...or how to use states between sleep and waking for contacting the other side of heaven or the hidden side of your own mind.
After fifty, different things wake one during the night, unsettling dreams ---body stress but mostly low blood sugar. If I've only had 4 or 5 hours of sleep, and I find myself awake, I can zonk out by eating a tbsp pc of cheese kept in saran wrap under the other pillow. Instantly I can sleep once again. If I've slept almost a full 8, I will use that last little half hour of sleep for CONTROLLED DREAMING. Meaning you send your dream to the palisades you want to visit. To see the people whom you want to see.

How does one do that? You go back to sleep using a FOCUSED PRAYER to have precognisant or prophetic dreams. I suggest to my unconscious that it provide me with a special DREAM vision. In other words, that I do CONTROLLED DREAMING. That we visit X Y or Z place or person. Or the future.

This waking up shortly before a FINAL WAKING gives me a chance to use my mind to PETITION my unconscious or dreaming mind to reach for the stars, to give me a special 'trip' or a precognisant vision.

And to make certain I fall back to sleep, I eat a second small tidbit of cheese, rinse my mouth with water, swallow the water and without even MOVING from the pillow to do all this, go back to sleep easily. Then I have an unusual KIND of dream. Unlike any of my ordinary dreams.

So try it yourself one day as an experiment. As you're starting to drift off, do a kind of petition to the Heavens done with your third eye sending this message, beaming it out to 'whomever.' "Dear God, higher forces, GIVE ME A SPECIAL precognisant or prophetic DREAM." Do this in a mental way, throwing a prayer type communication or thought beam to the stars or heavens or gods, or Pleideans or God Himself. Say it clearly: a.) drop me back into sleep and b.) give me important, precognisant dreams. It's in the BIBLE. Ask and ye shall receive, right? So who remembers to ever ask???

First time I did this, it worked, so I know it'll work for you and guess what my first precog dream was. A nuclear device went off in LA and the shock waves were huge, weird and felt all the way over here to the VALLEY to the north of L.A where I used to live, VAN NUYS!!!

Other nights, rather mornings, as that's when I do it, I had two more odd dreams. See, it's nothing USUAL so that's how I know I'm contacting some other realm. There was a flying saucer inside my house, buzzing, then it stopped and a man got out of it, warned me to get out of the city, get to the caves and get FOOD stored. Bizarre, no?

Next I think it was a latter part of that dream....was an instruction: "PICK fiddle head ferns, the yuppies will eat them, they're called BENDI (in Italian? I wondered, but that's what the person in the dream said. )

I asked my fav homesteaders' list about fiddleheads, turns out that fiddleheads grow in the forest, far from civilization, in Washington's Cascades to Vancouver area, up into Canada. Was that an instruction to get out of Southern CAL? Into that vast, chilly area? I heard that Fonda and Turner got homes in Patagonia just recently in anticipation of rioting, y2k and climate changes that would make 60 south like Honduras.

These dreams are different enough that I quickly recognized them as a response to an ORDER given to my unconscious -- a petition to HAVE special or PRECOG DREAMS.

Maybe EVERYONE might try this nightly. Or MORNINGLY. Before sleep ask for them. Or during a sleep interruption, ask GODS to give precogs to you. My special trick was to take a piece of cheese to bed with me. And when I wake, I take a nibble as I know that my low blood sugar wakes me UTTERLY. I cannot go back to sleep without a bit of protein. I then rinse my mouth with water, right there in bed. Swallowing the water. I always keep a jug and a glass filled, right next to the bed.

Then head back on pillow, 'ok unconscious give me a meaningful dream. Or God, send me a meaningful dream."

I wanted to begin to chronicle a list of the dreams as they come ---so now I've started a dated list. The others weren't dated.

DEC l7th 1998- In my dream last night, a knowledgeable woman who lived in an elegant old house, (I visited it, and it seemed to be on the astral plane, like the homes in WHAT DREAMS MAY COME.. and artifacts, so fabulous. Like a scrap book with pages of sterling silver, Something I can imagine they had in the victorian era. And then when she came in, I kind of had her 'clocked' from her artifacts and house. She said America will not be loved for what she's doing now. (She was refering to our bombing Bagdad. Clinton, uneasy about impeachment, doing a 4-day homocidal blitz.) She said 'this is giving you a hateful profile. Not good for your country. It may not be safe to be American, soon." Now, what I inferred is that we are no longer valient, anti-warniks like we were in Viet Nam period, angry about what our gov was doing. People abroad KNOW we are just letting homocide happen.

Anyway, What was amazing was how clear I saw her. Unusual in dreams. She had an astral face, photons mailed in, not a real face. Just a collection of photons, like a caricature is clearer than the thing? A kind of Tammy Grimes face. You wouldn't know her, an English character actress married to Christopher Plummer. The woman's dream name was Linda Laurencik and from the artifacts in her dream home, she'd been an important international playgirl and society woman in the 20's. Very worldly, that I could see. A political woman. Who else to come to political gals like me in a dream? A kind of an ANGEL for political activists, no?

So try to do this. It couldn't HURT! My esoteric Guru, Jeffrey the vegetarian massage therapist (who lives with his 4 dogs in a station wagon) tells me that my way isn't really controlled dreaming. That a new method has been devised for us to wake up slightly during a dream and really seize control of the thing. It appears there are DREAMING glasses (like a sleep shade) available thru all those new age catalogues. They 'sense' when you're in REM dreaming from eye movement. They beep or shine a tiny pinlight at your closed eyes. You have previously suggested to yourself that when that occurs, you will take control of the dream, so instead of waking, you just wake enough to realize the light's going off, beeping or whatever, and you start to use the dreamstate and consciously move yourself around. Write a plot so to speak. You can use the astral state to do things you want to do, visit people you want to visit, alive or dead. Visit Joan of Arc maybe, or Sigmund Freud. Or Gandhi. Or Buddha. Or, another direction entirely, realize your desires. Make love to your favorite movie star in the astral, (Well, that was Jeff's thought.) Mine would be to eat freshly made chocolate fudge in Indonesia. My holistic pill guru Kingsbury tells me that 500 millegrams of B-6 or Thiamine Pyrodoxine makes one have vivid dreams, taken at bedtime. It revs up the movie! I've found that a single poppy bolux, dropped into my pot of chamomile just as I pour the boiling water over the herbs, steeped and sipped at bedtime aids in having EXOTIC VISIONS in the dream. It has to be an oriental type poppy, though. You'll dream in CHINESE!

So give controlled dreaming a try. Maybe enough of us will do it, compare dreams and find some common thread! It's the poor man's REMOTE VIEWING, maybe. If we all keep getting CASCADE mountains...see ya in Seattle or should I say.. "SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE"