Feb l7th-2003


FEBRUARY 17. On Saturday morning, MSNBC ran a piece headlined "Tens of
thousands rally against war."

They were talking WORLDWIDE. First of all, the rallies in US cities
hadn't even started yet.

But here's what I love. Down in the MSNBC story, we find this: "On
Friday, at least 150,000 people packed the streets of Melbourne,

I guess you could call that SEVERAL MILLION PEOPLE
'tens of thousands'---15 tens...or you could
say thousands (150) or hundreds (1500) or ones (150,000).

Later in the story, this naked quote: "Hundreds of thousands of people
are expected at protests around the world."

You've got to admire those headline writers and editors. They'll lie even
if their own story contradicts the headline.

HELL those folks FROZE but they were there! MILLIONS!
Later on Saturday, AP reported at least a million people in the streets
of Rome (organizers said 3 million), 750,000 in London (organizers said 2
million), almost half a million in Berlin, and 100,000 in Paris.

http://www.antiwar.com reported 50,000 in Athens, 100,000 in Dublin, 6000 in Tokyo,
30,000 in Bern, 50,000 in Montevideo.

The NYC rally has drawn at least 100,000. Organizers there state that
rallies are going on in 600 cities and towns around the world.

Later on Saturday, MSNBC replaced its "tens of thousands" headline with
"millions." CNN, however, steadfastly clung to a "hundreds of thousands"
figure for the total of all demonstrators outside the US. Complete

Then on Sunday morning, as if the day before had not taught MSNBC
anything, a story ran about a second day of protests in Australia. The
tens of thousands figure was trotted out again to describe total numbers
of people on the streets of that nation. Meanwhile, from the scene
itself, the Sydney Morning Herald was reporting between 250,000 and
300,000 on the streets of Sydney alone. It's pretty obvious who's
been training the MSNBC news dogs... SPONSORS, CORPORATIONS
We have the best MEDIA that money can buy!

from JON RAPPOPORT http://www.stratiawire.com



AMAZING SCANDAL ABOUT TO BREAK. Just revealed: The U.S. GOVERNMENT and  MILITARY DECIDES which journalists get to follow the guns into battle. These journalists are annointed and appointed! Only a few make the inner circle. "Embedded" they call it. HOW are these blood sniffing beagles chosen? The U.S. Gov demands that all journalists who apply to be war correspondents go to military school training. There, they query them, over K-rations and margaritas, find out what their 'take' is on it all, see if they're patriotic hawks or cluckcluck chicken doves and then who gets approved? YOU GOT IT! HAWKS. Though maybe they throw a few doves in to a special forces unit...a DEATH SQUAD who takes them out with friendly (!) fire. So think twice before you go to war this time, Ernie Pyle.

Prove it for yourself. Do search on those words 'embedded' and journalist.
I did, got this on the first page.



Major General Smedley Butler, USMC once ratted out the OLIGARCHS and he did it so well that NOBODY HAS EVER DONE IT BETTER! So, YEP! it's Time to again pass around some vintage Smedley. If what Smedraker says is true, even 70 yrs ago, then it's still true!. Note that good ole SMED made these statements in 1933! Smedley Butler was the Marine's Marine (Audie Murphy was the Army's Smedly!)

This is a short excerpt from a speech delivered in 1933, by Major General Smedley
Butler, USMC, one of the most highly decorated: General Butler was TWICE
awarded the Medal of Honor (1914, 1917). General Douglas MacArthur
described Butler as "one of the really great generals in American history."
Here's what Butler said:

"War is just a racket. A racket is best described, I believe, as something
that is not what it seems to the majority of people. Only a small inside
group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very
few at the expense of the masses.

"I believe in adequate defense at the coastline and nothing else. If a
nation comes over here to fight, then we'll fight. The trouble with America
is that when the dollar only earns 6 percent over here, then it gets
restless and goes overseas to get 100 percent. Then the flag follows the
dollar and the soldiers follow the flag.

"I wouldn't go to war again as I have done to protect some lousy investment
of the bankers. There are only two things we should fight for. One is the
defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. War for any other
reason is simply a racket.

"There isn't a trick in the racketeering bag that the military gang is blind
to. It has its "finger men" to point out enemies, its "muscle men" to
destroy enemies, its "brain men" to plan war preparations, and a "Big Boss"

"It may seem odd for me, a military man, to adopt such a comparison.
Truthfulness compels me to. I spent thirty- three years and four months in
active military service as a member of this country's most agile military
force, the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from Second
Lieutenant to Major-General. And during that period, I spent most of my time
being a high class muscle- man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the
Bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.

