left, and progressive funding
sources were now controlled by self-interested feminists and
multiculturalists. They succeeded in forcing one foot into the power
structure by legislating and lobbying for preferential treatment. But this
neither exposed nor challenged the way the system works, and by now it's
increasingly clear that they were simply bought off. -- D.Brandt

Sampson, Anthony. The Money Lenders: Bankers and a World in Turmoil. New
York: Viking Press, 1982. 336 pages.

In 1978, Willy Brandt invited British journalist Anthony Sampson to become
an advisor to the Brandt Commission on North-South relations. "Listening to
the discussions and helping to write the final report, I became more aware
that the future of many developing countries was interlocked with the
problems of the big banks," Sampson explains. The result was this book,
which is as good as it gets on international banking from a liberal
perspective. As the author of The Sovereign State of ITT, The Seven
Sisters, and The Arms Bazaar -- all excellent books on various aspects of
transnational big business -- Anthony Sampson is one of the few journalists
qualified to tackle this complex topic.

This is a history of banking, particularly since World War II with Bretton
Woods, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and then evolving
into Eurodollars, the end of the gold standard, OPEC, and Third World debt.
In the end Sampson tries to wrap it up in the social-democratic package
that motivated Willy Brandt, which might be described as "better world
management for the sake of peace, justice, and jobs." In other words, more
international regulation is needed to achieve better stability. Because by
the last chapter it's clear that no one has a clue, and the whole system is
balanced on "the dangerous edge."

Sampson, Anthony. The Seven Sisters. New York: Bantam Books, 1976. 395

"The Seven Sisters" sorts out the tangled histories of the seven
mega-corporations that dominate international oil: Exxon, Gulf, Texaco,
Mobil, Socal, BP and Shell. Their shifting allegiances, Sampson argues, are
best understood by remembering that the "sisters" are "basically committees
of engineers and accountants preoccupied ... with profit margins,
safeguarding investments, and avoiding taxation." The interests of the
sheikhs of OPEC, media villains at the time Sampson was writing, clearly
lie in defending the world the "sisters" have created. Sampson's analysis
stands up well to subsequent events.

The son of a research scientist, Oxford-educated journalist Anthony Sampson
writes elegant and exhaustively-researched books about powerful and often
secretive elite groups: South Africa's white leadership, Britain's ossified
elites, a multinational pirate corporation, the world oil industry, the
international arms trade, international bankers. Without truckling, Sampson
is able to get far enough inside such circles to show us how the world
looks through their eyes -- while also providing a wealth of information
that makes independent judgment possible. One of the only books  where
the truth about VietNam war being about oil can be found. The biggest oil
field on the planet is just off their beaches. We tried.

-- Steve Badrich

Sampson, Anthony. The Sovereign State of ITT. Greenwich CT: Fawcett
Publications, 1974. 335 pages.

"The Sovereign State of ITT" (i.e., International Telephone and Telegraph)
uncovers the history of a multinational that long ago became an autonomous
pirate state. In the 1970s, ITT became famous, briefly, for bribing Nixon
aides to back off an antitrust action, and to intervene to protect ITT
interests in Allende's Chile. Sampson tells us much more -- e.g., spelling
out the deals the stateless ITT cut with Hitler. It's an instructive tale.
Because despite his critics, free-trader George Bush does have a "vision"
-- one of a planet organized by corporations much like ITT, and run by men
much like former ITT head Harold Geneen.

The son of a research scientist, Oxford-educated journalist Anthony Sampson
writes elegant and exhaustively-researched books about powerful and often
secretive elite groups: South Africa's white leadership, Britain's ossified
elites, a multinational pirate corporation, the world oil industry, the
international arms trade, international bankers. Without truckling, Sampson
is able to get far enough inside such circles to show us how the world
looks through their eyes -- while also providing a wealth of information
that makes independent judgment possible.

-- Steve Badrich

Stauber, John C. and Rampton, Sheldon. Toxic Sludge Is Good For You: Lies,
Damn Lies and the Public Relations Industry. Monroe ME: Common Courage
Press, 1995. 236 pages.

As transnationals become more powerful than many governments, they discover
that information control is the key to further expansion. Today the shock
troops of the New World Order are neither the commandos with U.N. patches,
nor the gray men from the CIA, but rather the flacks and hacks in the
public relations industry. Some academicians estimate that about forty
percent of all "news" is fed from PR firms to newsrooms. Journalists get
two versions: a slick final version, and a raw one that they can edit. Most
budget-conscious newsrooms simply present the slick version as hard news.
PR practitioners in the U.S. now outnumber reporters, and some of the best
journalism schools send more than half of their graduates into these firms.

Along with those catchy "video news releases" that newsrooms love so much,
some PR firms offer industrial espionage, infiltration of civic and
political groups, planted stories, and phony grass-roots campaigns. Their
corporate clients call this "integrated communications." The grass-roots
campaigns, commonly referred to as "astroturf movements," are disguised as
concerned citizens driven by conscience to petition the government. Since
big money is available just underneath this facade, many politicians are no
doubt grateful for the cover that astroturf provides.

Woodmansee, John and others. The World of a Giant Corporation. Seattle:
North County Press, 1975. 84 pages.

This report, an in-depth look at General Electric, was produced by a group
that came together through the American Friends Service Committee. AFSC's
National Action Research on the Military Industrial Complex (NARMIC), along
with similar efforts such as the Honeywell Project of Minneapolis, tried to
understand the Vietnam war in terms of the role played by major U.S.
corporations. For the GE project, this group assembled an extensive
collection of the company's publications, such as annual reports, company
magazines, advertisements, and reprints of speeches by executives. Then
they interviewed some GE officials, and combed the press for articles on

Since GE is so diversified, their report followed the same pattern, in that
aspects beyond defense production are also investigated: the labor
environment, public relations, who's who in top management, the corporate
culture, foreign investment, and GE's dependency on the growth paradigm.
Over 300 end notes are included. This is a serious piece of research, and
it's utterly distressing that U.S. culture, or counterculture, no longer
supports similar research projects. Today you'd have to strip out the end
notes along with most of the content, add stereo and video, and present it
as multimedia. And you'd still have to convince Generation X that it's
worth their time to learn about the folks who are pulling their strings.

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Perpetual Death From America
By Mohammed Daud Miraki, MA, MA, PhD

