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WHILE YOU WATCH WWII on the tube, is Truth itching the top of your head?

Wondering why we're bombing an impoverished and starving country like Iraq, just as we did Afghanistan? Well, you already know it is about oil. You can feel it as a little ITCH at the top of your skull. A ghostly finger scratching you saying 'you know you know.' But you also know that it is not exactly OIL THAT WE CANNOT GET some OTHER WAY.

Wall Street and the Rocks/Morgans and their bought flunkie media will put all kinds of spin on this, implying that war is necessary so people here can have the oil to heat their homes and drive their cars to work. But that ain't it. Whenever the oil companies have tried to gouge even greater profits from working people in the U.S., the media have collaborated by deflecting mass anger against the Arab countries, claiming they are "holding the West hostage" and Arabs want to deny US our oil.

Ya think? The exchange of goods on a world basis is not dependent on domination, oppression and super-exploitation. The countries of the Middle East are glad to sell their oil, their main exportable resource, to countries that need it. They don't have to be beaten up for that. This is not a war simply about GETTING the oil. It is about a new flavor of geo-capitalistic alignment. AFGHANISTAN was  about getting SOUTHERN PORTS FOR our new best galpal, RUSSIA. And of course, RUSSIA wants to have a pipeline thru Afghanistan so she can get her merchandise (you can't bottle it like COKE guys) to the west. And she can join the other hogs at the trough. And we want her to have it as a reward for having abandoned her previous, feckless Leninist ways. Now that she's in the fold, we're going to drape her in FUR.

She wants AFGHANISTAN! SHE GETS IT! SORT OF. I mean we own it, run it, but they get to run their pipe thru it so...we let her think she owns it. Gad knows she tried to win it enough years, in a harsh war!

OPEC or no OPEC, from the pumping of the oil out of the ground to its marketing at gas station pumps, the lucrative profits have been controlled by a cartel that used to be called the "Seven Sisters," or more accurately the Seven Brothers--Exxon, Shell, Gulf, Texaco, Mobil, Chevron and British Petroleum--before a number of mergers.

Yes, the oil produces great wealth, and a small part of it goes to governments that collaborate with the imperialists, like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. But the imperialist banks ultimately control the petrodollars in their own vaults. And boy can we play tricks on them when we want. Once we got them to invest all their petrdollars in a lot of bogus little banks we had, called SAVINGS AND LOANS. And then we collapsed them. HAHA you shouldda seen their faces! SORREE, no tickee no laundry!

Those Saudis were the real dopes, you see. They were kind of like Injuns who struck oil on the reservation or darkie carpetbaggers after the Civil War. Flashy suits, Money spilling on the ground. The Saudis were the sons of nomadic goat herders who sold us all the oil out of comparatively few oil wells. Not sophisticated like the Bagdad bunch who have the most primo oil, right at the dock, barely needs refining. That stuff is diamond quality. Back to the Arab S&L scam. Well those SAVINGS AND LOANS looked so peachy. And we made certain that they put their cash there. And bingo THEIR MONEY EVAPORATED! And the USA said 'oh so sorree boys". THIS actually HAPPENED. Want a file on it? ASK!

The Middle East, now so impoverished, was not always that screwed. It was camel trade oasis ctr of the mediterennean world and sumptuous and gorgeous once. All the Sheiks had palaces and all the poor set the mosaic tiles in the fountains and gold leafed the walls.

BAGDAD was the cradle of THE WORLD it was the BELLY BUTTON of the planet. The early Iraquis had art, architecture, gothic arches, science, math, medicine when we didn't. THEY INVENTED NUMBERS. We're far behind them in culture. They are a polite, kindly and hospitable, super gracious, cultured people. The PARISIANS of the desert without the rabid venal snide jealousy of the French. Kind of like LIGHTYEARS in front of any of us Americanos. So how did they earn a bad rep. One, tiny little SOCIOPATH KING back in the year 1000 burned down the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. He was bonkers. No one else felt that way but Western Europe got an attitude, retaliated, and sent in the Crusades.