"I suspected I was just part of a racket at the time. Now I am sure of it.
Like all the members of the military profession, I never had a thought of my
own until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended
animation while I obeyed the orders of higher-ups. This is typical with
everyone in the military service.

"I helped make Mexico, especially Tampico, safe for American oil interests
in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City
Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen
Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. The record of
racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international
banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912 . I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its
way unmolested.

"During those years, I had, as the boys in the back room would say, a swell
racket. Looking back on it, I feel that I could have given Al Capone a few
hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I
operated on three continents."

LET's HEAR IT FOR SMEDLEY. Say a prayer that he come back as a
war correspondent. Use his MARINE savvy to fake patriotism, and get
some great shots of our GI's TRACTORING up surrendering, live
Arabs into the sand. Burying them alive. We US patriots didn't
get any photos of that in 1980 in our Life Magazine.


We are running a Contest here at DAILY DISSENT
The Prize, 72 Virgins! Yes, you will go to PARADISE and have 72 Virgins to attend
to your every need. (This gift is untaxable but must be rec'd post mortum.)
The Russians, Chinese and others are planning on hitting
the U.S.in a combined strike SOON after our forces are engaged and
killed off in a TRAP that satan boy Jr. is leading them into. This is all
part of his daddy's New World Odor plan. Jr. promised to hand this
country over to the globalists by THIS JULY!!! Things are going
to happen quickly and in succession. FYI. Heil Shitler!!
From one of my little net pals. Gang? This is NOT the winning

Everyone's trying to write all the Embassies of the planet to tell them that we Americans DO NOT WANT THIS WAR. Word is trickling back that those EMBASSY emails that worked yesterday are already closed down today, 15 FEB, PEACE SATURDAY, perhaps NOT at the EMBASSY but thru SAIC, the HEAD office of the INTERNET. (If you want file on them, scroll down). Activist pal just wrote me, said " Tried for quite a while to get in to France. FBI or CIA has them shut off. Here is the message I get: "Headline functionality has been disabled." SAIC is surely in on this.

So here below, are some new emails/numbers that aren't closed down yet. WRITE them. I enclose a sample letter to UN Ambassador. This is one of several appeals currently making the rounds, asking Americans to contact UN Security Council ambassadors directly and show their support for
blocking US efforts to invade Iraq uni-laterally. This is something you can do today while others are out in the snow and ice demonstrating, showing that Americans are wanting to support the UN in fostering a non-milatary solution indisarming Irag. Today's rallies accross this country were conceived primary to show support for those events going on in Europe.

A friend just spoke with France's UN office. They are BEGGING us to flood their offices and the other UN offices with emails to STOP the WAR. France has 60 billion dollars worth of oil contracts in Iraq. Russia has investment there.

These countries do not want this war. They need to know that Americans are with them on this. PLEASE forward this to everyone on your list as appropriate. The UN email addresses and fax #s are below for the Security Council. This could really make a difference, we can help the world stand together for peace. This email is making the rounds all over the nation, send your emails and faxes today! Please take a few moment to do this, then pass this on to your own correspondents. Your email can be as simple as this one -- the important thing is that it convey a clear, simple message.
Dear Ambassador, I appeal to you to help stop the United States from invading Iraq unilaterally. Thank you very much,

(Your name and city of residence)

Contact info for members of Security Council Ambassador's name, email
and fax #s listed below. You can copy email onto new message by
selecting email address that follow the mailto address line:

We got through to many


When the major defense and intelligence contractor SAIC in 1995 bought
the small Herndon, VA company that has the government contract on name
service for the entire Internet, alarm bells went off all over the
Internet. The move would give the intelligence community complete
control over the Internet. They could, in essence, black out the entire
Internet with the flick of a switch. Or, they could subvert the Internet
by falsifying information in the root level domain name servers, a
real-time, clandestine censorship of hosts with troublesome information.
Those fears came true recently when the SAIC-controlled servers started
returning false information in response to automatic host lookup
requests. For many hosts on the Internet, the name servers simply
claimed that they did not exist.

