A Practical Guide for Magick Which is the Art of Self Defense

The Art of Healing

(The Flu, poverty, depression or merely the TAX TIME Blues)

HOME ALONE with the blues or the flu? Turn off the t.v., who needs to watch any more GI's and Arabs getting bombed. We've got a gameplan for digging around in your own brain, where the really entertaining stuff is. Come on. We're going to chew on some BUBBLE GUM METAPHYSICS and blow our BLUES to Heck. And learn how to be magic in one short day. BUBBLE GUM METAPHYSICS!

The Derivation of the word Bubblegum is, (according to Webster's Dictionary of Common Usage) A Noun from the Teutonic word 'burble' (circa 1350,) indicating use of Ďa wad of something sticky to blow a thin-walled circle full of air, hollow, empty of substance which quickly bursts,'

GUM, a sticky substance that once chewed and emanated from the mouth may be used in an emergency to fill a gap, plug a hole or otherwise 'micky mouse' a troublesome situation. "

"Semantically understood to imply popularity with the proletariat masses who find this item amusing, fun and in combination with a serious noun, and used as an adjective ĎBUBBLEGUM' implies 'that the noun described has been made 'popular, easy to master, simple, fun.'

"Meta-physics" Derivation Greek, Meta- Not nearly. and Fisika, (physical world and its laws) ergo metaphysics means something 'pertaining to the unreal world of man's belief systems that is popularly believed to somehow, mysterously, influence matter and real physics but such an allegation is totally unproven.

Bubblegum magick is what Harry Potter is doing. Why should Harry have all the fun? When a book's written and read universally it means that THING exists. Magick is real. We can do what Harry Potter does, even if we're adults! These exercises are the five finger exercises that create our being masters of Real Magick.

Magic GAME #1.) This one's phenomenal. Write a simple sentence on a piece of paper "I am GOD and HE is ME." Read it over a few times. Note that suddenly your mind and body are instantly transformed and supercharged by immense feelings of strength and power! If a Kinesiologist were to test you, he would discover an amazing improvement. Your muscles would actually show MUCH greater strength and resistance!

KNOWING who you really are is the secret of it all. Imagine in the space of a few seconds with virtually no effort on your part, depression and stress lifts, your mind is instantly crystal clear instead of confused and fuzzy. Your speech and writing becomes eloquent, intelligent and appealing. What seemed to be a horribly unlucky day home with the flu is now suddenly a day full of magical powers and good fortune!

Try MAGIC GAME#1 when you're going out, say, just before you go into the office in the morning, while you're parking your car. Turn off the motor, and before you get out and start your day, say the magic words. All day, people will smile and be happy to see you, you will be constantly 'on' and everything you do and say will be sprightly and rewarded with positive feedback. You are in the flow, at your peak.

There is one more special sentence you can write and that is also fast, powerful. "I love humanity! Every person down here, just as much as God does." This is your opportunity to walk among the losers and drip honey all over them. You've done that many times without meaning to. Like when you petted an angry dog or cat. When you tried to win one over with sugar? Well this time, it's not going to be overt. You're just going to say to yourself, "I LOVE humanity, every person down here, just as much as God does." Then when you talk to the weirdos in your classroom or office, the energy will change. They will perceive that they are liked. Their lives will get better and they won't know or have a memory of where the turning point was, that it occurred with you.

As you walk down the street, do this with the really dangerous people you see. Don't worry about attracting them. You do not need to make eye contact. They will not notice you. There's a good example of a man walking thru a crowd and seeing what people were really about in the new Bruce Willis movie, UNBREAKABLE. Very metaphysically inspiring movie. Same American Hindu screenwriter who wrote 'I see Dead People' movie, also with Willis and that fantastic psychic KID.

Well, we're psychic about ghosts and bad people, too. If you ever feel you are in a dangerous spot, walking through a dark parking lot at night, practice sending love to every corner, even the corners where the pick pockets hide. Send love into those dark corners. Then, demand that dark spirits go to another place, and have a happy life and become wise fast. That will scatter the furtive, dangerous people, the darkness and shadows from your path.

The ideas just given you will change your life and protect you from psychic stress, damage and attack. But hereís one strictly for Harry Potter, MAGICIAN LEVEL FUN!

