By Anita Sands Hernandez

In the good old USA, the most technocrat, wired, pacey, materialist nation in the world-- a half billion cups of coffee are drunk daily. That's great for StarBucks and Brazil but is it so great for us?

Caffeine, the active ingredient, a poisonous alkaloid, (the word used for nature's arsenal of poisons) causes kidney stones and kidney damage, (so that proteins don't get eliminated and body blows up with edema and we think that's just 'faceless' old age!)

Wait, get a notebook, because there are more than a dozen diseases on Killer Koffee's list. Brazil Brew causes adrenal fatigue, (hence drying up all hormones in the body, promoting aging). It causes irreversible heart disease with arrthymias, tachycardia, later requiring pacemakers. It causes birth defects so no pregnant woman should drink it. It causes hypertension, strokes, higher cholesterol & triglyceride blood levels. For women, the devil bean gives higher incidence of uterine and breast fibroids and breast tumors.

For any who don't succumb of the above diseases, wait! There are still more choices. Coffee is a carcinogen. It's a BURNT bean. Might as well brew beverages out of boiled barbecue grills. That black stuff is scorch-n-torch. BURNT! The entire inner GI tract is exposed to cancer --from guggle to zatch (as James Thurber called the region.)

Coffee accelerates hypoglycemia into diabetes, and for many--causes ulcers as it is acidic. It can also burn the stomach lining so badly that one stops making stomach acid, has burps all the time due to lack of stomach acid. (Though aspirin will do that faster) Producing less acid, undigested proteins ferment, insulting the kidneys which then fail. EDEMA signs become visible. PUFFY eye tissue the first. Pain over kidneys and then nausea come next. Wonder why this tidal wave of dialysis in America? Blame it on the Devil Bean.

IN FACT, POPE CLEMENT was asked to ban it from VENICE 400 years ago, he felt he should try a cup before making all Catholics quit the stuff. He sipped, sipped some more, then said "it was "Satan's drink but it is so delicious, we'll cheat Satan by baptizing it."

Last, java causes raging insommnia. Even a dose in the ayem is still with us at midnight, mixed into the food deep in our gut. You will trick your body clock into staying awake for 18 hours, which is abnormal. Then you will only be able to sleep six hours due to the residues of caffeine in your blood the next morning. You come awake without sufficient sleep, feeling draggy but unable to get back to sleep due to caffeine in your colon where absorption takes place. Within a few months of this, there is permanent nervous system damage, lowered I.Q.

Here's one more. Caffeine causes hardening of the arteries in the brain, low brain circulation and is suspected of causing Alzheimer's by one holistic healer I know.)       

But we're not finished. Coffee is a diuretic, (although Tea is worse) causing excretion of the body's minerals and vitamins through the bladder. This ages our skeletons prematurely giving dowager's hump, curved fingers, dissolving bones, osteoporosis, hip replacement. Your urine is washing away calcium, magnesium, trace minerals, your BONES ---your very SKELETON is dissolving and departing thru your BLADDER. The Pacific Ocean is drinking you up waaay earlier than was its scheduled appointment!

Worse, black brew is attracted to the pancreas where it causes cancer. Holistic healers know this as they read irises of the eye. Every syndrome leaves its mark on the iris. That black spot at the 7 o clock portion of the right eye, (meaning on the right side of your body, close to pupil, 7 o clock position if it were a clock face IS the pancreas. (Read "Iridology Simplified" a paperback book of hundreds of color plates, by Bernard Jensen, used to be around 3$ all healthfood stores.)

Yep, it adds up to the fact Coffee is truly the Black Death. There's not a disease it can't cause, except measles. But don't worry--quitting Coffee is easy. We've all done it ... as Mark Twain says, --- thousands of times! The question is how can we do it, once and for all? Holistic Healers feel that a high power diet makes the withdrawal period easy. There can be actual headache from a sudden quit, but not the slow quit. For the sensual longings for coffee, the starter kit for El Quitto Grande is Columbian De-caf which tastes just as good as the real stuff. Unless you use steam or water-distilled DECAF you are getting a poisonous carcinogen from chemical solvents used to remove caffeine so switch to water-processed decaf.