Name servers are used every time a web browser or an e-mail program
looks for a host on the Internet. The servers are the phone directory
for the Internet, listing the Internet number for every host. The top
level servers, that keep information about the structure of the entire
directory, are run at Internic which is an operation of Network
Solutions Inc., owned by SAIC Inc. (note that this is CIA'S spelled
backwards!) SAIC past and current board members include such
intelligence community notorieties as Bobby Ray Inman, former director
of the National Security Agency, deputy director of the CIA, director of
national security contractor E-Systems, and Clinton defense secretary
nominee; Robert Gates, the former CIA director under George Bush;
current CIA director John Deutch; Anita Jones, Deutch's former Pentagon
procurement officer, and William Perry, the former secretary of defense.
It is possible that a simple technical problem is the cause of the
erroneous information currently supplied by Internic name servers, but
it seems very unlikely. First, root name servers have run on the
Internet for almost 30 years without problems. The server software is
tried an tested. Second, Internic charges such exorbitant prices for its
services, $50 per listing per year, that it can easily afford a
completely fault-tolerant system that is infallible. Estimates for
revenues of the Internic reach $60 million for just one year of running
the root name server. Operations staff at Internic did not respond to a
Washington Weekly request for information on the nature of the problems.
The poor quality of service, the high prices that it charges from every
host on the Internet, and the monopoly status of this government
contractor has spawned outrage on the Internet, which is now in near
revolt. Several groups have started offering alternative top level name
servers that bypass the government registry completely. These groups
advocate a free market solution to Internet name directories, with
system administrators choosing from a number of competing name servers
on the Internet. One group is Alternic at http://www.alternic.net/,
another is EDNS at http://www.edns.net. A press release from one of the
groups behind these efforts is included in the Information section of
this issue. In China, the government last year required all Internet
users to register with the police, facilitating government control of
this potentially dangerous medium. In the U.S., the government instead
requires Internet users to register with a government national security

Published in the Feb. 24, 1997 Issue of The Washington Weekly Copyright
1997 The Washington Weekly (http://www.federal.com)


Chirac Demands More Time for U.N. Face Inspectors

At the United Nations today, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell offered
what he called "conclusive proof" that the singer Michael Jackson has had
plastic surgery, but failed to convince France.

In his presentation, Mr. Powell first showed two photos of Mr. Jackson,
taken in 1979 and 2003, to illustrate the dramatic transformation of the
singer's face from human to Halloween mask.

As Security Council members watched intently, Mr. Powell then played a
tape of a recent court appearance by Mr. Jackson, during which the tip of
his nose appeared to fall from his face and onto the floor.

Finally, Mr. Powell played a tape of the ABC program "20/20" in which Mr.
Jackson admitted he had plastic surgery, after which a visibly frustrated
Mr. Powell turned to the ambassador from France and said, "How much more
freaking proof do you clowns need?"

While the French ambassador did not respond, impassively sipping on a
glass of red wine while reading a book by Camus, later in the day French
President Jacques Chirac had harsh words for Mr. Powell, saying that the
Secretary of State "had proved nothing."

President Chirac added that the United Nations should grant its official
face inspection team more time to look at Mr. Jackson's head to determine
whether the singer had plastic surgery or not.

In related news, President Chirac said the U.S. had failed to show
convincing proof that Jennifer Lopez has a big ass.

I received an email from a Russian web-zine, "The Polar
Star" - http://www.zvezda.ru They sent me a list of
questions and explained that they are "gathering views
and opinions among a wide range of non-conformist
European thinkers". Here is the Q&A:

1. How deep has the contradiction between the positions
of US and Europe become? Does it now have a systemic
nature, or is it only temporary friction bound to
disappear simultaneously with the beginning of military
operations in Iraq?

I don't see any significant contradiction or conflict
between the US and European governments over Iraq.
They agree on the major fictions: that Saddam is a
threat, that he must be "disarmed", and that Iraq's
national sovereignty can be ignored. If there were a
contradiction, then Europe would be threatening
sanctions against the US in case of an invasion.
Instead they are merely debating whether or not to ally
the UN and NATO with the aggression. When the
genocide is over, or at least the part CNN wants to
show us, then Europe will be happy to participate in
whatever new oil regime is established. And the
"victors" will write the story of what happened in
Iraq. They will, perhaps, be able to find five or six
surviving Iraqis willing to smile for the camera, and
that will "prove" that the Iraqis are thrilled to be
rescued by Uncle Sam and his cruise missiles.