Afghan-American Freelance Academic

"If they had killed us once, it would not be so bad. But what the Americans have brought upon us is not only depriving us but our future generations of our basic god given human right, the right to live. They will be killing us for generations to come" (An Afghan Victim of US-UK bombing) (REFERRING TO RADIATION your GOV never told you about!)
In Afghanistan, elders used to cite an ancient saying "we are made for death and death is made for us" to point to the inescapable reality of facing death sooner or later. However, when this natural phenomenon changes form from its natural course to one tailored by humans, it becomes a tool of life deprivation. This tailored and forced deprivation of life on millions of people took a form of its own when used for cleansing generations of people of their basic human right, their right to live. Specifically, for millions in Afghanistan, their natural course of life and death took a sharp turn when US-UK military used uranium based weapons. This violation of immense proportion transformed the natural process of birth, growth and death into the inescapable horrors of perpetual death.
Perpetual death is characterized by continuous murder of people of a community, state or nation. It takes several forms. It could be exercised by conventional means of imposing war and destruction on people. The Russians have institutionalized this horror in Afghanistan by its invasion of the country in 1979 and sustained perpetual death there by planting millions of mines scattered all over country. The United States government also shares this responsibility after it abandoned the Afghans, leaving them to death and despair and refused to help them by clearing the millions of mines left behind after the Sovietsí retreat. These mines have been maiming and killing Afghans daily since the early 1980s.
However, the form that is exercised currently is the indiscriminate use of the Weapons of Mass Destruction, namely the usage of uranium based weapons. This mode of the perpetual death lives up to its name because it continues to foster deaths of thousands silently and indiscriminately. In fact, the usage of the Weapons of Mass Destruction alters the texture of the ecosystem wherein the victims reside. This ultimately condemns the people living there and future generations to death, and deprives them of their fundamental human right, the right to live.
The perpetrators of this horrible crime are the governments of the United States and that of the United Kingdom. The US and the UK are the only two countries used these horrible weapons indiscriminately in Iraq during the Gulf War and Balkans in the 1990s and in Afghanistan from October 7th, 2001 onward. Meanwhile, based on past experiences with victims of the US-UK bombing in Iraq and the Balkans, every informed source suspected to have similar situation in Afghanistan. Tragically, the US-UK armed forces have used three times more uranium based weapons in Afghanistan than they did in Iraq or in the Balkans. In fact, the types of Weapons of Mass Destruction used in Afghanistan are more potent than those used in Iraq.
This became evident with the recent report by the Uranium Medical Research Center (UMRC), establishing the presence of a mysterious metal in Afghan soil samples and urine samples of victims. The investigation carried out by the two teams of experts, one concentrated on the city of Jalal Abad while the other on the capital Kabul. The two teams gathered data and established the use of uranium-based weapons there. They discovered symptoms in population of illnesses associated with exposure to depleted uranium contamination similar to that in Iraq and Balkans. This added to the curiosity of the investigators and collected soil samples from impact sites to investigate them here in the US. The investigators were also surprised to find high concentration of uranium in the urine of subjects from Jala Abad. In fact, the level of uranium was 400% to 2000%, the highest level of uranium ever recorded in civilian population.
Incidentally, the uranium discovered in the urine samples from subjects in Jala-Abad exhibited characteristics more potent than depleted uranium. The report said the following in regards to the impact of the uranium-based weapons:
"Dr. Asaf Durakovic, a professor of nuclear medicine and radiology and a former science adviser to the US military, who set-up the independent UMRC, has been testing US, British, and Canadian troops and civilians for DU and uranium poisoning over the past few years. His findings confirm significant amounts in the subjects' urine as much as nine years after exposure."
The above quote points to the perpetual death imposed on population of any country where the USA and the UK had used uranium-based weapons.
"Durakovic and his team have searched for possible alternative causes, such as geological or industrial sources, or the likelihood of Al Qaeda having uranium reserves. But the uranium found is not consistent with the "dirty bomb" scenario proposed by the US (in which stores of radioactive materials might explain the findings), nor is it connected to DU, or an enriched uranium-type dust that has been found in Iraq and Kosova."
In Iraq, it took up to five years to have any significant effects of exposure to depleted uranium, however, in Afghanistan only after one year, the UMRC research group suspects that 25% of newly born show symptoms of exposure to uranium weapons. The latter factors further strengthen the hypothesis of the UMRC that the US-UK militaries are using uranium ore in their weapons in order to increase its destructive capability. The usage of uranium ore also makes it difficult to trace these weapons to the US-UK militaries and creates a distortion as if the uranium had come from the local uranium deposits. The conclusion of the report was:
"However, marked differences between natural uranium and the uranium used in the metal fragments found in Afghanistan was uncovered with the use of an electron microscope, which revealed the presence of small ceramic particles produced by the high temperatures created on impact. This method of disguising uranium would benefit governments that are under pressure from the growing anti-DU lobby."
"The only conclusion is that the allied forces are now possibly using milled uranium ore in their warheads to maximise [sic] the effectiveness and strength of their weapons, as well as to mask the uranium, hoping that it may be discounted as part of any local natural deposits."
The destructive effects of the uranium-based weapons became evident in the beginning of the bombardments in Afghanistan, when Reuters reported that people died from minor injuries. Public Health Minister Mullah Abbas said:
"Our findings prove that this is true. These bombardments have radioactive rays and chemical materials that also cause cancer." (Reuters, October 29, 2001)
The news report continued with quotes that further added credibility to the claims of many that the US and the UK had used uranium-based weapons in Afghanistan. Dr. Wazir a surgeon at Wazir Akbar Khan Hospital had said the following amidst the bombardments: "We have some patients with superficial injuries with symptoms of chemical weapons." (Reuters, October 29, 2001)
According to Dr. Wazir a 10 years old boy, who had superficial injuries died from respiratory problems after the bombing, while another individual, a 50 years old woman also died from minor injuries. The doctor continues by citing three of his other patients-two girls aged 12 and 15 and a boy aged 15-who had only sustained superficial injuries from the US bombings, died hours later from breathing difficulties and internal bleeding. Dr. Wazir continued:
