How an Ordinary Housewife Traveled back to a previous incarnation in England

Typical Village Layout in Medieval England

Want to make a thousand dollars cash a week? Do PAST LIFE regressions for people. They are all the rage. Better than psychiatry as they show the client why he’s wired the way he is! Twenty-five years ago, I stumbled on GABRIEL GREEN, a man who could regress YOU to your past life. Make you see it ---yourself, not just TELL you that you were Cleopatra. (I have ten girlfriends who each were told they were Cleopatra once, a half dozen who were priestesses in Atlantis and one who was Queen Elizabeth the lst. So those posts are taken.) Gabe NEVER told you that you were famous, he told you nothing. Nobody regressed there came up with such egomaniacal claptrap. Gabe didn't have to glitz us as he wasn't looking for clients. He did this at a FREE group session, did it to everyone there, one by one. He was without razzmatazz, just a very quiet, straight-forward OLD MAN. He told the group all the secrets of how he did it so I will give them to you. Every one of us HAD vivid ‘dreaming center, inner eye’ visions of past lives, without being hypnotized. And I don't HAVE visions easily or daydreams at all.  Not so vivid one is transported there, anyway. I do when I’m asleep but not awake. And OB-GYNS couldn't hypnotize me for childbirth and they tried. So ALL of these details made me believe in Gabe.

For 25 years I THOUGHT about the event. Seeing how I died in childbirth 650 years ago, heart wrenchingly separated from 7 children I had to leave behind, made me understand my own drives a little more. (In this lifetime I've had 4 children, tried to have three more, (the man wouldn't let me). and had over l00 cats.) Advanced MOMMY MADNESS!

I came to see having many lives explained deep soul quirks that I had. I connected with the REALITY of reincarnation and I also saw how it could give people more of an OVERVIEW of what a small thing one LIFETIME is. NOTHING! That sure might get them off their 'blues' about clocks ticking, and deeds undone and somehow EMPOWER them, as the current lingo goes and certainly make them fearless and grief free about not achieving ONE'S DESIRES TODAY as well as accepting the aging and dying process the way we accept going to sleep at night because, as the Hindus say, you get as many lifetimes as there are LEAVES on a tree! You don't get what you want THIS lifetime, there's another carousel turn and the 'gold ring' of youth comes up again. And again.

I know that anyone could profit from being regressed. Unfortunately Gabriel Green has passed on; so let me, as a witness to the ease with which he regressed people pass on his secrets. First, Gabe told the group he was regressing in my living room 25 years ago--now here's the slightly WEIRD part--- that he was doing it with the HELP of psychic ALIENS. Actually, PLEIADEANS. That 'THEY" were WAY -- WAY UP ABOVE him (he pointed to sky).

When he put his down facing palm nine inches over your head and beamed its force into your SKULL, suddenly the LIGHT SHOW went on in your THIRD eye, and he said that it was THEIR ASSISTANCE that made it happen.

Now, this may sound really off the wall, but as I SAW A MENTAL TV SHOW when he did it, found myself INSIDE two of MY PAST LIVES, and especially some meaningful past events, I had to believe something was up. Heck. I made the punch. It was not spiked!

Twenty-five years later, I was moved to do what Gabe did, put my hand OVER people's heads and TRY to make the same thing happen to THEM. And nine out of ten would take the same trip I did. So I feel maybe there are aliens so evolved that they can watch from above, 'THINK' and energize YOUR brain down here. But I am not sure of this.

Here's why it took me 25 years to try to do it myself.  I was reminded of Gabe Green when a friend told me there were many alien races here on Earth, visiting. He said ONE group was psychic. Not the grays, but Pleiadeans. That made me remember my 'regression.'  *By the way, Gabe didn’t live I L.A. He lived on the high desert near the space rock. This huge boulder out in the middle of nowhere where other contactees of mid 20th century congregate where they built the INTEGRATRON, click on above URL, see it.).

Now, about the PLEIADEANS, --If they're psychic, that means they can hear us. Hmmmm. So, I tried to contact these psychic aliens. And holy moly; they answered. Twice. On the astral plane it’s true, but still, it was pretty amazing. And before you call the squirrel police, I’m going to tell you the details right here but I want to remind you that I was predisposed to believe in aliens. BECAUSE --I HAD ALREADY SEEN A FLYING SAUCER!

