Is this the REASON Oligarchs
fancy stealing Iraq's oil in a WAR?

USA hit the national debt limit of $6.4 trillion yesterday.
Just last June, Congress raised the national debt limit from $5.95
trillion to the present $6.4 trillion and it will likely raise the debt
limit again within the next week.

Even though we are falling deeper into the dungeon of debt, we can find
comfort in knowing that our U.S. senators will be relaxing in a new,
luxurious health spa equipped with steam rooms and saunas, massage and
sleeping rooms, and top-quality workout equipment. The new spa is open
to U.S. senators only. The cost of this new facility to the taxpayers is
a secret. The full story, as reported by The Hill on February 12, 2003,
can be read at http://www.thehill.com/news/021303/luxury.aspx

As we fall deeper into debt, we can also take comfort in knowing that an
increasing number of bureaucrats in Washington have the latest
Inside-the-Beltway status symbol: personal protective details. The cost
to the taxpayers is unknown. The full story, as reported by
WorldNetDaily on February 15, 2003 can be read at

You might have missed these items. As always, you can express your
opinion to your congressional delegation by using "Write to Congress" at


The American Debt Crisis & That Horrible, Nasty, Addictive SEVEN PERCENT Solution

TRASHING THE United Nations CUZ IT'S "COMMIE", or what RedNecks do Saturday nites instead of treeing COONS, hanging blacks. LIBERTERIANISM.

Let us examine a good EXAMPLE OF the kind of terrorism that has engulfed the racist, linear, uptight, Xenophobic RIGHT WING since time immemorial and inspired a hundred years of terrorism wreaked on the poor, colonized, dark skinned workers, which happens to be you and me.

Right wing propaganda scorns anything that involves being nice to poor people, or helping poor humans organize into communal fellowship. They scorn anybody who talkes about avoiding killing people in wars.

The propaganda we see nowadays, turned against peaceniks or labor orgs used to be called yellow journalism. In Nazi Germany it became an art form, dubbed 'propaganda'. The CIA liked it, so it hired the GESTAPO in '45, Americanized it. You saw it in anti-commie witch hunts and Get the Hollywood l0, complete with GET ALL AMERICA in on the witch hunt. Nowadays the spirit of Goebbels is alive in Right wing radio, talk-news and the case at hand, petty stupid Cyber-SLANDER.

I think we should study it as it's being increasingly better done, i.e. the Talking head cable news guys. A vegetarian has to learn how to drive past hamburger stands. You have to get used to these people peddling their wares and recognize that they are only on that cable news station as they had too much testosterone, are literally news shock jocks. Often they are bigots, allergic to Arabs. They are hired by the super rich to sabotage liberal, Jesus freak vegetarian peace-niks which they've done since the days when ole tail gunner Joe McCarthy was around.

They do it by calling people who want peace something that's real menacing. Something that if you are that? You will lose your job. COMMIE used to be that word. It stopped being a curse word, I thought but creeps seem to want to resurrect it. In L.A. we have Tammy Bruce. I say 'had' as she got fired out of radio for talking about Cosby's libido. Polite people have known about his libido for four decades and left that subject alone. Polite people left Clinton's libido alone. Psychotics get very worked up about libido, however. Libido and commies. Boy oh boy, do they love those two.

In L.A., we still suffer thru radio pundit Larry Elder, a black who excoriates blacks for their joblessness and lack of education. The G.O.P. especially loves Uncle Tom blacks who sell that line to folks who speak ghetto English, don't do well in school, can't find jobs. So get the picture, lazy blacks, libido and the commies they rode in on.

ABC-NEWS is the total CIA organ of official speak propaganda but we knew that! Bill Casey and Capital Cities are CIA all the way, since inception. I watch enough cable news to realize Hannity, Holmes, OReilly and the fast talking fellow on HARDBALL are all right wing terrorists who support the idea of Iraq being democratized undemocratically!

They also condemn libido, lazy blacks and commies only they don't use out-of- style-words when they do it because they went to college!  Sophistico-denegration is their style.

I watch enough cable to know that Phil Donahue isn't like them. He's a humanist. And I love him. He is a good man. So those are the two ends of the spectrum. My problem is identifying shades between. Any help cable viewers can give me on categorizing the degree of sell out in those talking heads? Hey send me what you got. I want to put pins on their bug bodies, lay them out numbered one to ten. Spectrum wise. DONAHUE is a ten. HANNITY, O REILLY are zeros. Help me number the others.

Today someone sent me a piece by cyber-jerk Norman Liebmann a zero. A right wing pundit who has a dark, cynical-looking web site with a HAT belching FIRE called firehat and every article is full of scorn for the left,  a man of singular irritability, who hates liberals. A man who chased after Clinton with a tarbrush and Hillary with a net for years, (to see his archive) and who hangs out at places you shouldn't go, Ether Zone and NEWSMAX. com RIGHT WING propaganda organs masquerading as leftist (Not to a leftist they don't!).

