Issue # 17 pub by Anita Sands Hernandez

ACCOUNTABILITY! The new buzzword

Crimes against humanity must have an international resolution. Pinochet was the first tried since Nuremberg! He was brought to justice by the British, Spanish, USA, and five or six other governments including Chile. He was found guilty but was too old and sick to be thrown in jail, but it's still an inch forward on the road to reform. The model serves.

A new tactic has emerged. "The justice system is the best way to get rid of a terrorist, " said by Ariel Dorfman, Sept 26th, 2002. (He should know. Dorfman worked for 25 years to bring Pinochet to trial for his crimes against the Chilean left wing. He is the writer of Death and the Maiden, a play, then film with Sigorney Weaver, about the Chilean and Argentinian kidnapping, torture and death squads.) If Osama thinks he did the right thing, and the survivors of the WTC and Pentagon crashes don't, there are courts, there are judgements.

Right now, "the USA acts in a unilaterial, imperialist way, creating many more criminals than forms of justice," said Dorfman in "Exorcising Terror the incredible, un-ending Trial of Pinochet". So who can put a crimp in that Nazi mode of running an empire? A judge. A court.

Imagine the people of Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, who had their relatives murdered and macheted by U.S. trained death squads hiring a big NYC law firm and doing a Class Action suit against the US/CIA? Works for me!

They might actually win. The big guys cannot fight the law. consider UNION CARBIDE which had to pay the people of Bhopal  India $470 million for a chemical spill that killed 3thousand, blinded or injured 200 thousand more.

The figure was many times larger than any damage award in the history of India. It is also $120 million more than the $350 million settlement accepted by U.S. attorneys representing the Indian victims in the U.S. Courts. U.S. attorneys sued in American courts for more than $50 billion. They ultimately told the U.S. court that $350 million was a fair settlement. The Supreme Court of India ruled that the $470 million settlement was "just, equitable and reasonable." The truth is this,  the bereaved farmers got three grand per dead person http://lists.essential.org/pipermail/remember-bhopal/2000-March/000033.html\

and the ground there is still contaminated for miles around, so reform-wise, things have far to go. http://www.mad-dow-disease.com/response.htm

WorldCom's agreement with FCC was to pay shareholders $500 million to settle fraud charges may be setting a precedent, not just for the deal's record size. What's being closely watched in this case is the possibility that  shareholders will get their claims paid ahead of creditors as the company tries to emerge from bankruptcy.



Governments serve someone. It isn't you, the governed. No, you can see that GOVERNMENTS only take from you. They give you nothing you couldn't give yourself. A pension? If you were untaxed, you could buy homes to rent by the dozen. My taxi driver landlord owns 22 houses that he's leaving to his son in a trust so that it's not taxed, so that the son can live off rents for his lifetime.

The Fed Gov give you Streets? Roads? HAH! Your city builds em with bond issues. Fed give you Policemen? Civilian vigilantes have watched enough cop shows to be better cops than the real cops. Work at half the salary, too. Try NONE!

No, The Government and its agencies serve themselves, the politicians of city, state and nation. These men and women make lucrative careers and gain huge pensions, serving not you ---- but make no mistake, serving the oligarchs, the super rich industrialists. That is their real boss. Anything a government does, ever, was ordered by some lobby or some mandate that came straight from someone really really rich.

While this process goes on, a group of patriotic newsmen come out of your television and cheer this miserable, corrupt process on. The journalists of the right wing, incite to riot and war. They wave flags. They keep you angry. These men, let's not call them gentlemen ---these greedy ruthless men, will --- left to their own devices --- get us, the citizens into repeated wars. They will bomb, exploit and misuse foreign lands and workers. They will be careless and pollute like Bhopal and steal the resources of these nations. They will wreak financial havoc and cause us to be regarded as villains in the furthest corner of the world.

