Volume I. Edition #6

Think we're kidding?

U.S. ARMY has used Depleted Uranium in IRAQ for 12 yrs
Dr. Helen Caldicott says Iraqui babies are being born with no brains, spina bifida!  THE USE OF THIS FOUL SUBSTANCE will one day be told in history books, to accuse all of us of being willing followers of Nazis!

1. Pre-Desert Storm Reports from Dr. Caldicott:
DEPLETED URANIUM, D.U. lasts four hundred million years. IT SATURATES IRAQ now!  "Aerosol DU exposures to soldiers on the battlefield could be significant with potential radiological and toxicological effects." "Under combat conditions, the most exposed individuals are probably the ground troops that re-enter a battlefield following the exchange of armor-piercing munitions, either on foot or motorized transports."

"We are simply highlighting the potential for levels of [DU] exposure to military personnel during combat that would be unacceptable during peacetime operations."

"Following combats however, the condition of the baffiefteld, and the long-term health risks to natives and combat veterans may become issues in the acceptitbility of the continued use of DU kinetic energy penetrators for military applications."

Depleted uranium is a "low level alpha radiation emitter which is linked to cancer when exposures are internal, [and] chemical toxicity causing kidney damage."

"Short term effects of high doses can result in death, while long terrn effects of low doses have been implicated in cancer."

"Personnel in or near (less than approximately 50 meters) an armored vehicle at the time these vehicles were struck by depleted uranium munitions could receive significant internal DU exposures (i.e. those in excess of allowable standards)."
(Statement of Col. Eric Daxon, Radiation Protection Staff Officer. US Army Medical Command

"Our conclusions regarding the health and environmental acceptability of DU penetratois assume both controlled use and the presence of excellent health physics management practices. Combat conditions will lead to the uncontrolled release of DU. Individuals consulted have generally responded to this issue by saying it is irrelevant, or insignificant compared to the other risks of combat. However, environmental issues will arise if DU is used in combat."

II. Post-Desert Storm Reports:

"There has been and continues to be a concern regarding the impact of DU on the environment. Therefore, if no one makes a case for the effectiveness of DU on the battlefield, DU rounds may become politically unacceptable and thus, be deleted from the arsenal ... I believe we should keep this sensitive issue at mind when after action reports are written."(Lt. Col. M.V. Ziehmn. Los Alamos

"When DU is indicted as a causative agent for Desert Storm illness, the Army must have sufficient data to separate fiction from reality. Without forethought and data, the financial implications of long-term disability payments and health-care costs would be excessive."
(Lt. Army Environmental Policy Institute"U.S. service personnel also could have been exposed to DU if they inhaled or ingested DU dust particles during incidental contact with vehicles destroyed by DU munitions, or if they lived or worked in areas contaminated with DU dust from accidental munitions fires. Thus, unnecessary exposure of many individuals could have occurred.'' GULF WAR DISEASE IS endemic! What do you mean, could have?

"Army officials believe that DU protective methods can be ignored during battle and other life threatening situations because DU-related health risks are greatly outweighed by the risks of combat." (US General Accounting Office, Operation Desert Storm:

"Soldiers may be incidentally exposed to DU from dust and smoke on the battlefield. The Army Surgeon General has determined that it is unlikely that these soldiers will receive a significant internal DU exposure. Medical follow-up is not warranted for soldiers who experience incidental exposure from dust or smoke."

"Since DU weapons are openly available on the world arms market, DU weapons will be used in future conflicts ... The number of DU patients on future battlefields probably will be significantly higher because other countries will use systems containing DU."

"DU is a low-level radioactive waste, and, therefore, must be disposed in a licensed repository.''"No international law, treaty, regulation, or custom requires the United States to remediate Persian Gulf War battlefields.''"Depleted uranium is more of a problem than we thought when it was developed. But it was developed according to standards and was thought through very carefully. It turned out, perhaps, to be wrong." (Brent Scowcroft. former National Security Advisor to President Bush. THE USE OF THIS FOUL SUBSTANCE will one day be told to accuse all of us of being willing followers of Nazis! WAKE UP AMERICA.

Please take a look at this article on MOVIE DONE ON THIS URANIUM MATTER.

