Life places us in strange places. Working for monsters, or working with them, married to devils, raising kids who are squashing us, paying off homes we wish we didn't live in, all kinds of strange places!

Sometimes you can take a hike, get a divorce, get loose, just pick up your suitcases and relocate. Sometimes you can't but, if you have to work for a jerk, parent a brat or be married to some person who's a louse, donít suffer. Have fun while you're stuck there. Writing about the pains will break the chains.

If you have to stay with a miserable mate as there are children involved, or if you're the man and you have to take care of a woman and kids just because they are yours, consider it vital research for your philosophy of life, which you will share in conversation or writing. Use your new found experience at dealing with stressful people, for forming viewpoint on how they got that way, and how to handle them..

Don't fight these petty tyrants. Put the bugs under a microscope. Let's see what they'll do when given sweet words, harsh words, jokes, lofty philosophy or witty abuse. See what works but at all times, handle yourself like an angel.

That's what you are, an angel stuck on earth in what is perhaps a Ďnot so funí lifetime but by being good, polite, you acquit yourself elegantly and attract a better karma and a more amusing lifetime NEXT time around. And you will have other lifetimes.

You know how you adore comic movies, from Chaplin, Buster Keaton to Jim Carrey?  SUFFERING can be FUNNY. You'll get more stories (and laffs) out of your tragic destiny than you can imagine. 

Some people are so serious about a lifetime 'wasted'  as they call it. "My life is a failure. This marriage, these children are time wasted". Well, TIME is an illusion. Forty hours or forty years, illusion both. You put one foot in front of the other if you work at this job or another --- if you're at home or alone somewhere. Stick it out. Don't wear a wrist watch on your heart. A whole lifetime is no problem. You have many more lifetimes in front of you. The point is to handle yourself in a gentlemanly manner and pay off your karma.

Man is the slave of love and being a slave is good. It means hard work, focus, consecration to the task, less time for frivolous fun. In your esclavitude you will MAKE THE MOOLA and fork it over to the Gal. You'll smile. You'll watch what she does with it, in anticipation. Xmas trees? Cashmere turtlenecks for herself or for you? A pipe, a bag of costly tobacco? Or lipsticks at ten bucks each, lined up by the bathroom window. We will see what we will see. Character is destiny. Yours, hers. The divine comedy. Itís this shape in this lifetime. Maybe you can't get away from her and she blows all the money on herself. But next lifetime, it could be different. You get as many lives as there are leaves on a tree. I've been regressed to see TWO OTHER LIVES that were in this last millennium, or thousand years making 3 lives in a thousand years. Life isn't stingy. Flow with it. To swim the river the way it's going is not exactly giving up your ethics, betraying your beliefs is it?

We are in the realm of illusion (maya). Time is an illusion. We are eternal. All the junk that makes your brow scrunch up is only experience. Learning. Knowing. Recognizing. You're doing real well in that department. It's not a total loss.