creating in reality

A PATH to manifesting one's wishes or dreams. MAKING WISHES COME TRUE.
MANIFESTING in reality. Based on a the MASTER JULES'years of study.

It was the night of an eclipse. The most afflicted eclipse I ever saw. SATURN URANUS AND MARS were SQUARE THE NEW MOON lunation.
In astrological terms, a fixed sign grand square of 3 malefics with an eclipse (!!) is so rare as to be unheard of. All the planets, luminaries were in fixed signs and fixed signs are about REALITY. Creating permanent structures. BUT THWARTED, BLOCKED by an EVIL MESS OF MALEFIC PLANETS in the SAME DEGREES OF FIXED SIGNS.

  Somewhere around 3 or 4 a.m (I work night schedules on PSYCHIC HOTLINES) I was handling email and found a confused letter from a web friend, JACK, a mentally confused person who gets messages out of the t.v. regarding which lotto numbers to pick. He's surfing synchronicity city, a schizophrenic trait, well, ... he's almost boiled down to total scrap metal has ideas about selling sushi on the beach out of a wagon, and another wagon to sell coconut oil ice cream and starting an aerobics class in the park and getting his cheap broke mother to fund a gym, with her social security check and about ten other ideas all of which would be great businesses except he is way too busy smoking weed in his rented garage. And surfing all day but also he's got a dozen ideas about NAMES he can take, GURU RAMARISHI and maybe WAHE SANGAT SINGH... how that would IMPROVE HIS LUCK. Make him a success. Just like that!

So I'm thinking maybe it's time to hand him to his family with a tip about a good nuthouse and put him on ice until he heals. BUT I thought if he could do the basic spiritual practice, which was taught by the world's best Spiritual Seeker, lifetime Student, the Master JULES, (a great Beverly Hills guru, a multi-millionaire who did not HAVE to teach by the way. He was a self made multi millionaire, but on the way up, he had studied with every big guru on the planet for over 50 years and left transcribed talks. I typed them up for THE MASTER JULES WEBSITE, lectures which you can read, free.

So I sent the "ACHIEVE YOUR DESIRES" head trip map to him. Closed up the PC and went and ate a tuna fish sandwich and was brushing my teeth feeling that I had sent my burnt out pal the JEWEL METHOD of  ATTAINING ONES DESIRES as taught by JULES  my crazy friend could use the technique to start rebuilding his mind because the magic of this method is that it starts you at brick one. Right down where the rubber meets the road, in the very foundations of thinking. And just below that in NOT THINKING. An area which starts you rebuilding your thinking and processing tools. 

With this simple trick, ANYONE can rebuild a mind better than it was. Jules has given me the teachings over the forty years I'd known him, he married my best school pal. And later, 200 long AUDIO TAPES of the teachings to transcribe as chapters for his book "I INVENTED THE EGO BECAUSE I FORGOT I WAS GOD"

I had attempted to take all the information in the first few dozen chapters and transform it into ONE magic pellet to give to this crazy friend, to turn him around. So that's what I was doing during the eclipse. 

LEO eclipses are about creativity and ALL the fixed signs not just LEO are about TOUCHABLE reality, our wishes, achieving our desires for love, fun, creativity. TAURUS SCORPIO squares off to the side (*on this August 99 date) mean blockages.

The AUGUST 99 ECLIPSE, and what it teaches
                      about HOW TO MAKE YOUR DESIRES COME TRUE

NOTE: ECLIPSES are like a WARNING, showing a weak spot in the weave. AND IF A MALEFIC PLANET TRANSITS the ECLIPSE DEGREES, afterwards, that TRANSIT supposedly sets it off. So eclipses are OMENS that point to future disasters.

Well, Saturn stayed in that area of TAURUS for a few months, went retrograde a degree or so but when it came back to hit the eclipse degrees with THREE MALEFICS AGAIN, the next APRIL, we had the NASDAQ crash. Tech stocks dived, obliterated tech investment for years. In MARCH 2000, I warned all my astrology clients, get out of the stock market NOW before APRIL COMES. So eclipses give a glimpse of the future.

NEGATIVE planets attached to a lunation is about a COMING CRISIS. In Fixed signs, the frustrations we have at creating reality. Failure to create happens when the mind is going like a fluttering projector, juggling a thousand ideas a week each with a BLOCKAGE attached and we're projecting all these negative pictures on the reality screen, so that's what we manifest. So here is Jules' antidote. I wrote JACK.

JACK, Got your EMAIL. All this energy and plans. A l00 great ideas battling each other for time and space. But sushi on the beach dosn't go with ice cream stand. And gymnasium. You're making it hard. Stop thinking so much, it's making you tick like a bomb. LIFE JUST GOT EASIER! DON'T BOTHER REMEMBERING WHAT YOU SHOULD HAVE FORGOTTEN!  You think your HOUSE is cluttered!! Your brain is the REAL clutter catastrophe. What if every surface in your house were covered with your dusty junk, dating back to birth, every teddy bear and squeeze toy, every object that ever touched your hand, there in the room. Well, the brain is just that messy. At 3 am tonight smack dab during the big grand square ECLIPSE I GOT it, heard it, it came to me. The eclipse told me something. At the exact moment of the eclipse this came to me. It's time for HEAD Housekeeping!

