Gonzo Grandmas vs. The Wizard of Washington, a Techno-Fable
Washington... Ready to Load Switzerland?

You saw the Redford movie "SNEAKERS" where a group of hackers gets hold of a high-tech gismo that gives them code-breaking, back-door entry into every computer data base in the world? Banks, Governments? Other SPY SERVICES? It's a watchable film due to the McGuffin ---a Rubik's cube which can break any code, a high-tech magic key.

The doors this key fits are so big, the stakes so high, the key so powerful, that the entire US Intelligence service chases Redford until he catches them. Rent the flick because it is going to help you get a mental picture of the weirdest Secret Government scenario that ever unrolled in Washington D.C.--- and also the wildest Gonzo hacker plot that ever hit the planet ---although it hasn't received play in the mainstream media .

I'm a night-owl whose ear is glued to L.A's Pacifica FM-radio a five hour political conspiracy show that beats them all midnight Wednesday night into dawn Thurs morn which youcan get weekly on your PC. so I first heard about CIA hackers on Gary Null's holistic radio show. Null, who straddles that narrow chasm between conspiracy politics and alfalfa tablets, let a weird piece of gossip drop: that he'd heard 5 renegade NSA entry clerks had created a secret '5th column' group that had 'hacked' their way into secret Swiss bank accounts of Senators and Congressmen who were illegally on the take--and, with high tech wire transfers, stole the money back, then blackmailed the politicians into taking early retirement. I blinked and it was gone and Null was back to talking about DHEA for arthritic joints.

But the genii inside Radio Pacifica never fails you. The next night, on KPFK-FM, in Calif, I heard the full story. Roy Tuchman replayed the Jeff Rense "End of the Line," show (990 KQSB-FM). We sadly don't get Jeff or EOTL in L.A. except by computer PC. In any case, the guest was James R. Norman, a respected, Forbes Magazine reporter who had been fired from Forbes when he'd researched this story, "Congress Retirees Leaving Voluntarily and We Should All Believe in Mother Goose". It told how SURVEILLANCE of our politicians showed WHO WAS STEALING MONEY, TAKING BRIBES an BANKING IN SWITZERLAND. It became necessary for J.R. Norman to publish it anywhere at all so that no harm would come to him and he published it in the February 96 issue of MEDIA BYPASS magazine. Boy is THAT issue a keeper! Many read it and refer to it: http://www.namebase.org/news11.html  U cut paste as it's ROBOT ADVERSE so I won't give the URL as it shows up as 'CLOSED' to SPIDER ROBOTS

But not a whole lot of people read the thing. THOSE WHO DID RED IT ONCE wrote up the concept immediately: http://fathersmanifesto.net/thesis.htm

This is the story we heard; Once upon a time, way back during the Reagan administration, A wizard named William Casey got hold of a magic wand similar to Redford's Rubik Cube, a wand that would give its owner the ability to control the world. In un-mythological terms, it was computer software. To be more specific, it was the famed, Inslaw "Promis" software.

Now, how does a Hungarian make chicken paprikosh? First he steals a chicken. The CIA stole the software from its designer, poor cyber-tekkie Bobby Inslaw (who has been suing them unsuccessfully ever since, using ex-Attorney General Elliot Richardson for a lawyer.) Inslaw told a reporter, Danny Casolero, who started researching what the CIA was doing with the software. He stumbled into the Contra-resupply, the dope dealing to raise cash for dirty tricks, the trashing of the Constitution and Boland Amendment, the Octupus NSC in cellar of White House, Oliver North, and the huge sums America politicos were stashing in Swiss banks! And that NOW THE GOV ITSELF was able to shed ANY POL they wanted by threatening a scandal. By blackmailing pols out of office.

 After warning his friends that he had stumbled on something awesome and that the Agency might try to kill him, Casolaro was found with his wrists slit, 12 times per arm, tendons entirely severed, all his notes and tapes GONE.

Obviously, this was a very nasty Hungarian Wizard who had a lot of even nastier worker elves, with names like Ed Meese and Robert McFarlane and workshops full of hacker-gnomes who redesigned the software, which was very job specific (when first stolen ) having been designed for tracking legal cases. A complex data base, it could source and track via simultaneously operating files, crack codes and passwords like Redford's magic key and get into data bases across the planet through a jungle of modems that it ran. It contained a 'tracking' data base that utilized modems to draw data from the four winds, archive it and extrapolate future tangeants which it could then predict. This might seem a programming jungle but in fact, the control codes were so simple, it was so easy to tinker with, that even the gnomes at Langley could fool with it and shazaaam, without even meaning to, somehow they customized the thing.

Now, the magic wand had new, specialized functions. It could masquerade as things it wasn't: for instance, an ordinary file cabinet, (an innocuous banking data base system for keeping track of bank to bank cash wire transfers.) The gnomes couldn't believe what they had. They decided to install it in an unwitting bank. "Hey, you wanna buy some neat software?" Sure. (Sound of booting up) Then, in the deep of night, the Wicked Wizard would command the magic wand to "FOLLOW THE MONEY" (the op's actual name) and it did, coughing up that bank's complete financial records.