Perpetual Death From America

By Mohammed Daud Miraki, MA, MA, PhD



Afghan-American Freelance Academic

"If they had killed us once, it would not be so bad. But what the Americans have brought upon us is not only depriving us but our future generations of our basic god given human right, the right to live. They will be killing us for generations to come" (An Afghan Victim of US-UK bombing)
(REFERRING TO RADIATION your GOV never told you about!)
In Afghanistan, elders used to cite an ancient saying "we are made for death and death is made for us" to point to the inescapable reality of facing death sooner or later. However, when this natural phenomenon changes form from its natural course to one tailored by humans, it becomes a tool of life deprivation. This tailored and forced deprivation of life on millions of people took a form of its own when used for cleansing generations of people of their basic human right, their right to live. Specifically, for millions in Afghanistan, their natural course of life and death took a sharp turn when US-UK military used uranium based weapons. This violation of immense proportion transformed the natural process of birth, growth and death into the inescapable horrors of perpetual death.
Perpetual death is characterized by continuous murder of people of a community, state or nation. It takes several forms. It could be exercised by conventional means of imposing war and destruction on people. The Russians have institutionalized this horror in Afghanistan by its invasion of the country in 1979 and sustained perpetual death there by planting millions of mines scattered all over country. The United States government also shares this responsibility after it abandoned the Afghans, leaving them to death and despair and refused to help them by clearing the millions of mines left behind after the Sovietsí retreat. These mines have been maiming and killing Afghans daily since the early 1980s.
However, the form that is exercised currently is the indiscriminate use of the Weapons of Mass Destruction, namely the usage of uranium based weapons. This mode of the perpetual death lives up to its name because it continues to foster deaths of thousands silently and indiscriminately. In fact, the usage of the Weapons of Mass Destruction alters the texture of the ecosystem wherein the victims reside. This ultimately condemns the people living there and future generations to death, and deprives them of their fundamental human right, the right to live.
The perpetrators of this horrible crime are the governments of the United States and that of the United Kingdom. The US and the UK are the only two countries used these horrible weapons indiscriminately in Iraq during the Gulf War and Balkans in the 1990s and in Afghanistan from October 7th, 2001 onward. Meanwhile, based on past experiences with victims of the US-UK bombing in Iraq and the Balkans, every informed source suspected to have similar situation in Afghanistan. Tragically, the US-UK armed forces have used three times more uranium based weapons in Afghanistan than they did in Iraq or in the Balkans. In fact, the types of Weapons of Mass Destruction used in Afghanistan are more potent than those used in Iraq.
This became evident with the recent report by the Uranium Medical Research Center (UMRC), establishing the presence of a mysterious metal in Afghan soil samples and urine samples of victims. The investigation carried out by the two teams of experts, one concentrated on the city of Jalal Abad while the other on the capital Kabul. The two teams gathered data and established the use of uranium-based weapons there. They discovered symptoms in population of illnesses associated with exposure to depleted uranium contamination similar to that in Iraq and Balkans. This added to the curiosity of the investigators and collected soil samples from impact sites to investigate them here in the US. The investigators were also surprised to find high concentration of uranium in the urine of subjects from Jala Abad. In fact, the level of uranium was 400% to 2000%, the highest level of uranium ever recorded in civilian population.
Incidentally, the uranium discovered in the urine samples from subjects in Jala-Abad exhibited characteristics more potent than depleted uranium. The report said the following in regards to the impact of the uranium-based weapons:
"Dr. Asaf Durakovic, a professor of nuclear medicine and radiology and a former science adviser to the US military, who set-up the independent UMRC, has been testing US, British, and Canadian troops and civilians for DU and uranium poisoning over the past few years. His findings confirm significant amounts in the subjects' urine as much as nine years after exposure."
The above quote points to the perpetual death imposed on population of any country where the USA and the UK had used uranium-based weapons.
"Durakovic and his team have searched for possible alternative causes, such as geological or industrial sources, or the likelihood of Al Qaeda having uranium reserves. But the uranium found is not consistent with the "dirty bomb" scenario proposed by the US (in which stores of radioactive materials might explain the findings), nor is it connected to DU, or an enriched uranium-type dust that has been found in Iraq and Kosova."
In Iraq, it took up to five years to have any significant effects of exposure to depleted uranium, however, in Afghanistan only after one year, the UMRC research group suspects that 25% of newly born show symptoms of exposure to uranium weapons. The latter factors further strengthen the hypothesis of the UMRC that the US-UK militaries are using uranium ore in their weapons in order to increase its destructive capability. The usage of uranium ore also makes it difficult to trace these weapons to the US-UK militaries and creates a distortion as if the uranium had come from the local uranium deposits. The conclusion of the report was:
"However, marked differences between natural uranium and the uranium used in the metal fragments found in Afghanistan was uncovered with the use of an electron microscope, which revealed the presence of small ceramic particles produced by the high temperatures created on impact. This method of disguising uranium would benefit governments that are under pressure from the growing anti-DU lobby."
"The only conclusion is that the allied forces are now possibly using milled uranium ore in their warheads to maximise [sic] the effectiveness and strength of their weapons, as well as to mask the uranium, hoping that it may be discounted as part of any local natural deposits."
The destructive effects of the uranium-based weapons became evident in the beginning of the bombardments in Afghanistan, when Reuters reported that people died from minor injuries. Public Health Minister Mullah Abbas said:
"Our findings prove that this is true. These bombardments have radioactive rays and chemical materials that also cause cancer." (Reuters, October 29, 2001)