"These are only three examples. There have been other cases where we suspect chemical weapons have been used. Most of the victims have had respiratory problems and internal bleeding for which there is no apparent cause." (, October 30, 2001)
At the fighting front north of Kabul, where Taliban forces were pounded night and day, many dead Taliban soldiers had no visible injuries except blood flowing out of their mouths, internal bleeding consistent with uranium based and chemical weapons. Furthermore, many dead Taliban soldiers had severe discoloration of the skin, orange, without being burned, while others had their rifles melted in their hands. This aroused suspicion among Taliban and others that weapons used by the US-UK military were not conventional weapons. Many Taliban soldiers that survived the bombing in the north have died after returning to their native villages in the south and southeast of the country. They had no physical injury upon their death, however, died from internal bleeding and other bizarre symptoms including uncontrolled vomiting, diarrhea, and blood loss in urine and stool. Their families were shocked with disbelieves.
Another bizarre, yet tragic scene was reported near Rish-Khor military base in Kabul. Multiple witnesses reported seeing dead birds on tree branches with blood coming out of their mouths. As one witness put it:
"We were amazed to see all these birds sitting quietly on [tree] branches; but when we shook the tree the birds fell down and we saw blood coming out of their mouths. Then we climbed the trees to see those that were still stuck on tree branches, all of them had bled from their mouths. Two of the birds appeared to be partly melted into the trees branches."
These various claims by witnesses of the US-UK bombing amply establishes that Weapon of Mass Destruction have been used. Amidst the nonstop bombing, Taliban Public Health Minister Mullah Mohammad Abbas had expressed concerns about the utility of depleted uranium by the US in Afghanistan. The Minister was anxious about the long-term contamination of large areas in Afghanistan. He was aware of the US indifference to the well being of people in other regions and said: "They used uranium in Kosovo and our concern is that they will do the same thing in Afghanistan."
According to Dai Williams, independent DU researcher, there has been 50 to 100 times greater health hazard in Afghanistan than had been in Balkans from the usage of uranium based weaponsódepleted uranium, dirty uranium and uranium ore. As pointed out above, the efforts of UMRC to expose the so-called mystery metal used in the bombing in Afghanistan strengthened by the efforts of other researchers aimed to explore the ongoing ëAfghan War Syndromeí similar to the ëGulf War Syndromeí, which has caused horrific congenital deformities in Iraq. According to the Washington based Center for Defense Information, several hundred tones of weaponsósmart bombs and cruise missilesóenriched with the so-called mystery metal aimed for hard targets such as caves, bunkers and command and control installations were used in Afghanistan. The problem becomes more severe when one compares, the hard target weapons used in Afghanistan to the ones used in Balkans. Dai Williams compares the weapons, namely hard target weapon in Afghanistan to that in Balkans as follows:
"The mystery metal is 50-75% of the weight of the bombs - up to 1.5 tons in the GBU-37 Bunker Buster bombs. If this is DU then target zones will be 50-100x more contaminated than by the pencil-sized 30 mm (0.27 kg) anti-tank shells used in the Balkans War, and more like the DU ammunition fire in the Gulf War. DU oxide is known to travel up to 25 miles by wind so large areas may be affected by each bomb."
What this translates into is more deaths, morphological changes in people, congenital deformities and various types of cancers. In this tragedy, an intertwined horrifically fatal relationship emerges between the individual and his/her environment. Since Afghans, as other people worldwide, live in their respective localities, where they have lived from childhood on, are forced to make painful choices. On the one hand, they do not want to leave their villages and cities because those are their homes. On the other, hand, they can not remain there out of concerns for the safety of their families from uranium poisons as well as further bombings. Tragically, they have no choice and no place to go. Even if they could, for the overwhelming majority it is too late because uranium dust has already determined their fate, diseases and inevitable death.
In their attempts to "smoke-out" the Taliban and Al Qaida, the US has bombed these ancient tunnels and caves that villagers throughout Afghanistan have been using for water supply. This not only worsened the existing situation characterized by drought and lack of water, but it also permanently destroyed the ecological centers in east, southeast and southwestern Afghanistan, and created a perpetual source of disease and death for populations living in those areas. According to Fred Pearceís article ëdying of Thirstí in the New Scientist, November 17, 2001, the US military bombed the kajaki dam, which waters land in southwestern Afghanistan that supports over 1 million people. In the same article, Fred Pearce articulates the following:
"Afghanistan, which is in the third year of an unprecedented drought, relies on a mixture of ancient and modern water-supply systems. As well as relying on the Kajaki dam, the south of the country is peppered with hundreds of water-supply tunnels, often running for tens of kilometres [sic] into hillsides to tap water reserves deep underground. The tunnels, known in Pashto as karez, are now a target for American warplanes. Military strategists claim that bin Laden and Taliban troops may now be hiding out in the karez, many of which are wide enough to accommodate companies of men. They say the karez made impenetrable hideouts for the mujahedin during their guerrilla war with Soviet occupiers in the 1980s."
Therefore, the traditional systems of water, Karez system of tunnels, whereupon thousands in Afghan countryside rely, have been permanently tailored to serve as sources of perpetual death for locals living there.
The photos at the website where I found this are of babies born deformed,  reminders of the US-UK murderous legacy of perpetual death experienced in Iraq but now in Afghanistan
What would you do, if your entire family except a young sister

had perished in the US liberation attempted in Afghanistan?
These beleaguered souls are probably dead due to depleted uranium dust. If they are alive, they will most likely die from dreadful diseases. This is one example among thousands in the tragedy of perpetual deaths imposed on the poor and gallant people of Afghanistan I wish to conclude with the following quote from one of the victims of US-UK bombing in Afghanistan:
"Tell the Americans, they kill us to sustain your way of life, when they enjoy living, they better think about the 15 members of my family. Tell them that they are guilty. Only if they had conscience, they would know that they are as guilty as their government."
Mohammed Daud Miraki, MA, MA, PhD
Freelance Academic
Afghan-American Interviews, December 2002


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