from works by many, many California Holistic Doctors/researchers

EAT 60% RAW FOOD DIET, 40% cooked vegies/grains. Low amts red meat, organ meat, scarce amts. egg yolk and if used, used with 80% raw greens in same meal to carry them OUT of body quickly, before they rot. No nitrates. No preserved meat, weenies, ham, an absolute carcinogen!

OILS: No heating oils for cooking, use oil COLD on top of the food, with a lot of garlic, herbs left in the oil (kept in fridge). Go LOW on fat except olive oil, and put a few tsps of Omega rich flax seed, Evening Primrose, borage oil into the jar of olive oil that you use COLD. AND KEEP IT COLD, in the fridge. Remove from fridge Ĺ hr before using, then return it to fridge after. Take cod liver oil in capsules that you pierce, into tsp of orange juice or lemon juice, swallow, rinse mouth, discarding gelatin pill covering. Use in l tsp orange juice to disguise taste. ALL CITRUS JUICES help IRON and CALCIUM supplements to be assimilated. FOR SALADS, Use sesame or olive oil only on salads. No RAPE SEED, i.e CANOLA or commercial oils from supermarket as they all have solvent residues! Remember, NO HEATING or frying OILS. It becomes saturated, creates free radical formation, which in turn destroys cell walls. WEAK cell walls will allow mestasis of cancer cellsÖthey move thru you quickly. CLARIFY a pound of sweet butter; keep it in fridge for treats. 

VEGIES-Use them raw. All of them, except potato, yam, (as starch must be cooked) and always use organically grown vegies as they have 14 to l7 times the minerals, proven by laboratory testing. Supermarket /agribusiness soils are filled with chemical fertilizers and are hugely deficient (even TOXIC as sludge wastes with heavy metal in them are being used as fertilizer!) Organic soils go into the vegies which go into you. Grow your own vegies and avoid HOME DEPOT manure fertilizer which has heavy metal sludge in it now!

COOKED VEGIES- Steam the foods you choose to cook,very lightly, still crunch, (where and when you canít use them raw, grated in salads, ) Serve them the second you chop 'em as vits dissipate. Pour garlicky, seasoned cold oil on top. It gives a buttery oily taste that pleases, none of the dark side of butter. IF YOU MUST have butter, clarify it, heat til dairy can be skimmed off top, fridge the pure yellow ghee part. If you canít tolerate veggies raw, cook a little, reduce to paste in blender. Your GERBERS veggies will do you good even if IBS has got you. If you canít stand looking at Gerberís veggies, add vegie broth so itís souplike, it wonít repulse you so much. NOTE: Heat cabbage family vegies at VERY low temp steaming, broccoli onions included as sulphur in them reacts badly to heat!! Grate or juice everything you can into salads. RAW food gives high immune sys and then body can destroy tumors. Low immune sys bodies cannot.

MEAT: You probably should not hit your immune system with a dead body. YOUR BODY interprets that as a foreign protein and it taxes your immune system. Maybe til youíre well, your meat shouldbe tofu based Vegie burgers (MORE DELICIOUS than any meat!) Or raw nutburgers, or Tofu cooked the way Chinese do it, with shitake mushrooms. Ask me for file/recipes. Use no soy except tofu, miso, tempeh. Only fermented soys are good for body. Orientals found this out over 5000 years and do NOT use other forms. OTHER PROTEINS: Sprout seeds, nuts. Take almonds, soak overnight, eat a stack while you watch TV peeling as you go. VERY BENEFICIAL. Chinese say that the loquat seed is anti Ė cancer, so throw a few in the blender, turn into paste and add to your tofu burger dough.

AVOID: refined carbs, flour in any form, which means pasta, bread, baked goods. GLUTEN in them inhibits your body from getting vitamins out of food.. (Read "Enter the Zone" by Dr. Barry Sears. Sweets & grains feed the tumor tendency; whole grain rye bread OK in moderation. No rice, potato, pasta, flour OR SALT at all. DUMB FOODS, fills you up and gives you zip. Potato is a nightshade family, NEVER was a good food group. Predisposes eaters to alcoholism. To wit, the Irish.

NO COMMERCIAL FOOD (canned) WITH ADDITIVES. DESIST from a diet of entirely cooked foods. They have no enzymes; they suppress immune system. Open yourself to the same stew dishes but done as raw food. Raw foods can look like stews if you mix and mince. Always minced if chewing is a bother but served SECONDS after being minced.!!  AIR steals vitamins so better to CHEW them rather than CUT first and chew later. Remember, No heating oils to FRY; dose your cold vegies WITH the oil garlic mixed into miso and lemon for a sauce. So itís a stew but itís also a SALAD. 