The wars they wage (when they can't accomplish their evil will abroad, when some nationalist ruler stands in their way,)  are strictly to correct that lack of control so that they can again enrich themselves. The CEOs who order wars make  money so many ways. First is reaching into foreign lands and getting what they want, resources, laws, workers. And secondly with the huge government war contracts they will get from their pals in Washington. The military aids and abets and rarely complains as they get medals and advancement, prestige. If blood is how you make your living, blood's fine.

So it all boils down to this. Politicians sell favors like hookers at Shriners conventions. They make fortunes. Revolving doors insure that later, once out of office, they will work for the huge corporations, have hot and cold running virgin girls and never travel on a public jet again.

SO this huge group of loathesome critters, needs but one thing. YOUR PERMISSION to make wars.  They got it Fall of 2002 when Congress ratified war on Iraq.  They got permission from YOU  for waging a war on Afghanistan when 911 happened. They alleged Osama (maybe guilty) was living in Afghani mountains. (unproveable.) FDR got it when Pearl Harbor happened. Now it turns out he let Pearl Harbor happen so he could enter that war. WTC was your Pearl Harbor.

To get such moral permissions from you voters or polled citizens, YOU must first be fanned into a patriotic frenzy, so that you hang flags on yourself and say with bugging eyes 'kill those bastards abroad.' The politicos use the news men to do this to you. To wreak that change from shocked to MURDEROUS. The newsmen that get ahead are the ones that do it best.  Journalists who aren't pro the government line of war take their lives into their hands but not their eternal souls.

Now, your shrieking 'get the sonsofbitches' even once attracts you the moral karma that the Nazis got. Your sons will be used and killed as soldiers. Worse, abroad, generations of terrorists will be born on blood soaked dirt, hating you, and they will grow up to make their ways to our shores to bomb, set fire, sniper us and pull down our buildings --- maybe with your family in them. So in one lifetime or another, you will be punished for your patriotism with a fiery death. Just like the one you wished on whomever the newsmen were touting this week.  The villain de jour.

"To be governed - is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed,
law-driven, numbered, regulated, enrolled, indoctrinated, preached at,
controlled, checked, estimated, valued, censured, commanded, by
creatures who have neither the right nor the wisdom nor the virtue to do

To be governed is to be at every operation, at every transaction, noted,
registered, counted, taxed, stamped, measured, numbered, assessed,
licensed, authorized, admonished, prevented, forbidden, reformed,
corrected, punished."

~Pierre Proudhon~

P.S. Pierre didn't mention "LIED to" because 200 years ago, he couldn't imagine
what talking heads could manage to do to your brain from a box  in your living room.


China Syndrome COULD HAPPEN!
Remove the Rose colored glasses when the Crystal Ball speaks:

China, believes researcher Marshall Auerback, has the power to shut down the U.S.
economy...the way the IMF pulled the plug on Argentina. We reported Auerback's thoughts yesterday. The subject must have been on the U.S. Treasury secretary's mind the same day. In today's news, we find this headline in the Washington Post: "China may float currency, says Snow."

We turn back to Auerback for elaboration: "When they make the break from the dollar tie, it is highly conceivable they will have stockpiled a huge amount of gold to back their unit --called "rem-nimbi" --  which may also explain why the Chinese government has been so reticent to provide full disclosure on its official sector purchases of gold over the past decade). Once they feel they have those in order, then they make a play toward becoming the Asian region's reserve currency and ultimately the world's preferred currency. (this is the same thing that Arabian world is doing to the dollar, choosing the EURO in preference, which experts say is the second reason USA went in to two wars in the region.)

