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by Les Lemke


A Barrel of Oil is going for $40.00 a barrel on the open market.
As Americans waited in line to get gas at gas stations all across
Oregon in 1974 we were told that there was a gas shortage. As we waited
in long lines oceangoing tankers were anchored offshore because all of
the onshore gasoline storage facilites were full.

Where was the gas shortage? There wasn't any. It was a con job and yet
another in a long list of lies from the oil industry aimed at ripping
off the American public at the gas pump to the tune of billions of

During this same time period (1974) premium grade gasoline was going for
$1.78 a gallon. Regular grade gasoline was going for around $1.45 a
gallon. And a barrel of oil was going for $40.00 a barrel on the open


DATELINE April 2, 2003
A Barrel of oil is going for $28.77 a barrel on the open market.
As Americans are filling up their cars with premium gasoline selling for
$2.01 to $2.09 a gallon
and Regular gasoline selling for $1.80 to $1.87 a gallon on the Oregon
Coast we are being told the lie that the war in Iraq is the reason that
gasoline prices are so high.

What the American people are not being told is that a barrel of oil has
dropped in price from $40.00 per barrel in 1974 to $28.77 in 2003.

Americans are actually being asked to accept the lie that they should be
paying MORE TODAY for a gallon of gas than they did in 1974 because of
the present ongoing war in Iraq.

What Americans are being forced to pay for gasoline at the pump in 2003
is nothing short of a boldface ripoff, con job and an out and out
mugging of the consumer at the pump.

If Americans don't take a stand against this blatant, unjustified ripoff
at the gas pump they deserve to be taken to the cleaners.

By the way, in case anyone wants to know where I got that $28.77 price
for a barrel of oil, I heard it on the news from KGO Radio which
operates out of San Francisco, California. The news came on around 5 am
on Wednesday morning.

The Watch Report
Wednesday, April 2, 2003

Compared to any other era!
Paul R. Bottis Sr. <PBottissr@aol.com> posted at CYBER JOURNAL.ORG

The world has never seen a movement of the magnitude of the protests
around the world in opposition to the preemptive attack on a sovereign
nation. The movement has made alliances of those who have divergent
philosophies with long histories of Contending with each other. I would
submit there are logical reasons for this phenomenon.

The most basic instinct in all of nature is that of survival, the most
basic dynamic of this is the survival of self. An individual when faced
with danger will take whatever steps are necessary for their survival.
There is a second dynamic and that entails the survival of ones family,
when one finds that his beloved family is in danger the individual will
risk or even lay down their life in deference to their own survival.
There is a third dynamic one that supersedes family. An individual who
perceives that his country is in danger of extinction will leave their
family take up arms and be willing to lay down their life for the love
of country. A fourth dynamic rises above all the others this dynamic is
that there is the survival of the species, if one perceives that their
species is in danger they will give it priority in all their actions to
preserve their species.

I believe that the people of the world have moved into this fourth
dynamic. They now have the perception built upon logic, personal
experiences and observations, that there is a real impending danger to
the existence of our species. I believe that this is a movement that
cannot be stopped or stymied by those whose motives are contrary to
nature. The world does not exist for any single nation, group,
philosophical or political persuasion. A new age of enlightenment that
has no comparison in history.
His site: http://www.madashellclub.com

Dear Paul,

Thanks for your heartfelt expression. It serves as an excellent
introduction to a topic I would like to focus our attention on --

We cannot ignore updates on the illegal invasion of Iraq, and I'll tend
to send those to newslog. On our discussion lists, I'd like to continue
the thread you have so eloquently begun.

Yes the magnitude of the protests is unprecedented, and that is one
measure of the movement's significance. The magnitude tells us that
there is a lot of outrage out there, generating a lot of potential
energy to carry the movement further. But it doesn't tell us much about
the direction the movement might take, or what objectives it might seek
to accomplish.

Another way to measure the movement's significance is to look at the
kind of ideas that are being expressed. Ideas such as yours, for
example. I've gotten other messages which also share that intuition. And
I've also been receiving some very interesting analytical pieces of an
unusually radical nature. These analyses, which are themselves part of
the movement, tell us something about the direction the movement might
take, and the scope of objectives that might emerge. I'll be sharing
some of those pieces, but I wanted to first prepare some context with
this introductory posting.