In its first try-outs, the wicked Wizard saw that it was good. If he could get foreign banks to buy the file cabinet, FT$ would surveil all foreign banking transactions. No big thing, right? WRONG. That 30 billion a day of wire transfers is the blood supply of the money world. The Wizard saw that his alchemy was to turn silicone chips into purest gold. At any other time in history have the pirates known where the other pirates buried the booty?

Wizard Willie knew what he had. It is said that he went to the magic mirror and crowed that money-flow surveillance was his crowning achievement. He crowed a little too loudly and one day when Iran Contragate was being investigated, and Elf McFarlane was attempting suicide, and Casey was scheduled to testify on what he knew to Congress, another, bigger wizard would stick a poisoned needle in Casey's brain, but --that's getting ahead of our story.

The Wicked Wizard of Langley wanted to go to all the banks in the world and get them to use these beautiful, enchanted desk cabinets. Problem. The Wizard couldn't just saunter up to a bank and say 'will you buy my nice red apple?' because everybody knew he was the wizard and would suspect it was poisoned so he needed front companies or 'cut out' corporations to sell the product to banks.

Wizard Casey approached banking software companies dealing with the world-wide marketplace. This isn't fable; it was witnessed by a Ross Perot-type tycoon, Orlin Grabbe, who marketed software products commonly used in all banks, who authored a primer on data bases. Grabbe testifies that he was approached by Casey gnomes saying 'would you sell our software which penetrates banks?' Grabbe turned them down flat but plenty of other patriotic corporate types said 'yes', among them the Systematics Corporation of Little Rock, in the Kingdom of Arkansas which long had been a combination southern facing airfield and money laundering province for the Wicked Wizard.

Systematics had a good rep for selling bank data processing services. Vince Foster, was the Systematic lawyer who interfaced with the NSC/CIA on the deal. You may remember this poor dunce Vince (R.I.P.) from another fable called White Water. Vince 'lawyered' with Queen Hillary (who was just a princess then,) --both of them at the infamous, influence-peddling Rose law firm. This was back in Governor Bill's Arkansas Camelot period back when CIA operative Oliver North first travelled to this tiny kingdom to get Bill to lend his MENA airfield to the Reagan-Casey CIA for transhipping arms to the Contras and fairy dust back to American barrios, (an import/export op always has the boats going both ways full) ---a little illicit CIA/NSC cottage industry run from the basement of the White House, invented by spooks in the late l930's to obtain that rarest of coins ---invisible money---cash for dirty tricks that would be impenetrable to Congressional Oversight. (At article's end we have URLS on 50 years of CIA drug dealing, not 5 like Gary Webb says!0

Like Governor Bill, Vince Foster bowed to Gnome North and Wizard Casey in all things and Systematic trotted around the world to sell this bugged software to banks across the planet. Wizard Casey insisted it be sold dirt cheap but it was workhorse software that banks really could use and Systematics made tons of money and the CIA didn't even want royalties. Go figure.

Now, here's where the movie gets nifty. Somebody obviously studied the Billy Wilder school of screenwriting which says that plots always thicken when the 'What he Don't Know Is' factor is at work: Inside the innocuous software that supposedly archived routine data was an encrypted back door which magically would open in the middle of the night when no one was looking, allowing its secret master back at Langley to download all archived files through a modem, a million bytes a second, thusly spying on the very banks where it was installed. This would allow the Wizard to record all the daily cash transactions. No big thing, right? WRONG! The data was richer than even the wizard could have imagined. It held the secret records of deposits made by very high-profile people to nameless, numbered accounts. What in fairy tales is called 'loot' or what pirate tales call 'plunder and booty.'

The Wizard was getting the true scoop on who was stealing the most money from the System. The accountable system. This was called 'doing business as usual' when the Rothch'ds, IMF and Federal Reserve did it, tax evasion when millionaires did it, graft when Senators did it and hanging offense when foreign rulers did it and that's what the Wizard (or his boss, as all Wizards work for a King) wanted, ---to get certain people they wanted out hung so he could be in control of the planet.