Something happened to me as a child that gave me belief in such strange possibilities. I saw a UFO at age l0. A HUGE, SILENT, BRILLIANTLY LIT UP flying saucer at FAIRLY CLOSE RANGE. For that, we gotta go back to l951, when my mother showed me that day's copy of the Citizen News, our local L.A. or Hollywood paper. I scanned it in a second. At age ten, I read Louella Parsons, Sidney Skolsky, (My favorite,) Walter Winchell and Hedda Hopper DAILY. (We got 3 of LA's 4 papers home delivered as My Dad loved movie columnists too).. I remember with photographic clarity scanning the small article my mother pointed out, on the very bottom left of the front page --This I recall still. It said : . "Argentinean scientists claim to have made contact with an (?, don't recall the word, UFO? Flying saucer…Alien?) from outer space. They will come down California coast, San Luis Obispo at 9:30, but reach L.A. at l0 Pm."This was POST ROSWELL by three or four years, BTW. I Knew nothing of Roswell then, THE USA did but not me.

Now, my Mom's a lapsed Catholic, a hobby stargazer who studied with Manley P. Hall at the Philosophical Society, went to Christian Science lectures, so I'm INURED to metaphysical weirdness and sort of Hollyweird blasé but my mother is a CURIOUS triple Sagittarius and she and 2 adult friends drag us two kids, (my little friend Barbie and me ) along in a 49 Caddie convertible. THE TOP IS DOWN. We drive up to the peak of the HOLLYWOOD HILLS, l0 pm, we're all on a tiny woodsy lane high in mountains a road going off Laurel Canyon right near Mullholland Drive. AT TEN ON THE MINUTE, No UFO! The COPS COME and they say this is a private driveway, and these people complained to us! We start the motor, and we go a 1/4 mile down Laurel Canyon Blvd, and JUST THEN, UP IN SKY a MOON SIZED & Moon SHAPED, ROUND, but bright-like-the-sun kind of orb moves quietly from right hand about 2 o’clock high --in other words, it emerged from peaks of mountains at that right hand (to me,) section of the sky, overhead, and this SPACE SHIP crosses the black void slowly, taking 5 full seconds, crosses center stage then continues to the rim of the mountains on left hand side, at about l0 o clock high, just a smooth, straight line. Not fast like a comet but graceful, untroubled like a DIVA slowly crossing the stage.. No machine noises of any kind. TOTALLY SILENT! It PASSES behind the mountain peak, which I gauge, is a mile off, goes behind the peaks, and is GONE. WOWWWWWW!! We were blown away, adults, kids all of us.

Next day Barbie and I called newspapers, fire engines, cops to report it. Anyone else see it we asked? Nobody. We were two very deflated TEN year olds. This was l951 or so. But I never forgot it. It was SOOO amazing. And when I tell people, I always, dutifully swear on my four children's heads I SAW THIS! May my kids die in car crashes if I'm lying! People really GET that I'm sincere when I do that, because I'm a good and loving mother. Or I swear on my cats' heads and I ADORE my cats too! And My Mom's 97 and will swear on it, too and so will BARBY! My Mom's address and phone is available to you if you want. Helen's her name. She'll tell you what she saw and she's Catholic. And no geriatric lies about anything. They're too close to heaven! I’d give you Barby’s email. I will fish it out if you want..Her hubby was an Lieutenant ADMIRAL in the Navy. She is widowed now; but she isn’t going to lie.

OK, but here's the clincher. There’s a SECOND TIME I SAW SAUCERS: In mid-Summer l973 I go out into street PREUSS ROAD, in scenic Beverlywood, West L.A., call my kids for lunch. They don't come, they're up the street, I throw my eyes heavenward, as mothers do, all the way to the TOP OF THE SKIES, in utter impatience and suddenly, I FREEZE. FIVE perfect silver circles are moving from left side of sky, very high, 11 o’clock high, moving across the sky SLOWLY. I am FACING the same Hollywood hills that they appeared in 22 years before. I yell to my 4 kids who are approaching,  'sight down my arm' repeat it l0 times, they ALL see it. THE SAUCERS TAKE TWO MINUTES to cross our skies but just THE TOP PART OF THE SKY. My oldest still recalls it. He was 9 or so, they start to disappear at like 2 oclock high which is NOT very far across sky.. which means they are 50 miles up, not low, because if low, I could watch them continue across L.A. Basin all the way to horizon because we're on a BIG hill, in BEVERLYWOOD, I can see all the way to Coliseum, (we watched fireworks at 84 olympics from this perch…we can see bldgs in downtown LA. But these things are getting FAINT up at 2 o clock or so. Perfect circles, like dimes they were, tiny weeny dimes. My son Michael still recalls it. Want to call him on OAHU? (808) 262-6015. And you know NO SON lies for his MOTHER! Get your wedding photos and videos done by him, too. He'll schedule a huge Hawaiian honeymoon for you. Find you best hotel…

So what I'm telling you is that I BELIEVE, right? Well, a lot of years later, my guru pal The Master JULES, my first teacher in vegetarianism, a guy I respect---says to me: There are hundreds of races here but the Pleideans are psychic. They work thru the astral plane.' Well, I believe him. I always have. Anyway, I heard from Gabe two decades EARLIER that they were psychic…so I'm a slow learner, but I don't IGNORE what people tell me. I go out on front porch, project a third eye communication: 'Hi, Pleiadeans, I'm friendly, come to my house.,' THAT NIGHT --(THAT VERY NIGHT!!!) in my sleep (DREAMING, mind you,) I am on sidewalk when a small 'car' comes. It carries me up in the air to a big MOTHER SHIP… (I am not going to go into shape, color or description) YOU meet them, tell me what it looks like. We'll let our letters cross or something. I don't want to TELL you ahead of time. Anyway, little car goes up to a HUGEAMONGUS mother ship. I got a good look from underneath as we approach, THEN, no memory of anything until I am INSIDE, leaning against wall TALKING in their ship as I talk at cocktail parties. LEANING on wall, which is my habit! Even in the astral, apparently! I have no recollection of what they looked like. WEIRD? No memory of THEM only of myself TALKING AWAY and not what I was saying, either. Later, I wake up, I'm in my bed, it was a dream. A WEEK LATER, on Robert Stack show, Unexplained Mysteries? I see that unique shape, unique color ship. Only the colors are reversed. I say 'wow' no way. It was the show on the Belgium sighting. Whole police dept in Bruges or somewhere saw the UFO, HUGE... they've got cops on the show, they went to Belgium to shoot segment. Of course the saucer is a mock up, artist's reconstruction. That's why colors are reversed. SOMEBODY recalled it wrong. THAT night that I saw the show, I go back out on front porch, project my mental beam north, say 'now I know you're real, come visit me again.' THAT NIGHT (and I have never been able to influence content of my dreams, ever!) the little 'car' comes, this time a plump alien lady gets out, *(glad to know they have calories there in the astral!) embraces me as if she knows me. I go to get inside car but I'm standing at the driver side, staring in to the PASSENGER side, on the floor, there's a toddler next to front seat, in a canvas strap like you carry firewood in, and it TALKS and I say 'oh, It's Italian' and a wave of paranoia goes over me, so intense, such fear and revulsion that they're kidnapping earthkids that I wake IN MY BED. Thinking JEEZ, do they KIDNAP EARTH KIDS? "THEY" would never 'come' for me again.

So, I met Gabe Green,  president of the flying saucer society in LA, a year after my second UFO in the SKY sighting of five silver dime ships He gave a FREE UFO circle meeting at my house. Fireplace, circle of chairs. Ten or 12 guests.  He went from one attendee to the next, Hand over one’s head, and regressed them or at least did something that gave them VISIONS of past lives. MY TURN, I'm doubting BIGTIME, after all, Gabe has said that THEY, the Pleiadeans, are HELPING him --that they are way up in the sky. Inwardly, I'm saying "SURERRRRE." to myself. BUT when it was my turn, his HAND OVER MY HEAD WORKED on me; I went into what I deduce was a TRANCE. View was like a t.v. show or a vivid dream. I saw myself in vignettes from a Medieval lifetime. The first "Kodak snapshot" was of beautiful blue and silver brocade dresses that OTHER women had. Not me.(I relived that craving PLENTY in this life, having been excessively drawn to blue and silver brocade!) Gabe asked me where I was. From the type of dress, I guessed around 1350 AD in England. A husband in a leather apron with a lot of pockets, an artisan, a working stiff, I deduced. Ergo no brocade! Then I saw my children. A LOT of them and I loved them. Then my mother helping me in childbirth. This was Britain (I felt,) in very early early times, Middle Ages? Then next memory, I was suddenly DYING in childbirth --and as I did, I realized I was leaving 6 or 7 kids. AS I HIT THAT MEMORY, or was THERE in that SCENE, suddenly an EMOTIONAL REALITY is full on me like a tidal wave of grief at losing the babies, I'm engulfed with more emotional pain than I have felt in THIS life, even watching Bambi, Dumbo and Our Town, big mother separation plot movies, I'm WEEPING as I AM dying in that life, aware that I will never see any of them again. And Gabe put his hand over my head, saying go into your next lifetime. And I went into an uneventful scene from another life in England l50 years ago, then he 'brought me home.' For 25 years I thought about it. (!) NO WONDER so many kids and CATS! I'm The Pumpkin Eater. (English novel about a baby addict mommy.) THIS VISION gave me insight into my mommy madness. I was reassembling the troops.