GAME II. The secret of Remote Viewing. Shut your eyes while sitting relaxed, or lying in a dark room. First, do a minute of warm up or practicing---seeing the easiest thing to remote view, your favorite people. Sharing a moment with them, even if they're passed on to another realm. Especially in that case. Or it could be with someone you don't know. Pretend they're right there with you. Mel Gibson would be one of mine. But he's probably bothered by people thinking of him day and night, around the world, so best is to go find someone who doesn't get that visitation rate. Hang with them. Gandhi. Or Khomeni or President F.D.Roosevelt.

Or go find people who aren't happy. Hitler. Stalin. Your neighbor who continually sprays your car. Stick up a long pair of antennae just like martians have. It will come up out of your third eye. Feel around with your feelers geocentering on the direction where there is pain and sorrow. I mean seeking east, west, south headings to see where you come up with pain. We will now detect the presence of dark flowing streams of consciousness energy in geographic places but especially in individuals and groups of people who are oppressed by invisible tendrils of fear, anxiety, guilt, control, exhaustion, confusion, forgetfulness, stress, bad habits and negative thought patterns. See who it is. The Taliban? Osama? Send them universal love and tell them to quit their belligerance.

See your parents in your inner eye, siblings, your friends, your neighbors. Find a really pained person out there? Someone who sprays cars?

NOW, go for the really remote viewing Oscar winning events. See the region of the planet where there is the most suffering. See the people. Hone in on one of them, and hover there like an angel, watching. Watch long enough until you really see this person. Now, bathe them in love and compassion. Give them the energy to solve their problems. Try to see where the problem is there. No water? No work? No food? Give him hints about eating raw greens, and remind him that there was a Catholic Saint who lived fifty years with no food except water and a Communion wafer. Catherine Von Neuman was her name. SO remind him that a salad of baby greens, and an occasional fruit off a tree, and then a SEED can be very powerful for sustaining life. Send this California Holistic message of support to him. Once I did that to a Guatemalan priest, touring the USA for aid. Gave him a book by Frances Moore Lappe. He spat in my eye, very nearly.

OK, ANOTHER WAY TO FIX THINGS when you remote view is just give energy. Throw ONE HAND (the left, or receiving hand as you don't write with it,) UP TO THE SKY toward the sun or wherever the sun is, down if it's daytime in china, and PULL all the sun energy in the universe thru your left arm, into your heart and out throught the dominant right hand to that person. With your LEFT hand draw the sun into your body. Now point your right hand palm out where you think they are....toward that direction and blast them with solar love, health and laughter. Add your own love to the wave pulse and say God, make them happy, wherever they are right now."

TO DO THAT AT THE OFFICE, just look around you. Scan the room. Start with someone not too crazy to AVOID having your own vitality drained. Just be inhaling quietly, sitting relaxed, then bend over your desk, shut your eyes and keep that vision of that person and send them the sunbean without putting your hands up. Just with your third eye and the left and right antennae. With people who are crazy or really negative, we must defend against the parasitical energy we would face, if we started to adopt them. So we do it from a distance.

Pronounce good things about them in your mind. They will get better. They will be happier. They will figure out that they think negative thoughts too much and stop doing it. They will figure out where the natural power of true self has so often been replaced by an angry duplicate self which drains emotions, physical energy and vitality. He or She will want to THINKING negative thoughts about anybody, worst of all himself/herself. This person will escape the clutches of the choking, draining, grasping influence of the dark side of whoever their suppressive authority figure is, whoever their potential trouble source is.

GAME III. If you are suffering under psychic pressure yourself, say we are canceling those repeating destructive family patterns and mind-programs. Canceling the hatred those bosses, co-workers, teachers, family members are manifesting, the torment they are giving. How? ONE way IS BY TICKLING THEM. Pretend you're in a meadow with this hated person and you're tickling them all over. You will laugh when you do this, and you'll see them laughing. Next time you're with this person, they will be much kinder to you without knowing why.

GAME IV. Use the properties of the 'God Artifact', an easily made device that allows you to liquefy the effects of bad intent right people, neutralize unwanted admirers in seconds, avoid dangerous scenarios and gain uncanny perspectives on your own life. Take any necklace with a bob on it, a stone, talisman, amulet, locket, precious or semi precious stone, doesn't matter. Put it on your altar overnight, with pictures of great people, Gandhi, whoever you like, The Pope. Princess Diana. Just clip them out of magazines. Say "GOD, you made these people great, now put your magic energy in this talisman which I will wear or carry." Leave it there overnight. Next day, slip it in your pocket. Finger it from time to time. Or wear it on a chain over your heart. Touch it when the going gets tough.