The software was so magical that Casey installed it inside his own kingdom, domestically, where the operation was dubbed Code Name 'BOP-TROT". And he saw that it was good and he rested. (In fact, BOP TROT lived down through the Bush administration, was manned by several l00 Federal enforcement agencies, customs, IRS, FBI and run as a Public Integrity enforcement. They focused first on Kentucky, known for being a rat's nest of public corruption, where they targeted public servants with conspicuous lifestyles: three homes, three cars, private schools, mistresses. Not wishing their methods compromised, the US government did not arrest their prey, the reason given that " US attorneys are such damn publicity hounds." Nobody knows how many public officials were controlled and left in place. But there was an eerie wave of resignations across America, as the Reagan and later Bush administration rolled 'BOP TROT' out across state officials across the provinces: Chicago, Louisiana, Connecticut. Meanwhile Systematics was draining scum from the pipes in the Philippines, Japan, Korea, Panama, wherever graft was going on, catching ministers and kings with their pants down. And just who made the decisions which heads would roll? Casey? Ronald Reagan? Hardly. Rockfel'r? Getting warm. Let us just say that He Who Shall Remain Nameless had the linear soul of a banker and wanted His planet to be neat, smoothly running. A kind of NAFTA NEW WORLD ORDER, All money on the table in play. No thieves socking away gadzillions that belonged to the industrious. NO IMF giving Money to Russia which disappears.

The magic desk cabinet gave H.W.S.R.N the power to overthrow local larcenists or uppity foreign rulers on any throne without soldiers or U.N. forces, rigged elections, assassinations or tiresome Watergate break-ins. You could simply 'change the monkey' (State Department lingo for disappearing a ballsy, nationalistic minister. You could simply put in a more tractable monkey who'd work honestly within the system and take orders, or if the corrupt monkey would play ball with the Wicked Wizard, keep him around as a puppet.

A crystal ball that could see stolen money was bigtime useful to the Wizard but more so to his bosses Reagan and Bush who could have street scum the CIA had installed and used---ex-agency lover boys like Idi Amin, Hussein, Noriega or Ferdinand Marcos ---in a hell of a hammerhold.

And so it went. For a decade, the CIA downed thug-kings who never knew what hit 'em. Rulers across the world were exposed to their own parliaments. The gonzo hackers claim that there was no favoritism. Even some top CIA guys were caught with dirty hands profiting from drug and arms dealing when the money was supposed to go back to the Agency. Don't we all remember ex agency operatives Terpil and Wilson put on ice for profiteering from gov't dirty tricks?

The wizard's spy crystal was a miracle but one day, a hacker gnome noticed that the magic cabinet could take on other appearances. He labored in the elves' worskshop and 'poof' got the software to TRANSFORM! To masquerade as DATA BASES that were Intelligence archives that one could sell --- not to banks but to other Kings to monitor any upstart terrorists or leftists in their kingdoms.

Again Wizard Casey set out to sell this new poisoned apple around the world. He found cut-out corporations who sold it to M15, the Mossad, Sevak, Deuxieme Bureau and all those other super well-informed, insurgent-people-tracking intelligence services, telling them that it would monitor and archive data on dangerous minds. After all, the One World Government was on the horizon. Timothy McVeighs lurked everywhere and next time a building got blown up the bomber might not be able to tell all the really important officials not to come to work that day. When you're talking 'One world, after all' as the Disney song goes, population control is crucial, so this second, magic wand was super importantissimo and it had the same secret feature built into it: the Magic Trap Door. At night, it would speak to Langley in a silent voice, without leaving tracks.

The Wizard sold this new model to fellow wizards in covens across the planet, small time amateur-night warlocks who never knew that at night, the Magic Crystal inside relayed everything that went on in the palace back to Home Star. Langley could now see which insurgents were on whose payroll and who they hung out with and what they were planning, their entire M.O.

At first the information coming at night was trickle but soon it was a shitload. The CIA /NSA put entry clerks on the phones at night, little grandmas who sat at desks in Langley for YEARS, downloading 50 data bases on foreign banks and intelligence communities.

Now, no surprise. Cute, cooperative Mr. Bill (Oh no!) gets elected. He is now the Emperor of the world. Vince's pal Queen Hillary knows all about the hackers in the basement at Langley. And Bill was a CIA aquisition from way back so everything should have hummed along as usual but here's where the story takes a sudden veer if you can believe what Reporter Norman was told by his Deep Throats, suddenly, 5 maverick CIA entry clerks defect from the agency and decide to run their own game.

According to the reporter, they are no longer with the NSC, NSA or CIA. (If you believe that, you'll believe Bo-peep got Mad-cow disease from kissing her sheep) This quintet somehow gets a used super computer from Clark Air Force Base, a 'big, gray', the kind of mega-huge super computer that only governments can get as they are so fast they can break any code with random sequences run by the trillion. It is huge-a-mungus but it fits in a refrigerator truck with with its satellite up link dish on top, a Frozen Foods manufacturer's name on the outside. (By law, fridge trucks can't be opened on road, can't be inspected.) There are whispers it was a FRITOS truck for a while but then local law enforcement started STOPPING all Fritos trucks and Fritos  Inc. got bugged. So it became ice cream or something. Decals. Transformation! A little Wizardry of their OWN!

The computer geek grandmas keep moving it, parking outside banks, downloading records. The truck is un-locateable and supposedly (as NORMAN was told), the renegade quintet uses it for 5 years of tapping into national data bases and it can't be triangulated upon as it keeps moving--- a writer's embellishment showing realistic, creative zip, almost as if the feds were actually after it. The Deep Throat stresses this touch of realism and the aroma of disinformation practically wafts through the air. Norman was being fluked.

