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On C-Span today, (you can listen on your PC,  is a great radio station, has archives where the show may still be and you can listen on your PC NOW!) Jared Diamond discusses a tenuous, new area of inquiry, the Metaphysics of MONEY. He examines good business practices in history in his book, GUNS, GERMS AND STEEL, FATE Of Human Societies.

Successful businesses are not structured, he tells us, they originate like life forms, mysteriously, uncoiling with a humanistic DNA. They simply exist inside of the truth. They live and breathe in a condition of internal freedom, truth telling and all workers who are allowed to be in 'free fall' , end up left to cogitate, deduce, concoct,  invent and implement and even criticize as the spirit moves them.

This author's view is so seminal, it actually attracted Bill Gates himself (!) as reviewer for this book as Microsoft has that internal freedom concept built into its corporate structure. Whereas Xerox did not. Other corporations are giving this book to hundreds of employees.

Historian Diamond tells how l9th century Massachusetts textile mills which practiced virtual slavery with righteous orderliness, (driving their workers mad with poverty and starvation) went broke when their cruel practices and production costs earned them what sounds curiously like bad karma.

Of course, the Fickle Finger of Fate was not invisible. The Massachusetts mills somehow fell into being competitively matched, pitted against the l9th century southern states which had mills too, but peopled by slaves kept in truth. Nobody lied about anything. They were slaves but well fed slaves, happier slaves perhaps, even loved by their patriarchal rural masters. They could grow, pick and weave cotton more cheaply and come home and have a roasted pig head or liver for dinner on their front porch or boil the trotters with greens and be semi-vegan. But happy! While the Massachusetts urban mill hands froze in tenements and bought coal instead of food.

That Civil war, says Diamond, was motivated by the rage, greed of the northern economy against the south. This was masked in Christian, Northern solicitousness toward blacks mutated into a bristley righteous hatred of slavekeepers, but essentially it was economic fear of the south. Northerners wrapped themselves in the flag, claimed they were against the inhumanity of Southern Slavery, but the few legit abolitionists with which they salted their claims were used by the bankers, the money men, who simply wanted the competition eradicated.

So it appears that there is a frontier being scouted by historians that is only just opening its treasures to us. This zone was anticipated by Sigmund Freud and Mahatma Buddha, two philosopher authors who seem to agree on the un-naturalness of willy nilly interfering in other people's destinies. While they didn't come right out and describe market forces at war, they both describe the emotional, mental Utopian state where there is no physical blockage, just an open heart. Where there is no lying to oneself about the extent of one's internal aggression toward those who are functioning in ways that invite jealousy. Where there is no rise in blood pressure if another is living more nakedly, freely and libidinously or more economically viably. And where one does not have to have all the goods for oneself.

Both Freud and Buddha said that the blocking of truthful vision, done in a relaxed, attentive inward self-watch, would stop violent, irrational acting out. i.e. War. The open heart and mind would solve the problem of those convoluted rationales eduated men generate to justify stopping the happy, functioning well-endowed person from living freely.

That self watch would put an end to righteous anger, opinionated verbal scorn and the urge to lie and claim that the other side had done atrocities even if the facts of the matter were not so.


Freud and Buddha recommended a system, under vastly different names, of course, where an open heart, open mind, no need to do, scorn, move, act, interfere was the basic mindset. They taught their students a relaxed, disassociated state of seeing, (Seeing being above all) which they promised would end up giving the patient an ecstatic life.

No nightmares, no phobias, no aggression, no  keeping score, no being swayed by praise or blame, no need for psychotic team identification to vent anger or engender feelings of worthiness, (Demos/Repubs? Raiders vs. Pirates.) A state without one's greed being endangered by another's productivity.

Parenthetically, If God put the damn oil in Iraq, He knew what he was doing. If he gave the planet's greatest treasure to some sweaty camelherders in the sand, He musta Known something After all, he's GOD. A million yrs ago that area was paradise and then there was this illusion that it dried up into the Sahara desert so many FLED.

But the land itself had sentimental value to those simple good Arabs. They stayed there. So OIL was like a gift from a loving landlord to a good tenant who'd stayed in the same miserable slum for a million years, in a state of samadhi, while all the thinking, more mental rats abandoned the sandy ship.

The most miserable walked across Europe to Poland, Lithuania, Siberia. On the other side of Africa, the second most miserable walked west across Italy and Spain and were unsatisfied, kept going to the water and got out and went to the foggy chalk isle or the green potato sod. Why that did it for them, I'll never know.