Then, recently I started regressing people, same as Gabe did. Hand over head. It's easy. One in 12 doesn't achieve liftoff. Do I have Pleiadeans???? I don’t know. None of them have spoken to me unless…A month before the big quake I was washing dishes, a VOICE came. Right inside my forehead. "There's going to be a big earthquake". I told people, "HEY! I heard my first voice. There is going to be a big earthquake." And the biggie hit a week or two later. This was the 94 Northridge quake, the one that hit my rented digs worst, shattering anything I hadn’t moved to the floor. (A lot of it I DID move, heeding that message)

All of this has given me the interest in watching the skies and investigation people's past lives. REINCARNATION. I was naturally open to it. Also, as a child of 13, I had read 'The Search for BRIDEY MURPHY" Pick up a copy used for a buck at

So I’m wondering to this day. Is there an akashic record? Do spirits outside our plane exert a forcefield going down into Pineal gland that revs it up so you can converse? OR is it PLEIADEANS UP IN THE SKY?I don't know. I feel like a little bird who's discovered he can fly but doesn't understand air dynamics ONE BIT. So, that's my story. I swear on my four kids' heads it's true, swear on a bible, on whatever you want. It is as I told it.

And I'm a pretty well known Hollywood astrologer. To Carlos Castaneda and Yogi Bhajan for 27 years and Sally Kirkland, Courtney Love, Betsy Bloomingdale, Mrs. Clark Gable and even to the Robert Stacks and their kids.I do a good horoscope, I believe in astrology. I read a great palm. Saw cervical cancer in the hands of two ladies who then went and GOT IT REMOVED from area where I saw it. (womb = mount of Venus on palm.) One cured gal complained to the owner of the Rennaisance Faire who fired me for giving clients health readings. The other was a famous publisher who hired me to do monthly stars for her mag. So I lost a job and Gained a job for a while.

Three of my articles were cover stories for DELL HOROSCOPE. A fourth didn't make the cover but it was inside. If anything, I'm ruining my reputation by talking about reincarnation and flying saucers and aliens, but.hey. A gal's gotta do what she's gotta do. THIS STUFF IS REAL and it's OUT THERE, waiting to be tapped! You put a bible in front of me, I'll swear on it. And I'm a lady with Madonnas and Jesuses all over the house! OK? So, if you're interested in doing past life regressions, may I suggest you read a file on how to do Time Travel through the MIND. And try the method on your circle of friends. If I didn’t live far from the city of Los Angeles, I’d be doing readings on the New Age seekers. there.

I studied with the the ART JANOV school of emotional release work, with his students. The Culver City branch, not the Beverly Hills one. These primal gurus could take you back to your infancy, the great scars of your life, entering the sewers of the mind through the ‘manhole’ of CURRENT day disturbances. The emotional memories below street level are more intense, so you get many ‘whiffs’ of infancy, baby feelings. Combine it with being ROLFED in your neural nexuses while you’re primaling, you get elimination of very old, stored stuff.Again, the doorway or portal is today’s emotional pain.

The moment that you’re taught how to use the NOW to FEEL the past and then how to DUMP the past, you have a second way to make a living. Call it TANTRUM YOGA and advertise it free at Craigs List.You’ll have more clients than you can handle and have to double your rates.

A friend of mine went to college for GESTALT THERAPY classes. That’s where they run emotional processes on you. Mind Games. FREDERICK PERLS invented it in the 60’s. Google the words.I saw how one could make a living just doing that. I include Fritz Perls GESTALT at the above URL. Then I studied with this ALIEN CONTACTEE/ UFO and REINCARNATION GURU Gabe Green and I saw that you could even go back further than INFANCY. Try PAST LIVES! You could sail right in the door, of the past, using a time travel method that is SOULULAR memories.The AKASHIC RECORD is in your SOUL, not in some LIBRARY.