Steam foods if they must be cooked. But first, TRY to eat that thing raw, as salad. Introduce a few new, bitter herbs that heal. EAT RAPINI (bitter broccoli) daily, lemon, olive oil, raw garlic on top. DELICIOUS!

GET A JUICER- Make raw juices daily. Cancer curing juices are Apricot juice, beet, cabbage, broccoli rappe, grape juice, all greens, wheat grass, barley grass juice. But also, make meals of carrot/celery/parsley/cucumber and the other staple vegies, collards, kale are best greens as no oxalic acid like spinach, but raw spinach in moderation isnít bad.....always putting a quarter beet in the mix and a quarter whole lemon. Drink 13 glasses a day total is what healthfarms do, the kind that fast you. They put psyllium (unflav metamucil) in them to create a bulk that the stomach/bowel enjoys (feeling of fullness! But experts tell me, don't use metamucil unless you're giving up FOOD. Only on fasts. TRY ALL KINDS of raw juices, made on a healthfood store juicer. Grow Wheatgrass and juice it. Or buy at HFS already made. MAKE RAW vegie JUICE at home and drink it the instant it is made. No refrigerating it. 

DRUGS/MEDICINESciggies, aspirin, booze, chocolate, caffeine, painkillers sleep aids except herbal. Investigate homeopaths. They will put you on a series of tablets that target & destroy tumors. Investigate homeopathic remedies. Get a homeopath on your case to get right combination. 

TAKE pills that your holistic healer recommends. I have had miracles with these things. My child had parasites as an infant, living in Mexico. The standard Medicine was extremely toxic, so we chose NOT to use it and go only with homeopathic remedies and it cured him. BANISHED these lower life forms from his body!

Get rid of microwave, eat nothing cooked this way. No irradiated foods. Many foods in the marketplace (cardboard pckg tomato sauce?) ARE irradiated now. So be watchful. 

HEALING HERBS: Use THESE HERBS: Licorice, red clover, chaparral, Pau D'Arco teas, orange peels, HYSSOP. Chaparral is only avail thru mail order by asking the boss privately, itís not in his catalogue. Get apricot kernels from all your apricot-eating pals. Eat one a day, maybe two. It's the Laetrile in there that inhibits tumors.

TAKE Saunas, sweat baths. AT HOME METHOD2 cups apple cider vinegar in a very hot tub. Soak 1/2 hr until sweat appears. Keep refreshing heat of water. GET OUT, Wrap, then rest.

Get Reiki,hands on healing by reiki techs (healthfood store has magazines with names, bulletin boards.) GET ALL MERCURY AMALGAM dental filings removed, put in non-toxic kind.

EXERCISEregularly. But a relaxed kind of exercise. Take series of high colonic irrigations, 2x per week. I know several therapists in LA area. Do COFFEE enemas which flush liver. Take herbal laxative every night. Go to one of those places where you can LIE in a Floatation tank for stress. Then do it at home in bathtub. Study mind control via YOGA. Or ask me for file on MIND TECH. I know yoga teachers in every city of USA who will come to your house and teach you how to get into this unusual peaceful Ďspace.í Or you can go to them. Ask me for list. Drink aloe vera gel. It must be tasty. My chicken eats all the aloes in the garden down to the stems! If you've got cash, have a nursing asst. create a Vit C 'IV DRIP' in your home. 

FRUITS: Eat melons alone, very cleansing. Watermelon with lemon makes good juice. Make two 'in-between' meals a day pure fruit, mono fruit type meals. I.e. sour, semi-sour, sweet. Don't mix types. Sweet by itself. Melon by itself. Citric by itself, Sub-acid by itself.

OUTSIDE HELP: Go to holistic doctor and get Vitamin drips (at holistic doctors) Go to and study up on laetrile.

VITAMINS- TAKE vitamins, must be the best organic, healthfood store brands, like TWIN LABS.

NEW AGE SUPPLEMENTS: Take potassium (liquid form) on empty stomach. Supplement niacin after meals. B-vitamins. Take ARGININE, an amino acid, boosts cancer fighting white cells. And take LAETRILE, which you can buy at a website, . Meanwhile start using the source of laetrile, apricot kernels. Available at healthfood store, I believe, or you hammer 'em out of the fruit yourself. Up to 7 a day. 