"The notion of the *remnimbi-(yen) based Asian currency union may seem far-fetched today, but so too did the idea of a European currency union, but 15 years ago. In many respects, an Asian monetary union predicated on the RMB would face considerably less difficult obstacles than the euro. In contrast to "Euroland", an Asian currency union predicated on the RMB would start with the presence of one dominant country, China (both economically and culturally), thereby facilitating the adoption of an existing currency, as opposed to the creation of a new one and the concurrent abolition of a multiplicity of national currencies. There is also a huge Chinese Diaspora in the emerging Asian countries; consequently, many of the traditional linguistic and historical barriers that pertain in the EU do not apply to anywhere near the same degree in Asia. There is a common, cultural Confucian ethic throughout the region. There is also a natural predisposition toward saving, making the region the largest repository of global reserves. If such reserves are backed by a large chunk of gold holdings (now being perversely leased or sold by countless Western central banks), then the notion of China at the epicentre of an Asian monetary union becomes eminently more credible.

"What this means in relation to America is that the latter, like Argentina circa 2001, no longer controls its own economic destiny. In the case of the United States, the Sword of Damocles is not the IMF, but China. The death knell for the U.S. economy may well be when the Chinese elect to float their currency because at that stage, many of the other Asian central banks (with the possible exception of Japan) may well find yet another compelling alternative to the U.S. greenback, thereby
sending the latter into free fall, creating untold damage to the U.S. credit system. American policymakers, who persistently call for the Chinese remnimbi to be floated, ought to be careful what they wish for. It could well be the precipitating event for the final denouement in this extraordinary period of financial history."


"I have heard many version of the same story (i.e.., the demise of the USD), which seems to fit very well with the current slide of the greenback against the Euro. However, currency strength is not necessarily the key to economic dominance. A very strong Renminbi can only hurt Chinese exports, so why would they want a strong currency? Also, the strength of the EUR is already hurting European exports (imagine paying 20 or 30% more for your brand new Mercedes Benz or for your imported French wines - that has to have a significant impact on sales). Finally, in spite of continued calls for a "strong dollar policy" by the treasury secretary, I think Washington has a hidden agenda of weakening the dollar to aid US exporters in an attempt to restart the economy. Just before the war with Iraq, I also saw e-mails bouncing around about taking Iraq out of OPEC, since Saddam decided to adopt the Euro as the currency to sell his oil exports. When he did it, Euro was trading below 85 US Dollar cents. Now the Euro trades higher than 1.15 USD per Euro... So the
story raised many eyebrows. However, as chaotic as Iraq might seem right now, one thing is safe, which is their oil reserves, and guess who is managing them.... And, the USD has not gained any ground since the end of the war, so it doesn't necessarily prove the theory of the currency war...
Finally, China would have to take not only the US down, but also Europe. Who is going to buy that cheap crap those guys produce????? " POOR JOBLESS AMERICANS MAYBE? Who can't afford a YUGO anymore?



A Guerilla lives in the jungle, fights the oppressive death squads of the oligarch, bankers, bought politicians who'd seek to find his group, not to suppress but more probably to wipe him out.

A Capitalist is someone who makes money, cash, wealth, and abundance for himself and his heirs and his workers, his community and his country. That such noble work should be illegal without a license or taxed to the extent it is and the money misused by those who take that money, and live off his labors, is a sin.

So many people say our government does 'good works' with our tax money and they point to the roads and public schools. I say, those two things were built years ago, they’re full of holes, the teachers are underpaid, and the wars that government did with the money have killed one hundred million people in a sample study called The Twentieth Century and they were carpet bombing Afghanistani peasants last week so they're still at it.

I am someone who does not support the government, nor do I expect support from it. I want to be someone who supports his children and grand children, not my government.

GUERILLA Capitalism as a route to Economic Freedom

I’ve been a practicing Guerilla Capitalist for 33 years and I could teach my path to any woman or man, and I have to four, my kids. Each is an empresario with his own cottage industry. Like their ma. Find one talent you’re good at, give its fruits to others, charge for it, and teach this job to others who will replace you when you are gone and do that for free. That talent could be knitting, weaving, dying, decorating, painting or palmreading/astrology, which is my case. Electricity, carpentry/ plumbing like my son Demian. Photography like Miguel and Paloma. Motorcycle buy/fix/sell like my son Luis.

