SEPT 2015. F. Scott Fitzgerald said it. "The Rich are different."
You wouldn't charge a third worlder dying of AIDS 750$ a pill or the high figure of 10k a year for a year of pills even if it meant a sure cure for their AIDS. BIG PHARM DID. You wouldn't leave 99% of the planet in penury, uneducated, hungry, if you were rich, would you? You wouldn't bomb them to kingdom come, or use the SAUDIS to do it, going on right now, or impose sanctions of death, would you?  No. But as Babe Paley said, 'you can never be too rich or too greedy' 

THE GOP OLIGARCHS are in an endless flurry of flailing about stealing all the stuff that isn't nailed down, are draining the planet of juice. Stealing oil, War, IMF, paper money. Like the Clintons leaving the White HOUSE. It isn't nailed down? GRABBIT! THROW IT IN A BOX! It's OURS!!!!! (*actually that Bushitter lie was disproved  later but the image snuck into our language as 'doing a Clinton Exodus.' And we love 'phrases' so I may use it from time to time, reminding all it was a lie from the gitgo.) The Clintons are the couple fighting PHARM HARM to give peasants a break and only charge 100$ a year to THIRD WORLD AIDS sufferers for very effective GENERIC MEDS made in INDIA which cure AIDS immediately!  And not the 10k a year PHARM HARM CHARGES.

The liars will tell you Hillary put her state emails on her priv accounts and she's baaad,when the entire state dept did that as State computers were so bad. Who can stand up against such lying, ravening HUNS as the rich? Well, YOU, Bubula. YOU CAN! HOW? That secret is going to be given to you, right here, right now! In the DAILY BLAH BLAH coming now and henceforward to your mail box. Tips on how YOU CAN HIDE your STUFF from them and the IRS they ride in on. (DUHHHH) If they can't see you, they can't steal from you!

See, it's no big boohoo if the Rothchilds run British Petroleum, the Rockefellers run Exxon and you need their smelly products! So what? So what if  two families with a few dozen shitheels in them, rule the world with their corporations, their Trillions their products, their lending and high interest? (Wrong words. THEY HAVE NO HIGH INTEREST IN US!) They OWN the Banks. They own the insurance companies that insure (or in my case, don't insure) the family car. They use insurance companies as holding tanks for their cash. Where cash triples yearly! THEY OWN THE COMPANY STORE and we sweat in their mines and hand our wealth over to them! Do you feel stupid?

Besides forcing us to insure our cars for thousands a year, driving us into NOT DRIVING, they run the greatest evil scam of all time, PAPER MONEY. They print it for Zero expense (!!) and buy up the world with it. They lend
it to every country charging usurious rates, then drain the GNP out of the country destroying all public works demanding payback! YOU HAVE a vampire attached to your neck 24/7 SUCKING and you let it happen. Who was it said, 'people have the government they deserve?' Hegel? No. he said government was God made manifest on earth. If that's the case, then GOD is kind of like a slow-loading graphic, the kind that is like a camel giving birth where your monitor is watching and the top of the head shows, then the eyes, then the teeth. And your blood pressure is going nuts. A CAMEL GRAPHIC God I call it. GOD is a very slow loading process of perfection maybe, and by that measure, we're living in the dark ages!

The RICH ARE RUNNING RAMPANT, THE ROGUE RICH! They use that 7% per anum interest grip of death, (mort-gage? the grip of death?) on your family's throat, so you buy a house for 200k and end up paying 500k to some bank.... They have hold of the ruby begonias of all countries as they grab all the REAL money as debt. And in the third world where there are precious metals, they use that grip to wage war, justify it with lies, Saddam gassed kurds, untrue, or Saddam burned Kuwait's oil wells, untrue. G.I's did, and then they grab the Gold/Silver/Platinum so they can eat off solid gold dishes! And so they can run the nefarious network of murder they've done since the days of the EAST INDIA TRADING COMPANY, See this URL! G'wan. Click on it. You can come back hitting back a lotta times. Read it? OK! HORRIFIC, NO!?