MOVE OUT OF THE CITY. Stay out of cities entirely during your cure. 90% of the time, minimum, away from cityís car fumes. REGARDING OTHER ENVIRONMENTAL POISONS: New carpets are frequently loaded with chemicals. Don't use toxic shampoos, soaps, detergents on your body, face, hair, or let it get in eyes. Read Hulda Clarkís books (BELOW) on this and other, common, unsuspected carcinogens.

HAVE A FOCUSED MIND. Do positive meditations, imagine your body's immune system fighting cancer cells. IMAGINE the area, see the immune system and its macrophages riding in like the Cavalry. Guide the horsemen to the right spot.

Consider Chelation therapy. The CHELATION tekkie puts ORGANIC minerals in the veins to pull out the INorganic ones and heavy metals. It costs several thousand but is said to be good. No money? Use raw juices (which ARE organic minerals!) to chelate the blood. This sollubilizes inorganic mineral deposits, rids us of heavy metals. Dentist can pull your amalgam, source of heavy metals. 

ENJOY Supportive friends/family. The highest gear of metaphysical mind practice is to RECEIVE. It is higher than giving. Gods know how to receive.Let them drive you to the doctors, or to beach, park, country meadows. Let them make the picnic basket. Only no bologna! Let them do the housework. Do less home chores. Let them do it. BUT DO WORK IN GARDEN! Always wear a big sun hat. Find ways to exercise that are good. STAY OUT OF chlorinated pools. Let water turn a little green, but lower the chlorine content. There are organic pool cleansers avail.

YOUTH HORMONES ARE GOOD: TAKE YOUTH HORMONES PREGNENOLONE & DHEA available thru LifeLink Mail Order. As these are the mother hormones for all others, they enable body to youthen itself and immune sys to Ďcome back.í (ask em where, Iíll find their address in another file). Deepak Chopra says Ďthere is no downside to their use."

EAT EDIBLE SEA WEEDS which are tumor inhibitors. Vegie soup should be made with 'em. YUMMY. Or eat in salad, (soak first) or fry with vegies. Soak wakame a few minutes, add to soup at end. You donít boil the hell out of it. Healthfood store has stacks of diferent kinds. So do Oriental markets.

ORIENTAL APPROACH- Use Maitake Mushrooms from Jap grocery store or shitake from Ralphs, use it in all soups, mashed into salad dressing. Maitake hard to find? Call 800-617-HERB for mail order. Take BITTER MELON (chinese herbs). Loquat seeds. Call CHINA VALLEY HERBS, Sherman Oaks, CA, for INFO. BEST of all, go in person to CHINA TOWN. All those herb shops lining their streets have resident doctors! See a string of them, or get advice in neighborhood of shops from locals. They can tell you who is the miracle maker doc. Thse doctors are very inexpensive! Chinese Herbal lore is not known to westerners. They give you rare anti-tumor herbs, show you how to use them. 

MASSAGE- Get full body Massage daily and afterwards, drink RAW lemon juice /spring water as toxins are loosened and have to exit via urine. Get lemon juice off the teeth quick, though. 

GET OXYGEN THERAPY- Read Ed Mc Cabe's books on Oxygen Therapy, avail mailorder. This entails taking oral doses of a certain KIND of edible hydrogen peroxide. Ed was on Maury Povich Show. He lives in Rd 1 Box 22 A Morrisville NY 13408 when he's not in jail for selling food grade HP to cancer patients.

LAUGH A LOT-If you ever get sick, big cure is to Laugh a lot. Rent comedies, (ask me for a list, you have NOT seen the best ones.) Watch several daily. 

HEAD TRIP: Don't feel guilty about past. Study healing, start passing on your healing wisdom to others with same disease. Read "The Cancer Battle Plan," by a woman named Frahm. Go to the GERSON CLinic in Tijuana, Baja Calif. Mexico. Built by Mex govm't for Gerson. It is THIS above therapy. Phone # of their USA office is 619-472-7450 in San Diego area. You will enjoy visiting Tijuana. It is an interesting place hence a Ďsalubriousí drive.

