Communication with the HIGHER SELF - THE MANUAL. by Anita Sands Hernandez

These days, folks want to know how to get the needle out of the same old rut, and into a new groove. The first and most obvious answer is, energetically create something new (a new habit, perhaps.) It would have to be something that you haven't done before as -- if you'd done it,-- you wouldn't be in this rut now. On a PHYSICAL Level, it would be stop eating junk foods. Ditch the gluten. Combine acid reaction meats with alkaline reaction SALADS. Not bread. Take bike rides,  exercise or clean and decorate the house. Or start going on more job interviews. Getting your creative output to the VIPS maybe. Hang out in used book stores where the smarties go to find a book for a buck, not 27$.

When you think of what you could do on a strictly metaphysical level, to empower your psyche, it's not JUST put GREEN PLANTS in the southwest corner, like the Feng Shui people say we should do in order to have money. It is not clean up the pathways through the living room from the front door, so that money chi can find its way to you, although doing it is better than NOT doing it!

It isn't just sending out more and better resumes, though if you have plants in the house and the house is clean, and you ate a spinach salad for lunch not a bologna sandwich, you'll probably be drawn to printing up more resumes and mailing them out. And the resumes might be spiffier as you certainly do react to your environment and diet.

There is a mind lifting effect to POWER SOLAR FOODS and a  soul lifting effect to POWR decor! It helps to load our office with plants, bouquets of exquisite roses, snapdragons, daisies, or fragrant tuberose, my favorite! O hang paintings of beautiful animals on the wall and even consecrate a small area to use as an altar. We can use that that bouquet on top of that table-altar to remind us of the amazing power of God and maybe even say a little prayer ritual thingie for a second before we address envelopes or print out resumes.

SOCRATES once said, "Everyone's true worship was that which he found in use in the place where he chanced to be." Cited by XENOPHON an author who lived 430-355 B.C. SO I look around me, see a vase in use, see flowers in use, and luckily once I gathered colored stones and gorgeous shells at the beach and created a little nature corner to talk to MY higher self. And I put a small toy telephone there. The reason is.. I want to talk to GOD.

There is one thing you didn't think of that has the power to carry you to that new destiny, a new groove --- automatically. That is to contact the SUPREME BEING and ASK him to take you there.


That easy. (Drum roll!)
1.) Wherever you are right now, close your eyes and ask if you might contact Him. It never hurts. It's wise to ask. Ask and you get an answer. They say. Ask and ye shall receive.

2.) ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE! HOW to ask. Well you gotta find the supreme being in a quiet moment. That's when you notice a magical quiet descending on the space where you are. For me that's the rosy glow hour before sundown in the garden. Or at three a.m. when I turn the radio off. The less people the better so a public park is hard. Go onto the roof if you're in an apartment bldg. Wrap in a rug, lie outside on a chaise, staring at stars. Get yourself in a quiet spot. Could be in warm bubbles in the Tub, or on a soft bed (but not too close to sleepy time, maybe waking up time). Try it once in the morning, once in afternoon, once in the evening until you find when the Supreme Being isn't busy. And when you are focused. It's like t.v. If you have a picture going, you know there's communication.

3.) Next, just start the movie rolling. See him, what he looks like, talk to him. See yourself TALKING to him. SEe him answering.  See the supreme being as Jesus like, handsome, in white, leaning in so close that he's almost embracing you. I enclose a lovely graphic of the two of you, to get you into this vision.

Now, figure out an endearing way to make friends with the Big Guy. The small talk thing. Don't be so put off by how immense and important He is. Fact is, He's YOU. YOU are HE and HE is your higher self. Your Higher Self has known you all these years and you've never even indicated that you knew He/ or She was there! So it's probably best not to just say hello out of nowhere. Work it slowly, politely. Be reverential. Light candles. Put flowers out. This Big Guy knows big big stuff facts that you only WISH you knew. So don't just charge off into the moment saying "tell me all!" Comes off impertinent, greedy and hurried. Work it slow. Suggest as you light candle and put out flowers that you two are going to offer this party to him daily, hopefully have a few sessions or meetings. Say 'I don't want to button hole you, Sir, I just  want you to 'make me more like you, Your Honor. More all knowing. More sure of myself. Help me forgive myself for lacks which have made me think I was unimportant, ugly, shifty or mean. I don't really think I'm a weasle. I forgive myself. Can you?"

Say whatever it takes." Higher selves actually prefer you praise yourself not him. He knows who he is, but  dozens of primitive religions insist that praising The Big Guy works. Do a little of both. "You're so great, you created Earth, Oceans, People. Animals, sky, sunsets. Brilliant strokes. You created the world, that's pretty good. Lotuses are awfully attractive. Gardenias were fabulous.  How did you do that? TUBEROSE are really masterful, in fact I have one here in this vase for you" .

You know, polite, loving small talk. The kind of things that get cold lovers to warm up to one. In many religions they sing songs of praise to the Higher Self where they actually do romance him or her in very loving terms. I tend to make up ditties right off the surface of my unconscious. I just start singing, humming, making up lyrics and rhyming.

4.) Do all the above. Oddly, in spite of feeling like a fool, you'll find that you do not feel alone any more. You may have been jobless and alone in a country behaving like Nazi Germany  but now you've got your Higher Self and you can turn the whole thing around!

5.) Tell him your problems. List them all. Tell him what you're grateful for. Thank Him. End the session asking him to find you that job you need, the perfect living space, Barbara Bush should tell her hubby to quit being slave of the oil-o-garchs, the galactic overlords. The IMF/ IRS. Whatever you need.

6.) Create your most spectacular works dedicated to him. That painting, that song, that doggy bag that goes to a poor person on the street. Say here, God. For you.

7.) When you get to know the higher self, thru daily  meetings, you can confide your desperation at how things are going for you, the planet. Say, there's a major recession. (Not hard, there IS). A thousand resumes and there's no job at the end of the mail out, cuz corps are going bust. Consumers don't spend. Our president is waging war on an oil rich country to steal their oil as a way to fix a 20 year economic depression.

As your HIGHER SELF knows other higher selves, reach to heaven and ask PRESCOTT BUSH to talk to his son, BUSH Senior who runs Cheney and the kid,  The PRESCOTT BUSH Higher Self  is probably good and ashamed of working for the HARRIMAN FAMILY, (The BIll Gates of his day,) and helping the NAZIS get so rich and powerful. Oh no? GOOGLE those words. YOUR high self can contact THIS SPIRIT and ask himto intercede, make Bush Senior wake up. Or make Barbara step in and say 'George, get out of Iraq. You're crazy.'

YOUR OWN HIGHER SELF also knows Bashir Assad and can make him get clear on how to tell the truth when his trial comes up when GOD makes the trial happen. See,-- GOD can really do a lot if you'd confide your urgency on the state the planet's in right to the Corporate head himself. As everyone's got a flag on their SUV God seems to think at this point that you want that war!

8.) Related to your own private miseries, keep asking the Big Guy for confidence because if you had it, you could probably work all the miracles you need, by yourself. Now, one way to sureshot your confidence is .......dress well, groom by current day standards so that wherever you go you feel you are just elegant. Clean, smelling good, shining, bright, shoes shined, matching accessories. Clean the car. Get the whole thing polished looking.

9.) Get some really great photos of yourself even if taken in the old days, hang them in every room and fall in love with YOURSELF all over again! YOU ARE the center of your universe, you and your higher self!  God is YOUR HIGHER SELF, so when you looked your best, you looked like GOD looks and he looks like you. So that photo is IT! WORSHIP that! Put flowers beneath it, Kiss your own shoulders occasionally when you're blue. Smell your sweater. That's YOUR ODOR. Ain't it fab! YOU ARE the one who's going to make this whole place down here into a joy joint. You are going to save the world. Get the job. Make the money. Start a charity and get salaried by it, street legal to fund raise. You're going to do Internat'l Import Export of things artisans make. You're going to employ poor folks, Create an Empire. 

All the people you admire (Christ, Gandhi, Schweitzer, Mother Teresa,) will be OUT DONE by YOU when you are finished! HAVE FUN with yourself! Love your own creative OUTPUT! MAKE IT SHIMMER! Stop with all the INPUT. Remember, he who takes in more than he puts out is CONSTIPATED!

10. Hang a photo of God so you can remember him. Or take a TANTRIC PHOTO of yourself. That's what YOGI BHAJAN called the one he gave us: a portrait of him staring into the lens and when you look at it, you get into a pink tantra relationship with him... hearts link and synch.  Have someone shoot you that way. Or get your ole wrinkley grandma whom you adore and do a portrait. She'll be in heaven soon. She could be useful, there.

BELOW, I enclose a "snapshot" of you and your higher self standing close together. Print it out. Remember it. Carry one in your wallet to look at when you lose faith. Engrave this image on your brain! YOU ARE NOT ALONE in this boat! You have carved out a love letter to the Supreme Being, met with him on a first date, and are going to keep the relationship going.

DEDICATED to you and your sweetheart, Your Higher Self! This is the start of a beautiful relationship.

if I carry this higher self with me, all the time, isn't it ME?