Where does that leave the poor third world? No emerging nationalistic corporations, just  peasants forced to buy Frankenstein seed, American fluff cereal, Nestle milk and poison their babies with foul water when they do ..... But instant karma,  they end up right in the bottom of the barrel with us first world colonized folks. Yes, WE ARE colonized by our oligarchs too, so we are THIRD WORLD PEASANTS only we eat snacks and nuke tv dinners and get cancer from it and wear Adidas and drive Toyotas instead of wearing sandles and driving donkeys. I'd prefer a DONKEY. What a nice, humorous animal! My great grandma Dona Josefa Pico was the child of escaped slaves and a muleskinner. Meaning she kept mules, didn't skin them.

Thank God for Dona's frugal tech with which I live cuz ALL of us are peasants today. Not a problem. I don't mind being UP SHIT CREEK WITHOUT A PADDLE,  Homeless, landless, orchard-less, chicken-less, goat-less, mule-less, food-less, HMO-less, EDUCATION-less and CAR-LESS cuz I have muleskinner hippie roots. Alleys and back fences give me more oranges than I can eat. But some of you may feel endangered while car insurance is mandated at over a grand a year pop. Some may feel scrunchy brow coming on with your sons working at McDonalds, commuting on bicycles and POP AND MOM being a paycheck away from utter penury, cuz jobs are disappearing in the so called first world at an astounding rate! YESSIR! We are in deep do-do! And Ulcers do tend to happen and there is no medical coverage. (Not a problem. Juice cabbage with a clove of garlic daily, drink a few oz. heals the whole thing. Wal-Mart juicer 29$)

We're smart. We're new age, holistic, so we will survive but just surviving ain't pretty. Since the bloke with the Gold makes the Rules, they have the winning position. Sure it's criminal. But who said God promised us a ROSEGARDEN? Actually though I run an underground cottage industry and drive unshingled cars, I have a large rose garden! Home Depot 2$ a pop bareroot.

But we all don't. So that's what I teach. UNDERGROUND ROSEGARDEN!

DO WE HAVE to stop the vicious trend of the cream to rise to the top? CAN WE? Yes, YOU CAN. YOU! Cuz we have KRYPTONITE for MotherGrabber Oligarchs!  FREE things can screw them up. Hidden things. YOUR personal POWER to hide income from Uncle Sam will unseat them, whether that's ITHACA dollars based on trading, or underground business that you're not paying taxes on, or whether it's your kids having a cottage industry underground, Hawgwash, Detailing choppers, landscaping, (my site has instructions on biz kids can do for huge bucks. Ferget McMadCow) brilliant ideas where you and kids are actually turning your talent into food, roof, education into unfiched money that you do NOT have to pay taxes on! I even teach owning land with communal villas in the countryside done as an anonymous Utah corporation, (make your own 13 families!) all possible and easier than you think.

YOU can and must (to some level, but not NECESSARILY completely)  become a member of a 'virtual' BOTTOMFEEDERS' CLUB. As it's virtual, spiritual, metaphysical, no meetings, no fees, are required of you. PARTICIPATION is mental, voluntary. And a joy. Cuz it's fun.

Investigate this fascinating philosophy of JOYFUL POVERTY, ELITIST PENURY.. several articles on this mindset. ("CONFESIONS OF A BOTTOMFEEDER", "SSI GOING BROKE PREPARE FARMLAND NOW" for your later years and "Becoming a BottomFeeder", etc..) Master archive is GOING ASTRAL WEBSITE. Click on  an ICON to go to an ARCHIVE on that subject.

Living the more 'astral' method we will save the earth from destruction, one bottomfeeder at a time. THE FIGHT is on. WE WILL WIN because there are MORE SMART POOR  folks AMONG us every day (you see them on the NET more than LETTERS TO THE EDITORS) and WE will mutate to develop ways to BE TOTALLY IMMUNE to the oligarch tentacles, their Matrix receptors, grapplers, radar. Vanity Fair, Conspicuous Consumption and other ego maladies.

WINNING will be immediate. You win the second you start. ERADICATING THE ELITIST Fantasies along with the ELITISTS is another thing. It will not be fast. They will not give up POWER. And they will try to convince you that you LOSE if they go down. Cuz they pretend to offer trickledown to society. But that's not true. We saw with ENRON, Bush  chum campaign supporter/funder. It's not true. The day Bush won election, they doubled our natural gas prices here in California. The GENII is out of the bottle.