We’re all in "different places" regarding our marketable skills, financial situation, knowledge, desk skills, language skills, peppy personality and our willingness to take risks. But all of us share one thing. We happily work under the table and bite our thumbs at Uncle Sam.

You may not read palms or clean carburators but don't worry. We all gotta start somewhere so let me give you a list of a few things I found online that might be appropriate for you. I have articles at my own website, http://home.earthlink.net/~astrology which describe NEW AGE COTTAGE INDUSTRIES that made it big in the USA/ NYC and L.A. so they might work in any city. And Check out the URLS that follow below, then get back to me on your ideas for a moonlighting cottage industry. The research below came from another writer, the net researcher from http://buildfreedom.com whom you definitely want to know!

1. Identify or develop some activity that enables you to earn money (in an honest manner) that is effectively invisible to terrorist (terrorist bureaucrats or coercive political agents). Examples: become a professional gambler; become a successful trader or investor, utilizing financial structures like offshore corporations, trusts, and/or foundations; sell "how-to" information related to your areas of expertise; organize seminars/workshops related to your areas of expertise; publish a newsletter; develop a course on practical guerilla capitalism and market/deliver it via Internet. Check out http://www.loompanics.com/ for more wild ideas.

2. Read the book ‘The Incredible Secret Money Machine’ by Don Lancaster, This book has partially inspired me to create a number of "money machines" that provide me with income streams invisible to terrocrats. Check out his website http://www.tinaja.com/, for an example of an Internet-based business. Also check out Dr. Hewitt-Gleeson’s "School of Thinking" http://www.sot.com.au/

3. Study the ‘Millionaire Reports’ which contain a wealth of moneymaking principles not available anywhere else http://www.buildfreedom.com/millmain.htm.

4. Organize a group of people to meet, share information, and brainstorm the specific things each guerilla capitalist artisan might do. Ideas for new Guerilla capitalist businesses may be generated. Business partnerships could be formed.

5. Improve your degree of privacy. Set up "alternatives" that are more private than your "public persona." Check out http://www.orlandomaildrop.com/. If you do some WWW searching and you follow links, you may find several dozen organizations that provide information and services that facilitate the practice of anarcho-capitalism. Check out http://www.paladin-press.com/. Check out http://rogue.northwest.com/~4thhours/fringe/edenhome.htm.

6. Learn to operate in ways that minimize or eliminate "paper trails" that provide terrocrats with information they could use against you. For example, use credit cards issued by offshore banks. Find private ways to handle all or much of your banking needs. See the financial institutions mentioned in the first article of this series http://www.buildfreedom.com/eco1.htm.

7. Improve your marketing skills. Check out Dr. Hewitt-Gleeson’s "NewSell" course at http://www.sot.com.au/.

8. Adopt an attitude of constantly looking for incremental advantages in life generally -- http://www.neo-tech.com/. In exploring Neo-Tech, I find it useful to distinguish between any material with the word "Zon" and other material. I find much of the other material quite useful. Some of the "Neo-Tech Advantages" as well as the information on "neocheating" I find particularly valuable.

9. Develop your thinking skills. I suggest you start with Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson’s "Brain Freebie" course at http://www.sot.com.au/.

10. If you work for a company, explore the possibility of setting up your own business (doing whatever you’re now doing for the company), and having your business provide these services to the company. Note that this is different from being a "private contractor." The company doesn’t contract with you as a private contractor; it contracts with "your business," which is an entity separate from you.

11. If it’s appropriate for you, and you can do so legally and safely, exit whatever tax systems you may currently subscribe to. As with an e-mail list, you always have the option to "unsubscribe"—though some instances are more difficult and dangerous than others are!

12. Subscribe to the Advanced Freedom Solutions list. It is especially designed for practicing Guerilla capitalists, and aspiring Guerilla capitalists mailto: AFS-request@involved.com with SUBSCRIBE in the body of your message.