So this little firebelching devil thought he'd sabotage the peace movement and piss on the United Nations. He wrote KOFI ANNAN AND THE "WE ARE THE WORLD" GANG http://www.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2003/2/18/95811.shtml is a longer, better version. Here are a few clips:

"The UN is a convocation of delegates who love Humanity but hate people. The UN functions primarily as an academy founded to promote the unmanly art  of diplomacy. The innumerable conflicts over fifty years tells us that peacemaking is  really not the UN's main bag. It is the vortex in the downward spiral of  civilization. The symbols of the UN are appropriately vapid and uninspiring, its gauzy flag an uncommitted shade of blue seemingly in the terminal stages of mildew.
The UN has become an armory for storing of weapons of mass misinterpretation. The Secretariat is the only building in New York that is swayback. If it was a horse it would have been shot years ago. Presently the UN is asking the United States to build them yet another skyscraping monolith in tribute to themselves at a cost of 3.1 billion dollars, which raises the question, how do you say, "Up yours!" in Farsi? As long as the United States is saddled with support of this parasitic organization, we can hardly do other than think of it as a poor relation. Inevitably, what aspired to be a fountain of peace degenerated into a swamp of distortion and deceit. America has become the UN's receptacle of choice for insult and injury. The canard currently making the rounds at the UN is that the Mayflower was a slave ship, which is invariably followed by a request for money. (One day American will quit giving and learn that the symbol of freedom is not only the Statue of Liberty, but also the Statue of Solvency.)

"The General Assembly loves to wallow in insoluble, however trivial, concerns. The trick is for the delegates to keep talking until one of them thinks of something to say. Its minions need to pose as reasonable, which is the wellspring of its impotence. As for integrity, there is no delegate whose vote cannot be bought for a sack of salt. The UN sends troops everywhere, but never to fight. They
might as well deploy pizza delivery boys. It sent to Iraq Hans Blix, who could not find any weapons of mass destruction and, despite the reliable reports of its existence in abundance, couldn't find any sand either. SECURITY COUNCIL With remarkable consistency the Security Council provides neither security nor counsel. It is called into session each time it is found necessary to present arguments that justify the irrationality of madmen in high places.

'The circular seating arrangement of the Council is presumably an architectural compliment to Stonehenge. It is metaphoric that the Security Council arranges itself in a circle in order not to get things straightened out. It is not considered that circles are better suited for séances.

"At the UN, bad habits ossify into rigid protocols. It is a rule of the Council that the delegate with the most unpronounceable name gets to speak first. Members of the Council are tenaciously long-winded.

This World Committee exists only to wrangle. It votes not because it is democratic but because it is too exhausted to wrangle further. Each resolution the Security Council passes confirms the long-held suspicion that the majority is invariably wrong. Fortunately most of its decrees are stillborn due to its innate genius for building irresolution into each resolution.


The delegate mentality is the belief in one's ability to tap on a rock and bring forth peace. It is a remarkable example of misplaced self-confidence. In actuality, UN delegates hunger only for upward mobility in the business of coordinating world angst. It is a quest that has brought many of the world's diplomats from rags to pinstripes. They are all togged out for Armageddon, although the End-of-the World Party promises to be a come-as-you-are affair. In New York, delegates wear two thousand dollar suits. In their native countries they dress like ostriches. Significantly, New
York has as an inner city where UN delegates are never to be found. Rather they accumulate in the posh East Side boites where they pride themselves on having the politesse to know which is the correct fork to use to scratch themselves. In their native lands the endangered species list is their
menu. When a chef asks whether the diner wants white meat or dark, he is usually carving up a zebra.

UN delegates have made themselves the most indulged, unwelcome guests in America's history. Because of their diplomatic immunity, they are notorious traffic scofflaws, which makes them just a privileged kind of illegal alien. It is not unusual to see a driver jump out of a Mercedes with
diplomatic plates, grab some police crime scene tape and wind it around his head as a turban.
The UN is fixated on celebrity-dabblers who run the gamut from rock star Bono, who makes more UN policy than Annan, to financial major player, Ted Turner, who has all the warmth and charm of the maitre d' on Devil's Island, and billions to the UN.

The Third World is composed of hostile enclaves and territorial corridors
envious at not being in the international big leagues. Their leaders spend half the day beating on drums and the other half complaining that they can't get their message out. The mosquitoes are the only inhabitants of these nations not complaining about the geopolitical environment.