Then, for that MENTALLY PHYSICALLY SLUGGISH feeling you get during transition period, use herbal stimulants in capsules, mixtures you get from your healthfood store to jazz yourself up: Their names tell you what they do: "Mental Edge" "Perfect Energy," 'Brain Energizer'. These usually contain Gingko, Glutamine, Ginseng, Gotu Kola and hit the G spot that coffee used to reach. I also would add bladderwrack or kelp.

After one is cured of the caffeine addiction, one might take these energizer pills on days when one really must move, not all the time! If you want benign caffeine, switch to Yerba Mate tea (a smooth, mild caffeine) or green tea which has the upside of protective anti-oxidants. Even a little bit of caffeine in your bloodstream affects your sleep adversely and is diuretic, hence causes excretion of the body's minerals.

Few people have given thought to the insidious way caffeine can affect sleep, even 12 hours after it is ingested. Caffeine mixes with the food in your digestive tract which isn't eliminated until the morning of the day after it's eaten. Even if you have caffeine Friday morning, 19 hours later, Saturday at dawn, while you're trying to get your last three or four hours of sleep, the ones that count, Friday's caffeine dose has finally reached your lower bowel where most absorption is taking place, giving a FULL jolt of caffeine. You wake with a CLENCH, look at the clock and realize you haven't had a full eight. You try to go back to sleep but your brain is going, clicking away, stimulated by the last and final jolt of caffeine absorption. Unless you do mantra to give the brain something benign to chew on, you're likely to toss and turn and wake up too soon. But this isn't only Saturday morning, it's Sunday, Monday and so on.

You have no idea how long you could really sleep every night if it weren't for the caffeine dregs in your bowel. To find out what delicious sleep is---- quit the Devil Bean.

Your best bet to experience the delight of body balance is to quit this alkaloid entirely, even quitting black/green tea and caffeine bearing cokes/ sodas, and chocolate ALL of which are full of similar, stimulant alkaloids.

Any good article on Caffeine would also have to teach people how to get energy out of GREEN LIQUIDS freshly extracted from living plants by a special vegetable Juicer. (29$ at Wal-Mart). Vegetable Juice is rich in iron, nitrogen, protein, oxygen --- hence an exact analogue of blood. I'd call it "GREEN BLOOD."

Our genetic cousins, the Gorillas, are green -gorgers, munching their weight in leaves daily. Don't eat the cow, eat what the cow eats. Get a carrot juicer at Wal-Mart or your local discount house so that your liquids can be the essence of natural fruits, vegetables and leaves as found in nature, which are totally vitality-enhancing to essence-starved modern man.

Next get the vital power of life is found in raw seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and in SPROUTS. These are the proteins we need, loaded with unsaturated oils to clean our veins of plaque. Loaded with minerals. There are many kinds at healthfood store which you can turn into vegeburgers at home. Or buy mung beans, and sprout them at home. Make lentil sprouts, sunflower and soy bean. Radish seed sprouts are the most tasty of all. I grow radishes just for their unsprayed, unstreated seeds, unlike those in Burpee packages. And word's out that broccoli seed sprouts have hundreds of times more of that cancer-banishing element than even cooked broccoli.

But before you can FEEL the magic energy live foods can give, you have to totally kick the big C. C-drinkers tend to like the next letter of the alphabet, D-nuts and not REAL nuts. Nothing like a pastry or pie to go with that big cup of java, huh? So don't let a C in the house or your health will waltz out down the sewer pipes into the ocean.

I'm CONVINCED. I WANNA QUIT but WHAT ABOUT THE PAIN OF WITHDRAWAL? O.K. For a day or two before you quit the Devil Bean, eat foods that move thru the bowel quickly, no STICKY FOODS LIKE RICE, POTATOES, MILLED GRAIN BREAD, meat, milk or dairy products or white flour because half the pain is the toxic, gummy stuff that won't move without the peristalsis-delivering C-jolt. Then, the day before you quit, take an herbal laxative at bedtime.