Let's consider for a moment the nature of the regime's provocation,
which has given rise to the movement. What is unique about this
provocation? The US has been invading sovereign nations for two
centuries, and has implemented regime changes hundreds of times.
Economic gain has always been the reason, oil or otherwise, and lying
propaganda has always been part of the operations. Innocent people have
always been killed in the process. None of that is new.

One thing that IS new is the number of people around the world who are
not fooled by the propaganda this time. Instead of just the 'usual
suspects' (activists, peaceniks, etc.), nearly EVERYONE I talk to on the
street thinks Bush is lying through his teeth. This provides a
nutritious 'culture' for the movement to develop in. It provides public
sympathy, and it encourages new activists to emerge and participate.

Even more important, it introduces -- to a limited degree -- the sense
that the movement is the People As A Whole, rather than being just
another pressure group at work. By contrast, recall that with the
Anti-Vietnam-War protests, the movement was always weakened by the split
between the generations, between young and old. If this sense of more
universal inclusion can be nurtured and developed, the potential for the
movement will be greatly enhanced.

But why are fewer people fooled by the propaganda this time? I think
that comes down to how blatant Washinton is being. They're building
their fire right on Main Street, and they're pointing all the cameras at
it. They're lying with impunity to the UN and they're changing their
story time and again right in front of our eyes. After making a big deal
about how important the UN was, they then proceeded to ignore its
decision and launch an aggressive war with no credible pretense of
international support. In my gut, I believe they are intentionally
saying to us all, people and governments alike, "OK, this is how it's
going to be. I'm the boss now and what I say goes. Give me any shit and
I'll blow your head off. You turkeys can either do something about it or
you can shut up and do what your told.". It's like a scene from a
gangster film.

Not everyone feels it in their gut the same way, but I think some kind
of gut feeling is there for most of us. I think perhaps we are seeing a
loss of innocence of historical proportions. Consider the image Uncle
Sam has tried to maintain since the end of World War II, and with some
considerable success. You know what I mean -- Truth, Justice, and the
American Way... Defeater of fascism, Champion of democracy, Beacon of
economic hope, Trusted mediator of trouble spots, etc. Many of us saw
through this illusion a long time ago, but for many of the world's
people the illusion was real right up until 9/11, and in fact the
illusion was temporarily enhanced by that event, due to all the sympathy
for the victims.

But now, as the Iraq episode develops, Uncle Sam is revealed to all as
the Naked Emperor, as the wolf who has shed his sheep's clothing. The
world has lost it's Champion of Justice... it has lost its illusion,
part of its innocence. It's a bit like the the effect on devout
Catholics when all the pedophile priests were uncovered. That which was
The Good is revealed as The Evil. We all know that the US has been
guiding the course of world events since 1945, and we kind of hoped they
knew what they were doing. Now we find that our global leadership is not
to be trusted. We have lost our anchor. We are lost. Where shall we

As a consequence, more and more people are beginning to realize that an
anti-war movement is the wrong focus, even though the war is the
immediate provocation. The war is not really a new thing, but the
blatant arrogance of the wanna be New World Empire is new, and is a dire
threat to us all. Doing something about that goes beyond the scope of
earlier movements. The World Empire can only be undone by a major
Transformation of Society. And that can only happen by some kind of
Transformation of Movement Effectiveness. Hence the name,
Transformation, for this thread.

THIS IS THE LEVEL of reading avail at http://cyberjournal.org


It's easy to be a leftist, net researcher these days so it's no wonder that so many do it!

I refer to parents of children with an investment in the future, ex-commune hippies, LIBERATION THEOLOGISTS, LIBERALS, Doves, ex potheads, yogis, mystics, anti-war activists and other soulular groups which all get to find info, share it,  talk to one another and plan those huge million man demonstrations..