The big gray is so powerful and fast, in the hands of these mild mannered data entry clerks, it can be used to break ANY code, pull down planetary data bases and turn them over, find back door addresses into banks, raiding numbered accounts. No name on them but you get into bank's computer files, pay a snitch who can tell you who the name is on which number and well, as the myth goes, these 5 gonzos trace bank deposits in the Grand Caymans, Channel Islands, Lichtenstein and Switzerland and lo and behold, a great many high profile American Congressmen and Senators are banking bigtime there and have billions hidden offshore. This offends the granny hackers who suddenly turn into Church Lady. U.S officials participating in lobbying for foreign powers, corporations and the sale of state secrets? It's too nasty for their blood. So the computer geeks go mad, and if you believe James Norman, they start lynching U.S. officials without a trial.

Now, in reality, greased hands may just be a perk of office. Like checking into a cheap motel, 'borrowing' pillowcases, towels, anything that's not nailed down. Nuclear secrets are motel towels if you only earn $45,000 a year. Nonetheless, the Grannies are supposedly so enraged they banish all the motel thieves from office, but first, they go after the stolen booty to bring it back to Uncle Sam.

Here, they exhibit the minds of hackers (which they probably were). To get the money back, they created bogus wire transfers, taking just a chunk of the dirty money right out of the Swiss account, jamming it right out of the bank vaults and wiring this string of zeros back to IRS accounts over at the Federal Reserve, in Escrow accounts for use by ---the CIA. Now that's pretty patriotic chutzpah for gonzo, guerilla hackers who supposedly defected from D.C. and are chasing twisters in Iowa cornfields. But, according to this mythology, after the Gonzo Grandmas took away the grafters' marbles, they supposedly used blackmail to get the porkers out of office. Photocopies of these bank transactions get slipped into mailboxes of the poor politicos. Imagine the porker coming to work and his Swiss bank records are xeroxed on his desk. Well, you have the guy's attention. Next, the mysterious Avenging Angel calls on the private line and asks the befuddled politico to announce his/her retirement, (knowing that out of office, they'll never be worth bribing again so no more illicit earnings for him.) 'You can stay and fight it but if you do, we'll release this data to the IRS. If you are prosecuted for tax evasion, minimum sentence is l0 years in prison. But the worst is this: when a public official is convicted, beside hard prison time, he loses his pension. For a young Congressman like, say, Pat Schroeder, that would be 4 mil over her lifetime.) The 'no pension' idea turns blood to popsicles.

Now, these are very arrogant, powerful people who fight like sharks but in the hands of the grannies, they topple like cement phone poles. According to the reporter, the cornered official dutifully announces his/her retirement every time. (This could be the kernel of truth in a crepe paper salad. In any case, next time you hear someone's retiring, think two things: Swiss Bank account and what was he doing that the CIA didn't want done? Because I'm betting all their favs are still elected and in place stealing money!)

Animated by the first few kills, the grannies search banks in the Caymans, Channel Islands, Lichenstein, Luxemborg, Macao. All the tax havens, money laundering centers are having their skirts lifted and getting looked up. Every stupid bank that had bought the bugged software. When they are reduced to bytes, banking system are much more porous than anyone wants to admit. (Sidenote: some Russian Glasnost Mafiosi recently got into City Bank cash management system, corporate accts, and moved millions to South American and Finnish banks where their buddies emptied the accounts. The hacking community persistently attacks banks because everybody there's on automatic pilot and numbers so obediently take orders from electrical impulses! So the Grannies also easily empty accounts. Sometimes the Grannies spook the porker politicos by removing a few hundred thou, then when they freak and move the money to some other account they have, the hackers track the wire transfer and get the rest of his funds in other banks, not wanting to fuck with switzerland.

What's true is that in that period, airports around the world turned up the power in metal detector machines. Metal threads run through currency now and if you have enough bills it sets off metal detectors and like shooting fish in an aquarium, you just herd the paper-packing porkers out of the airport in cuffs. ASIDE: Use a lead camera case with real cameras inside, lead shield around the cash, it's invisible to customs. Never put more than 3k in any bank acct and it's invisible to IRS!

Washington is in a state of utter fright. Do a head count. How many top politicos have been toppled in zipless arrests? Reporter Norman uses the KQSB show to read off a roster of names, "Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder, Nancy Kasslebaum, the 'pig baron' senator, from the south, the king of Pork Barrel. Also, Senators Paul Simon, Mark Hatfield, David Pryor, Senators Clayborn Pell, Sam Nunn, Alan Simpson and James Exon, and 55 other elected officials all have recently, mysteriously announced their retirement. They got Newt's second in command, a Pennsylania guy. (I didn't catch the name as I was typing like a bat with one wing but it's on the radio show tape which you can order from Jeff Rense here at sightings. ) They got Charlie Wilson from Texas. 86ed. Congressman Jack Fields at his press conference: "Gonna spend more time with the family," he said as his wife, mother burst into tears. Why? Don't they want him home?