SHOP FOR THE DIET THAT SPEEDS THE CURE: If there are symptoms of hypoglycemia, low blood sugar, or the munchies, you're going to have to stock up New Age proteins like tofu, tahini, hummous, lentils and other pulse, vegie meatloaf, salads, avocados, seeds, sprouts all of which have huge amounts of other great features meat doesn't: B Complex, calcium, minerals, vitamins, unsaturated oils. And you're going to need recipes to use them. (See below).

Night before you start, you take an herbal laxative like Swiss Kress, OR a spinach and beet salad, just to really get a fast track in the bowel. Then, next day, you wake up and SIP half your normal amt. of coffee. Keep a buffered aspirin in your pocket, just in case. If you start to feel headachey, take it, and repeat later, if required.

Have a light breakfast, prunes and white yogurt. (the kind of yogurt that bleeds water when cut, not the gelatin rich gummo stuff sold in super markets. Best yogurts have at least THREE different kinds of acidophilus strains in them. Only available at healthfood stores. Or, have Raw fruit. No eggs and toast, during first part of EL QUITTO. They would squash you flat!

Get a lot of heavy massage from friends & family that day. Deep tissue massage is done with oiled hands, smooth, heavy strokes, always heading toward lung & heart. Stroke downward from the back of the brain toward the lungs. Upward from feet toward the lungs. Most toxins exit lungs and armpits. Rest is loosened and heads for liver, proven by the fact a heavy massage makes the liver ache horribly, the next day. The way out of that, juice lemons and drink honey or maple sweetened lemonade every hour on the hour so bladder picks loosened toxins up, not liver.

Oiled foot-massage (reflexology) done with 25 lbs of pressure on all toes, and the sole of foot is helpful, oddly enough, to the entire body. Massage on abdomen and intestines is useful for moving yesterday's food without caffeine around to jack up peristalsis.

Every day take half the amt. of coffee you had the morning before. If you always took afternoon coffee, cut that in half too. Slug down your de-caf in the full amount you like. When you are down to a tsp of real Joe at every 'coffee break' you are finished with caffeine. Next day, you have NONE, just your decaf. You can do it! (Reminds me of that scene in the Spielberg movie where Harrison Ford believes he can do it, and steps out onto the air and walks just fine!)

During this entire period, keep up a healthfood diet, all salads, fruits, vegies, minimum amounts of meat, (served in a big stew of buttered vegies) and have a delicious tossed salad on the side. (AVOID CANOLA oil, it's poison. Use olive or sesame.)

Quit milk. It's gummy. Adults don't need it. A little white yogurt, eaten alone or with fruit is alright occasionally. Never combined with meat or starch. Milk combines with very little except sour fruits.

Three reason for slight meat or sugar is that both increase the need for caffeine. Sugar because it makes pancreas crazy and gives the munchies for baked goods which pulls in the headtrip of coffee. And meat because suffering animals used as food fatigues and depresses us the day after we eat it. Meat eaters love stimulants as they give the illusion of a HIT of power, hence they seem to banish depression. Actually, they increase it 'when you come down.' What goes up must come down HARD.

Drink pure water, take lots of Vitamin C every few hours, Vitamin E with meals, and Vitamin B Complex and genuine, 'must be fridged' methylcobalamine, or B-12, Hard to find. Enzymatic Therapy makes the only genuine one I've ever seen. (http://www.enzy.com) The phony B-12's sold everywhere fool receptors, end up causing deficiencies.

VEGETARIANISM seems to be the big energizer. We need 'stick to the ribs' handy proteins that we can integrate into our diets with as much ease in the kitchen as a minute steak. When you quit meat you have a high, constant energy. Only graveyard eaters need caffeine. The first day you don't eat meat you feel o.k., but it is the DAY AFTER you didn't eat the meat that you feel really high and energetic.

Stay vegie a week. Then eat a steak. See how loggy and depressed you feel the next day? Eat a baby lamb or baby calf that has suffered being taken from its mother. See how depressed you are the next day? Isn't that amazing!!! When you realize that subtle effect, invisible to the stimulant user, you'll never go back to eating baby animals. Some of us can handle a little flesh foods. There's talk that certain Blood types, coming from certain European racial strains, do better on meat than others but what about the death karma?