BACK IN THE EIGHTIES, in the OLD DAYS, if you wanted information, you had to pay a shitload to newspapers, visit oper air newstands and guiltily page through THE GUARDIAN or  go to bookstores in the mall that had Covert Operation Daily and get stares of sheer hatred from the vendor: Or to go out to library, Get babysitter, Lock house carefully leaving radio on, as we are all living in the barrio. Spend money on gasoline, trek over freeway to Overland library. Bring stack of nickles for copier. Ask librarian for books they promise to get in a few weeks, they'll notify you when they come in. Entails coming back of course! Sit in library with minimal focus cuz of all those folks, no typewriter for making notes, do all notes with pencil and pad. THEN GO HOME, type up unlegible notes, many hand typings and huge cost of typing paper, until you get it looking reading right. ADDITIONS unfortunately require the entire document be retyped. YIPES!. Then print it out on paper, heavy expensive, causing many trees to be cut down. MORE MORAL GUILT from that then the good feeling from writing an article, say, condeming Reagan for spending billions on arming America. AND THEN SPEND A SHIT LOAD ON POSTAGE, stationery, envelopes, paper, ink, ribbons in those days, to share it with folks!

THE POST MILLENIUM LIBERAL RESEARCHER: Spends entire day working in the garden which BTW, we were forced to rent during the Y2K scare, so now it's really producing! Anyway, rent is same as an apartment so what the heck? We have free Broccoli by the bunch, apricot trees hanging with fruit that tastes ninety times better than storebought.. Then covered with honest mud, we come in, hot soak, cook a fabulous home grown organic dinner, watch t.v with the family, then boot up the old PC, do a search at google on THE TOP URLS where the best editors have collected the latest skivvy, we crib the text, no note typing req'd. Just lift someone's work, their text, saving files wholesale as TXT so you can use a text editor to justify, paragraph. Then enter it with a word processor like WORD, Format it like a pro printer would color banners, etc. EMAIL it to pals and to publishers. I WISH! Email it to a list of 500 people? All chosen liberation theologists and liberal activists and peaceniks like oneself? ONE FLICK OF THE FINGER! Then we let the cat out and go to bed with our little liberal halo over our relaxed heads! WHO SEz technology has a backlash?????? Guess what, Navajos, your KONOAQUATSKI never came.

URLS where abundant reading is possible
http://www.rumormillnews.com or http://www.rense.com or at






http://www.davidicke.com but with this Icke guy, you have to take all that he writes with a grain of salt. Remember that he actually believes that the new world order oligarchs, the illuminati, etc. are REPTILES from another planet. The reptile metaphor, while a good one, cold-blooded, vicious, no heart, etc, has to be discounted by any serious Darwinist. But his articles are fine, except for where they get onto the REPTILE INVASION issue. Forewarned is forearmed. Maybe he's just a psychic and can pick up a lower SOUL material in these inexplicable fascists! Bush, Queen Eliz, etc.











  my political page where at bottom are issues of DAILY DISSENT e-zine






These websites will be of help if you want to think for yourself. Intelligence Gathering should have many inputs. Be cautious about sending this information directly to the news agencies. The information may be rejected by the brain- washed, even reported by those who take orders from the Nazis. Reading any of these would be a test if your head is on your shoulders or on someone else's!
NEXT the radio shows you can listen to while you surf. Many, http://www.democracynow.org/ is great. I am no tekkie but I figured out that I needed ReAL PLAYER cuz the radio sites told me so, and gave me a one click method to go to that site, where for free, you download it, it turns your pc (if it has speakers) into a radio.
From The Wall Street Journal "Desert Quicksand' Past Mideast Invasions Faced Unexpected Perils

March 19, 2003

FOCUS ON/ READ THIS FINE SHORT ARTICLE (below) and you will in five minutes, get totally UP TO SPEED ON THE MIDDLE EAST in a way you never were before. Your cocktail party conversation will be amazing! You will be the HIT of your neighborhood! It has to do
with NAPOLEON's PROBLEMS in the same area of the world.


March 20, 2002

Past Mideast Invasions Faced Unexpected Perils Invaders Have Been
Repelled While Arab Casualties Mount By HUGH POPE and PETER WALDMAN

As President Bush steers the U.S. toward war, history offers a sobering
lesson. For two centuries, foreign powers have been conquering Mideast
lands for their own purposes, promising to uplift Arab societies along
the way. Sometimes they have modernized cities, taught new ideas and
brought technologies. But in nearly every incursion, both sides have
endured a raft of unintended consequences.

From Napoleon's drive into Egypt through Britain's rule of Iraq in the
1920s to Israel's march into Lebanon in 1982, Middle East nations have
tempted conquerors only to send them reeling. Little wonder that even
many Arabs who revile Saddam Hussein view the prospect of a U.S.-led
invasion of Iraq with trepidation.

"Unless the Americans are far more subtle than they've ever had the
capacity to be, and more subtle than the [colonial] British, it's going
to end in tears," predicts Faisal Istrabadi, an Iraqi- born lawyer in
Michigan who has worked with the State Department on plans to rebuild
Iraq's judiciary. "The honeymoon will be very brief."

Again and again, Westerners have moved into the Mideast with confidence
that they can impose freedom and modernity through military force. Along
the way they have miscalculated support for their invasions, both
internationally and in the lands they occupy. They have anointed
cooperative minorities to help rule resentful majorities. They have been
mired in occupations that last long after local support has vanished.
They have met with bloody uprisings and put them down with brute force.

HISTORY REPEATS See a chart of Western invasions in the Middle East,
their outcomes and the lessons learned. "We tend to overlook a basic
rule: that people prefer bad rule by their own kind to good rule by
somebody else," says Boston University historian David Fromkin, author
of a 1989 classic on colonialism's failures in the Mideast called "A
Peace to End All Peace."

Mr. Bush says this invasion will be different. He has broadened his war
aims in recent weeks from removing Mr. Hussein and any weapons of mass
destruction to transforming Iraq into a beacon of freedom in the Middle
East. In a news conference March 6, Mr. Bush said U.S. troops would
remain to help run Iraq until a new, representative government could
take control. With the passion of a convert to nation-building, he spoke
movingly of confronting totalitarianism, of spreading "God's gift" of
liberty "to each and every person," and of how "Iraqi lives and freedom
matter greatly to us." Napoleon proclaimed a similar new era of equality
and respect for "true Muslims" as he marched into Cairo in 1798, killing
a thousand members of Egypt's ruling caste. He was accompanied by 100
French scientists, researching an encyclopedia and spreading European
"enlightenment" to bemused Egyptian intellectuals.

"Peoples of Egypt, you will be told that I have come to destroy your
religion," said Napoleon as he entered Cairo. "Do not believe it! Reply
that I have come to restore your rights!" Napoleon's real goals involved
France's colonial rivalry with Britain. He sought to outflank the
British and frustrate their efforts to find a new route to India. But
the French committed a fatal error, repeated by nearly all Western
powers since: attempting to divide and rule by appointing minority
groups to govern hostile majority populations.

The French teamed up with fellow Christians -- members of Egypt's
minority Coptic sect -- to govern the majority Muslims. Resentment grew
as hundreds of unveiled women paraded around town with the French
interlopers, flouting Islamic ideals of modesty.

"One saw low-class women mixing with the French because of their
liberality and their liking for the female sex," wrote Egyptian
historian Abd al-Rahman al-Jabarti. Months after the French arrival,
Islamic clerics stirred a mob to rebellion, killing 300 Frenchmen. In
revenge, the French bombarded Cairo. French troops stormed the city,
killing 3,000 Cairenes and ransacking the chief mosque of al-Azhar on
horseback. "The people of Cairo were overwhelmed with disdain, abasement
at the despoiling and looting of wealth by the French," Mr. al- Jabarti
observed. The French left within three years. Their influence remained
in a modernizing dynasty that rose to power after the French retreat,
employing French methods to make economic gains.

France itself lost both money and men from its Egyptian adventure.
Britain came next to Egypt, in 1882. Its takeover secured the Suez Canal
route to its Indian Empire, but soon triggered a bloody revolt by
nationalist Egyptian officers. For the next 40 years, British
administrators ruled Egypt from behind the scenes in what was called the
"veiled protectorate," fashioning themselves as liberators of Egypt's
feudal peasants. But several incidents helped make Egypt a center of
anti-Western fervor, among them the brutal punishment of villagers when
a fracas with British officers out on a pigeon hunt left an officer
dead. British troops landed in what's now Iraq in 1914, as part of
Britain's campaign against the Ottoman Turks, allies of Germany in World
War I.