To this collusion of satrapies, the concept of freedom is alien. For them liberty is not an abstraction, or even a possibility. A new travelers' handbook is in preparation called, If Today is Tuesday
This Must Be Rwanda - or possibly Venezuela. [Note: There is now talk of giving the UN the power to tax its member states which will extend the influence of the Third World and guarantee wherever you are, life will become as insupportable as if you were anyplace else. The exact number of
nations in the Third World fluctuates with the intellectual acuteness of the functionary assigned to keep count of them. Currently they are trying to tilt the voting process by enlarging the Council via proposing to seat a delegation from Soul Train.] Sexual practices in Third World nations are in a holding pattern between relentless and ritual. In the Third World sex takes no coffee breaks. If
Africa would deal with its copulation explosion perhaps its population explosion would take care of itself. Until then, the Third World will remain a theme park for insidious viruses with a grudge against Humanity. America gave the Third World Science and Technology and they gave us basketball, a game played by people whose pituitary glands have run amuck and whose objective is to take turns stuffing an inflated cowhide through an embroidery hoop. The loser nations of The Third World are not embarrassed by their centuries of backwardness. Many of them are still entertained by hitting a hollow log with a stick and calling it a musical instrument. Stradivarius would have been untroubled by the competition. Around Manhattan, Third World delegates are particularly dapper. Back home
they wear vulture talons, warthog tusks, and look as though they just stepped out of Mau Mau Quarterly. These nations relentlessly complain of being "dissed." (They need not fear being looked down upon so as long as America installs people from Arkansas in positions of authority.) Some
indigenous peoples would do well to consider that respect is like love. If they gave a little they might get a little. They need sumptuous surroundings in which to twist their handkerchiefs in contemplation of their victimization and political impotence. Ironically, they try to shame the United States by chanting the mantra "Strong is wrong." Invariably they make the United States the convenient receptacle for blame that their infrastructure is so dilapidated and their culture unpretty. They heap
unjustified contumely on our nation, which raises the question, how do you say "Drop dead!" in Swahili?
Irrespective of how sanctimoniously the UN claims to represent the underprivileged, it exists solely for its own nourishment. Since Ralph Bunche was Secretary General, it is now an unwritten law that the office must default to someone of the dusky persuasion. It is an international indulgence that has become a politically correct habit. Occupying this high perch, one wonders why "people of hue" have not been able to mold the world into a place in which they are not endlessly
dissatisfied. It is even more significant that no one in the NAACP has ever made a disparaging allusion about the UN. Seemingly it is retribution for the fact that Haile Selassie of Ethiopia got booed out of the League of Nations. If Annan owes his success to his tailor, Nelson Mandela owes his success to appearing in public wearing the tops of his pajamas. Presumably all the
bottoms have all shrunk. Because of George W. Bush's Iraq policy, Nelson Mandela has labeled him a bigot, the black person's recrimination of first and last resort, a reproach that sounds more persuasive in the original Djibouti, and is usually saved to signal the beginning of Black Diplomacy

Under Annan's aegis, the primitive nations are encouraged to work their grudge against Civilization. His bias is wide open enough to drive an eighteen wheeler through it, and makes the case that inside every Kofi Annan there's an Idi Amin screaming to get out. Despite his studied "let us reason together" demeanor, Annan has made the UN into a kraal of black nationalism. He was prominently in attendance at a "durbar" (a bigots' Woodstock with many familiar faces from The Million Man Whoozis.) With Annan as their cheerleader, they re-hashed the Third World's agenda, shaking down the "have" nations (preferably in dollars) lobbying the International Olympic Committee to establish a Headhunting event, and stigmatizing Israel as "a racist state." It is a case of the pot calling
the kettle bigoted. Annan's suave appearance brings a high gloss to black hatred of Israel, although it is still just plain of garden variety race prejudice. Kofi Annan confines the misuse of his office to acting out his atavistic tribal hatred of Jews. As the Jews have done no injury to him, we assume it
is a chromosome that rooted too far back to discern. The argument is still being made in the Security Council that it was Israelis who pushed the twin towers in the way of those planes full of Arab skyjackers.

Islam is not one barbarian state, but a variety of Moslem peoples joined together . The rank and file Arab knows nothing about the America which he is so quick to curse.From the podium of odium that is the UN, Muslims condemn America as immoral. At the UN, they are Saudi Arabia.
In Las Vegas, they become Bawdy Arabia. Whatever money they don't blow in the casinos, the oil-rich sheiks use to smear the West with a rancid oleo of fanaticism. With particularity, they are underwriting the campaign for more lebensraum for the Palestinians, who have already made other Arab countries that previously hosted them unlivable. More, the Saudis are acutely aware that the liberation of Iraq puts a democracy on their doorstep, and intensifies their dread that the desire of
people to be free may prove to be contagious.

The world body's attention is always available to people who shill for
foreign dictators. They hang on the words of Jimmy Carter, who is the
pants-wetting, self-appointed conscience of the world . It is Jimmy's
contention, World War II could have been avoided if he had been there to
tell Churchill and Hitler to take a deep breath and count to ten.

It is an infraction of the law for a private citizen to conduct foreign
policy, but Carter and Clinton are not held to that standard. Clinton
particularly demonstrates, no politician is subject to the penalties of the
law providing he's corrupt enough, or as in Jimmy Carter's case - stupid
[NOTE: With no official US status, Clinton is a kind of traitor-at-large
and turncoat- without-portfolio - in effect, all dressed up with no country
to betray.

The United Nations is a rectal threshold through which ill-mannered guests
egress, but never go home. Any guest that treats you as discourteously in
your own home deserves to get his kicked all the way back to the Third
World - and possibly to the Fourth.

In what seems a grim jest of the gods, Iraq will chair the UN Commission on
Disarmament, and Libya will chair the UN Commission on Human Rights. Syria
has a seat on the Security Council. When one re-considers the Security
Council, one comes to think of the Anti-Christ as a committee.

We are working to strengthen the United Nations when we should be working
to weaken it. For Americans, the UN has become the bane of patriots, the
addiction of the liberals, and the bedpan of the world.
It is time to slam the door to America in the faces of mosque freaks. These
huddled masses are re-huddling, and their game plan is terror.

The UN is a stopper that clogs the ebb and flow of truth that can keep
civilizations viable. It is time to pull the plug. It is time to go to the
United Nations and start piling the chairs up on the tables. If that
doesn't work, let's throw their hats and coats out into the street and see
if they take the hint. There is no longer any reason to play host to this
invidious and embittered polyglot rabble whose mission it is to discredit
and subvert the United States. To invest our hopes for peace solely in the United Nations is for the world to put all its eggs in one basket case.

I WROTE the friend who sent it to me: This guy writes punchily but it isn't enoug. You have to have a heart and want evolution. He does not. He has been deeply duped and you too, by  propaganda workers at the INTELLIGENCE (misnomer) agencies that work for the CORPORATIONS which work for a single rich man who wants to control all outcome, get all the land, take over all the mines in all the colonies. And you've bought that canned line of goods instead of favoring the vote and hopes of the poor people of the entire world whom the UN represents.

THE UN sends soldiers in a well meaning way, to come as non partisan interruptors of gang wars.
They are more trusted hence effective than say, US soldiers would be.

You say the diplomats who come to NYC are vice-ridden. They are not perfect. They drive Mercedes, go to Vegas, gamble,  have a drink or two. And we haven't? I once heard of a youngster from an embassy family who raped a girl, used his diplomatic immunity to escape unprosecuted, but NEVER heard of a rep to the U.N.misbehaving. So you bought propaganda cuz it ain't so. I've been reading newspapers for 50 years and it ain't so. But you can be made to hate people if some scribe sez they like a good time. That's a basis for hate, eh?

The anti-commie knee jerk liberterians and the conservative G.O.P. right wing have been persuaded by these on-the-take, paid, venal talking heads,  mouthpieces of the DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE ANTI-COMMIE set. These broadcasters are a lot of little manchurian candidates hired as mercenaries by the corporations and CEOs, Rockfellers, bankers, Harriman and 13 families, to shoot your minds down. You have officially been programmed to hate the United Nations and for such petty bourgeois, Victorian reasons: Big cars, chicks and booze. Shame on you! Someone's been playing you like a LUTE!

1.) You hate the fact that we taxpayers are the host of that NYC based party, not a very expensive party, but nonetheless the HOSTS and frequently that seems expensive. IT IS NOT. IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY.

2.) But if you're a CEO or banker a united concensus is democracy and damn threatening. heaven forbid DEMOCRACY break out! And it's racist too. Imagine it from their point of view, some rice eating red skins dine at the Colony then vote next day to have your US. copper mine in CHILE nationalized by some gung ho nationalist leader who thinks the copper belongs to CHILEANS, like that upstart ALLENDE did.....and the UNITED nations would probably agree, Hey, Chileans should enjoy the fruits of their copper,...... and rich selfish jerk that this oligarch is, he has to rein in the UN,  threaten all the time to disband it, tear it apart, not fund it or something. If that doesn't work then you have to hire talking heads to allege bad stuff about the UN. Now anyone who'd take your dollar and prosletyze for you has to be hogdroppings, and you hear it in their voice. I listen to Tammy Bruce who hates commies and my ears and body recoils at her cracked little voice, squeaking at me about the commie liberals.

YOU who sent this note to me probably read some of that Sierra News or Devvy Kidd liberterian anti commie demented litany . Huh? You got persuaded? Shame on you. We are in stinky times here. A planet going on a second Hitler jag in 50 years and you'd think we'd have learned from the first one.

A planet like a rotten fish,  stinks from the TOP down. When ONE MAN, a rock, a rothchild  or a Bush -- is in control of the whole patootie, you got bad times in River City. Cuz one man is not going to worry about the other 4 billion 999 million. He doesn't give a flyin' $*@(@. That's why we made Kings illegal here. Democracies are supposed to be the will of the people.

If one King who runs it, maybe the Rocks or Roths behind Bush, wants a billion a day to live on, screw the rest of us. The I'm alright Jack, screw you line of thinking is his head set so he goes after Iraq's oil, and wraps himself in a flag with lies about kurds, incubators, kuwaiti wells on fire, and says he's going to install democracy there but he's breaking all the rules and going in to this war without a democratic U.N. vote, he's going unilaterally, and IF YOU swallow this anti-U.N. smear the devil in the red hat did, and enable the plutocrat oligarch to do undemocratic things for a trillion bucks in his coffers, then you're like the dumb Nazis who voted Hitler in. YOU ARE ON the SIDE of stupidity. You are for the oil men seizing those Iraqui wells, and you are not on the side of 4 bil 999mil people on the planet, got the picture? You were flummoxed? Drugged. Given another person's brain pictures, like TOTAL RECALL. A brain that is not your own! MEMORIES, thoughts that are not your own! If that happened to my head, I'd put a bullet in it. Thankfully it has NOT.


The theory of Engineered War against "The Commies"


WHAT THIS  DOCUMENT will PROVE, BELOW, is  that he concept of an enemy coming
to destroy YOU, YOUR FAMILY and ALL that you hold sacred and steal all your stuff and make you work in a wheat field in a commune is ENGINEERED by the plutocrats to keep you and your sons willing to fight wars. NOTE how now that commies are passe, terrorists are IN? Well you keep on believing the oil-o-garchs and their propaganda, a wheat field is going to seem more salubrious
than the life you will be leading. THE PERMANENT WAR ECONOMY must STOP!

"It has been said that the European version of the Order of the
Illuminati contributed in no small measure to the development of
revolutionary doctrines which eventually culminated in the Russian
and other Communist Machines." - Arkon Daraul, Secret Societies


"...As soon as, perhaps sooner than Weishaupt had passed away,
the supreme government of all the Secret Societies of the world
was exercised by the Alta Vendita or highest lodge of the Italian
Carbonari. The Alta Vendita ruled the blackest Freemasonry of
France, German, and England; and until Mazzini wrenched the scepter
of the dark Empire from that body, it continued with consummate
ability to direct the revolutions of Europe."

- Mgr. George E. Dillon, D.D., Grand Orient Freemasonry,
Unmasked as the Secret Power Behind Communism

In 1816, Charles Nodier, an alleged Grand Master of the Priory of
Sion, "published anonymously one of his most curious and
influential works, A History of Secret Societies in the Army under
Napoleon... It develops a comprehensive philosophy of secret
societies. And it credits such societies with a number of
historical accomplishments, including the downfall of Napoleon."

- Baigent, Leigh & Lincoln, The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail

"In the early nineteenth century, certain figures -- Charles Nodier,
for example... and Filippo Buonarroti, a master conspirator who was
much admired by such men as Bakunin -- make a point of inventing,
and disseminating information about a number of wholly fictitious
secret societies. So convincing was this information that
perfectly innocent people found themselves being harried and
persecuted for alleged membership of clandestine organizations that
did not exist. Confronted by such persecution, the victims, as a
means of self-defense, began to form themselves into a real secret
society which conformed to the blueprint of the fictitious one."

- Baigent, Leigh & Lincoln, The Messianic Legacy

According to the Carbonari, or "charcoal-burners", the history of
this organization started in Scotland as happy democratic mystics.
"For the purpose of avoiding suspicion of ulterior motives, they
took to charcoal-burning, which is described as the industry par
excellence of Scotland." Francis I, King of France, was supposedly
admitted to the Order. "When he went back to France, he
scrupulously fulfilled his undertaking, declaring himself Protector
of the Carbonari, and he increased their numbers. The Order now
spread through Germany, France and England."

"It has been said by some historians that the inspiration of the
Carbonari and similar societies came from pre-Christian times, for
there were settled in the Alps communities which seemed to owe
allegiance to Gnostic and other ideas which some profess to see
reflected in Freemasonry, Templarism and the discipleship of the
way of the Sufis."

"The Italian patriots Garibaldi, Mazzini and Cavour revived the
secret society after 1830, and its members were again found to be
ready for any sacrifice for republicanism and rule by the
Carbonari. The effect which they had upon the world was
considerable: and it continued to be so. For fifty years they had
fought in civil war; they spread to many other lands, including
Germany, where they were responsible for the Totenbund (the Death
League) which was dedicated to assassinating tyrants.)

- Arkon Daraul, Secret Societies


(2) The Palladian Rite Hoax

"In 1870, Mazzini and Pike reached an agreement for the creation of
the new supreme rite, to be called the New and Reformed Palladian
Rite. Pike was to be called the Sovereign Pontiff of Universal
Freemasonry, and Mazzini was to be called Sovereign Chief of
Political Action. Pike was to draw up the statutes and grades."

- William T. Still, New World Order

"No mention of it would ever be made in the assemblies of the
Lodges and Inner Shrines of other rites... for the secret of the
new institution was only to be divulged with the greatest caution
to a chosen few belonging to the ordinary high grades.

"Palladism is essentially a Luciferian rite. Its religion in
Manichean new-gnosticism, teaching that the divinity is dual and
that Lucifer is the equal of Adonay. The whole masonic world was
set up at Charleston, the sacred city of the Palladium."

- Edith Star Miller, Occult Theocracy

"If Lucifer were not God, would Adonay (The God of the
Christians) whose deeds prove his cruelty... and hatred of
man, barbarism and repulsion for science, would Adonay and
his priests calumniate him? Yes, Lucifer is God, and
unfortunately Adonay is also God. For the eternal law is that
there is no light without shade, no beauty without ugliness,
no white without black.

"That is why the intelligent disciples of Zoroaster, as well
as, after them, the Gnostics, the Manicheans and the Templars
have admitted, as the only logical metaphysical conception,
the system of the two divine principles fighting eternally,
and one cannot believe the one inferior in power to the other.
Thus, the doctrine of Satanism is heresy; and the true and
pure philosophic religion is the belief in Lucifer, the equal
of Adonay; but Lucifer, God of Light and God of Good, is
struggling for humanity against Adonay, the God of Darkness
and Evil."