When Tibetan Llama Rimpoche was on tour, I heard him on radio. He said the karma of eating a slice of beef was minimal. One bull fed 400 people who shared in the murder of that soul but he said with a smile, 'a shrimp cocktail was a veritable holocaust.' A witty but insightful take. He may be right, murder karma is the most subtle effect of eating death. The Hindus seem to know something about hidden effects. Five thousand years ago their Rig Veda said that atoms with spinning electrons were the basic component of all matter. Yogi Bhajan the famed Sikh guru from Delhi who has all those ashrams with turbanned Americans in them, in every city in USA (ask me for list) says that if you kill to eat, it will end up killing you!

But, if you're hell-bent on eating bodies, make sure the chicken was range grown, hence happy and the fish was caught today and just mildly curious at the moment he was caught and killed instantly with a KNIFE so it didn't suffer drowning in air for ten minutes as we do not want to eat HORROR or ROT. That means NO commercial fish at all as they're all ten days out of water. It means you have to catch it yourself, dispatch the fine, finny fellow instantly with a single slice to base of brain, and maybe with a prayer. So we're talking kosher meat in the best sense of that word which means clean. Clean of karma.

What can we expect from our changeover from stimulants and unhappy dead bodies to sunshine foods besides the fact that Pleiadean space ships will start hovering over your home? A balanced, centered, focused happy, HIGH NEW YOU who doesn't require the devil bean!


HUMMOUS- This is a middle eastern protein food like western types of party dip, (I use it for that) or it can be used as sandwich spread as it's thick like chicken salad. It's very satisfying and the highest food you could find in calcium due to sesame, hence it replaces cheese & milk. All bean-based dishes sour in 4 days so we will freeze half of the finished product, making a lot at a time as it does take a few minutes of work.

ON HAND: One jar/Can TAHINI, (a kind of peanut butter made w. sesame seeds, avail at Israeli, Iranian, Armenian, Arab grocery stores.) Dry raw garbanzo beans, onion, soy sauce, pckg untoasted sesame seeds, garlic, lemons, 1 sml. can chopped olives, cumin, curry powder, Cilantro, Chile-Sesame oil, (oriental section.)

 METHOD- SOAK beans over night. Simmer in crock pot until soft. Toast sesame seeds in iron skillet, stirring until they pop. Cool. Reserve most of liquid in beanpot for tomorrow's soup, leave 1/2 cup remaining liquid while you mash beans into a paste. Add 1 part tahini to 3 parts beans, mashing with finely chopped onions, lemon juice, soy sauce. Add toasted sesame seeds to the bean/tahini mix, add a few dashes of chile sesame oil, your spices, cumin, curry, lots of crushed fresh garlic, chopped olives, cilantro and lemon juice. Make a big batch as you can freeze what you can't eat in plastic. Don't use foil, as there's acid in hummous and aluminum leaches out of foil into the food and gives brain damage. Later, frozen hummous thaws good as new. Serve w. chips or in sandwiches w.pickle/lettuce/tomato.

 VEGETARIAN MEAT LOAF- ON HAND- 1 cup of your CHOICE OF GRAIN pre-soaked, then steamed. A good grain from healthfood store like millet, brown rice, quinoa. (COOK GRAIN, or, if bulgur wheat, soak in hot purified water 30 min.). Saute with garlic, chopped onion, oil, thyme, oregano, chopped celery, celery seed, mushrooms, 1 cup oats, 1 cup chopped, bell pepper, grated carrot, water chestnuts, tofu, cooked lentils or garbanzos, tahini, Salt/pepper & vegie broth and raw nuts. (Almonds must be soaked in boiling water for a minute then skinned as skin is astringent.) Walnuts or Spanish Chestnuts are also good. Don't need to skin these.

 METHOD-MIX your cooked GRAIN with flaked or processed or chopped nuts, pre-cooked oats, herbs, spices, other ingredients until you have a loose burger fodder. Keep it ready in a bowl. Saute onion, garlic, cilantro, red or green peppers, ADD the other ingredients in the bowl, stirring well as it sautes for one minute. Turn off flame. Let cool enough to handle, then shape a patty or a single meatloaf, bake with a little sweet honey dijon mustard, catsup on top. If you make patties, dredge the finished patty in sesame seeds, fry lightly then finish in an oven for l0 minutes.