"Britain was bursting then with confidence in an easy and early
victory," wrote British officer T.E. Lawrence, better known as Lawrence
of Arabia, who organized the historic Arab Revolt against the Ottomans.
Instead, it took four years for Britain, with vastly superior arms, to
conquer all of Iraq. Capturing Baghdad after the first three years, they
offered almost the same salutation as Napoleon had in Cairo. "Our armies
do not come into your cities and lands as conquerors or enemies, but as
liberators," trumpeted Gen. F.S. Maude, commander of the British forces
in Iraq. "Your wealth has been stripped of you by unjust men . ... The
people of Baghdad shall flourish under institutions which are in
consonance with their sacred laws . ... The Arab race may rise once more
to greatness!"

Britain retained the Ottomans' long reliance on Sunni Muslims as the
governing class in Iraq, an arrangement that exacerbated conflicts with
Iraq's larger Kurdish and Shia Muslim populations. It didn't help when
the British lobbed artillery shells on the Shia holy city of Najaf, a
main source of anticolonial resistance. British troops killed 6,000 to
10,000 Iraqis in putting down a joint revolt by Shia and Sunni Muslims
in 1920. To suppress later rebellions by Iraq's Kurds, the British
invented the technique of strafing civilian rebels from the air.

As for Gen. Maude, he succumbed to cholera eight months after he reached
Baghdad. Imported Monarch In 1921, to establish a semblance of local
rule, the British brought a leader of the Arab Revolt out of exile in
London and anointed him king of Iraq. King Faisal was the scion of a
ruling family based some 2,000 miles from Baghdad in Mecca, on the
Arabian peninsula. He had already been installed as king of Syria in
1918 and then deposed by the French. He did better in Iraq, under the
tutelage of an indefatigable British diplomat named Gertrude Bell.
Describing Iraq as "an inchoate mass of tribes," Miss Bell traversed the
sweltering hinterlands meeting the leaders of every tribe. "She took
Faisal by the hand from great sheiks to rabbis to every nobleman: 'Here
he is, listen to him, we need your support,' " says Janet Wallach, who
published a biography of Miss Bell in 1996.

Years later, Mr. Hussein would make Iraq's tribes a bulwark of his own
regime. To this day, when Saddam greets military commanders on
television, he cites their tribal affiliations and sends greetings to
their tribal chief. "We don't have anybody to do that, who has the ear
of so many people," Ms. Wallach says. Despite Britain's setbacks during
its 40-year domination of Iraq, which lasted for a quarter-century after
Iraq's independence in 1932, it was arguably more successful than any of
the other Western invasions of the region. Some Iraqis still recall the
time as a golden age of order, education and development. But the
British and their chosen kings could never win over their subjects, and
deliberately frustrated the Iraqis' desires for an independent political

In a 17-point memo for fellow British officers, Lawrence of Arabia
warned: "The foreigner and Christian is not a popular person in Arabia.
However friendly and informal the treatment of yourself may be, remember
always that your foundations are very sandy ones." When King Faisal's
son, Faisal II, was overthrown in 1958 by Iraqi Gen. Abdel Karim Kassem,
the king and his family were torn limb from limb by a Baghdad mob.

Since then, apart from a mid-1970s spurt of economic growth fueled by
the oil boom, Iraq's political history has been one of coups, purges,
wars and tyranny. Suez Crisis As Britain's long run in Iraq was nearing
an end, the U.K. created new problems in the Middle East. After Egypt's
Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal in 1956, the British,
French and Israelis invaded the canal zone. The trio of countries were
forced to acquiesce in Egypt's nationalization after a diplomatic
standoff with the U.S. and other nations. At home, anger at the
mishandled invasion cost Prime Minister Anthony Eden his job. In the
Mideast, it fostered perceptions of a Western-Israeli effort to dominate
the region, helping to radicalize Arab nationalists.