Cleaning the 'brain' is the only practice that can create joy, peace, harmony and OUT OF THAT, the magic, high degree of creativity that can rescue you from the HOLE you say you are in,  add earnings, so let's add empty brain equals wealth. Certainly, incentive to FLATLINE THE ole BRAIN.

Kickstart your POWER by dumping mental static. No more automatic thinking, no more processing input, endless correlating. No more inferring. No more deducing. No more letting random pictures 'out there' stimulate a receiver reacting, "IN THERE."

You WANT to enter the brain-free zone where you're immune to it all. Put the brain in the deep freeze! That means those jack-you-up fuels you're used to swigging all day which make you thinky, have to be tossed. Sayonara coffee, Coke, tea as they make the ole brain shake, shake, buzz like a cement mixer. We want no skull sludge. We want a total FLATLINE on the brain-o-meter. NO LOAD IN THE HOLE! Brain 'light!'
When you practice showing thoughts the door, gradually what will happen is, you enter into the utter silence of the grandeur of the silent Forest mind. You will start to hear the chipmunks that you never heard before. You will even hear those little burps from the giant dark lake within, from the mud bed at the bottom of the soul, little burps of cognition.

When they come, the ripple spreads, then dies into a flatline. Note the thought passing, go back to flatline. Maybe after a half hour of peace, another little burp, something more significant. Say yes, and then go into flatline, letting that information GO........ If it's major important burp, write it down, then get off it immediately. See, it's about letting go, letting things move. Not being constipated and HOLDING. Gradually what happens is everything you THOUGHT was objectionable in your life passes away, too!

You created all those "tragedies" of joblessness, poverty, alienation, fights and break-up with your previously THINKY mode, the monkey driving the jet plane in the contrite, sad, guilty, angry, hurt, wounded and as a final fillip, the "entitled to be addicted" and entitled to treat- myself in-tasty- ways- mode.

You went down that road by multiple tinyweenie choices and of course, accidentally created tremendous disharmony. You let the devil in the door. So all you do is forget the self pity. All those decisions about how it WAS -- now need disk wipe. Make 'em gone! When a sour memory comes up, just say "I'm so grateful I got out of that. Here I am and I'm beautiful and I don't have to live with the results of those bad choices."

You thought all that junk was here to stay. No! When you are a clear, mountain pool, reactions to those things fall thru you and disappear. They sink to the bottom of a very deep pool ergo they no longer exist because you don't react to them. You don't bother to grab at those thoughts, clutch them in your palm, drop them on the lake surface and 'make endless ripples' or dramatize. You just think, "I caused it, I take responsibility, won't do that twice,' and you get OFF IT. Throw the stone down deep!

FORGET everything you ever knew or heard or cared about or thought was a guiding philosophy of a fact relevant to your history. Forget the Drama of "MY LIFE". Any memory that comes up, let go. your likes, hates. Vendettas. Forget it. Let it go. These memories didn't add up to anything but you with some bigtime present time irritations. So don't cherish pain!

DUMP the causes of those irritations. And stop being so tacky, cheap and mean to all those people. Why would you be if the vendetta died out of memory. Tell you what -- Let's go flatline and see what soul wants to do about life. What God wants to do about tutoring those jerks but loving them as you do it, loving them the way a puppy or a retard loves. Ardently.

Next, to have better, higher level events, let the soul drive. Quiet the monkey mind down. Let some higher force than a few cups of gray mush make those life shaking decisions! Ask the unconscious. Ask for the insight. Keep asking until it comes, either in dreams, meditation or while you're washing dishes. But if you don't ask you don't get.

Now here's the hard one. Cuz the others are EASY. LET no new info in to your head to LODGE in your brain. Any info comes, look at it,handle the data in one half second, then get off it. FORGET IT. Letting thoughts loll around your brain is like inviting tramps into your living room. They babble drunkenly, lips flapping, eat like pigs, mess the floor so don't even let 'em in. Tend to them at the front door, then say 'goodbye' nicely. Do not let a single thought lodge in your brain for more than a millisecond. Thoughts are tricky. They try to engage you in processing, they want to get you clay-squeezing around in your own viewpoint, as if there were decisions you'd have to make or re-make after you checked your viewpoint. There isn't anything to decide so don't review incidents looking for viewpoint. That's meaningless babble. The source of all irritation, insanity, grief, bad personal vibe and all losses. CUT YOUR LOSSES. STOP IT! Stop letting thoughts be the lieutenants giving orders to your brain to do research.

You are not some alley tramp's 24 hour a day secretary! You are a glorious, empty kind person and your NEW, unfrowning FACE is gonna SHOW IT when you've thoroughly emptied the room upstairs and put a FOR RENT sign on it so the BIG GUY can come visit.

