The very sensitive, aware 'sighted' Hindus knew that you could 'hondle' God. You could win him over to your point of view, and suggest HE give you the really good luck by doing 'good works' which would improve your karma. You know what the Hindus came up with as the prime method? Feeding and putting water out for the wild birds.


Thru a friend, I got a file emailed me, telling of an ancient Indian guru, talking of ways to change your luck, your personal 'police record', (the akashic record) purging it of any bad karma from other lives, even.

Your clean up chore involves an Angel or something, spotting your good heart as you feed some lovely bird, then the angel going into your actual past akashic record and entering into the record your deeds, which clean matters up, and then, instead of suffering more insults from fate, that angel shows God that you paid the karmic bill and God signs it and your luck changes.

The sole trick to change your karma was to give fresh water and food to the birds daily. (Or the homeless, same idea.) Well, hey! That's do-able! So I DID the easier one, no car driving to parks, I fed the birds and let me tell you, after a few weeks of leaving birdseed around the garden, my luck changed, bigtime! I got a huge movie star, rock star client. My income went way up. So may I suggest a basic LUCK-ACHIEVING technique: Hit the 99c store for a bag of seed, Get outside on a chair out there and place a plate way up high where cats cannot get it or get the birds and there you leave leave crumbs and wild bird seed, CANARY seed is a very good one, or parakeet, as it's small-ish. Bird feeders are great but if you don't have one, a pie tin placed on a horizontal jutting lanai or car port roof or in a tree works.

I have added considerably to my birdseed collection and saved money by going to the baker's huge trash dumpster on my way back from market. He throws about 30 loaves there Thursday night, (he supplies markets, so it's one night a week that he picks up unsold loaves. Most bakeries throw away a few loaves of bread nightly.) This particular bakery left the loaves on top of the many bags of flour, crates of onions and onion waste (he makes onion pizza breads, stores send the excess back.) I freeze these bags of bread, take out one iced loaf, one a day. When I finish boiling turkey burger and carrots for the cats, I use the broth for the bread. This mush gets thrown to the crows. I carry the soaked bread to fence, yell 'caw caw' imitating the birds' cry for "I've found food gang!" And one crow will come and she'll start cawing to the others. And soon, they're all eating bread and chopped carrots. This keeps them so fat they don't have to kill baby birds of smaller species, which crows do in hunger times.

So do hit bakeries for their stale bread. Mold, I am told, is not a problem for birds. Most bakeries are full of workers all night, and they will find the 'throwaway' loaves. There are usually dozens. One night the loaves given me by the bakers at the BEVERLYWOOD BAKERY were so fresh that I began distributing them to tramps sleeping on bus benches. Motor running, I leapt from the car, as I handed it to the sleeping, homeless old lady, a guy in a Mercedes came to a stop, gave me the highsign. I made the finger rubbing money sign, and said 'you give me money for her,' pointing to the supine woman. He pulled out a buck. I darted out into traffic, which was stopped at a red light, got the money and gave it to the old lady while he watched. One of life's neat moments.

We don't have the homeless L.A. has but we have huge flocks of crows out here in the valley to the north of L.A. The other eve I saw a huge racoon with a mask climb the tree outside on my curb strip after dining on my soaked bread. I made a mammal happy! That little guy probably ate up a few lifetimes of my worst karma.

So as you look at the little yellow bird below, let his eyes tell you how little food is out there in spring, just when they're building nests and laying their eggs. And motivate you to check bakeries in your area, and find out what day the bread returns come. Or maybe make an arrangement with baker about old bread or even unused dough. Roll it in to a thin sheet, bake. Then soak in your vegie water, vitaminized! or broths from cooking for your pets. Serve to a chorus of happy peeps!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! MISTER HUMAN BEING. NEXT LIFETIME I'll be your personal friend! This lifetime I just can thank you and beg the Gods  treat you real nice, cuz YOU SHARE! (munch munch!) DELICIOUS MOLDY BREAD!


OR FEED THE WILD ANIMALS! My senior friend Robert, a liver cancer survivor, left the city, went to live in the mountains. The man's an angel, feeds several families of deer, racoons, skunks. All but racoons will come right up to him, eat out of his hand, but he sets out huge plates, too. He wrote me:"Went through another 50 pounds of grain for the deer tonight. It's in away getting out of control but it keeps them healthy.Without my help many would starve. I found the deer don't travel that far and stick rather close to home. I was adding up how much food I've bought this month. 450 pounds of grain, 105 pounds of alfalfa, 75 pounds of cat food, 100 pounds of sunflower seeds and the month's not over. After moving two bags of grain, 50 pounds each my back isn't feeling so well." 
He has done an album of animal photos, see:
Please send this saint of a man a fiver. Then you can forget about feeding your birds.

Robert Sakall
2500 Gold Bug Lane
Placerville, California 95667

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