"Something about the Middle East leads people to miscalculate," says
Robert Parker, a retired U.S. diplomat who helped resolve the Suez
crisis. Israel, too, overplayed its hand in a Mideast nation, in its
surge into Lebanon in 1982 to crush Palestinian guerrillas. Though a
Mideast country itself, with many Jewish immigrants from Islamic
countries, Israel is seen by many Arabs as a Western implant in the
region. Its march to Beirut typified the problems outsiders face when
conquering Arab lands, say some Israeli officers who were involved. Shia
villagers in Lebanon at first welcomed Israeli troops as liberators from
Palestinian fighters who had made the border region a war zone, recalls
Israeli Brig. Gen. Amatzia Chen. But as Ariel Sharon, then Israel's
defense minister, pushed his forces to the outskirts of Beirut, where
they killed thousands of civilians, the offensive stalled amid furious
criticism in Europe, the U.S. and Israel itself.

The once- grateful Shiites turned against the Israelis as occupiers, and
efforts to impose a peace agreement on Lebanon through Israel's Maronite
Christian allies blew up in a fury of bombings and killings. "The idea
that you can change the Middle East with guns and bayonets is wrong,"
says Bob Dillon, U.S. ambassador to Beirut at the time. Some in Israel
worry U.S. leaders may harbor the same illusions in Iraq that Israel
brought with it to Lebanon. If the Americans conquer Baghdad, says
reserve Col. Meir Pial, author of a dozen military histories, "they'll
have to sponsor a new government. It will be seen by the people as a
government cooperating with the conqueror, so it will need support."

He predicts that "the longer the Americans stay, the deeper they will
find themselves in the mud." Bush administration officials acknowledge
the minefield they're facing but express confidence the U.S., with its
record of democratizing defeated tyrannies in Germany and Japan, can
succeed in Iraq. In particular, the administration believes it will
avoid past pitfalls by mounting a devastating military strike and
following it quickly with billions of dollars in reconstruction and
humanitarian aid, according to a Bush official. U.S. officials are also
optimistic that Iraq, with its deep- rooted educational and
civil-service systems, its history of secularism, its utter exhaustion
after three decades of totalitarianism -- and its oil wealth -- is
exceptionally ready to leapfrog forward.

"Iraq's a sophisticated society," Mr. Bush said on March 6. "Iraq's got
money ... . Iraq will serve as a catalyst for change, positive change."
U.S. officials have been busy for months organizing committees of exiled
Iraqis on every aspect of political and economic reconstruction, even
reaching out to Iraqi Shiite groups based in Iran. The U.S. realizes,
says William Burns, assistant secretary of state for Mideast affairs,
that "the day after the shooting stops, life must get better for
Iraqis." A longtime student of Mideast history, Mr. Burns realizes
something else. "I have always thought that a certain amount of humility
is important in applying American power in the Middle East," he told a
public forum in San Francisco last month. "Iraq is a very complicated
society. This is going to require an enormous amount of support, not
just from us but from others in the world. This is not a challenge the
U.S. can take on itself."

Here's an instructive, fun wargame your kids can play:


Hong Kong FLU may just be a DESIGNER DISEASE!
DESIGNED for NWO Population Pruning!

Comment From Patricia Doyle, PhD dr_p_doyle@hotmail.com 3-31-3

I believe, more than ever, (and the attached article you sent proves it)
that SARS or CPV is not naturally occurring. I think that it will do
some very odd things i.e. if I am correct and it is a recombinent of
paramyxovirus, coronavirus, maybe mycoplasma pneumonae strains and some
pseudomonas thrown into the soup. IF it is not naturally occurring then
we won't know how it will act in the environment. It will be VERY
unstable. We can only pray that it will mutate to harmless and die in
the environment. Hum? My best guess, and I will bet the farm, that NO
ONE, the CDC, WHO or government sponsored University PhDs will say that
this is lab developed. They can't. Let's say that they do. Well, where
was the index area of infection? China. Index patient or patients were
DOCTORS. We hadn't heard about patients, only doctors taking ill.
(Reminded me of the Huntsville Texas Mystery Illness fiasco.)