For people who still want logical REASONS, on why should we want to STOP processing, reviewing, doing viewpoint checks, liking, hating, deciding if we like or hate? The reason is because they are all examinations of the PAST. THEY ARE NOT RELEVANT to now. A viewpoint is just a photograph you made yesterday of some other event and is another damn thing you should have forgotten. Do you want this LEAD CHAIN around your neck with pounds of stuff rattling? NO! Get rid of it, all the stolen silverware, all the flatirons you were going to take into be repaired, you're WEARING THEM!

Get and STAY absolutely EMPTY. The only chain you want might be a bead bracelet or mantra prayer beads. Like a rosary, hold it in hand, pull it thru your fingers. Keep a sentence you love going, "God and I are one, God and I are one." That mantra stuff is magic, and penetrates and dyes the mind a nice color of lavender, and it will also build an epoxy firewall to keep thoughts out.

Stay empty as a jar and you'll be more relaxed, more perceptive and you'll sleep longer. Important that you do sleep longer too. As we get older, we have those 'repeated awakenings.' So reach out and eat. Yes, have a piece of cheese or avocado wrapped in napkin under pillow, take a one inch square, chew, swallow, rinse mouth, without getting out of bed, with a jug of water you have by bed, then go back to sleep. SLEEP LONGER.

PRACTICE all these things. Memorize the list, FLATLINE EMPTY, FORGET, TRAMP THOUGHTS STAY OUT. SLEEP LONG AND DEEP. Cuz only if you memorize them can you practice them constantly. Catch yourself when you fall off.

Now, with all that sleep and empty head you'll be bright as a penny. The spark of life will make REAL thoughts come, deep ones, make the brain synapses crackle and pop. That only happens in a rested mind. The unconscious can more easily get thru to the rational mind and you'll have multi-dimensional thinking. You will see METAPHORS, SYMBOLS, synchronicity and coincidences and HEAR the HIDDEN VOICE-advice that the universe is giving you. The true path will open. You will hear the words of the higher self as your own mind is no longer babbling some trash agenda. You will create a new vigorous and fired up creativity in your waking hours from this practice, and become a millionaire in a year.Your unconscious will figure out the way to do it if, from time to time you ask it to do so. Because the LINE of communication will be crystal CLEAR.

So, FLATLINE, FORGET everything and DON'T LET NEW MENTAL RIPPLES in. Just drop that stone to the pool bottom.  Stay empty. Sleep more.  Occasionally ask your GOD head to produce something MATERIAL. See, He's the only one who can. Not you. Not your brain. The brain has about as much depth as a pool of spit, as much will power as a glass of orange juice. The brain is what gets addicted to all time wasters, energy wasters. The soul has all the juice! And to think, all these years, you've been relying on this monkey to guide you. You abandoned the OVERSOUL because you thought the ego was GOD. YOu went with the EGO forgetting YOU REALLY WERE GOD, on a higher level. Or as my guru says, "YOU INVENTED THE EGO BECAUSE YOU FORGOT YOU WERE GOD!"

So PRACTICE this program. Sure, you'll fall off the practicing in the first ten minutes and catch yourself babbling with the tramp who suddenly seems to LIVE in your mind. Toss the bugger out and get back to the grande nada. Learn to eliminate the 'brigand thought' in one split second without a clench or a thought.

First thing that happens while you're trying to practice not thinking, is you find the mind virtually broadcasting like a radio left on. You're driving down the street, seeing this memory, that thought, that stimuli to some dumb conversation, leaking energy all over the boulevards, worse than ever. I tried it. In the days after the eclipse, I gave up coffee, thinking that would take the starch out of me, make me More peaceful. SAME battle as with caffeine. Right now I'm still in that first week where you're catching yourself making the mistake all the time. You stop yourself, and then you do it all over again. Have you ever had a tray of one inch baby zinnias, and you plant a few, the sun hits them, they die. You plant a few more out in the yard, they dry up. Finally one grabs and you have riotous bloom. Practicing a new mental habit is just as hard. You try it a hundred times before you get one moment clear and golden and beautiful and then, a whole afternoon of it.

Brainlessness is the ground floor for miracles and power. When you're truly empty you are relaxed, cogent, ready to do work, not stressed and ticking like a bomb. Be artfully brainless. Perfect the art of spending time daydreaming about the positive things you want in your life and seeing what chores or habits or efforts you're going to do regularly to get these cherished dreams. You're going to have to talk BACK to the oversoul when the channels are clear AND get your unconscious interested in these worldly agendas. And maybe even, occasionally, ask your unconscious what ITS agenda might be. What you might have promised God you'd do when you got here, this time. Funny, but how this works is that soon, reality and the great souls passed on and your personal guardian angels create your bumping into a guy wit a fish wagon or ice cream freezer and wild realities replace wild ideas. REALITY answers your call. Life triggers recognition scenes, hunches, lightning bolts. Life sends you synchonicities and stimulii and you go Eureka! THAT'S IT! It all came together!

And when that kind of stuff is going on daily, next time that doorbell rings, it won't be a homeless idea. It'll be your ultimate DREAM... what you always envisioned, right there at your door.