The news report continued with quotes that further added credibility to the claims of many that the US and the UK had used uranium-based weapons in Afghanistan. Dr. Wazir a surgeon at Wazir Akbar Khan Hospital had said the following amidst the bombardments: "We have some patients with superficial injuries with symptoms of chemical weapons." (Reuters, October 29, 2001)
According to Dr. Wazir a 10 years old boy, who had superficial injuries died from respiratory problems after the bombing, while another individual, a 50 years old woman also died from minor injuries. The doctor continues by citing three of his other patients-two girls aged 12 and 15 and a boy aged 15-who had only sustained superficial injuries from the US bombings, died hours later from breathing difficulties and internal bleeding. Dr. Wazir continued:
"These are only three examples. There have been other cases where we suspect chemical weapons have been used. Most of the victims have had respiratory problems and internal bleeding for which there is no apparent cause." (Khalifa.com, October 30, 2001)
At the fighting front north of Kabul, where Taliban forces were pounded night and day, many dead Taliban soldiers had no visible injuries except blood flowing out of their mouths, internal bleeding consistent with uranium based and chemical weapons. Furthermore, many dead Taliban soldiers had severe discoloration of the skin, orange, without being burned, while others had their rifles melted in their hands. This aroused suspicion among Taliban and others that weapons used by the US-UK military were not conventional weapons. Many Taliban soldiers that survived the bombing in the north have died after returning to their native villages in the south and southeast of the country. They had no physical injury upon their death, however, died from internal bleeding and other bizarre symptoms including uncontrolled vomiting, diarrhea, and blood loss in urine and stool. Their families were shocked with disbelieves.
Another bizarre, yet tragic scene was reported near Rish-Khor military base in Kabul. Multiple witnesses reported seeing dead birds on tree branches with blood coming out of their mouths. As one witness put it:
"We were amazed to see all these birds sitting quietly on [tree] branches; but when we shook the tree the birds fell down and we saw blood coming out of their mouths. Then we climbed the trees to see those that were still stuck on tree branches, all of them had bled from their mouths. Two of the birds appeared to be partly melted into the trees branches."
These various claims by witnesses of the US-UK bombing amply establishes that Weapon of Mass Destruction have been used. Amidst the nonstop bombing, Taliban Public Health Minister Mullah Mohammad Abbas had expressed concerns about the utility of depleted uranium by the US in Afghanistan. The Minister was anxious about the long-term contamination of large areas in Afghanistan. He was aware of the US indifference to the well being of people in other regions and said: "They used uranium in Kosovo and our concern is that they will do the same thing in Afghanistan."
According to Dai Williams, independent DU researcher, there has been 50 to 100 times greater health hazard in Afghanistan than had been in Balkans from the usage of uranium based weaponsódepleted uranium, dirty uranium and uranium ore. As pointed out above, the efforts of UMRC to expose the so-called mystery metal used in the bombing in Afghanistan strengthened by the efforts of other researchers aimed to explore the ongoing ëAfghan War Syndromeí similar to the ëGulf War Syndromeí, which has caused horrific congenital deformities in Iraq. According to the Washington based Center for Defense Information, several hundred tones of weaponsósmart bombs and cruise missilesóenriched with the so-called mystery metal aimed for hard targets such as caves, bunkers and command and control installations were used in Afghanistan. The problem becomes more severe when one compares, the hard target weapons used in Afghanistan to the ones used in Balkans. Dai Williams compares the weapons, namely hard target weapon in Afghanistan to that in Balkans as follows:
"The mystery metal is 50-75% of the weight of the bombs - up to 1.5 tons in the GBU-37 Bunker Buster bombs. If this is DU then target zones will be 50-100x more contaminated than by the pencil-sized 30 mm (0.27 kg) anti-tank shells used in the Balkans War, and more like the DU ammunition fire in the Gulf War. DU oxide is known to travel up to 25 miles by wind so large areas may be affected by each bomb."
What this translates into is more deaths, morphological changes in people, congenital deformities and various types of cancers. In this tragedy, an intertwined horrifically fatal relationship emerges between the individual and his/her environment. Since Afghans, as other people worldwide, live in their respective localities, where they have lived from childhood on, are forced to make painful choices. On the one hand, they do not want to leave their villages and cities because those are their homes. On the other, hand, they can not remain there out of concerns for the safety of their families from uranium poisons as well as further bombings. Tragically, they have no choice and no place to go. Even if they could, for the overwhelming majority it is too late because uranium dust has already determined their fate, diseases and inevitable death.
In their attempts to "smoke-out" the Taliban and Al Qaida, the US has bombed these ancient tunnels and caves that villagers throughout Afghanistan have been using for water supply. This not only worsened the existing situation characterized by drought and lack of water, but it also permanently destroyed the ecological centers in east, southeast and southwestern Afghanistan, and created a perpetual source of disease and death for populations living in those areas. According to Fred Pearceís article ëdying of Thirstí in the New Scientist, November 17, 2001, the US military bombed the kajaki dam, which waters land in southwestern Afghanistan that supports over 1 million people. In the same article, Fred Pearce articulates the following:
"Afghanistan, which is in the third year of an unprecedented drought, relies on a mixture of ancient and modern water-supply systems. As well as relying on the Kajaki dam, the south of the country is peppered with hundreds of water-supply tunnels, often running for tens of kilometres [sic] into hillsides to tap water reserves deep underground. The tunnels, known in Pashto as karez, are now a target for American warplanes. Military strategists claim that bin Laden and Taliban troops may now be hiding out in the karez, many of which are wide enough to accommodate companies of men. They say the karez made impenetrable hideouts for the mujahedin during their guerrilla war with Soviet occupiers in the 1980s."
Therefore, the traditional systems of water, Karez system of tunnels, whereupon thousands in Afghan countryside rely, have been permanently tailored to serve as sources of perpetual death for locals living there.
The photos at the http://www.rense.com website where I found this are of babies born deformed,  reminders of the US-UK murderous legacy of perpetual death experienced in Iraq but now in Afghanistan
What would you do, if your entire family except a young sister