OK, back to logic. IF we admit that the common cold has been weaponized,
then we would have to admit that China has a biological offense program
in action. Then, George W. Bush would have to "fall onto his sword" and
proclaim that China has Weapons of Mass Destruction. Then people would
say, why don't you "disarm" China. Double Edge Sword. Bush is not going
to "fall onto his sword" and admit that China is involved actively in
bioresearch, offensive, that is. So, the CDC and WHO will lock step to
the beat of the status quo. SARS simply emerged. It was an animal or
bird virus that jumped the species barrier, end of statment. I hope that
the DNA data will be made public, and I hope that it will be the real

I suspect, given the genome research on various mycoplasma genomes, we
shall find particles of organisms consistant with mycoplasma pneumonae,
or m. hyopneumonae. etc etc. China has been researching pseudomonas
strains as well. Pseudomonas has corrosive properties and can penetrate
metal etc. etc. Imagine a common cold that always causes pneumonia and
can penetrate buildings etc etc? Another property of a common cold is
the fact that people do not build up immunity. ERGO, this will reinfect
and make the rounds. Qurantines can be lengthy is this happens.

Thus far, no cure for the common cold. Imagine if this gets loose in a
close community like a military base? and....what about the economy. We
see Hong Kong, Singapore, parts of Canada instituting quarantines. Not
so good for the economy if the quarantine lasts for a long time. I would
concur that SARS/CPV etc would be airborne. It is strongly evidenced
that a coronavirus, i.e. one of the viruses that causes the common cold,
is the agent of SARS. I suspect that they took a coronavirus genome, in
just the right spot (as the Russians did with Smallpox by adding Ebola
or, VEE) genetic material of human metapneumono virus was added, and in
my opinion, genetic material from mycoplasma and/or pseudomonas was

This would give us a brand new coronavirus. I would assume, especially,
if I am correct, that they would have wanted an airborne agent.
Weaponizing a common cold, amazing. Patricia Patricia A. Doyle, PhD

Please visit my "Emerging Diseases" message board at:
Over 200 In One HK
Apt Block Infected
By Tan Ee Lyn and Vicki Kwong

HONG KONG (Reuters) - More than 100 people in one Hong Kong apartment
block were suspected to have been infected by a deadly pneumonia virus,
officials said on Monday, triggering fears that the killer disease was
being spread through air or water. At least two more people died from
the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in Hong Kong during the
day, taking the death toll in the city to 15 and to 61 worldwide. A
total of 213 people living in the Amoy Gardens housing estate were
confirmed or suspected to be infected with Severe Acute Respiratory
Syndrome (SARS), of whom 107 are from Block E of the complex, Health
Secretary Yeoh Eng-kiong told a news conference. Authorities have
quarantined more than 200 other residents in Block E in an effort to
contain the virus, which has infected almost 1,700 people across the
world, mostly in Asia. Dozens of health workers in full surgical gear
stood guard at the entrance of the apartment block to stop any residents
from leaving as policemen in masks cordoned off the area. But residents
said many families had already fled. The number of those infected in
Amoy Gardens, in the heart of the teeming Kowloon district, is almost
one-third of the total number in Hong Kong, a city of seven million
people. Two elderly men died of the disease on Monday, bringing the
death toll in the city to 15. A NIGHTMARE Amoy Gardens is in a maze of
crowded housing estates and smoke-spewing industrial buildings in one of
the most densely-populated areas in the world. Proliferation of the
virus in such an environment is certain to create havoc and put immense
pressure on public hospitals, which are already stretched and barely
able to cope. "We are now examining all possible angles, to see if it is
airborne or in the (building's) water mains," a government spokeswoman
said of the virus. Health Minister Yeoh said: "We are now detecting the
virus in the fecal material (from Amoy Gardens patients). So that would
be one possible potential cause of spread to large populations under
unusual circumstances." "There was a suggestion that the sewage system
was leaking...we are investigating." Experts have previously said the
virus was carried by droplets from sneezing or coughing, but the high
number of cases at Amoy Gardens has raised fears the virus could be
water or airborne. "Up till today, it is spread through droplets. But no
one can rule out that it could be airborne, because viruses change all
the time," Yeoh said. DISRUPTIONS Fearful of the disease, some companies
have ordered staff to work from homes while others have begun to
organize backup, skeletal teams in case their workers get infected. Hong
Kong and Singapore have closed schools in a bid to contain the disease
and quarantined those exposed. Besides these two cities, deaths have
also been reported from Vietnam, Canada and from China, where the
disease originated in November. A doctor from the World Health
Organization, who was infected in Vietnam after he had identified the
virus, died in a Bangkok hospital at the weekend. The disease has
triggered tighter screenings at many airports and a growing number of
countries have advised citizens against unnecessary travel to the
worst-affected areas. In Singapore, nurses have been deployed at the
airport to check incoming passengers. Apart from scaring away tourists,
the epidemic has disrupted business in Hong Kong. A growing list of
shops, banks and offices have shut after employees were found infected.
Some expatriates have departed quietly, taking their families with them
on home leave. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
warned on Saturday that the virus may wreak more havoc. "The potential
for infecting larger numbers of people is great," said its director
Julie Gerberding. "We may be in the early stages of what could be a
larger problem." Cases have also surfaced in the United States, Germany,
Britain, France, Japan, Ireland, Italy and Taiwan. Almost 1,700 people
have been infected worldwide, but some have since recovered. About four
percent of the people who catch it die from the disease.


