add a God box to your prayer, pup paper wishes inside, photos, affirmations
by Anita Sands Hernandez astrology

A God box is an object of intense beauty used for manifesting goodness in your life. You can buy it or build it. You can adorn it with faux finishes, faux lapis, strings soaked in glue, making loops, like spaghetti rococco, then paint it, varnish it, maybe gluing on many sparkling, faux jewels or pearls. 

You can do a collage of cut out magazine photos, or seed catalogue flowers or pictures of saints, Gods and Goddesses. You'll come across the most beautiful articles to put on the outside of your box, if you look at graphics, posters, magazines and the calendars made by  the popular painter, THOMAS KINKAID, or Renaissance poster art. Glue them down, let them dry then use CLEAR VARNISH and set some JEWELS on top with glue and a circle of string and glue around the gem.

The inside of your box perhaps will have a lining of beautiful fabric, carefully glued in. The intense beauty of the finished God Box resonates with and from --- inner beauty. From this inner beauty, one manifests outer beauty.

Place your God box in a special place, a sacred place where you can go and sit peaceful. Surround it with beauty, using the principles of feng shui. An altar will have a living plant nearby. A table, a chair or bench. There will be magnificent art above it. Tinkling chimes. Incense burners. Your vase with flowers from the garden.

Various ways of using a God box are as follows.

Using your own handwriting, choose special pretty paper for writing to spirit. Be careful what you ask for, for our hearts are always heard when they are sincere. When the heart sighs for Heaven, Heaven sighs for the heart. 

You can date your notes, place them carefully into your God box. You do this whenever you need friendship in the purest sense of the word. You do it when danger strikes and you need a reliable Presence to guide you through a storm-tossed strait. You do it when you want to request will power to achieve your highest good. You use your God box when you need comfort and guidance. You use it to ask for divine inspiration. You use it to tuck little pieces of folded paper containing heartfelt prayers. You use a God Box because action and beingness attract havingness. A folded, written wish is a kind of action that will make wonderful things manifest. 

You can use a God Box on bad days to tell God what needs fixing. You can use it on good days just to send a telegram to Heaven and give gratitude. You can ask to have pressing questions answered. you can state affirmations, vows, intents, hopes. Heaven is not particular. It doesn't demand just one thing. It demands nothing, but feels and reflects YOU. 

The teacher known as Judith says: "My God box calls to me. My God box is ever ready to receive my needs. If I forget to ask for miracles, it wonders why I don't use it more often. It patiently awaits my heart vibrations”.
THE GOD BOX is a magical portal to the ANGELS who want to help you. ASK and you shall receive! 

She goes on: "A God box can be any size, any color, decorated to please you, made of a shoe box, a cigar box, endless choices of decorator boxes in stores, all shapes, colors, & sizes. 

Judith says that her God box is approximately 5"x 8"x 6"deep, has a lid with clasp but she confides that she never closes the lid;  it remains open to spirit. It's a thin metal box from Barnes & Noble book store. On the outside of the box, nearby on the wall, she has taped photos of people close to her heart, her teachers, relatives on both sides of heaven, also words and pictures that she clipped from magazines that are meaningful for all the subjects concerning her life. 

The box can be placed within a small 3 sided screen-closure for privacy. Any sheets of paper she writes on are trimmed to the size slightly smaller than the box to facilitate easily placing them inside. When she started her God box, she would read all the notes once a month to monitor what was happening. She found that it was amazing how many prayers were answered, problem solved, relationship issues smoothed, health issues resolved, and endless more. 

She created a simple ceremony, by herself, with a candle, and burned those papers which had results, sending copious thank yous to God and the angels for that favor. She feels that it is important to write a note of gratitude any time your heart is heard and results have manifested to help your life. 

She uses her God box for requesting prayers for others, for pets, friends, for nature itself, and for world peace, to name a few, not just for herself. She advises that we think vast! God does! So try the refugees, and that awareness come to the despots who create them.

And when you are sad, and a glass of orange juice doesn't banish the mood, take a piece of paper, write the word 'my sadness' on it, and put it in the box and lock the lid. Later, when your sad mood is gone, forgotten, go find the box and look inside.

Take the folded piece of paper and throw it away. Open the box and put a jewel or flower in there, instead. And leave it open. Or write “THANK YOU, Heavenly Father” and leave it there. 

Use your imagination for reasons why you will benefit from creating a God Box in your life. Children are attracted to the concept as fun and will learn practical spiritual habits that will aid them if there are ever tough times. 

Give one as a gift to people of all ages, men, women and children. Print out this article and include it in the gift. 

Like a new friend! Call your box by any name that suits your nature, it doesn't have to be God box. It can be MY L'il BUDDY or My Secret CHUM. It can be the Wish Motel. The Magic Celestial Suggestion box. Stairway to Heaven. Bud Box, Heavenly Union, My Celestial Phone.. 

You've never seen this box idea in a store, have you? So someone could start their own company creating endless beauty through God boxes. Blessings on all of you. Enjoy!" sez the Teacher known as Judith whose website is at