If you feel too mentally tired to read this article, YOU NEED it. Put your glasses on, lie down and start reading!

I only tried TWO of these techniques and I'm FLYYYYY---INNNNNN'!
Makin like Einstein! The Great American NOVEL is boiling up in my brain!


This article is full of New age holistic healing techniques that will heal a damaged brain, jack up anyone's intellect and rejuvenate the health of YOUR actual gray cells. There are ways to create super circulation of the blood in the head and there are techniques to add super nutrients to that increased blood flow so that you start thinking like Albert Einstein and the New age Holistic healers have found them!

To achieve brain CIRCULATION: Beyond exercise, there are nootrophic herb mixtures like those they sell at and a quick leap there, to see that formula (do come back and finish this article!) will show you what I mean. This is one of the premier formulas in this field, but you can make your own. They give you the formula. There are little mixtures of things you can buy at the Drug store or healthfood store, like Phos-phat-idy-L-Serine. Or stuff you get at the supermarket vitamin shelf like ginseng, ginko, cayenne, ginger and vitamins like niacin that create stimulated circulation. Add to them the rich nutrients and RICH BLOOD of a healthy diet by returning to a natural, 'powerfood' diet will create the blood stream nutrients that give muscular strength plus the desire to exercise which in turn gives us brain circulation.

Which comes first, nutrient-rich blood or good circulation of that blood? It doesn't matter, just see to getting all these conditions at once.

Hey, you were awake enough to read this far, I'd say there's serious HOPE!. Now you need to decide; can you initiate some slight changes, follow a healing regimen and stick with it? You really ought to if you have a SODIUM ring on your eye's iris!

The holistic healer can see SIGNS OF a BRAIN that is DIMINISHING in circulatory health and I.Q. power. Using iridology techniques, (a flashlight and a magnifier or if reading yourself a super magnifyer MIRROR and a source light), you or your Iridolgoist may see a white cloud, on the edge of your iris. This would be a picture of what's in your body. The eye's IRIS actually shows us what's going on all over the body, not just in the eye. That white cloud at outer rim of iris is salt and inorganic minerals, suspended in the arteries and veins as plaque.

If there is white or yellow or a cloud throughout the iris of the eye, in the outer perimeter, there is hardening of the arteries in the entire body. When the white cloud is around the outside of the iris, or on the RIM of the iris, it is called a 'sodium ring,' and the arteries are becoming plugged up in the skin area, only and not the internal body. Most older people have the white cloud on the iris perimeter.

In many younger people, the cloud is only at the top of the iris, making the iris look flattened. Like an orange with a slice off the top. This is called 'arcus senilus' and indicates the hardening of the arteries is in the brain, alone, generally because circulation is poorest way up there on top.

The deduction of the healer is that the mind of that person will be literally clouded. They will crave caffeine which increases the heartbeat for a short while and gives some additional circulation to the brain, at the peril of the heart and pancreas. Caffeine has downsides. It shortens sleep, one of the prime irrigators of the brain, another reason the CLOUD appears on top. You're not letting the brain be horizontal enough hours a day to get that river cleaning those pipes!

So, we understand this information. This clouded mind and cloudy iris effect manifests when hardening of the arteries exists in the body --- caused by plaque settling on the walls of the venous system when nothing is done by body's owner to wash away that plaque.

This plaque is like a hard butter COMBINED with mineral deposit. Imagine the lime on your shower door. It is made up of inorganic minerals (salt and hard water). Imagine adding a scum of cholesterol from fatty foods or animal proteins that harden at low temperatures. Lard and shortening do that. Some, inferior olive oils do that. Butter does it. Steak fat does it. That scum is FIRM. That's pretty sticky stuff even inside you, at 98.6 degrees!

If the plaque is just beginning, it can easily be removed with herbs and a diet high in INORGANIC minerals, which tend to dissolve or 'chelate' ORGANIC ones. The idea being that a glass of cool, green celery juice so full of natural sodium that it can melt inorganic sodium inside you.

Diets that melt fat would be like the famed Pritikin diet, vegies, fruits, grains, low in meat, salt and sugar. (no IN-organic minerals, just food high in organic minerals) with one difference: Pritikin uses no oils. You're not that bad off so you can eat unsaturated oils, that do not get firm when fridged, i.e. good olive oil, and always unheated, not to cook with. (After you heat oils they become saturated and will firm up, so we apply oil cold to the food, after food is cooked.)