had perished in the US liberation attempted in Afghanistan?
These beleaguered souls are probably dead due to depleted uranium dust. If they are alive, they will most likely die from dreadful diseases. This is one example among thousands in the tragedy of perpetual deaths imposed on the poor and gallant people of Afghanistan I wish to conclude with the following quote from one of the victims of US-UK bombing in Afghanistan:
"Tell the Americans, they kill us to sustain your way of life, when they enjoy living, they better think about the 15 members of my family. Tell them that they are guilty. Only if they had conscience, they would know that they are as guilty as their government."
Mohammed Daud Miraki, MA, MA, PhD
Freelance Academic
Afghan-American Interviews, December 2002
SEE ORIGINAL AT http://www.rense.com/

Diary of a Human Shield
Gulf War I Veteran!!
Live from Baghdad
Sunday 16 February

Finally, after a long delay in Rome and a few passport hiccups in Turkey, I
arrived in Baghdad yesterday on a flight from Jordan. It's been a long and
winding road, but we human shields who started out from London on 25 January
are all in Baghdad now and doing what we set out to do.

Not all of us made it, of course. Some had to go home. Others plan to go
back soon, for good reasons of their own. And, as many British newspapers
gleefully reported, there were disagreements and difficulties along the way.
One of the three double-deckers we left London in--mine--broke down in Italy
and we were stuck there for some time. I was thrown out of Turkey when the
authorities refused to recognise my "Citizen of the World" passport. For
everyone, the journey was long, cold, exhausting and not much fun. But now
we are here, in Baghdad. And, as I had hoped and expected, that has put
everything in perspective. The in-fighting and the politics has diminished
and now we're focusing on what we're here for.