So all we have to do is pass the word on. The GENII is out of the bottle. Those super rich will go on the run when we back out of capitalism and into ACTIVISM. We can turn a tide here.

Many of your own personal family friends haven't a clue what's going on. They are buying DUCT TAPE for their DOORS this week. (Anthrax scare as I write this.) They are duped by the official version of the quandry that hides the REAL quandry. They are in the grip of the MATRIX illusion. BUT they still have an amazingly high level of ability to fight the OLIGARCH'S HOLD. Most folks know the OLIGARCHS are in disarray right now, evinced by the SAGGING STOCK MARKET, nobody wants to fund their blueblood asses. Evinced by the AUDACITY of their naked hunger in ENRON ploys. They bought Bush Jr, he won, they doubled gas prices that day!  Evinced by the PETRODRILLERS' STUPIDITY of a war to steal IRAQ's OIL as a solution.

Their hubris is born of GREED and the back side of greed is FEAR. Their trillions are trickling in a million at a time and that has them panicky! So, these pirates are running hungry and can be starved out if nobody HAS to play their OIL/PAPER MONEY/ BANK LOAN/ INTEREST STOCK game. HOW DO you extract yourself from the paper game? SECRET EARNINGS. GUERILLA CAPITALISM

How do you extract yourself from the OIL GAME? Sell the SUV, buy an 83 Honda, rebuild the motor every decade. Yep Drive an old unreg, uninsured 300$ HONDA and keep it in tune! Don't pay for licenses, insurance, drive back streets to the market. If a cop catches you, say you're JOE or Josefa  SCHMUCK & don't speak English (I've done it a thousand times, they let me go,) give him a phony addie and one in a thousand times, they lock the wheels on car, you say goodbye to a 200$ car. A lot less than the 2 thousand fine for no insurance! So you buy a new 200$ car! Eventually if all of us are inspired to fight, to create CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE, and all of us learn to be guerrillas, in our earning, in our driving, in our eating, cooking, in our gas purchase habits, in our "STAND UP AGAINST THE AXELS OF EVIL SUV"  the Oligarch's insurance companies will go broke. The Jerks who lobbyed government  to have such horrors as thousand a year insurance, will be branded as bought politicos, shylocks out of style and as passe as quiche! (I happen to like quiche but MILK is a toxic food, especially from today's hormone ridden cows!) So the next riff is for Milk buy a goat, for Child-Transit to school, some rusty old used bicycles.

The idea is, back out of the system just a tad. And attack the system just a bit. If you can write articles, rewrite, send, post, visit LISTS or ROUNDTABLES, know how to make dairy free quiche, know how to grow peaches, get a chicken to lay, get a goat to give milk, WRITE, DISCUSS conscious extraction of yourself and your family from THE MATRIX, then you can DO THE ABOVE AND KILL THE MATRIX.

VISIT the great sites where people talk about these issues. Pass on the pages, posting, blogging, doing lists. Belonging to lists and throwing an URL to them. YAHOO lists are thousands of souls in one bunch. That post can go viral. You can inform millions of folks in one keystroke. WAY T'GO! You can link, make friends. I was there three seconds, read one laconic, funny, self-deprecating but VERY dissident letter and realized a kindred soul existed and wrote the person, making a new lifetime pal. THREE SECONDS!

So get on there, register yourself, get a graphic of your face come in at under l0k bytes so they will put it next to your name and TALK, SHARE, INCITE TO RIOT INCITE to DEMONSTRATION. As I write this, l50thousand folks are in LONDON demonstrating provoking BLAIR to give his most terrified but reportedly best speech ever yesterday. ..... and if you can't do either, LET IT BE WRITTEN ON YOUR TOMBSTONE To others it was given to comfort the afflicted. My task was to afflict the comfortable! Know how you can do that today? Read DAILY DISSENT to the end when you get hold of one, Bookmark this site: THE VERY BEST STUDY ROOMS ON THE NET and study up there, on pacifist philosophy, frugal living, extraction of self from Mass Distractions, and use that time you gain for Team activism, the whole Gandhi nine yards, OCCUPY, SUING THE COPS when they gas or hit you. That's your payday.

 Anita Sands Hernandez

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