There is a current new age rumor or legend that there are indigo adults among us and that they are from foreign galaxies. Their soul material of course, not their bodies. That these strange adults, (many born in the sixties,) are just grown up earlier arrivals of the same, indigo children that are being born every day. And it is said that the indigo adults, and there are many, got here first, grew up --had babies and then the second wave came. Who knows? Do you know anyone spacey that you consider might be DEEP BLUE? I do. And if they were born in the fifties, I consider them drug casualties of the sixties. If they were born recently, theyíre the children of the hippies. Or they are the result of radio waves, all those cell phones, and TV towers and all kinds of currents that run around big cities these days.

It is cynical but it very well is possible that radio waves and EMT's are radiating us, televisions etc, and the brain is mutating.  We know the bees have lost their ability to return to their hives, causing COLONY COLLAPSE disorder. (Cell phones are the suspected cause. Another is BEE KEEPING technology which got too chemical in nature. They grew bees of super size but limited immune  systems. Size wasnít strength! Viruses nailed these SUPER HUGE BEES.)

It is possible that in pregnancy the fetus is bombarded, then the child is born and docs fill them with many different kinds of vaccines. That's probably the big one, Mercury which goes right to the brain

Anyway, thatís  my take on why there are so many young children with dyslexia, aspergers, even outright autism. (For an articles on AUTISM AND CURING IT (by chelating heavy metals with fruits and herbs,) read THE HEALING INDEX. ) Some parts of their brains got bombarded and deadened, other parts, like at the back of the head where the TV wasn't beaming stayed developed.  Lop-sided bombardment.

Some children in the autism group got fried bigtime. Rumor has it that maybe Mother sat too near the TV or microwave when she was pregnant. OR used an electric blanket. While we sure donít recommend either, it seems to be traceable to heavy metals, MERCURY, in vaccines. So the answer is keep kids away from all vaccines! It produces children who go wacky immediately, stop learning language, throw tantrums, seem idiotic, unable to master the chores and duties of life. And you donít want one!

Having an indigo son, who is recovering from mental illness, (paranoid schizophrenia) and who got well in a state-run mental hospital, (although it could be three meals a day, 8 hrs sleep that brought him straight back to reality, not any of those psychotoxic pills they give him,) ..I still cannot really say that it is HIGHER CREATURES from other dimensions or galaxies incarnating here en masse. Although this child is religious, does healings on animals, is compassionate, and a true, little JESUS. SO it could be higher beings are incarnating on earth, which you know, is the new age answer for INDIGO kids. I think some kids today are susceptible to empty calories from too much junk food and vitaminosis produces schizophrenia. It is a known factor. My family had schizophrenics in its gene tree, my grampaís SISTER in Budapest was nuts. My son was an adult onset paranoid schiz, very mild, but showing signs after he moved into his own apartment and kept (or rather didn't keep) his own kitchen. And drank a lot of beer, from all evidence.

If not dietary causes, heavy metals in vaccines (NO BRAIN BARRIER IN INFANTS, you know, to keep Ďem out, as adults have,) or the effect of electrical waves, EMT,s  -- it could be that souls from some other part of the galaxy have come to supplant the requirements on our planet. And we're getting like....primitives or third worlders. It could happen.. We have ballooned to 5 billion souls alive at the same time; That never happened before here. Obviously, we need more individual souls and we can't get them all from our own galaxy. So we are importing, or attracting souls from the animal kingdom. Like some lion does real well and next lifetime he's human? I actually have one daughter whom I think was a snake in her last lifetime

But here's the main thing. Our ability to build bodies, our actual women's ability to nurture, build, create a fetus at the same time is being interfered with, IMPAIRED. Let's not talk souls. Let's talk SOILS! Our soils are screwed with, chemical fertilizers. Baby formula is screwed with, causing diabetic balloon pillsbury dough children with dysfunctional pancreas glands. So we get these skitter skatter minds harboring great souls, IMPORTED SOULS. Lions, snakes or ET's. These souls are at times PAVLOVAs incarnating into knock-kneed, pidgeon toed bodies. Like: Bodies BUILT BY HUNDAI. Motor by Rolls Royce.

You can't put a Rolls Royce Motor in a Hundai, right? It's like putting great Greek wine in fragile tin cans. It just burns right thru the can even though it's the greatest wine ever. It's just not meant for tin cans! So that's the way I think of Indigos.

I saw the burn-thru-the-can effect happen in my family, so I know the final crisis is partly organic in origin. My last kid, the fourth was fine through high school, then he got a job. An apartment soon followed. He went on a work rampage laboring all day, stoned on black coffee, repeated doses: then drinking beer all night, til late, very little sleep, and to patch the hole, just stronger coffee every morning than the day before. I didn't know or see this as he was off on his own. He very quickly ended up totally out of reality, schizy, saying that the French CIA was after him. He was in Paris for a while so the usual craziness of CIA after one wasn't his brand of the hallucination. Don't know why he's so sensitive to that mixture of coffee all day, beer all night. I'm on that very same regimen and I'm fine!

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~Channelled from the Ascended Masters ~ Date: 6/4/2002  ~ From: Keth Luke ~ Subject: Crystalline Children Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002
"Awakening-Healing News" Letter of Light, "Light

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