Saddam Hussein and his chauffeur were rolling down the highway when
suddenly they hit a pig crossing the road. They killed it instantly.
Saddam tells his driver: "Go to the farm over there and explain to the
owner of the pig what happened."

One hour later, Saddam sees his driver coming back from the farm, his
clothes all wrinkled, a bottle of wine in one hand and a cigar in the
other. "What happened to you?" He asks. "Well, the farmer gave me a
bottle of wine, his wife, a cigar and their 19 year old daughter and we
celebrate ."

"My God! What did you tell dem?" asked Hussein. The driver answered:
"Good evening, I am Saddam Hussein's chauffeur and I have just killed
the pig."

OK, got that? NOW WHY is that story totally impossible. Why could it

1.) Saddam would never in a million years have stopped his limo after he
hit the damn pig. He certainly would not have cared if owner knew or
not. NOR would he wait while his chauffer ran on this mission, leaving
himself open to bombing from above!

2.) There ARE no pigs in Muslim countries, none whatsoever. THEY DO NOT
EAT PORK? What else would be its PIGLY function, GARBAGE DISPOSAL? NO,
cuz there's no food there either so Iraqis eat their OWN garbage thank
you very much! PIGSKIN gloves? NO because what would they do with the
corpses? Feed them to dogs? THEY ATE THE DOGS LONG AGO!

3.) NO IRAQI would have ever allowed his virgin daughter to celebrate
with a strange man, to the point that the chauffeur's CLOTHING got all
wrinkled. No NO FARMER IN IRAQ owns a cigar! No farmer allows
wine to be served in his home! Poor, devout MUSLIMS do not go
near alcohol! A few rich ones do, but they hide the fact.
Get a grip. These people are like Catholics who in the old
days, in Boston, didn't eat meat on FRIDAYS It's an absolute! RELIGION
and abstinance are absolutes there! NOR would a Muslim share his wife!
They are very very alpha male about loyalty in women! This territoriality
is why we should re-study the piece above on NAPOLEON'S utter

4.) The Iraqi people love Saddam. There were no atrocities wreaked by
him on his own people. That KURD gassing stuff? CIA made that up. A
defector whistleblower from the CIA already printed that in NY TIMES!
IRANIANS had saran gas and were gassing and bombing KURDS.
See NY TIMES article which I posted at:


5.) The driver said that he had celebrated! NOBODY in a country suffering
daily bombing celebrates. Try to imagine bombs bursting in your
street, outside, hourly. Your family in a hole dug in floor. Boards over their
head, hating the USA, hating THE BUSH LINEAGE of fascists that
broke all U.N and GENEVA fiats to wage illegal war.
Imagine jets flying over, dropping BIG MOMMA BOMBS on YOUR
house and tanks with guns, daisycutters, outside. THIS JOKE totally doesn't fly.


Editors' note. Issue 1 thru 12 are at http://home.earthlink.net/~astrology/index2.htm