So All the most miserable sods got taken by the most paranoid lunatics. The happy Arabs just sunned their faces and waited for the diamond tipped drill to be invented.

These fools who just boiled their brains in the sun happily, finding oases, eating dates, herding their wives like goats, breeding them and riding them like they bred their camels and everyone happily drinking milk, got this immense gift from the landlord who must have looked down and been happy. WHO KNEW that under the sand were 13.7 billion years of melted dinosaur goo?

Who knew that all the madmen, the fleeing rats, the lunatics who chose iceboxes for homes and want to drive in SUVS would one day re think it and come to beat Arabs over the head and bury their fleeing rank with tractors, alive.

The U.S and Brits together installed their cagiest, toughest, most inbred Jews, (and I am one, I confess it) in the region as police, spies, engineered victims taught to collect injustices and then everybody waited for genetics to take over. For the area to have a new political balance. For the Jews to breed their way in ten directions. It didn't happen because the last thing that men without foreskins do is breed like camels! Abraham had picked the wrong strategy if he wanted ten kids per family!

Arabs, with ten sons per family and perhaps with a greater sense of kismet, just chose a new strategy. THEY would send their sons to meet their Maker behind suicide bombs and suicide airplanes slamming into skyscrapers. Tidal waves of them are available. And as these solarized souls have contemplated their maker in the desert, assisted by hash, for a million years, with faith in the afterlife! They got on jets with C-4 in their shoes, with knives, can openers shaming the industrial west with their carpetbombing, tractoring bodies technology..

So that we, the very Westerners and Jews who scorned Hitler's naked genocide are doing the genocide worse and lying to ourselves about it.  Having a flag on your SUV is to me a new kind of Swastika. And I certainly should logically be the last person to see it. My aunt was in a concentration camp, My gramps got chased out of Germany by rocks through his window and Swastikas and stars of David on his house just for making a dirty joke or pun based on the word nationalists sounding like clitoris. His jocular attitude saved his life. I'm hoping mine will save all our lives.

If we examine our outrage that Saddam struts like a peacock, looks like Stalin, and realize that the CIA lied about the KURD GASSING atrocity, what's left? How can Bush, Dick, Kundi-Sleeza and
COLON lie to us and have us buy their lies. How can BUSH read a Seuss book upside down in a Florida school he escaped to on 911 and have us believe his knickers weren't in an awful twist and he hadn't gone there knowing what was up. There are too many testimonies of very important men, Californian politicos among them, being told 'do not fly that day.' Our spies are good. SPYING is what we psychos do best. Our spies knew the hit was coming that day.

THEY LET it happen. it would join PEARL HARBOR which FDR knew was coming. IT would join THE TONKIN INCIDENT where LYNDON knew it was a lie. Nobody had fired on that boat and the ADMIRAL wrote his bio and said so. It would join the sinking of an old ship that Teddy R justified a war with. It would join the Polish dead soldiers Hitler dressed in Nazi uniforms and claimed had been murdered by the Poles in a border incident,with which he justified the start of
his rapacious sweep across europe.

Today our gov is facing being second best. There is a threat to our solvency. We're relatively unproductive if you look at calories spent on each dollar of the  Gross Domestic Product compared to other countries. We are falling behind to the point that our sloppy politicos let Enron happen. The King's best friends, his electoral committee, his funders were TAX CHEATS! He knew, he let it happen. BUSH and DICK did the same tricks at their earlier companies. CHEATINg is SOP at HARVARD and YALE where these skull and bones pranksters were taught. LAZY CHEATS, well USA falls behind.  We suckered the ARABS mightily in the seventies, stealing their petro dollars and collapsing the banks they invested in, the S&L debacle was a Rock shell game.

So karma. NO LONGER IS OUR DOLLAR sought by ARABS. They are using EUROS now and the second they made this choice, our leaders told us SADDAM had gassed the kurds.And you bought it.

Back to the main thesis. Maniacs do not know the truth. They live in lies. They eat,buy lies. Believe lies. They get ticked fast, angry fast, and when you do, you'll buy the print on a cornflake box! TRUTHFUL, relaxed, seeing people hear lies and go 'HUH?' It immediately offends their truth-radar.

