GIRLS, why you should NEVER call a man!
THIS stud you adore is a cutie so he no doubt/ probably / surely has a girl who adores him NOW. And if you call _him_, then you get ALLLL the nasty karma from HEAVEN for breaking up him and that protected-by-the angels little nice nice lady he sleeps with now. You don't want that karma on you. You would weep hard when you paid that karma back to heaven. SHE IS A SISTER. He is nothing to you. So give the relationships time, in which you figure out.....does he have a squaw or not? CUZ POACHING IS BAD LUCK! And if HE decides to all you, the karma is on HIM!

A man today can not be sure of his new gal pal. She could be tomorrow's knife-wielding gal in his bathtub. He has to be very cautious not to get involved with a lady who's gonna be screaming his name in his hallway, phoning him at all hours! NOT calling him shows that you are NOT some fired up stalker. CALLING him makes you a MAYBE candidate for the NUTCAKE LIST. That makes him paranoid from step one. The man who is salivating after your ass should not be PARANOID. And the man who is paranoid is not salivating after your ass!

8. HE HAS TO SEE A RECEDING FIGURE. When you are hard to get, he reassures himself that you are desirable, cool, controlled, elegant, refined, not the kind of woman that takes any guy, chases after a guy, (i.e. a cheap slut) or calls a man which means in MALE-speak, "I'm desperate, take me I'm yours". You don't want to come of as the kind of girl that PHONES a man. Have a little class. PHONING  means you have needs.....The gal that CHASES is saying that she is desperate. So instead of his assuming all that carp about you, and heck, he doesn't know you, how can he know otherwise? Now, he has to chase YOU as nature intended. He has to show you that he cares, do things that charm, engage and win you over. Isn't that a lot more fun? If it doesn't seem so, you're drinking too much coffee!

7. CACHET AND MORE CACHET! Direct result of his chasing YOU is that now the price of your STOCK goes way up and he also has to come right out with it and show how much he likes you, you get to see how much he cares. You can measure in INCHES and PHONE dialings how sweet he is on you and THREE, the harder you are to win the more he appreciates you.

A.) High priced stock means you don't get invited to weirdness, such intense wierdness as backstreet affairs, one night stands, making it on floor of cutting room with two projectionists in the other room) as happened to one of my clients, or in the bedroom at a hotel while the guy's l0 body guards were in the living room outside, --- and you know what THAT means, you would feel so ashamed afterwards, so insulted at his pushing this coitus un-suitabilicus publicus, that sooner or later you'd have to get so furious mad that you'd have to cut him dead waaay too early for the marriage sweepstakes.

b.) CACHET means he has to take you to the mainstream events, country club, fine cafes, Paris France not Paris Texas, etc. make you his mainstream girl, not his backstreet girl. The woman he now MAY have around him is now the mainstream lass. He has to deal with getting rid of her in a rational, mainstream way and get rid of her and that is going to take a wee bit more time than you want to give him, with your track shoes on and all.

6. THE REVERSE EFFECT SYNDROME. IF YOU CALL HIM, he stops being hot for you. RIGHT. The Fire goes off. If a man can have you raw, why bother heating water? He definitely is going to call you, what happened between you is IN HIS MIND LIKE A TOTAL CLOUD OF FRAGRANCE lingering after the girl has gone. THE MORE YOU DO NOT CALL HIM THE MORE HE HAS TO remember that meeting, think of you, GET RID OF the current relationship and I don't mean just sending her off to visit her mother. He has to say "it didn't work out and it's bye bye.' IF you cut him short on this LINGERING period, this FEELING HIS FEELINGS out period, you're preventing his making organic changes. GREAT SHRINKS of our time say a woman knows instantly if he's for her. And they say men do NOT know. They have to take up to 6 weeks to process what a woman knows instantly! THOSE SIX weeks are what it takes to make it real for him. Exact figure I quote, six weeks. Meaning he has to think of you, realize things, miss you, long for you, know he daren't call you while his other squaw's in town as its denigrating to YOU and downright disrespectful to her. So he has to process and come up with solutions. YOU CANNOT be there, giving him the fudge and the ice cream and the SYRUP and the whipped cream AND THE CHERRY cuz if he's getting all that, obviously he doesn't have to DO ANYTHING and he has you. So if he wants to chase you he has to give up whoever he's seeing now.

5.) WHAT IF, you two really have marriage harmony karma.If that's so, you don't have to do a thing. he'll just get more and more stuck on you. Go see BRIDGET JONES DIARY. She's all messed up but that guy really loves her. She's seeing knucklebone Hugh Grant, but he doesn't care. His heart knows she's for him. I LOVED that movie! COLIN FIRTH really played that condition a guy gets in where he is totally mystified why he loves her but he is. He is suffering every time she goes elsewhere. And he finds her. FATE places her where he is. I LOVE that movie!

4.) The man you love is mental, verbal and you both have email so trust in that precondition for modern love, he is going to be on line to you sooooooooooooo much that you're gonna have no problems!  Every time you open your e-mailbox he'll be there. If he's not, it wasn't meant to be. Keep saying to yourself, I wouldn't want a man who couldn't write regularly, who didn't drop me a note at nite. So a man who doesn't use the machine is automatically disqualifying himself. And that's GOOD.

3.) The more pain you can create in the guy by NOT being there, the more he wants you to be there. LEARN TO CREATE PAIN, not pleasure. The more pain you give, the more they marry you! In the words of my ole pal Freddie, 'take the pussy off the market.'

2.) You have a lot to do right now. Why is he suddenly at the front of the list? The girl who gets busy at life has a great life and thusly, many men at her feet. The man who is after one man has NO MEN at her feet and one man is way in front of her, running the other way! AND she has no life!

1.) How could HE get his psychic "RECEIVE PICTURES apparatus" up and running to receive the subtle pictures sent by YOUR MIND? The LOVE radar must be created by THE VOID, by EMPTINESS. Not the condition at all, if you're you're there on the phone. You must use the space or distance between you both to create THAT WHICH LEAPS THRU SPACE. THE THIRD EYE VISION which you will send him nightly that is THE TWO OF YOU in bed, cozy, familial, happy. Man only thnks of the big M word when he's mad for her, when things are fresh and other men may be in the picture.....not later when he has possessed the lady in question or when he has her fone calls barraging him hourly. So don't rush this too fast. HIM FRESH AND MAD for you, is NOW. You got all that you want NOW and you don't even SEE IT! THE SECOND STEP to build is the invisible love radar so you can send radio messages all day and night, barraging him with the aroma of you. Oh, and to help it along, leave him your intimate apparel, appropriately scented. A rock star I know buys the most costly panties in the world, not wearing them, just perfuming them and LEAVING them there at his apartment! That's a good one. He's lingering and fingering and thinking, 'gotta get rid of my current old lady now.' Where can I hide this gorgeous lace thing?

SO FORGET CALLING HIM ON THE PHONE! How blind, how unimaginative does that make you? USE YOUR EYESIGHT, your INNER EYE, your vision, your heart, your imagination to talk to him by RADAR, by strumming the violin strings of the spirit. Play that melody to him over the astral plane. Write that lyric. BE the goddess of the VOID. There are songs inside his ear that he'll hear....one day...that come from this moment of his pining for you.  I don't have to go on, do I? YOU GET  IT, no? RESTRAIN YOURSELF and he won't be able to restrain himself. And when he calls you, and comes after you, he'll be a MAN --- not a little boy. As an old eskimo said, "PAIN is the only thing that ennobles man."