GAME V. Do Therapeutic Dream Synchronization with your most intimate friends. Say 'we're going to meet at 4 am and travel together in the astral. Do this regularly.

GAME VI. Getting rid of SUPPRESSIVE FRIENDS. AVOID people who are so charmed with themselves that they become "INVITED SUPPRESSIVES." that's when you somehow buy into their act and let them lead you around by the nose. These people are never in groups, they are allergic to them. They are not interested in seeing you with your friends. They want to own you when they need to see you but the rest of the time they don't even want to be around you. They are Psychic Vampires, and as sweethearts, downright dangerous. All those women who get killed every year by their own hubbies, BF's or sweeties? They were with an INVITED SUPPRESSIVE.

You must understand that they are a kind of LOVEAHOLIC. They seem 'true' but they need 'admirers' one by one. They drain each one, and discard them. The mirror that they use to stare at their own reflection fogs at times. So they switch mirrors and feel no grief, no empathy for the grief you feel when they begin to be unfaithful. Do not be the foot kisser of a psychic vampire. Many of these will convince you that they are in love with you and want to make love with you. LEARN TO RECOGNIZE them. Your Talisman, carried in your pocket, will tell you when one is 'working you,' and aiming to take over your mind, charm you, make you love them.

Next, GAME VII. FINDING PORTALS --These are openings that mostly are felt when we're asleep. Ask to see portals when you go to sleep. Ask to be taken thru them by guides. If you can inculcate semi-wakefulness while you sleep, and know that you're in a dream, ask anyone standing near you to 'take you through a portal.' Chances are, they are dream folk, not manifestations of your mind. They know where the portals are.

Next, GAME VIII, Strange OCCULT Experiences happening in every day life. These are where synchronicity manifests, two people thinking the same thing. Learn to jump on them and start psychic mind games with that person immediately. Sending, or receiving. As parlor games. I used to play them with Brando when I was an actress. Ask me for file on HOW TO DO A Spirit Game 'Truth' NITE with some pals as a party. Iím at astrology@earthlink.net

GAME IX, Psychically Charged Objects The talisman was one. Create others. Give me an example of three others you could invent or imagine. A POWER chair? Good! A POWER DREAMING pillow case. Excellent. Folded on your altar until you go to sleep? Then you unwrap it and have magic dreams? Oh, you get A in this class. NEXT, Protective Symbols, things you can leave on your altar over night, then scotch tape to every door in the house, hang inside your house on bedroom doors. I want you to come up with some ideas on this. I just did pentagrams at every door. Someone else had xeroxed them up for me. Pentagram Idea Came from the Bulgarian guru guy, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov who writes of all these things. Want titles, publisher's address, ask me.

GAME X - Psychic Pumping - When you do this, note its effects on Localized Reality. How molecules move differently. OK, ready? INHALE deeply thru nose only and bring in all the AIR within a mile of you, also all the Gods and Avtars in the neighborhood, all the power teachers hanging around on the astral plane. Think, HELLO. I'm So and So, (your name.) Then EXHALE thru the nose and send out all negative entities hiding around your house or in your aura. Say "I am clearing the space for us. Inhale more deeply, this time bringing more angels, inviting them. Exhale your own negative thoughts. Do it really fast and you'll see why it's called Psychic Pumping. Takes a focused mind. Yogi Bhajan sez you can go up to 100 breaths a minute, in out. This is called bellows breath. Nose only though. When finished, walk in garden, talk to flowers, fruit trees. Look at the molecules of it. Look at the soil. Bend down and Smell it.

LUNCH BREAK. Let's eat. But that also is going to be part of the magic Games. Take a look at what's in your larder that is not good food, It's denatured or has a downside of some kind. Like soda acidifies so much that it takes 32 glasses of water to re-alkanize the body. So give the sodas to someone else. To have an immune system, we must have alkaline bodies. Or say white flour crackers. Clogs, mucus producing. So in this game, we are going to see what ten Foods we have around us that could harm the Psyche. You tell me ten that are harmful to you. While you're thinking, I will tell you ten which are my nemesis. SUGAR, FLOUR, GLUTENOUS part of chicken ( chez moi we boil it out, then just eat the non glutenous slimy part as we get sniffly easily if we do certain really outrageous foods like flour based foods or chicken slime.) Eliminate Sodas, and what I have to eschew is those coconut cakes from the Mexican bakery at corner. That's all I an come up with. Those are the bad ones. I think chocolate is occasionally good for me if I don't do it late in day as it is wake up food. Next,/ Foods that heal the Psyche, Tell me ten. I'll tell you ten.