WHEN they hear the USA is maybe falling to second best on the planet. They just see it as a reality. NO reactiveness. No knee-jerk Raiders Team scream. If SECOND BEST ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH, you're a striving maniac. You are sick. When you are so crazed as to need to be numero uno that you will join the banks and oligarchs of our plutocracy in joining armies, tractoring up live arabs and burying them in the sand, you join HITLER. When you are psychotic and hang a flag on your SUV and fill your gas tank with blood, you're a murderer and will go to Hell. When you don't listen to reason and persist in your aggression, anger, rage, folly, racism, you infect your children and your children's children who will end up being suicide bombed by a fifth column here.

You and your heirs of course also will never get the real prize. You don't get to be a pure, solarized camel milk, love-making, libidinous, happy guy with ten wives dependent on you, all of them kissing your butt, and l00 sons, living on cheese and dates. i.e. ecstatic. You wonder why we murdered MORMONS at St JO? POLYGAMY. So all we have are monogamous marriages where mom and dad hate one another and we mastered the art of divorce, community property and kids no longer know who their real mother and father is, so split up is the enraged, lawyer assisted family.

That's right. YOU get to be AN AMERICAN being spit upon when you travel in any country of the world, flashing your plastic, spending more for a hotel room than a third worlder spends in his lifetime on family health care or food, slogging down artery killing meat, developing cancer at a rate seen nowhere in the third world, numbing yourself with alcohol, buying cocaine, your kids on ritalin, heroin, shooting up in schools one hour and SHOOTING UP THE SCHOOL ANOTHER. You get to be INSANE. And you get to be written up in history books by guys like Diamond who are going to come by the  dozen now, working this meta-politics angle. You wanted to be first, have it all, be a rock star. OK who knows, maybe one day a history book will star you, alongside Goebbels or Boorman. It could happen.

Thoughts for the Day

"Freedom is rarely lost in a single stroke.
The danger lies in losing it bit by bit."
~Dennis Patrick~
former FCC Chairman.

It is easier to lead men to combat, stirring up their
passion, than to restrain them and direct them toward the
patient labors of peace.
--Andre Gide

The only ones that have seen the end of war are the dead.


We've had some serious entries in Edition 1 and 2 so it's going to be a tight race. But today's entry suddenly SHOT TO THE FOREFRONT. As you know the prize is 72 virgins, to be delivered tax free in the afterlife.

"TO THE "DAILY DISSENT" E-ZINE Do you fools know what a PATSY is?  Zionism is the Enemy, not the Jewish people who are for the most part being DUPED by a single rich Uncle. The roots of Zionism go to the Rothschild Clan, who were and ARE behind the the illegal and immoral THEFT of Muslim land; and also are the designers AND beneficiaries of the so called New World Odor.

Rothschild (100 + TRILLION in wallet) Rockefeller (10 + TRILLION) Bush (1+ TRILLION). See the Chain of Command???? Who do you think gives orders to the Heads of State in this world, to the Committee of 300, The Council on Foreign Relations? Get wise:

The Round Table that you extol in Issue One, you demented boobie of a publisher, is strictly a British M16 intelligence operation established by the Committee of 300 which, together with the Rhodes Scholarship program, is a dagger in the heartland of America.

EDITOR's NOTE: I THINK that this reader is a caffeinated prose scanner or seriously off his cookie. The ROUNDTABLE that I gave as an URL in Edition ONE is a well designed little website  NOT LITTLE, AMAZING!... called, (click here to see but surf back), where you can laugh with other political minded folks who are having nevous breakdowns if they can't communicate and joke with other political people. Nothing more. Wasn't born in RHODESIA.

"The Round Table was established in South Africa by Cecil Rhodes and funded by the English Rothschild family. Its purpose was to train business leaders loyal to the British Crown who would secure the vast gold and diamond treasures for the British Crown. (I agree, but that isn't the website round table talk fest I meant,) South Africans had their birthright stolen from them in a coup so massive and all pervading that it was apparent only a central unified command could have pulled it off. That unified command was the Committee of 300.  That this was accomplished is not in dispute. By the early 1930's, the British Crown had a stranglehold on the biggest supplies of gold and diamonds ever found in the world. NOW THE COMMITTEE OF 300 HAD AT ITS DISPOSAL BOTH THE VAST FORTUNE COMING FROM THE DRUG TRADE AND THE EQUALLY VAST FORTUNE OF THE MINERAL AND METAL WEALTH OF SOUTH AFRICA. Financial control of the world was complete.  Note: Nathan Rothschild took over the Bank of England, France, and Austria on the day that Napolean lost at the battle of Waterloo, and his family has controlled the world ever since, to this day.