The gonzos claim to have discovered that President Salinas had been ripping off the Mexican economy, and that famous 250 million in City Bank in Switzerland in his brother's name was their find. Salinas had been a shoo-in for his 2nd term but announced he wouldn't run again. The IMF is still trashing that family. The City Bank Chairman, and chief officers who'd known what Salinas was doing with coke pesos, all resigned. Banks and brokerage houses are not allowed to participate in illegal laundering. Simultaneously, a great many presidents were nailed all at once: Mulroney of Canada was under investigation for Swiss bank accounts, double digit millions. In Korea, both past presidents are in prison for a billion theft. The Prime Minister of Japan, Muriyama resigned. Opposition party probably got a brown paper envelop with xeroxes of funny transactions.

Suddenly Norman relates a disinfo-rumor which the GONZO deep throats would probably have you believe ---that this heroic vigilante group wants all government employees to own up and that U.S. Justice and Customs officials are next. This strikes me as a writer's embellishments on top of writer's embellishments half for versimilitude and half because these CIA clerks are starting to believe they're the Dirty Dozen. Or, are they struggling to hide the real plot underneath? CIA interference in determining which politicos are in power around the world. Because that's what this is about. Nothing more or less.

The December issue of Media Bypass announced that Collin Powell had chosen not to run as he was on the payroll of/ and a secret lobbyist of some foreign power, (probably England). Was this the work of the Gonzo Grannies?

QUESTIONS WHICH ARISE: 1.) Were all these sinners cut down for being thieves or because they had become enemies to the agenda of the big guy? He Who Shall Remain Nameless.

2.) Doesn't it seem to you that these so-called gonzos must have been on the federal payroll when they did all this? and the emphasis on 'they're on their own, they can't be found' is just writer's embelishment overkill.

3.) Are we being told that all these shoplifting nickle and dime Senators and Congresspeople offended the moral sensibilities of a Fifth column and were not loose cannons to some BIG GUY? After the gonzos left the CIA, they didn't waste time on Fernando Marcos types but started going after a lot of locals, unelecting them the old-fashioned way. With moral hammerlocks.

What is all this about? If you blur your eyes slightly, what you see is the outlines of a big, tall man with a pair of pruning shears, shaping the American political landscape his way.

FINAL DEDUCTION: A new American CUI BONUM has come into play only we can't see the shadowy outlines of the Mr. Big who is bonuming. New secret revenues also are a feature as now, the rules are, the CIA keeps your money. How much brought back so far? 3 billion dollars and in all cases, the gonzos say the CIA got the cash. There has been no public scrutiny of these funds. This is high level blackmail and extortion. Not chump change.

To see who's running this show we must look at the politicians who were 'un-elected'. One was Clinger, the head of the Travelgate Investigation committee. Does this mean CLINTON wanted him out? Was he soft or hard on Travelgate? I'm not sure. Can you catch the drift of this guillotine. Were these five hackers after Clinton or working for him? The Travelgate arrow may have shown the direction the wind is blowing.

The media knew something big was going on---a rolling coup d'etat, but before any reporter could investigate, mysteriously, last year one of these 'renegade' hackers befriends the sterling, unimpeachable Forbes Magazine reporter and chronicle their story to him.

Here's where your intuition is a factor. Are the Gonzo Grannies no longer working for Reagan's, Casey's or George Bush's CIA which is definitely the one BUSH JR is surfing on? Are these 5 data entry clerk hackers really gonzos in the Redford tradition, as reporter James Norman has been led to believe? Or are they, along with Governor Bill, working for the spider at the center of the web, the Invisible One? And who of this group is this the entity who offed 85 people in Arkansas and DC who were going to reveal the billions of dollars worth of CIA money laundering that went on in that state in the 80's. It's rumored that Clinton's sponsor from word one was another ex Governor of Arkansas, the multi-billionaire Winthrop Rockef'ler. The man who got Bill the Rhodes Scholarship that put him on the map.

Possible? Nahhhhh. A Rockefel'er would have bought the damn software from Inslaw, not stolen it. But is this the shadowy entity who had Casolaro, Foster and 84 other people plus DCIA Casey murdered, the entity who is non-denominational and who murders, impeaches and busts people in both parties? Is it the same guy who didn't want Socialist Nicaragua to leave its rebel mark on history, the man who wanted to equip Iran with war toys if it would just release CIA guy William Buckley, who later died there, but also entice Iran to hold on to those hostages long enough to make Carter look stupid so Reagan, Casey, Meese and McFarland could win the election? (That is the OCTOBER SURPRISE scandal) WHO IS THAT masked man and what is his agenda anyway?

The linear Forbes reporter never mentions such a beast. Like everyone else in the CIA for the last two decades, he points to Casey's tomb and says 'he was a solo act trying to make the USA #1. Do I believe that? Hell, if the USA were #1 it would stand up very straight and announce it wanted to print its own damn money supply just as Abe Lincoln, JFK and Reagan wanted, (all three got shot for just entertaining the thought). If this country were first it wouldn't have to borrow cash from The World Bank only to repay it to the tune of 5.5 trillion national public debt today, 20k per each man woman and child here. And we incur interest at the rate of 328 million per day. This headache we need?

Since the Forbes reporter has been fed the story backwards, with no big villains in the script, just these little thieving politicos as mini-villains, my personal sense is, the fairy tale being spun here has been seriously spin-doctored.

Get the full picture. These Gonzo grannies ostensibly told this all to this Forbes reporter over the last few years. Why the need for a 'limited hang out in this period? Hang outs are done only when you think the spam is going to hit the fan. Doctored stories are in anticipation of heat. What heat's been out there recently for Governor Bill? Puhlenty. Is all of this just a forcep so that if Bill threatens to squeal they can say 'anything you could say was printed in Media Bypass' and impeach his lips together?

Anyway, you gotta hear the rest of this info knowing that it could all have been put thru a major spin cycle and pray for the wits to figure the truth out. Read but don't get too into the Media Bypass article. It's titillating and would make a great flick but it's probably just a major piece of fiction because, check this red herring that was packed inside the package: among the names the grannies claim to have turned up in Switzerland: a guy we met in the first reel: VINCE FOSTER who had 3 million dollars socked away in a Geneva bank. The Gonzos tapped into wire transfers, and claim to have seen it came from Israel. He supposedly was taking money from Israel for nuclear secrets. They tapped into Mossad data bases and practically saw the ink and fingerprints on the checks. VINCE WITH SECRETS? Billary maybe but not VINCE.

Now, here's where the Messenger who was duped into this fairy story cannot be trusted. He means well but he has been misinformed. He says that July, 1993, the Grannies pulled some of Vince Foster's stolen money back to the USA via a bank computer hacker ruse. They take a big bite out of the account to get the donkey's attention. Vince reacts, goes ballistic, puts 1-day round tickets to Geneva on his Amex to see what's up, but suddenly he cancels his trip because someone sends him the bank transcripts. He sees he is busted, knew how they did it hence knew who did it. The CIA. Bill's CIA.

The reporter alleges Vince became depressed, ill, wouldn't use White House phones. Bullplop. Vince was inner circle CIA all the way. He'd been in on the ground floor of the whole poisoned apple back in l984, during the Reagan administration. His work at SYSTEMATICS involved the very people who were compromising him now. Vince knew where the golden eggs were buried, knew who had adopted Bill as his protege, who was King-making, Monkey toppler (they call eliminating foreign kings, toppling the monkey from the throne). He knew who was eliminating opposition, maybe even knew who the guy at the center of the web was.

It's bittersweet to imagine or hope that Vince tried to fight back, phoned the big guy and threatened mayhem. Imagine this deadly silence on the other end of the line. And the ominous click. Vince must have known he was going to be killed. Or, maybe he called the CLINTONS and said that's OUR money, we're not giving it back. Or maybe it was HIS OWN share, who knows.

The day of his death, federal officials, IRS agents, claim to have seen Vince meeting with MOSSAD in a safe house and hours later, he turned up dead. An ostensible suicide in a park, exit hole in skull but no brains on ground, none of Vince's prints on gun. There were government agents who saw Vince with Israelis, convenient witnesses. The clear implication is that Vince's Mossad bosses feared being compromised ---well, it's just a tad too neat.

If Vince's bank accounts did exist, and they seem to have, the question is, was it all benefits of years of loyal CIA work, was he a Casey crony, an Israeli Lobbyist a post office box for the Clintons or even a Ruski spy?

The "Disinformation Deep Throats" who leaked to Reporter Norman claim Vince was actually a Russian spy and gave all kinds of dubious factoids: that Vince had Clinton's secret nuclear codes. Deborah, Vince's secretary saw 2 inch thick ring binders from NSA. Vince kept 'em in WH counsel Bernie Nussbaum's safe. Extremely sensitive codes and protocols by which president would authenticate himself to pentagon to order nuclear weapons, the ultimate numbers, identifier codes. RED HERRRRRIIINNGNGGG!

The reporter says that he also had heard from other sources that Vince was under investigation at the time of his death. For what? he asked his source: "Es-pi-o-nage," is the way the reporter's southern source said it. (You should mail away for the tape. Jeff sells it.)

According to Norman, VINCE was under surveillance by FBI/IRS agencies starting just before Clinton was elected, when he first became a candidate, and the surveillance continued for another 2 1/2 years and that the IRS surveillance team was in place the day he died when IRS agents saw him meet with the Mossad.

Think: why are some renegade CIA grannies leaking a huge heroic story that conceals a Red Herring to a prestigious Forbes Magazine reporter if it isn't disinformation? Can we TRUST CIA LEAKS to a reporter? When the alleged Deep Throat (the CIA) is one of the story's principals ---can you believe the fairy tale? And who are they maligning? Vince Foster, a lifelong CIA acquisition, a loyal accomplice, a co-offender and a dead one at that.

Vince's only sin was that he'd spent enough time working in the spying racket to become a convenient fall guy like another duped -then -dead operative, Lee Harvey Oswald.

Did Vince make money via a relationship with MOSSAD? Maybe there was side action. Was he passing USA codes and nuclear secrets? Get real. But this is what they WANT us to believe so that our minds will not wander elsewhere up the road. What or who might be up that road?

OK chess brains. To solve a problem like this, work backwards. What is the drift of the leak this reporter got? We are given to infer that the Gonzos are working on their own and neither the CIA nor Governor Bill are deciding which politico's heads roll. LIE #1. Why would our good-natured prexy cut off anybody's head? He is a Rock'fller protege, an invulnerable member of the intelligence community in good standing, a good ole boy and longtime CIA gnome. The Governor Bill we know is not a punisher who suddenly finds that a huge amount of very prominent American politicians are into graft, influence peddling and are lobbying for foreign powers because that's nothing he didn't do back in Arkansas with BCCI Bond swindles ---8 to 12 billion dollars disappeared from this CIA front bank into private hands in Arkansas and all local fuzz who tried to prosecute were stopped by the CIA. SCORES of 'em murdered, too. Huge amounts of money were laundered through Arkansas.

James Norman (or his sources) titillate our minds saying that Hillary may have been involved in Vince's kickbacks and money may have gone to her, but that her fingerprints were never on anything, that Travelgate was about all the inner circle tickets to visit Swiss banks, tickets paid for by taxpayers, out of a public office but Travelgate and White water are 'fleas on a dog's back.' He says that the big story on Governor Bill is yet to hit. Well, if we're talking CHINAGATE, that Bill's doing whatever the NOW wants done to get CHINA into the bed with capitalism, sure. The Judas Goat leads the grande taco to the butcher, IMF.

Calling him a Judas goat and China woo-er is nothing. Worse gossip has been thrown at Teflon Bill and nothing has stuck. When voters discover that this philanderer is also a bit of a James Bond, his numbers would go up higher than the 54% they're at now. Sure Bill dabbled in cloak and dagger. Read the book 'COMPROMISED' by CIA pilot Terry Reed, recounting how the CIA and Governor Bill turned Arkansas into Air America. Bill got paid a lot of booty and generously spent it on state infrastructure, cronies and babes, and so what? Add a burger and for Bill, that's an average day.

What's interesting is that Jackson Stevens, the man who owned Systematics and who turns up in COMPROMISED as the #1 banker in Arkansas, once tried to take over BCCI bank which was dumping the money in Arkansas. BCCI was a CIA Bendix (a money laundering, drug laundering machine,) and like Nugen Hand Bank of the Vietnam heroin-dealing air America period, was Agency-created. BCCI air-dropped cash in Arkansas to be used for Contra Resupply, the Western Hemisphere end of IranContragate.( THE HISTORY OF HEROIN page has more on this. Leap in there by clicking on that URL for a second. It details the first U.S. military Employee in the OSS, does that count? Who thought to trade in Heroin to buy money for secret guns and arms to help Nat'l China stop MAO.) Governor Bill freely skimmed cream off the top as did his whole outfit. They were like teen-agers with great summer jobs. Bill was the cute, co-operative stewardess on Air America who got tips while Hillary ran the cash register and Vince flipped burgers.

No doubt about it. The Clintons were part of the CIA's most deep-dark secret niche of the Reagan- Casey-Meese 80's drug-money orgy. As such, would the Clintons be people who want a few bad apple congressmen punished? A resounding 'no!' Nor can we buy that the dirty grafters' few million were needed by the CIA because that money was chump change compared to the 8-12 billion the group pilfered during BCCI's reign in Arkansas. That leaves a single motive for using the Promise Software to hack up the opposition. It's really about getting strategic people removed, non-denominationally, in both parties. So the helmsman is in neither party. And who is above both parties? The guy at the CIA who plopped not one but two CIA candidates into the l992 election, Bush and Clinton, as alike as a pair of matched earrings. In case one doesn't win, the other one will. Why would the Big Guy be an elected or appointed bureaucrat? Does a shoe decide where it will walk? Does a foot? Does a leg? No, the BRAIN decides. The man at the very top. He Who Shall Remain Nameless.

Don't believe fairy tales carefully spoon fed to the Forbes reporter, fantasies that the Gonzo Grannies are renegades, and are not taking orders from the Agency and the Agency isn't taking orders from the top guy on the whole planet, (who is a banker, not a politician.)