GOOD FOODS: As I say, CHOCOLATE. And every fruit and vegie and whole grain Bible bread, (flour free). Oranges when they fall ripe from my tree. They heal me but not the ones I pick from the tree. Oddly, they are never ripe! Why is cuz trees have two crops at once, both orange. One a month old, not ready. The other a year old. So you can't buy them and get a ripe orange. You have to wait til they fall from your tree. This is the entry point for the next game.

GAME XI- A JOURNAL WHERE YOU KEEP PHILOSOPHY, original PHILOSOPHY. So I'd write this pathetic little notation, a struggle at an original thought. "An orange that has fallen from a tree even if it has cracked or now has a black spot on the skin is like the love of an older woman, sweeter than the love of the fancy oranges in the marketplace as she has given herself to you when she wants to, when she is ready. Oranges picked very young, when they first show color, with unblemished skins, even if they look better, are not yet sweet and fully ripe, so even if they are sent to the marketplace and they find top dollar ---they will always be sour and like acid, eat through all they touch and most sadly, they will never ripen later. "

Regarding a power diet. Besides the oranges on the ground under the tree, eat Avocados, sprouted almonds. Hummos and organic, no-additive corn tortillas, all very powerful. Greens from your yard shredded on top. Avocados with onion, lime, tomato, cilantro make guacamole, eaten with bible bread (sprouted grains) melted low fat cheese. You and whomever you're playing with, eat a meal out of THE GOOD FOODS. Carry the rest of stuff in your fridge to the homeless people in the park.


GAME XII Hidden Toxic Psychic Dangers in Urban Environments. Examples which will make you focus on them. CELL PHONE TOWERS, neighbor who reports you to POUND, etc. THE AREAS of TOWN WHERE THE AMBITIOUS unhappy PEOPLE are. The Yuppie areas of town. Air above it is thick with misery. LA, is particularly awful. In HOLLYWOOD Bev Hills, Santa Monica, the air itself is thick with misery. The whole BASIN OF LA. WANNABE and WANNA STAY land.

Everyone wants a beamer and a mansion with a pool and they either don't have them or them that has them are afraid theyíll lose their two picture deal and LOSE them. So nobodyís happy. To drive in LA is to drive thru air that's thick like a steambath with suffering.

In GAME XIII we PONDER Repressed Miraculous Medical and Energetic Technologies that you've seen used. I mean when you rubbed someone's headache away, or massaged or petted a sick cat. Talent for healing that MAYBE you HAVE. Think these over. Whatever it is, use that technique on the sickest person close to you. NOW today. Got an old sick neighbor you like? Then, DO IT! Last case scenario, heal your own sorry headache with those hands on your own head. Or those cysts, or fibroids, or lumpy sides of thighs, with your hands.

Play a magic game today. Enuf homework for one day? Are we bored yet? Any time you have to wait in a waiting room or in a hotel lobby, try these games. Get facile in them. Harry Potter will have nothing on you!

P.S. Practice, add to the games. Email me your results. I'm gonna write our twists on these up. Further. I'll call your exercise by your name, too if you want.

OKAY just in, from Mary, a reader. GAME #14. If I canít seem to have a peaceful relationship with someone, or if they cause me much grief I will take a walk and repeat, like a mantra, "For whatever youíve done to me in this or any other life, you are forgiven; for whatever Iíve done to you in this or any other life, I am forgiven; it is done, it is finished, it is through." As I walk and chant, the pain will come up in enormous waves and be released. I can always tell when Iíve finished the exercise and then the relationship is always better.

Game #15. I have set my intention before I go to sleep to "ask" for things that I need. (i.e; to meet my guide, to talk with my late father, to be given my animal totems, to get an answer to a troubling problem, or simply for an astral writing partner...), and I have had amazing results. I will many times wake up with just the information that I needed, but I must also be patient. These things can take time, it also helps to be very clear in your intention. Otherwise you will either get no answer or the one you get will be indecipherable.

Game # 16 I have also played out troubling situations in my dreams. The more you "work" at this, the easier it becomes to get the information you want/need. I have found that having a sense of playfulness and being mindful and alert are the keys to getting the information you want.