The apparent opposition shown publicly by France and
Germany probably reflects two factors. First is
indignation at Washington's eagerness to pursue
unilateral action. However this response is limited to
indignation; it does not extend to any intention to
challenge Washington's self-assumed prerogatives. The
second factor is the desire to cater to public opinion.
Since public opposition to war is overwhelming in
France and Germany, it would be political suicide for
those leaders to support the war. Washington has no
need of French or German assistance, so the French and
German "opposition" costs the overall program nothing.

The real question is, "Why is the US bothering with
seeking UN approval? Why not just go ahead on its own
as it has countless other times since 1945?". I think
we see a deeper game here, having to do with
discrediting the UN and redefining international "law"
to suit Washington.

2. Do you think that the deepening of such conflict
might damage some of the existing relations between
Europe and the US, and if so, to what extent? In
particular, to what extent will this be reflected in
the already difficult economic relationship between
Europe and the US?

I think that the economic relationship between Europe
and the US, in the sense you probably intend, is of
only secondary importance. The primary economic shift
under globalization is the de-nationalization of
economics - the corporatization of economics. European
and US "leaders" publicly haggle with one another, and
blame one another, so as to detract attention from what
is really destroying economies and driving down quality
of life in the West. These "leaders" are all stooges
for corporate elites, and their job is to preside over
the dismantlement of their national economies. They
are fully aligned in this treasonous activity, not in

3. What kind of position should Russia assume in the
developing opposition between Europe and the US? What
should be the best tactical behaviour for Russia to
gain the highest political dividends?

That depends entirely on Russia's goals and objectives.
If you want greater access to the global oil markets, you
might consider making a secret deal with Washington and
supporting the imperialist invasion. If you want to
encourage a split between the US and Europe, then you
might use this opportunity to introduce new proposals
for international cooperation that explicitly do not
include the USA, due to its status as a rogue nation
which makes first use of weapons of mass destruction on
helpless populations.

But if I were Russia, I'd be thinking in terms of self
defense. The massacre in Iraq will have nothing to do
with any Iraq-related objectives. It will be primarily
a field test of weapons designed for use against Russia
and China. Iraq is to Bush & Blair what Spain was to
Mussolini & Hitler. (In fact the US and Britain both
supported Hitler and Mussolini in that earlier
episode.) The US has indicated it may use nuclear
weapons in Iraq, and in populated areas. This is
drastic overkill in the Iraqi theater, but might make
military sense against a more formidable adversary with
large ports and military facilities. The US
acceleration of its Space Command program and its
missile defense systems are clearly not about North
Korea. Those systems become cost-effective only in
full-scale warfare against major powers.

Indeed, it may be that one reason the US wants to
occupy and control the Middle East at this time is to
ensure that adequate fuel is available for a planned
future major war. They don't want another boycott
declared in the midst of hostilities. Best to control
the flow tightly all the way from the well to the wing

The positions of Russia and China are strategically
parallel vis a vis US plans for global domination on
behalf of global capitalism. You might want to look at
my article, "China vs. Globalization - the Final War
and the Dark Millennium". You can find it at

Richard Moore
Wexford, Ireland

JEANNE NIXON has nothing on
Conspiracy Nation  an EZINE
would be prexy in SUMMER 97


Gov. George Bush, Jr., To Seek Presidency?

Hillary Clinton, according to the July 20, 1997 issue of Parade
magazine, as reported in The Spotlight, Aug. 11, 1997, may be a
presidential candidate in the year 2000. Notes The Spotlight: "Although
posing as 'light fare,' Parade actually has a long history of floating
trial balloons and leaking information for the intelligence community
and the plutocratic elite. So Hillary's candidacy may indeed be in the
offing." And what could be worse than that? How about Spawn of Bush,
Gov. George Bush, Jr., of Texas as Republican presidential nominee?

Our story thus far: Ronald Reagan, Republican nominee in 1980, is forced
by Rockefeller to choose George Bush, Sr., as his running mate. "What
the heck," thinks Reagan. "I'll still be President." Reagan believes
that, as President, he is actually in charge. He steers his own course,
and what does he care when his Vice President tries to tell him to do
otherwise. But Reagan gets a strong "message" to BLOODY WELL
DO WHAT BUSH SEZ when, BUSH PAL John Hinckley, Jr.,
almost shoots him thru the heart in 1981. Hinckley's
father, John Hinckley, Sr., owns Vanderbilt Oil and has been a Houston
neighbor for years and good pal of George Bush, Sr.
Hinckley, Sr., has also given "campaign contributions" to
Bush, Sr., since way back, when Bush, Sr.,
first ran for Congress.