Someone is twisting the truth to look like proof of lack of bias. The gonzo grannies told the reporter they penetrated records of the CALI CARTEL, found payoffs to US officials, including the USA's star witness for the Noriega drug trial. This will get Noriega a new trial. He's going to be free, get off for the crime of transhipping the CIA's cocaine. The Forbes reporter cited this as proof that the Grannies are working against the CIA. Riiiight. Like the CIA wants this warbler songbird to publish that autobiography he wrote in that Miami jail. I think not. They'd rather he got off. So there's cui bonum underneath (their claims to the contrary. )

Someone would have you believe the gonzo grannies just righteously created a self styled 5th column to get foxes in our henhouse with their little ice cream truck which roamed America (and which, get this, was never parked outside Langley). What that legend attempts to cover up is that after years of busting foreign intelligence services, banks and Monkeys off thrones for Wizard Casey, this in-house granny group is suddenly being distanced from the agency. This Forbes Mag hang-out seems to be a deliberate moving into Track II, an Alternate Plan, a Clark Kent maneuver.

A Timeline might help. Tell us, Mr. Norman, when did these gonzo grannies first sidle up to you in the park? Was it when the media started going after Mister Bill on Whitewater? When he was nominated? When he was elected? Did you meet them after Vince's suicide? Or was it during White Water, when Hillary threatened to vent against the Agency and just as the Agency was expecting to be compromised by the Clintons?

Sure, there are arrows on the Secret Pirate Map pointing to Langley but these arrows also run right through Langley and point back to a magnetic polar energy at location 'Nowhere.' You Mr. Norman, never saw the arrows. You were too close to the story. You had personal relationships with the grannies. I don't believe you are lying. You are as straight as a ruler-- (that's why they picked you) ---so straight that you took your story to your boss, chief editor at Forbes Magazine in blind trust. They fired you when it turned out that Casper Weinberger, co-chairman of Steve Forbes Presidential campaign, and on the board of Forbes Magazine, was one of the politicos who had secret Swiss bank accounts. Two hours after you put that fact in a memo to Forbes top guy, they were scraping your name off your office door.

Suddenly, you saw yourself in danger of joining Casolaro in Motel Razorblade. You ran to the nearest magazine, INSIGHT, which was thinking of publishing it but editor Paul Rodriguez got a visit from military intelligence guy and chickened out. Wall St Journal, NY TIMES were scared. Norman finally found MEDIA BYPASS, an Indiana mag, the Hustler of right wing political libertarian writing but a few days before it broke, the government showed it didn't want the story to hit the press. Senator Jim Leach called MEDIA BYPASS and requested a pre-release copy, then leaked it to the libel attorney for SYSTEMATICS so its attorney could threaten Media Bypass which they did. Media Bypass published and Systematics' CEO announced his retirement.

You say you believe you're in personal danger. Unlike Casolaro, who spent so many noisy years researching that he attracted attention, you got your story researched silently, underground, without gymnastics, from sources who told no one what they told you. You attracted no attention. You went public with the story as fast as you could, taking any damn publication that would put you on the map. You immediately went on Public Radio which is always hungry for anti-establishment conspiracy theory. On the air, you mentioned ominously that 50 people who knew about Clinton's past have been murdered in Arkansas, that hush money wouldn't work on them. To me, this says you're worried and not sure where you stand. Let me assure you, my fortunteller instincts tell me that you were the official organ of publication, selected for a carefully architected 'limited hangout' and if you play your cards right, you can get a CIA pension when your bomb has dropped and the smoke clears.

I believe that YOU believe your sources are gonzo hackers who work for Robert Redford but let me assure you, they work for the exact CIA head honcho who works for H.W.S.R.N. so breathe easy. You, James Norman, work for the Big Guy.

The question is, 'what is the BIG GUY's DRIFT?' Is he trying to stop the Clinton Gore juggernaut or protecting it? Does he want Clinton to have a shot at 2000-2008? Will John D Rock III (nicknamed Jay ) be Gore's VEEP? Will GORE be offed?

The reporter, Norman, claims the gonzo hackers were non-denominational. They cross-busted both parties. The 5 hacker guys told him "America shouldn't be a corrupt banana republic." Yeah, they look righteous but time will tell if they're waiting to get the Bush Fascocracy out of office, and  Jay Rockef'ler in, or what's on their GOP mind. Is it possible Jay Rockefel'r could be president , as Nelson once tried to do, scooting in behind a lame duck or soon to be assassinated pres??? Does anyone believe the BIG GUY American oligarch cares which party wins? Does he distinguish between the performance of both candidates and, like a parent, secretly prefer one idiot son over the other? Is the American election really just one vote wide?

We will soon see, won't we. Because in a few years more, another presidential election is coming at us and His will is going to be done. So what do you think, chess brain? Do you have to be an insider to figure this mystery out or can amateurs like us try our hand?

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