- Gen. Albert Pike, "Instructions"

"In the 1880s,there was a Parisian publisher named Leo Taxil who
was famous for his scurrilous anti- Catholic tracts. Then one
morning he proclaimed his conversion to Catholicism. Shortly
thereafter, he declared that he had unearthed the doings of the
Satanic Masonic sect called the Paladins. He began publishing the
memoirs of a woman named Sophia Walden, who claimed to have left
the order. For two years this fed into an anti-Masonic hysteria
in Europe, and there was even a Papal Benediction given to Sophia
Walden, whom no one had even met. After a few years, Taxil broke
down and confessed that he'd made it all up. It's interesting that
one hundred years ago, you also saw nativist stories in the United
States about Masons, Catholics and Mormons who were allegedly
kidnapping children and holding them as slaves. And a hundred
years later, we seem to be experiencing more of the same."

- Gerry O'Sullivan, Satanism in America

"In many anti-Masonic books you'll see what is supposed to be a
quotation from Pike, saying that all Masons of the 'Higher Degrees'
are secret worshipers of Lucifer. The historical fact is that
those words were written in 1894, three years after Pike's death.
They were written by a notorious atheist and pornographer named
Gabriel Jogand-Pages who was better known by his pen name, Leo
Taxil. Taxil was engaged in an elaborate hoax to discredit the
Church of Rome and made up the Pike quotation out of thin air.

"His purpose was to show that the Church had failed to recognize
the 'threat' posed by Freemasonry and was, therefore, headed by
fools and incompetents. Taxil publicly admitted the hoax in 1897,
but it had already been published by a man named Abel Clarin de la
Rive, who took Taxil's hoax at face value.

"Rive's book, La Femme et l'Enfant dans la Franc-Maconnerie
Universelle (Woman and Child in Universal Freemasonry), was
quoted by Edith Starr Miller in 1933 in her book Occult Theocrasy.
She translated the 'quotation' into English.

"Since that time, several writers of anti-Masonic books have
simply repeated the 'quotation' without checking on its source or
authenticity. Taxil's public confession notwithstanding, the lie
continues to shadow the name of Pike, who was, to his death, an
Episcopalian Christian."

- Jim Tresner, "Conscience and The Craft"


(3) The Russian Revolution

The February 1917 Revolution was provoked by Freemasons and was
operated from the few masonic Lodges left after decades of
persecution from Tsarist Secret Police. Alexander Kerensky,
Justice Minister in the provisional government of Prince Georgi
Yevegenievich Lvov, was a Freemason. After the Petrograd uprising
in July 1917 which led to the resignation of Lvov, Kerensky took
over as Prime Minister and appointed exclusively Masons to the

- Stephen Knight, The Brotherhood

"In its organization, in its techniques for recruitment, in its
means of eliciting loyalty from its adherents, in its Messianic
urgency, Lenin's revolutionary party structure derives directly
from Bakunin, as Lenin himself acknowledges in his notebooks.
But for Bakunin, revolution was more than a social and political
phenomenon. It was ultimately cosmic, theological, religious in
character. Having spent more than twenty years working his way up
through the ranks of Freemasonry, Bakunin had acquired a
metaphysical philosophical framework for his social and political
ideas. Bakunin was a self-proclaimed Satanist. According to one
commentator, he saw Satan 'as the spiritual head of revolutionaries,
the true author of human liberation'. Satan was not only the
supreme rebel, but also the supreme freedom-fighter against the
tyrannical God of Judaism and Christianity. The established
institutions of church and state were instruments of the oppressive
Judaeo-Christian God, and according to Bakunin it was a moral, and
theological obligation to oppose them. Although Lenin himself
never explicitly indulged in any such cosmological conceptions,
there is no question that he recognized their utility."

- Baigent, Leigh & Lincoln, The Messianic Legacy

Bakunin and Lenin "were both apocalyptic zealots, while their
Marxist rivals... were -- in comparison -- Pharisees."

- A.P. Mendel, Michael Bakunin: Roots of Apocalypse

WHAT THIS IS SAYING. The concept of an enemy coming
to destroy your home, family, country, your WTC towers and
all you hold sacred is an ENGINEERED phenomena designed
to keep you and your sons in a permanent war economy!




The number one money making industries on this planet are 1.) Weapons/Arms 2. Illegal Drugs and 3. Oil. I'll let you make the connection between the number one industry in the world and the fact that 4 out of 5 dollars in U.S. foreign aid is spent right here in the good 'ol USA (Harper's Index).

We are obviously in the wrong profession. Our government, according to Chomsky and others (see the book "Dark Alliance" do a search on those words online at google,), is deep in all three.

Chomsky has claimed that the CIA outspends its annual budget 10x, and it raises that extra little spending money by importing drugs. That certainly explains the Bush (former head of the CIA) Noriega connection. Boeing is buying McDonnell Douglas' talk about power consolidation.