 TOFU WITH SHITAKE MUSHROOMS - While you steam your basmati or brown rice, (30 for former, 40 minutes for latter), put 12 dried, bagged shitakes (cheaper at oriental markets!) to soak in a cup of water. Weigh down with bowl. Prepare gravy mix: 1/4 cup mushroom soy sauce or reg. soy sauce. And 1/4 cup lobster sauce, 2 tsp corn starch or flour. Stir until mixed. Then, five minutes before you set the table, before the rice is done steaming, heat wok or a thick frying pan. Thoroughly heat peanut or sesame oil, and when it's hot, drop in onions, the whole pound box of tofu cut into 1" squares, scallions, broccoli, peas, eggplant, stir-sautee. Take those soaking mushrooms, join it with the gravy mix so the one cup of mushroom water mixes with the gravy mix, then throw onto sauteeing vegetables and add delicate vegies like spinach, bok choy, and crunchy things like water chestnuts, chopped celery, bean sprouts. Add subtle things like fresh-squeezed garlic, chile sesame oil, chile in any form you like, including chile paste, and leafy cilantro at this last moment. When sauce thickens a little, it's ready to throw onto the rice. Serve with chinese mustard on the side, a truly unique flavor, and for a treat, a short cup of jasmine tea. (IN China, tea is made this way. Heat 4 cups water to 155 degrees, between a bath and a boil, turn off fire. Drop teabag into teapot. Let steep five minutes. Even that one cup of tea can make bedtime later than usual! By the way, this dinner would serve four amply.

It is best to always eat cooked protein foods with a raw salad. Raw food has live enzymes that aid digestion. The fiber and bulk of salad prevent sticky foods from causing constipation. They move the food quickly through you. Last, the greens have a lot of solar power.

I've never known anyone to eat raw salad with chinese food. It ain't gonna happen, so maybe do scallions, cilantro, raw on top.

Then there are 'vegie meatloaf' or vegeburgers. Once you get good at making the vegetarian high protein entree, it's fast to throw together, but it's still not the kind of work you want to do every day when you're hungry, so here's the 90's trick. Freeze the hummous or the tofu patties. Or, make a loaf, cut the warm tofu loaf into 10 slices, wrap each in paper and freeze. Pop one in a sandwich, which will thaw by lunchtime, so you'll eat a cold cut; another day you can heat it at work ( I don't nuke food, myself, what are you craaa-zy? ) but maybe leave it on top of the computer monitor or in the sun on a windowsill for a hot lunch.

A third way, heat a corn tortilla on a gas flame or in toaster, then pop a thawed slice into it, maybe a handful of greens and a few branches of cilantro, then eat your vegie taco on the run. Or, eat your vegie pattie or hummous between 2 slices of hot whole grain wheat or rye toast for a high protein breakfast or lunch box. Use these fillings inside tacos, enchiladas, or puebla or anheim chiles. Stuff zucchini, peppers or squash with this 'tofu burger'. Traditionally, chile rellenos require a fried egg meringue layer.

The idea is, vegie proteins will completely REPLACE digging in the graveyard for dead bodies and eating depressed animals who were slaughtered in a horrific way.

Start this diet, stay on it for a while to see the happy results, the change in consciousness. While you use vegetarianism, keep sugar to a minimum as it provokes the munchies in which case food insanity arises.      

As for desserts, you'll find less sugar is required by the body. The fatiguing heaviness of flesh -eating causes the body to scream, 'HELP, immediately give me a heavy hit of sugar.' When that scream isn't happening, you get into control. Be creative. Use a light fresh fruit salad for dessert. Stir maple syrup into yogurt, a few drops almond essence, plop a dollop on top. Dust with nutmeg or coconut flakes.

Soon you'll have so much energy you'll never need a nasty old caffeine fix again. Sanity returns. Birds return to roost in your mental garden. The synapses of the brain do not have electric impulses when there's fat in the blood. You will begin to have profound thinking processes, not the nasty, quick clicks of the shallow-minded, jazzed-up alkaloid addict!

 You will begin to have profound relationships, not two ships passing in the night, chattering idiocies at one another. Good trade, wouldn't you say?


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