Yep. We reacted. Took us a hundred years.  In JULY 1099 with SATURN OPPOSITE PLUTO, just as it has been during the WTC 911 thing, and again in the last few months, our ancestors-- (well, our ancestors, as white European crusaders) rode in and killed everybody in Jerusalem. Man woman and child. WAAAAAY into over reaction, wouldn't you say? Every Arab has known about this since 1099. So just imagine what OUR REP is to THEM!

Turn the clock forward to our time when the richest men on the planet are our Texas oil men, Bush's pals and this lineage of King Georges ONE and ONE AND A HALF collude with a handful of Saudi and Kuwaiti Muslim gadzillionaires with oil wells, and these guys live in the white napperied elegance that their ancestors did before them, but they have learned really bad stuff from Bush and the capitalists of the west. LEARNED THE WRONG THING. TO TAKE IT ALL. To hog the trough. Let the people have lentils.

The middle eastern people have become poorer than lentils even, poorer than dirt, even as fabulous wealth in the form of oil has fueled the development of a plutocrat group of a mere few thousand men who are multi trillionaires, but louts who've driven their own countries into massive inflation. So that a pound of lentils costs a day's wages for a lowly worker.

The problem is those gadzillionaire Kings don't invest in their country. They buy London cars, French duds, Milanese suits, homes in L.A. Miami. And the land they call home is still a barren desert. It needn't be. The Jews of Israel built fabulous farms in a total desert. They dug wells, irrigated, and found that sand was the basis of good farming soil, and with compost and water could be made quite fertile. But no oil rich local gadzillionaire has ever helped these desert areas support human life, even the wealthy of their own country. I think we should see to it, as the US people are in danger of being bombed by disenfranchised desert dwellers with their suitcase nukes, that our oil companies create wells, irrigation etc.for these areas. We cannot let any area lag. If they can see grass on television, they should have grass!

The poor of the Middle East are perhaps this poor because U.S. and British oil magnates and bankers are rolling in petrol-profits and cause double digit inflation locally, so the poor can't buy food, much less a home. They live in adobe hovels. No water, no sewers. NOBODY gives any of it back to the locals. IF GOD stored any wealth in their area, for them to use, they should get SOME of the benefit. Not just a few kings. There are 23 million people in Afghanistan. Like the population of CALIFORNIA stuck in a country the size of TEXAS .... Now that we got our hands on the TALIBAN, not only are heroin poppies being grown again for the CIA's drug vending Mafia to deal but the resources of this land are about to be USED for some very great wealth.

A few men are stealing the resources. STEALING THE AFGHANIs BLIND. They will put the wealth Afghanistan generates in Swiss banks and none of it will go back to the peasants who don't have homes, babies, wives, eyes or legs from this upcoming, thirty year battle with the MUSLIM world in GENERAL.

The policy of EMPIRE, called Imperialism isn't just a policy of greedy belligerence, invasion at the drop of a hat, military aggression and pandemic bombings by big states against small ones, IT IS ALSO a habit of pigging out. Not sharing. It is naked utlitarianism. Using them for their 20$ a barrel oil because Canada wants 30 a barrel for oil. And trying to open new markets where we can get oil for 2$. Which we are doing.

It's being Britain is small compared to India, but it controlled the economy of the Indian subcontinent for two centuries. It didn't share the wealth. It drained it. The French took the tilth out of the soil of Morocco and Algeria, growing peanuts for their peanut oil, and left the GOBI DESERT in its place. In and out burger. Slam Bang thank you ma'm.

Imperialism is the end result of capitalist development in places where huge banks and transnational corporations dominate the law, the legislature, the politicians and thru them, the economy. It's by nature predatory and requires low income worker zones, (slaves) to grab onto with out-reaching tentacles.

It's a far-flung economic empire -- that by its own internal laws of development must continuously expand or die. It's a social relationship between exploiters and exploited that started with class exploitation at home and grew into oppression of whole nations.

We have to study the whole phenomena. So let's make it fun. GO TO THE MOVIES. Brando made a film called "BURN" which dealt with a Caribbean colony of sugar slaves. He played the oppressor. It's kind of a history book turned cinema. Rent it. The Middle East should be studied again in light of what we're doing. Try not to see what a villain the ARAB JOSE FERRER is made out to be in the David Lean movie LAWRENCE OF ARABIA. Try to see us as the imperialist with ARABY in its crosshairs when you watch it.