The idea BRAIN POWER DIET would also very low in animal fats and high in unsaturated fats or fatty supplements, which melt saturated fats in veins: lecithin, omega fish oils, salmon. I'm not trashing the Pritikin system. IT WORKS! No doubt about it. You might get Dr. Nate Pritikin's books at your library as they're very inspiring. They have people who need bypasses running 5 miles a day. The result, no bypass needed!

When you go on the BRAIN DIET, you will feel fed. There will be no food cravings, but to motivate you to keep up, whenever you crave a do-nut or Hershey bar, heat your own oil and make your own donut. That oil will not be as hydrogenated as the fry vat at the Krunchy Kreamy joint. And enjoy the chocolate bar occasionally.

Do you have any of these DISTRESSING SYMPTOMS OF AN AGING BRAIN? Stroke tendency, body fat, inertia, sugar or alcohol cravings, forgetfulness, blurred thinking? If you have High blood pressure then blood plaque is advanced. If you have poor circulation in the fingertips and hands, then you also have it in the skin and heart, inviting heart attacks. Not conditions you want!

Poor venous passage may not be noticeable early in life, even if it's happening, as we don't have numbness of fingers early, but young people do notice changes in their brain functioning. We all have friends who have odd lapses of memories, or who continually crave coffee, chocolate or stimulants due to the brain fogging up, who go into a room and can't remember why they went there. That doesn't happen to ten year olds!

Look back at the 70's and 80's when many of our urban yuppies were interested in brain stimulants, cocaine, meth, Starbucks. One wonder if the caffeinated coke habits of the american childhood prepare one for the use of the bigtime stimulants. There might be something in the American diet which could be improved upon, brain circulation wise.

When 'vein-clog' condition is present, mental acuity is diminished. Prove it to yourself right now. The #1 food that will clog the neural synapses so that electric impulses don't click fast and those sparks of thoughts leap through the synapses, i.e. your THOUGHTS, is FAT. Fat in a Mid-day meal makes for no brain CIRC. with resultant fogginess, IQ-loss and a feeling of stupor. Go have a bowl of ice cream right now and see how your brain slows to a sludgey halt. That fat will be in the brain for hours and you will not be able to have nerve synapses jolting with electricity for that period. Deprive the body of fat, give high sugar and you'll be thinking away like a freight train. Of course, sugar has a big come-down an hour later. The problem with using sugar and caffeine every time we have to think is that eventually you'll get diabetes and lose your circulation in extremities entirely, to the point gangrene sets in and they have to chop them off! What goes UP must come down. We come down from VERTICAL foods with a LOW, with 'major munchies' and then we gobble up the entire landscape. The long term results of that are aging, disease and more STUPIDITY.

So face, it, the high sugar, caffeine and fat standard modern diet is making us OLD AND STUPID. Or headed that way and as a wise man once said, if you don't stop and do a 180, you're probably going to end up where you're headed!

The high chol/plaque diet of modern times is passe. It invites a broad spectrum of degenerative diseases that kill faster than stupidity. Prime among these is pancreas burnout from over use of tea, coffee, caffeinated soda drinks. All these beverages are diuretics, melting our bones out into the ocean via our bladders, (arthritis). Sugar creates Diabetes, rampant in Americans today. Pancreas death can be contained by staying away from our favorite emergency jolts, coffee, soda and pie. Last, there is a newly discovered link to heart disease. Read Dr. Barry Sears 'ENTER THE ZONE" available at all libraries for free. Everyone in his family died from heart attacks so this doctor had to find out what was doing it. He discovered that starches also produce heart disease. And we thought it was STEAKS alone!

The continued ignoring of the body's difficulty handling refined starches, saturated fats has brought us into the age of heart disease. Until now we didn't understand that protein was difficult to digest, and required undiluted stomach acid that should never be diluted by putting starches or sugars into the same meal. When we did, the meat fermented and the kidneys were 'insulted' and over decades, stopped functioning, requiring dialysis. None of these subtle links were understood 'til now. Previously, we'd neglected to see the importance of natural, soluble, organic minerals and high solar foods, with subtle atomic life conditions. We didn't realize that what the brain really wants is food. The right food. And that eating the wrong food has made the brain OLD before its time. Dead before its time.

Add to that list of body insults the use of vagus nerve stimulants, which invites diabetes, stroke, heart attack, anyeurism (either aortic or cerebral) and you can see that our culture has created its own dumbing down. We didn't need the public schools to do that to us. The CIA or NOW didn't do it. We did it to ourselves!

The standard American diet has taken us to the end of the line and only thru holistic helaing is there a ride back. Most of us have already started on a path toward massive dying of brain cells with gradual loss of intellect, absent mindedness, poor memory, foggy logic and lessened ambition.