He goes on, this time in a shrill falsetto:
REMEMBER the MOSSAD bombing of PanAm Flight 103!
REMEMBER the MOSSAD bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993!
REMEMBER the MOSSAD bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon!
REMEMBER the MOSSAD bombing of the military barracks in Saudi Arabia!
REMEMBER the MOSSAD bombing of the American Embassies in Africa!
REMEMBER the MOSSAD bombing of the USS COLE!
REMEMBER the MOSSAD attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11/01!
REMEMBER all the AMERICAN lives that were lost in those vicious MOSSAD

Now, finally, the United States Postal Service REMEMBERS and HONORS the MUSLIM
holiday season with a commemorative first class holiday postage stamp. TOO LITTLE TOO LATE BY ME!  I strongly urge you to REMEMBER to adamantly and vocally DENOUNCE all
ZIONIST PLOTS to defame the MUSLIM world.

He goes on: Have you done your homework? I have.

He stops abruptly. He probably fainted. I answer him.

You are the first person I've ever met who can scream without
using capital letters. I see from your surname that you're of Polish extraction.
If I remember my history right, your ancestors used to go out and shoot Jews on
Saturday nights like a kind of fun grouse hunt. So you're telling me that the
Roths and Mossad did all those atrocities to the USA and are still in biz?
Hmmmmm. As far as our contest for the most outrageous conspiracy theory
you're really up there in the running. Stay by your phone!


Not to stem the tide of corrections of this humble writer's pidgeontracks,
but to ENCOURAGE such corrections:
So I got one

Dear Anita: What you describe as US political system is technically not
an oligarchy a plutocracy.

Right she is! I stand (rather SIT ) corrected!

ANYBODY who corrects me and the job rewarded

Signed, Publisher of Daily Dissent
E-mail Send resumes with corrections

Salary expected?
REQUIREMENTS - More brains and education than I have.

(i.e. can you lock your car and check under it with a mirror every
day before you ignite motor and come to work?


by His Holiness Yogi Baloney

Love your spiritual page. May I contribute? This is Yogi Baloney, guru to the gurus. Among my devotees I include your columnist, Swami Beyondananda and his devotee Beyonda-banana Singh. We Hindus don't take war seriously. To the blissful, relaxed mind, war is  part of  Cosmic 'LILA'.  Sanskrit word that translates to 'Cosmic PLAY'. The goofing off of the universal One who gets bored with nirvana and samadhi and all that stuff so one day he must play love and next day he must play war. You play soldier in bomber throwing poison on villages. The other guy play Saddam looking too much like Joe Stalin. Then you pretend Saddam gassed people he didn't ever gas according to N.Y. Times CIA whistleblower, then you shoot all the Arabs and steal their oil. They pretend to jet down your biggest capitalist buildings. What a joke! It is all play. Who can take it seriously? The shot up dead Arab returns again to Allah. Likewise the burned up American simply return to Holy Trinity, both in the cosmic energy pool and both get in line to be born again like an actor changing masks and costumes for the next scene.

Our belief is that rebirth and karma are physical laws and to achieve balance which is what these laws are about, the Arab gets reborn as capitalist with S.U.V. and the capitalists gets reborn at a camel. See, it's all a hoot. A big laugh! Oriental mind science of FUN SHEI is the only way to decorate your house or your tautology. The Loose Screw is the happy screw. He gets to fly across time and space and have a most original trip. The screws that are seriously holding the structure together are getting tweaked every second from stress, lack of mobility. Terrible! Obviously not God's way! Tamasic we call it. Inert. Sattvic or floaty is primary law of universe. Mobility is the will of the Tao, don't you see children? If God wanted you to stay in one place he would not have invented leases, landlords and U-HAUL trucks. Obviously universe is more attuned to loose screws than stuck ones. So let yours fly. Of course another law is that there is action and reaction. For what you do, you get the same back worse. You bomb some cameljockey and someone will come and drop the carpetbomber daisies on you one day only perhaps at that time, you will believe you are your own grandchildren in another lifetime.

Upshot!? All this war business that is bothering you westerners this week is nothing to get stressed about. Picket if you wish but get real. Let those who want war send their first born. The rest of you laugh and be happy! See you next edition! If you'll hire me as spiritual columnist, that is.
DEAR YOGI BALONEY. Phenomenal! You're hired! signed Publisher of E-zine DAILY DISSENT! And an agent from William Morris thinks he can get you in the comedy store and he wants to meet you.

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