The only thing that still upsets me about the politics and the conflicts
that broke out on the way here is the amount of energy it drained away,
energy that would have been better used for more important things. I did the
best I could to try to avoid it, but what can you say? As for the press
focusing on the negative--well, that's their job, to downplay the power
people have to effect a better world. Trust the experts, trust the
politicians, that's their message. To me, that's all good. Keep writing that
rubbish, I say, because our power is growing.

Tuesday 18 February

I'm staying in a double room at the two-star Hotel Andalus in the middle of
Baghdad. By Western standards it's below par--the carpets are really
dirty--but as far as I'm concerned it's pretty comfortable, especially after
sleeping on the floor of a freezing bus. The Iraqi government has supplied
us all with accommodation at one of three city-centre hotels: even though
some people had brought tents, the government wouldn't allow us to use them.
It costs those of us who are paying our way about $30 a night, an expense
none of us wanted to incur; we didn't come to Iraq to stay in hotels.

More human shields are arriving every day. People are coming who never even
contacted our office in London: they have just driven or flown into Jordan
and then made their way across the desert to Baghdad. I don't know how many
we are now, but it's certainly in the hundreds; there's no way of working
out a more concrete number, because part of the strength of this movement is
that it's not centralised--you don't have to go through a central office to
join in. So there are people here I've never spoken to and who have never
formally contacted us; I keep running into them on the street.

And they come from everywhere. A group of Slovenians has just arrived and a
few days ago I met a delegation from South Africa. The group of human
shields includes Spaniards, Turks and Italians, as well as Brits and
Americans. There's even a group of American Baptists who call themselves the
Voices in the Wilderness.

I'm glad that southern people from oppressed places such as Turkey are
joining the movement because these are the people that I relate to best.
After leaving the US Marines in 1992, I lived in Hawaii where I became an
environmental activist. The Hawaiian people are thoroughly oppressed, but
they became my true family; I relate to them far better than to wealthy,
white Westerners.

Thursday 20 February

I get up at about 8am every morning, but after that, every day is different.
There could be a press conference, interviews, or meetings with other
protesters; I've even spent one afternoon playing football against some
locals. In the evenings there are either more meetings or we try to go out
and have some fun: we go out to juice bars, have dinner, or play soccer. But
we don't have complete freedom of movement, of course.

We've been making our plans for the next few days. The idea is to spread out
across the country, deploying human shields at power and electricity plants
around Baghdad, with big banners pointing upwards. to the sky. I'm thinking
of sending the GPS co-ordinates to Bush so he knows exactly where we are.

There's been talk in Western newspapers that the US intends to defeat Iraq
while leaving the infrastructure intact. But I fought with the US Marines in
the first Gulf War and I know one or two things about war. Every soldier
knows that if your water is running and your electricity is functioning and
you are well-armed, you are going to be much more willing to fight than if
you don't have those things. Any soldier knows that in order to win, and win
fast, you need to demoralise and crush the civilian population.

So I don't believe for a second this idea that the US military will leave
the electricity and the water intact. What are they going to do, send in
50,000-100,000 ground troops into a city where everybody's armed and there's
a sizeable military force? That would be the military disaster of all
disasters, and could destroy America.

No, the Americans and the British know how to fight this war. People who
understand even the basics of war know that they've got to do basically what
they did the first time. The Americans know that the chaos and mayhem that
follow when the civilian population has been crushed and demoralised will
make their job much easier. The difference is that, this time, groups of 15
or 20 white, Western humans shields will be out there across Iraq, deployed
at the electricity plants and the water treatment facilities, making it much
more difficult for the US to attack.

Friday 21 February

We've just had a load more TJP ("Truth, Justice, Peace") T-shirts printed up
out here for the shields to wear. They have the words "human shield" on them
in English and Arabic, and also a quote form Gandhi: "Peace will not come
out of a clash of arms, but out of justice lived and done by unarmed nations
in the face of odds." We get a good reaction when we wear them: the city,
though not as bad as many people would envisage, is pretty downtrodden, but
the people are wonderful. They greet us with smiles and genuine
appreciation, and I definitely believe they know why we're here. There are
lots of cars on the streets--many American cars, strangely enough--and they
honk their horns all the time. But I can't be sure whether they're doing
that for us or not. As for the Iraqi authorities, well, most of the human
shields have had minimal contact with them, although us organisers have had
some dealings with them. They are quite relaxed and friendly towards us, and
seem very happy to have us here.