I began to use the techniques of Janov, mixed with Ida Rolf, Gestalt therapy's Reichian body work, combined it with the auditing process of Janov, added some 'sad music' that would put people into the reflective, inward mode, you know, semi tranced out. (Google saddest music ever, I suggest ‘the way we were’ by Streisand . Make a ‘sad’ tape. That’s how you get rid of sad is by going all the way into it and understanding where it’s roots are lodged.

NEW AGE PSYCH WORK is not only something you can do to your pals, but something you COULD do for a living. Body techs make $100 an hour, psychologists, therapists up to 200$ an hour. Mystics who regress you can make 100$ an hour. So it's in that ballpark of a California, New Age therapy. Practice on the people you live with. Halloween time is perfect. Invite your friends over for a SPIRIT PARTY!But never advertise in Craigssaying psych work. Always TANTRUM YOGA.

So, how to start? For me, vacuum, Clean the room well, remove cat boxes, all unpleasant aromas. Put bouquets of flowers everywhere. This meeting is at night. There are many candles on tables. There are bowls of fruit around the room. A table is set as in expectation of a meal together. There can be non-caffeinated non-alcoholic beverages for everyone as they sit down. The decor creates a holy, eternal vibration. Yet it's also like entertaining guests in a quiet conversation circle. Everyone sits down. The music is playing, You can have  people sitting on pillows or in chairs with back support. When they've settled in, announce that you will be regressing them with a method used by a Pleiadean contactee, Gabriel Green. In fact, you might contact Gabe as he's out there with them now. Ask him to attend.

As you speak to your group enunciate that it takes the help of the disincarnate entities who guide all of us, Gabe, the guardian angels or Pleiadeans, who are part of a spiritual brotherhood guiding this planet.

So everyone's seated in a candle-lit room, maybe there's an altar over on the side, with a few religious pictures. This would be the appropriate time to tune in to such higher dimensions or guides verbally in a brief meditation. Say: "we are going to open ourselves to the healing powers of our own memories contained in the akashic record." State that you, the leader of this group, are only a gross substitute for a real guardian angel but the healing forces are genuine heavenly ones and ask for the blessings of the higher spirits of the brotherhoods of angels that watch over us and ask them to give you the strength to face the akashic record and your own particular past lives which you are going to DO. Which you're privileged to do. It's as if the Freedom of Information Act had made it possible for you to see all the info that the CIA and J.Edgar Hoover had collected on you. Only this is the collection that your SOUL has saved for you! Or their soul has saved for them.

Stand behind one friend at a time. Tell your friend to shut his eyes and LOOK upwards into the third eye area inside their head. Suggest that they will SEE that past life like a television show or clear daydream. You will be putting a palm faced down above their head, 6 to 9inches away, so that your palm beams energy into their crown chakra area and the energy you beam into their pineal/third eye will help them see past lives. Be aware of energy coming down on your hand from the sky, and push that energy out your hand, from the flat of your palm, thru the air into the top of their skull, into their pineal gland. Sometimes left hand is under chin, creating an energy field and Gabe says that sometimes a hand works on the heart area, behind back.

Your people will, one by one, start being able to have scenes of another life. VISIONS. Help them locate where it is in time, what place, who's there, what costume, etc. Or let them talk, see what they come up with.

The past life therapist allows the patient to stroll the many memories of any one life. Let them go where they want to go. They will see pictures their soul recorded onto their own, 'akashic record,' seeing a string of events. If you get into any problems in a lifetime that stress the patient, it's your command decision. Do you let them stay there? If they're too agitated, and it's a death scene just ask them to go forward into the NEXT lifetime. Steer them into MOVING ON FORWARD please.

When they seem to want to leave the reveries and come back to the room, ask them what they THINK those 'other' events did to him or her. Ask them to tie it into their current quirks. Hopefully, the friend sees the through-line, sees what drives were always in him, why he had those particular drives and see what he, himself, has let grow weed-like into a compulsion. This and other cognitions arise at the end of the session. Also ask him what friends he saw, who he knew in a past life and why that person's here again. Before a friend comes to your house for his first past life session, e-mail this article to him to show them what to expect so he'll recognize the events, perceptions and growth that can occur.

1.) ASK. Just go out on the front porch at night, when things are quiet, and throw a mental thought from your third eye area, "I know you aliens are psychic, the good ones at least, come visit me." Throw it for a while, throw it in different directions.