(My own note: Since Hickley Jr. spent most of his life in mental
institutions - where he got all kinds of mind controlling injections.
And since George Bush used to be in charge of the CIA - which pioneered
the developement of human zombie killing machine mind drugs in projects
like MK-Ultra. Well, the hint is that George had junior injected and
programmed by some CIA types during his stay in the rubber rooms.)
Ambassador Leterlier's assassin Mike Townely was a rich brat in
a CIA Family in CHILE. Active in death squad pranks. Read
ROW. Read authors Donald Freed, Saul Landau, Fred Landis.

So after surviving the attempted assassination, Reagan gets wise and
bows to George Bush, Sr., in certain areas. Then in 1988, George Bush
gets elected as President. We therefore have George Bush as *de facto*
President from 1981 through January of 1993.

While Bush was *de facto* President, he had been visited privately by
the then not-well-known governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton. Clinton had
met with Bush in Portland, Maine and later privately visited him at
Kennebunkport. (*Boy Clinton* by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.) The
Clinton-Bush nexus is also seen in the book *Compromised: Clinton, Bush
and the CIA* (by Terry Reed and John Cummings; a book sometimes sneered
at by those who have never actually read all of it.) Write Reed and
Cummings, "Here was what seemed a strange alliance. A state [Arkansas]
run by Democrats in bed with a Republican administration in
Washington..." What Bush and Clinton have had in common is that both of
them are CIA boys: Bush connected to that nefarious agency since at
least the time of the JFK assassination and on through when he was CIA
Director in the 1970s; Clinton a part of the CIA "community" since at
least his days as a student at Oxford, when snitch Clinton ratted on the
anti-Vietnam War movement of that time. (See *Partners in Power* by
Roger Morris.)

What this all means is that George Bush, Sr., has never been "out of the
loop" since 1981 -- including during Bill Clinton's presidency.

Bill White of Houston helped Texas Republicans with "investments." White
was sponsored by Lloyd Bentsen, Jr., son of former-senator Lloyd
Bentsen, Sr. Lloyd Bentsen, Jr., was Harvard classmate of George Bush,
Jr., now the governor of Texas. Another friend of Bush, Jr., has been
James Bath, reportedly "a front man for Arabs connected with BCCI [Bank
of Credit and Commerce International] who were buying influence in
America." (*The Outlaw Bank* by Jonathan Beaty and S.C. Gwynne.) Bath
reportedly is/was also CIA, recruited by George Bush, Sr., in 1976. "Son
of Bush," George, Jr., owned a tiny "energy company" named *Arbusto*
(which in Spanish means "Bush"). *Arbusto* was purchased in 1988 by
Harken Energy. "Son of Bush" was named director of Harken. *Then*,
Harken Energy got very "lucky" -- they had *no* offshore drilling
experience, yet "won an offshore drilling concession from the Gulf
kingdom of Bahrain that was potentially worth billions." (*The Outlaw
Bank*) According to Bill White, spilling the beans to Beaty and Gwynne
for their encyclopedic book on BCCI, that rogue bank seems to have
played a part in the oil-drilling concession that went to Harken and
"Son of Bush," the potential U.S. President-elect in the year 2000. (See
also an article on the Bahrain oil concession by Beaty and Richard
Behar, apparently published in Time magazine.)

So a continuing Bush dynasty looms on the horizon. Or, you could vote
for Hillary Clinton, herself tied to the Bush dynasty. Or there's always
Al "Knight in Shining Armor" Gore, whose pressure favoring NAFTA has led
to erosion of American paychecks. Or there's "Smiling Dick" Gephardt --
no dirt on him available at the moment. Or how about "Lame Duck" Bill
Clinton? You say he can't seek a third term? Hey, Bill Clinton can get
away with murder. Or there's even Oliver North who, according to "Ru
Mills" (pseudonym), is being positioned for a presidential bid. One of
George Bush's other buddies, retired General Colin Powell, is also a
possibility. Overall, the apparent plan is that if you throw enough crap
into the process, one of "our" guys is sure to win.

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