The liquidity of our politicians as commodities is part of the problem.
Politicians everywhere, every land in the global marketplace are easy to buy.

HERE IS THE KEY ARTICLE. YOUR LIBRARY CAN GET IT FROM ITS STACKS if you fill out a card demanding it do so, and phone you up when it arrives and you can xerox it.

Scan it The April 14, 1997 edition of Time MAGAZINE: entitled "Big Givers Political contributions by the top 10 arms-exporting companies to the 1996 campaign, and the facts they dug out, in millions of dollars:

Lockheed Martin................$2.35
General Motors/Hughes..........$1.05
Northrop Grumman...............$0.86
General Electric...............$0.82 Boeing.........................$0.80
United Technologies............$0.74 General Dynamics...............$0.62 Raytheon.......................$0.53 McDonnell Douglas..............$0.51

A few members of the above list, have successfully lobbied the Pentagon (a tough sell), their pet legislators (an expensive buy as many legislators want to do the right thing for the people but greed and easy money and the 'patriot' thing, you know, THIS ENEMY IS  A MENACE, etc. works on their heads)

They easily talk the White House (which has some altruism and wants jobs, jobs, jobs) into lifting bans, for instance Jimmy Carter's "informal" ban on U.S. manufacturers selling sophisticated offensive weapons to Latin America.

This is a gross simplification of an enlightening article in the aforementioned issue of Time.(Scan it The April 14, 1997 edition of Time MAGAZINE avail at any library in the stacks. They send out for it. ) The article is called, "How Washington Works... Arms Deals: The inside story of how the Pentagon and big defense contractors got the President to open the way for weapons sales to Latin America."


The Real Drug Lords

A brief history of CIA involvement in the Drug Trade

by William Blum

1947 to 1951, FRANCE
According to Alfred W. McCoy in The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia, CIA arms, money, and disinformation enabled Corsican criminal syndicates in Marseilles to wrestle control of labor unions from the Communist Party. The Corsicans gained political influence and control over the docks -- ideal conditions for cementing a long-term Agency partnership with mafia drug distributors, which turned Marseilles into the postwar heroin capital of the Western world. Marseilles' first heroin laboratories were opened in 1951, only months after the Corsicans took over the waterfront.

FACT: CIA (OSS really) had sprung Lucky Luciano from prison during WWII ostensibly to secure his aid in squelching dock strikes in NY, as Mob controlled those unions. He was to go free, but must stay in Italy where he would help the OSS, as it was then called, to get Italy back from the Nazis. The Agency had already encountered drug dealing when they had organized the FLYING TIGERS to go into CHINA, fight along side Chaing Kai Shek to fight off the Communists. That was in the late 30's. They found CHAING's men funded their entire operation with heroin. The French Intelligence had seen dope funding guns in Indochina. The very needs of spies, to have street operatives, went hand in hand with it. Info, Smack. Guns. Funds. Street assassins went with it, also. Mob, gangsters, street dealers, Death squads and their salaries. These were all linked whether it was Vietnam, China or Italy.

 The Nationalist Chinese army, organized by the CIA to wage war against Communist China, became the opium barons of The Golden Triangle (parts of Burma, Thailand and Laos), the world's largest source of opium and heroin. Air America, the ClA's principal airline proprietary, flew the drugs all over Southeast Asia. (See Christopher Robbins, Air America, Avon Books, 1985, chapter 9  and do see AIR AMERICA with MEL GIBSON.

1950s to early 1970s, INDOCHINA
  During U.S. military involvement in Laos and other parts of Indochina, Air America flew opium and heroin throughout the area. Many Gl's in Vietnam became addicts. A laboratory built at CIA headquarters in northern Laos was used to refine heroin. After a decade of American military intervention, Southeast Asia had become the source of 70 percent of the world's illicit
opium and the major supplier of raw materials for America's booming heroin market.

 1973-80, AUSTRALIA
  The Nugan Hand Bank of Sydney was a CIA bank in all but name. Among its officers were a network of US generals, admirals and CIA men, including former CIA Director William Colby, who was also one of its lawyers. With branches in Saudi Arabia, Europe, Southeast Asia, South America and the U.S., Nugan Hand Bank financed drug trafficking, money laundering and international arms dealings. In 1980, amidst several mysterious deaths of its CEOs/CFOS, the bank collapsed,  $50 million in debt. Meaning they'd disappeared that much money of legit investors, banking clients, small time savers! (See Jonathan Kwitny, The Crimes of Patriots: A True Tale of Dope, Dirty Money and the CIA, W.W. Norton & Co., 1987.)

1970s and 1980s, PANAMA   For more than a decade, Panamanian strongman Manuel Noriega was a highly paid CIA asset and collaborator, despite knowledge by U.S. drug authorities as early as 1971 that the general was heavily involved in drug trafficking and money laundering. Noriega facilitated ''guns-for-drugs" flights for the contras, providing protection and pilots, as well as safe havens for drug cartel otficials, and discreet banking facilities. U.S. officials, including then-ClA Director William Webster and several DEA officers, sent Noriega letters of praise for efforts to thwart drug trafficking (albeit only against competitors of his Medellin Cartel patrons). The U.S. government only turned against Noriega, invading Panama in December 1989 and kidnapping the general once they discovered he was providing intelligence and services to the Cubans
and Sandinistas. Ironically drug trafficking through Panama increased after the US invasion. (John Dinges, Our Man in Panama, Random House, 1991; National Security Archive Documentation Packet The Contras, Cocaine, and Covert Operations.)