Gary Null Radio show (WBAI - NY) Noon-1 p.m. so have pals tape it, send it to you. Mon-Fri. Call him for audio casette tapes of his many shows on Cancer. Roy Tuchman of KPFK-FM has copies, and often has him on Monday, Tuesday show at midnight. 90.7 FM in LA. Call Gary 1-800 USA 1718 or go to

GET YOUR CíS. - SLICE ROSE HIPS (red ball of rose which are avail in entire city now, ) into orange juice, let soak an hour; this will firm your COLLAGEN= no mestasis so you can have one cancer area and stop it spreading. Drink OJ, eat grapefruit, guava. All Cís with bioflavenoids will firm our interconnective tissue so the cell stops HERE.

AND eat bone CARTILGE TOO. Eat knobs off ends of all chicken legs, thighs but they must be organically grown poultry! READ "SHARKS DON"T GET CANCER" by William Lane, take shark cartilege daily stirred into apricot juice. Avail at HFS. Mail order suppliers are cheaper. Take colloidal silver.

GET RID OF YOUR PARASITES. 90% of us have them. They make tunnels in our body, thru which cancers migrate, mestastacize, and they also allow chemicals from environ to travel our body. THEY MUST GO! *Read 'The Cure for All Cancers" by Hulda Regehr Clark dial 011-52-6680-4111 to talk to her in Mexico. She cures cancer in DAYS by showing you how to remove all chemicals from environ same time killing all parasites, worms, flukes in body, and removing all mercury or other metal (except gold/silver) dental fillings. (NOTE: all cancer doctors say that ROOT CANAL places plugs of toxins over nerves that connect to entire body and cause cancer.) She advises no more cooking in any metal pan, even stainless steel, Only enamel/glass. The parasite killing herbs (wormwood, cloves) are avail. thru healthfood stores. "CURE FOR ALL DISEASES " her book, $21.95 plus s/h. Promotion Pub. 3368 -F Governor Drive, Suite 144, San Diego 92122. 800-231-1776. CLARK says parasites make holes in the body and then the environmental toxins get IN thru those holes. Combination of bugs and chems cause most types cancers. Book tells you how to de-tox yourself, home and pets. Dogs/ Cats must take parasite cure simultaneously! No more detergent, shampoo, toothpaste. All are petroleum based, unnatural. Get olive oil soap, made by hand. Switch to borax, vinegar rinses on skin, use baking soda for teeth, and de-worm all dogs/cats regularly. Never pet animals without rinsing hands. GET RID OF ALL BODY's parasites with wormwood, clove and black walnut herb caps for 2 weeks to get them all. WE ALL have parasites. Not only from pets but from undercooked milk, meat. WASH VEGIES, Cook meat fully. Sterilize drain boards and cutting boards! 

USE NO products with benzene, which is used to wash all machinery that makes food. EVERY JUICE corporation uses it to clean their machinery. Use no grooming product with propyl alcohol (a universal solvent) found, in ALL soaps, toothpaste. Switch to baking soda for toothpaste. Or macrobiotic dental powder. If you must use shampoos with Propelyne products, keep OUT of eyes. CASTILE shampoo is a lot better than the detergent kind. OGILVE SISTERS makes it. Find it at beauty supply houses.

Take DIGESTIVE AIDS, protease, amylase, etc. with every meal. Chew dandelion leaf before a meal, as the bitterness of it increases your own natural digestive enzymes. BETTER DIGESTION works to make you much healthier. An old Japanese /Chinese cancer cure is to make teas of loquat leaves and seeds --take a little every day. Eat loquat seeds as you eat nuts. 

AIR REPAIR- WATER REPAIR, ELECTRIC FIELD REPAIR. Get air purifiers & ozonators, get a water cleaner or use glass-bottled spring water. No chlorine is tolerated. Cancer is not genetic. In l900 one in 30 had it. Now one in 3. It is environmental. GET rid of all electrical fields. Unplug all wires in bedroom when U-sleep. Read "KILLER CURRENTS" STOP USING furnace, it puts traces of chemicals in air. FREEZING or a steam radiator, or electrical HOT OIL heater (60$) or wrapping up is perfect. WRITE CANCER CONTROL SOCIETY 2043 N Berendo, Los Angeles, CA 90027 and they will give you information update phone #'s. They have a convention 1x a year in LA, every SEPTEMBER at VALLEY's Sheraton Universal convention room.  VALLEY is north of LA l0 miles. The CCS can give you names of people in your area. Do all the above things and the tumors will start to disappear in DAYS. No one needs radiation or chemo no matter what conventional medics tell you. But for fun, have the doc tell you you're TERMINAL, then do all the above, go back and have him x-ray you again! WHOPEEE! Make the medical history list so that your doctors get fascinated with holism.

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