Our power is growing: more people are coming--by Sunday there will be 130 of
us. The fact that the US administration and the British are talking about
human shields--the Foreign Office gave out a warning the other day saying
there is a chance that people will be used as human shields--you can see
they're worried. They are frightened.

I conceived the idea of human shields because the British Government does
not make decisions according to the wishes of the voters but at the bidding
of those who are pulling the politicians' strings. And they are threatening
to lead us directly into the Third World War and that's why it's so
important that we act now to stop this insanity. I came to these views
through years of independent study, Noam Chomsky being a pretty important
influence. And it became obvious to me that the United States is anything
but a friend of freedom and democracy. I don't have any doubt whatsoever
that if people knew the truth, especially the American people, they'd be
sick to their stomachs. Being an activist by nature I've simply applied that
knowledge in the direction that I have and in what I'm doing today.

Sunday 23 February

The atmosphere amongst the human shields is generally very positive, but
there are some conflicts, and I haven't decided yet at which installations
in or around Baghdad we will take up positions. In fact, I'm not sure which
one I'm going to.

So that's one of the things we will be doing in the days ahead. Another
priority for me is to go to Basra and document some of the direct impact of
depleted uranium on the communities living there.

During the first Gulf War depleted uranium was standard issue for tank
rounds. But it's nuclear waste. From the standpoint of both the military and
the nuclear industry, it's a happy solution to a big problem: there's really
no way to dispose of depleted uranium that isn't going to be hazardous, so
to use it for tank rounds is a brilliant get-out for then. But the genetic
damage to communities living in areas where those rounds exploded has been
devastating. One of the things we want to do urgently is to hold a press
conference in Baghdad on this issue, with some doctors or scientists who can
answer some of the technical questions. Ideally, it would be great if we
could get some non-Iraqi sources to show their evidence as well, because
there is a lot of credible literature about the effects of depleted uranium.
But in the circumstances, I don't know if such experts will be available.

Beyond those goals, my main mission is to try to make the West understand
that the Iraqi people are people, just people. I want to share that with my
countrymen. I would like to start a book on that subject on our website,
writing about 100 Iraqi people who are just like you and me. It would show
the world that these are people who have their own desires, their favourite
foods, their goals in life and so on. I'd ask them, how do you feel about
George Bush? How do you feel about the American people? Anything to humanise
the Iraqis. Ideally, it would encourage more people to come here as human
shields, or, if war does break out, to come to help the Iraqi people recover
when it's over.

Monday 24 February

People ask us how long we can hold out. Won't we run out of money? Well,
it's cheap here. Food is really cheap. I'm a vegetarian, and I'm eating
humus, pitta bread, salad, potatoes. I'm committed; I'm not leaving here
until there's nothing more I can do. And even then I might stay. People are
wonderful here. And though it would be a frightening place for me with a
puppet gov- ernment put in by the US, I think it would be very useful to
document what really happens if they get their puppets in here.

Another thing I'm asked is whether I'm frightened of being killed. Of
course, there's a possibility that I could be arrested, prosecuted for high
treason, made an example of. That would be fine with me. I can see that day
might come. Some of the best and greatest people our world has ever known
have been imprisoned for their beliefs. I think going to prison is almost an
inevitability for somebody who's really serious about effecting a better
world and fighting for justice and freedom. So if I go, I will be a bona
fide political prisoner, that's for sure.

People will continue to mock and vilify the human shields, the way the press
has been doing since we set out. It's true we were not well organised:
ideally, the whole thing would have been planned long in advance. But that
wasn't the way it happened: it spontaneously came together in a big rush. So
of course it is messy. But that's not important. It's not like a military
operation, a surgical strike, a human smart bomb. What I've been talking
about is a mass migration, persuading thousands of people to come here.

The buses were only the start of it, a good way to publicise what we were
doing. After that it obviously makes more sense for people to fly in. And
that's what they are doing now. We are using the fact that for America and
the West, a white, Western life is worth hundreds of times more than a
brown, Middle-Eastern life. And if there are hundreds, even thousands, of us
spread across Iraq, it will simply be impossible for this war to start.

Ken O'Keefe is a former Marine and veteran of the first Gulf War.

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