  The San Jose Mercury News series documents just one thread of the interwoven operations linking the CIA, the contras and the cocaine cartels. Obsessed with overthrowing the leftist Sandinista government in Nicaragua, Reagan administration officials tolerated drug trafficking as long as the traffickers gave support to the contras. In 1989, the Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics, and International Operations (the Kerry committee) concluded a three-year investigation by stating: "There was substantial evidence of drug smuggling through the war zones on the part of individual Contras, Contra suppliers, Contra pilots mercenaries who worked with the Contras, and Contra supporters throughout the region.... U.S. officials involved in Central America failed to address the drug issue for fear of jeopardizing the war efforts against Nicaragua.... In each case, one or another agency of the U.S. govemment had intormation regarding the involvement either while it was occurring, or immediately thereafter.... Senior U S policy makers were nit immune to the idea that drug money was a perfect solution to the Contras' funding problems." (Drugs, Law Enforcement and Foreign Policy, a Report of  the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations,  Subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics and Intemational Operations, 1989)    In Costa Rica, which served as the "Southern Front" for the contras (Honduras being the Northern Front), there were several different ClA-contra networks involved in drug trafficking. In addition to those servicing the Meneses-Blandon operation detailed by the Mercury News, and Noriega's operation, there was CIA operative John Hull, whose farms along Costa Rica's border with Nicaragua were the main staging area for the contras. Hull and other ClA-connected contra supporters and pilots teamed up with George Morales, a major Miami-based Colombian drug trafficker who later admitted to giving $3 million in cash and several planes to contra leaders. In 1989, after the Costa Rica government indicted Hull for drug trafficking, a DEA-hired plane clandestinely and illegally flew the CIA operative to Miami, via Haiti. The US repeatedly thwarted Costa Rican efforts to extradite Hull back to Costa Rica to stand trial.   Another Costa Rican-based drug ring involved a group of Cuban Amencans whom the CIA had hired as military trainers for the contras. Many had long been involved with the CIA and drug trafficking They used contra planes and a Costa Rican-based shnmp company, which laundered money for the CIA, to move cocaine to the U.S.    Costa Rica was not the only route. Guatemala, whose military intelligence service -- closely associated with the CIA -- harbored many drug traffickers, according to the DEA, was another way station along the cocaine highway.

Additionally, the Medellin Cartel's Miami accountant, Ramon Milian Rodriguez, testified that he funneled nearly $10 million to  Nicaraguan contras through long-time CIA operative Felix (kiki) Rodriguez, who was based at Ilopango Air Force Base in El Salvador.   The contras provided both protection and infrastructure (planes, pilots, airstrips, warehouses, front companies and banks) to these ClA-linked drug networks. At least four transport companies under investigation for drug trafficking received US govemment contracts to carry non-lethal supplies to the contras. Southern Air Transport, "formerly" ClA-owned, and later under Pentagon contract, was involved in the drug running as well. Cocaine-laden planes flew to Florida, Texas, Louisiana and other locations, including several militarv bases Designated as 'Contra Craft,'' these shipments were not to be inspected. When some authority wasn't clued in and made an arrest, powerful strings were pulled on behalf of dropping the case, acquittal, reduced sentence, or deportation.

1980s to early 1990s, AFGHANISTAN
ClA-supported Moujahedeen rebels engaged heavily in drug trafficking while fighting against the Soviet-supported govemment and  its plans to reform the very backward Afghan  society. The Agency's principal client was  Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, one of the leading druglords and leading heroin refiner. CIA supplied trucks and mules, which had carried arms into Afghanistan, were used to transport opium to laboratories along the Afghan Pakistan border. The output provided up to one half of the heroin used annually in the United States and three-quarters of that used in Western Europe. US officials admitted in 1990 that they had failed to investigate or take action against the drug operabon because of a desire not to offend their Pakistani and Afghan allies. In 1993, an official of the DEA called Afghanistan the new Colombia of the drug world.

MlD-1980s to early 199Os, HAITI
  While working to keep key Haitian military and political leaders in power, the CIA turned a blind eye to their clients' drug trafficking. In 1986, the Agency added some more names to its payroll by creating a new Haitian organization, the National Intelligence Service (SIN). SIN was purportedly created to fight the cocaine trade, though SIN officers themselves engaged in the trafficking, a trade aided and abetted by some of the Haitian military and political leaders.

Do you really think all those CIA / DEA operatives are there trying to shut down the coke production?

William Blum is author of Killing Hope: U.S Military and CIA Interventions Since World War ll available from Common Courage Press, P.O. Box 702, Monroe, Maine, 04951, USA; tel: (207) 525-0900; fax: (207) 525-3068