Back in 1927 when LAWRENCE lived, Brits knew about the profits to be derived from oil. To maintain an iron grip on those lucrative profits, U.S. and British imperialism need force, violence and terror-- they needed war. So they NEVER worried about mistreating the natives. Just let the downtrodden brownskins act up. A few white women and children get burnt, they can justify anything to the peaceniks back home. See that TEDDY ROOSEVELT MOVIE the WIND AND THE LION with Candace Bergman getting kidnapped by an Arab, Sean Connery, (Hey baby kidnap ME!) Well, that kidnapping incident was a WAR justification then. God knows what Roosevelt wanted. Pre oil I think. Maybe peanut oil but TAKE A COURSE in the MIDDLE EAST at your local VIDEO movie store. A palatable course. What history requires now is not a Democrat in the Oval office or a "kinder, gentler" imperialist policy but a struggle to win a new economic and social system based on justice for all the peoples of the world. AND A SMART AMERICAN CITIZEN will not let his prexy hoodwink him into the latest whim of the oil-o-garchs!

The resources of the planet are not limitless, but with planning they can be shared equitably. The vast expenditures on destruction, like the hundreds of billions now demanded for war, can be redirected to solve humanity's problems-- health, food, housing, education, lack of farming, fields, and a toxic BHOPAL environment. But what makes for BHOPALS and GOBI deserts? Offshore transnationalist agendas .. colonists, with henchmen locals called Kings, Emperors, in collusion, to 'colonize' the center of their own country. These are the Modern Day Hitlers. All of humanity will profit from overturning the Hitler fascist profit system.

Where corporations decide statesmanship. Let's hurry the day. How? Make it pleasant. By seeing films that keep us aloft, in the vision of truth, knowing what's really going on, we can spot the lies. Gandhi by Attenborough, fab film. Fill ya with the spirit. UNDER FIRE, SALVADOR, MISSING, my fav trio. Sit with your kids, watch them again. REMO WILLIAMS wow, that film had a lot to say. You maybe can think of a few you noticed? ROLLOVER with JANE FONDA. About Arab banks rolling over on us as they owned all the dollars. It's interesting because we must have anticipated that and the reverse happened.

Ten ways the IRAQIS needs your help.

10.) Find secondary uses for all the cluster bombs that haven't gone off.

Iraqis generally have women defuse them, always l00 yards from the tents, so schrappnel doesn't get into the rice or camels.
a.) Cut in half, cluster bomb makes fine double camel saddle bags for
carrying water. Problem is, there is no water.

b.) pots to boil food, if there were any. Food that is.

c). If we had a shovel, make a great septic tank but when you live in
hell and there's no soil, human waste is the only way to grow a flower, so
we generally don't use septic tanks.

d.) Anthrax Culture tanks. We're using them for that as it really cooks
the stuff up fast.

e) We've heard about tilapia farming. Anyone know of an online site that tells you how?


With the American foot soldiers in our country, and check points on all roads, we have to appear friendly. Themes for possible small talk with guards? Help us out here.

a.) Heather Locklear really only do it with one man? Who? Bush? Cheney?
b.) How many times you use the babes on Baywatch before you execute them?
c.) OJ Simpson such a courtly gentleman, why you give him such a hard time?
d.) I have a goat. My goat has a sister. Are we talking l0$ or 50$?

A.) Cut off his legs so he looks harmless
B.) Cut out his tongue so he sounds harmless
C.) Take away his credit card so he IS harmless.

  a.) How many points on the dollar for us? We're not talking resource rights, we're talking SPACE.
  b.) You will need guard houses to protect OIL BARRELS going onto your ships from camels rusting it with their highly corosive piss.
        So what do you pay camel handlers/ barrel guarders? Guard house watchers?
  c.) May we unionize? Can we get Social Security? HMO's? Workers' Comp? Paid Vacations?

Don't try to bamboozle us. We understand your workers get all of that! They don't? That's why your country is at war? You want to 'splain that to me buddy?

This writer needs YOUR HELP to finish the other 6 reasons. OKAY?