13. Take creative action to safeguard assets from terrocrats and other thieves and robbers. Organize your affairs so you own nothing of great value, but you benefit from entities such as trusts, offshore foundations and/or corporations, etc. that own certain assets. Check out http://www.nestmann.com/. Also search WWW for books by Adam Starchild.

14. Become a "permanent tourist" (PT) -- wherever you happen to be at any time, you’re "just a tourist staying for a short time and then moving on" -- http://www.bitnet.co.uk/scope/.

15. Check out the free-enterprise financial institutions mentioned in the first article of this series and get involved with them as appropriate http://www.buildfreedom.com/eco1.htm. Check out ‘Laissez Faire City" http://www.lfcity.com. Also contains important information on individual sovereignty.

16. Check out "Counter-Economics" as described by ‘The Agorist Institute’ at http://agorist.com/.

17. If your psyche includes a wimp that is shit-scared of "the state" or "the government," check out http://www.buildfreedom.com/ in general and http://www.buildfreedom.com/tl/wua5.htm in particular. Increase your personal power http://www.buildfreedom.com/tl/tl10.htm.

  1. Learn to operate in a manner such that that you focus on taking actions under your direct control. You want to do things that are directly linked to the results you wish to achieve. If you have to beg others to change their behavior in order for you to succeed, you tend to lose your power. For example, if like Woes Burt you beg "the establishment" to take notice of Peter H. Rossi’s "Iron Law" or Burt’s "Teflon Topic," the most likely result is that you render yourself powerless.
  2. Observe the results—or lack of results—you produce and learn from them. Become more flexible. Experiment. Change strategies and tactics until you find what works. And keep improving that. (During the past four years, people have made of the order of $100 million in the free-enterprise sector as a result of information at http://www.buildfreedom.com/ Geoff Smith geoffs@unixg.ubc.ca quotes John Clark who once said (I paraphrase): "Anarcho-capitalism has become feasible because we have the technology to maintain it." This statement says we have the potential to maintain an anarchy, but how do we actually do it?
20. Discover that you are free and sovereign by nature. Read Harry Browne: ‘How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World’ and Rose Wilder Lane: ‘The Discovery of Freedom’—both available from http://www.laissezfaire.org/. Check out the "sovereign individual paradigm" at http://colossus.net/wepinsto/wshome.html as well as http://www.buildfreedom.com/.

21. Learn "Freedom Technology"—the practical knowledge, skills, and methods to live the free life of a Guerilla capitalist; the street-smart know-how to run rings around terrocrats and to outwit them at every turn; the HOW of the Economic Means to Freedom. The many links in this article mostly point to various aspects of Freedom Technology, starting with http://www.buildfreedom.com/.

22. Read ‘Deep Anarchy’ by Extropy cofounder Max More at http://www.buildfreedom.com/tl/tl07d.htm to discover that the entire world has always been in a state of anarchy. Max More: ""Deep Anarchy" is the view that results from these thoughts; it is the idea that we already live in an anarchy." Mr. More emphasizes that; "There is no "State." There are only individuals acting in a statist manner..." We need to focus on "Bringing About a Better Anarchy."

23. Study http://www.buildfreedom.com/tl/tl07a.htm ‘The Anatomy of Slavespeak’—to discover the extent to which you may effectively have been oppressing yourself with your own words. Study http://www.buildfreedom.com/tl/tl07e.htm to discover some of the most basic factors that keep coercive political systems in place.

24. Become superhealthy. We need to outcompete and outlive terrocrats and their supporters. We need to escape the debt they want us in, which we only accrue when we go near their ruinous HMO's and hospitals which also infect anyone who goes there. In the near future I’ll compile a compendium of my best health links and references. (sez http://www.buildfreedom.com ) I've already started building it.

25. Study A series of articles on the Economic Means to Freedom http://www.buildfreedom.com/eco1.htm . Watch out for future articles.