2.) BE FRIENDLY  They will come. You just be prepared to be hospitable. They tend to come as hovering 'spirits' as they can work thru psychic channels which few humans can do. So they come when your own psychic mechanism is clear. That's when you are sound asleep. They use their psychic force to awaken your CONSCIOUSness from dream sleep. You are aware of coming wide awake in bed. You realize your brain is l00% awake, No sense of STUPOR as is the case if your body is awakened. YOUR BODY is sound asleep. It is your higher self that is awake.
There is an Angel near you at all times
Yes, you're dreaming but I am also really here!
So figure out what THAT’s ABOUT!

3.) YOU TOO can have spirits, aliens, incorporeal gurus and saints visiting you. GET RIGHT TO IT. Don't waste time being afraid or startled. True, you aren't used to this, but it’s kind of like inviting in dreams. NOT a killer deal. OK? IN TRUTH, a visitation from aliens is not quite like a DREAM. Because you come wide awake during the true visitations. You realize you’ve been jolted into intense mental wakefulness. NOT the relaxed, cushy sleep state. YOU ARE TOTALLY AWAKE Yet you cannot move a finger. You can concentrate on moving a finger or toe and cannot do it! So NO waking from SLEEP you’ve ever done before is anything like this. WHEN YOU GET A SLEEP PARALYSIS WIDE AWAKE state, You go “HUH?? OH MY GOD it happened. I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED!”

At this point, know that you are being visited by a conscious being, you have been answered. Ask, 'who is here? Do you want to talk? Throw that friendly thought from your third eye. Say from the third eye, pointing the beam of thought out to them, "I'm grateful you heard me, I am ready to listen or talk or you can show me a light show or messages or visions or …." For me on their visitation, just early 2005, so a decade after the other visits, they threw a wild light show! But it wasn’t physical –or real…. It was on the astral plane. I was wide awake inside the astral plane. WHY/HOW DO I KNOW? Cuz I’d gone to sleep ten minutes earlier at around ten a.m. after a night working. My room was in REALITY … full of light. In the astral where I got the light show, it was a dark bedroom so their fireworks really stood out!

Their minds tend toward giving you symbols to prove they’re who they say they are, on early visitations. Visions andfireworks and they can deliver the goods. Boy can they ever. You may feel yourself spun around etherically, it feels like you're being lifted out of your body, floated and turned. You feel like you’re in mid air. JUST like space weightlessness. THAT is the soul being lifted out of the body slightly to cooperate. ONLY when there is a little separation from snoring body can you be full-on awake. STUCK fully in the body, you can only dream vauge dreams. This is wide awake

So float wherever. They are getting your astral body in position as who knows what sleep position you are in. Let them float you into position. Then the light show starts. It is clearer than a dream. Your consciousness is totally awake and of course that helps to make it clear and memorable. Dreams are hazy. This isn’t. 

Whenever you don't understand something, throw a thought like 'what does that mean?' Get into dialogue.

Want to see the triangle space ship they live on, from which they are on running this LIGHT SHOW?? The psychic Pleiadeans fly this very space ship and it is corporeal. It just that they can project themselves to folks they are interested in….who have strong psychic bodies which perhaps emerge aloft on their plane of mind/screen cable channel seeking them. CLICK HERE it's close to resembling the ship I saw but not exactly. There were two colors on the real one: THE TRIANGLE SHIP. 

READ UP ON THE SUBJECT: If you yourself want ALIENS to carry you to ANDROMEDA or the PLEIADES while you sleep, READ DAVID WILCOCK, If you are interested in lifeforms from planets circling OTHER SUNS nearby, who visit, JUST place your mind in this area of enquiry and the higher, psychic ones will come to you. 

GOOGLE UP ‘STORIES OF REINCARNATION” online and find cases. MOREY BERNSTEIN’s BOOK is available at ABEBOOKS USED, “BRIDEY MURPHY --Read some of these books. BIBLIOGRAPHY to be used will be found at MUFON.ORG google word LIBRARY with mufon. The books you find on MUFON’s list can cost a dollar at

YOU CAN LEARN how to use ABES as a BOOK search engine, to eliminate costly books, find the dollar books, then turn around and get to the VENDORS themselves so that you bypass ABE and can buy books inexpensively. Always get them sent by MEDIA MAIL

 Anita Sands Hernandez, write astrology at