Study your face in a magnifying mirror with a strong light source. See if there is a sodium ring being around the edges of the iris. If it's on TOP of the eye you have lessened brain function. If the circle is on the sides, the hardening of the arteries is in the entire surface of the body.

If in addition, there is a dark circle on the very edge of the clouded, white eye, it is suspected that the skin is not doing its SKIN work of secreting poisons in sweat but is somehow inefficient and is trapping the inorganic minerals. Teaching the skin to exude is required. We start a regimen of daily brush or towel rubs, from head to toe. We do it in the bathtub, using scrubbers and loofas on our skin, to rid us of dead layers that interfere with transpiration.

Next, better skin transpiration can be achieved. By sweating! Exercise helps in this regard. Elimination thru pores can be kick-started with a 1/2 hour sauna, or even home hot baths with soda/sea salt or 2 cups vinegar in a tub of hot water.

Another interesting trick is to exercise out doors on hot days, covering the head with a turban so you don't get sunstroke. MOVING in the heat produces copious perspiration.

Motion of lymph fluid helps. (That's the liquid inside the entire body in lymph system, which is not the blood.) It depends upon MOVEMENT, trampoline jumping, or just plain lying down and doing upside down bicycling all will MOVE that sluggish lymph fluid.

If that cloud is top of the iris, remember, low circulation is indicated in the brain. When that happens, your midday meal invariably causes stupor unless you properly food combined. That means using only TWO compatible food-types, in a simple meal.

Some people instinctively know that and try not to eat on days when they have important business. The reason there is fogginess after a meal is that all the blood in the stomach doesn't leave any circulation for the extremities. The brain may be considered an extremity. If the person eats a meal of many combinations of foods, fats, proteins, starches, sweets, and dairy all taken in at noon, when body vitality is much slower than in morning, and when body is less rested than one is in the morning, and less able to lie down than one does at evening time, copious digestion takes too much blood. You get faint and dopey!

Midday, eat easy-to-digest, simply combinations. I enjoy a huge avocado with fresh tomatoes, cucumber and dressing. Then take ten. Yogi Bhajan recommends that one should get horizontal for 10 minutes after eating lunch, covered with a blanket. Yes, NAP with a cover! Doesn't matter if you don't sleep. Just give the body l0 minutes of un-interrrupted digesting while you're out cold on your back, not thinking.

If you recklessly eat a "normal" square, multi-element (i.e. no proper food combining) heavy lunch daily (beef, bread, pie, milk,) what happens is scary. Slowly the brain dies from the chronic midday lack of blood flow. Parts of it DIE OFF! The sad thing about losing IQ points is that one isn't aware of it. Others notice your slow speech, fogginess as absent mindedness, but the person who this is affecting most is unaware! The first thing he forgets is literally, to worry. If the foggy guy is someone who does rapid computations habitually, a mathematician or typist, he may notice increasing errors or typos but not suspect a suffocating brain is the cause. Usually he just thinks he's getting old. He is, but he doesn't HAVE to. The condition is reversable with DIET.

Basically, good, old-fashioned, pipe-cleaning CARDIO-VASCULAR EXERCISE IS REQUIRED. It causes blood to course through veins, washing away plaque. Waste products, toxins from previous digestion are loosened from muscle bundles and neural nexes where they were hiding and the sweat carries the toxins out of the body. The guck stored within us also exits through the breath, and through the liver. Many people instinctively use hot baths to get rid of toxins, increase circulation but boy does it age the skin! Exercise works better.

So, go for a low-fat, high-fiber DIET, along the lines of the Pritikin Institute regimen, which has no animal protein, no oils & only oil-free dressings. This can taste great if you know your way around a kitchen. Make your own salad dressings as you'll be more likely to down them with a smile. Make your own seasoning salt, 99% herbs, 1% salt. And learn to make gomasio sesame salt. And as a topping for all your vegetables, steamed or salad, use lemon, pressed fresh garlic, olive oil and a dash of soy as a flavorful dressing. It's easy. Toast sesame seeds on a thick iron pan, until they start to pop. Golden brown. Stir as you toast. Then drop a few shakes of salt on top, grind it in with a flat bean masher. Mortar and Pestle would be ideal. Or food mill.

Say goodbye to IN-organic minerals, (salt, Calcium tablets.) You want to switch to ORGANIC MINERALS, as found in raw salads, raw vegetable juices or even fruit juices all of which 'chelate,' or solubilize the inorganic minerals in the body, 'grab' them & carry them away. You don't need those minerals littering your bloodstream as plaque. Trust me, you don't!

Try week-end raw juice fasting to accelerate elimination of inorganic mineral waste through mouth, sweat, skin. And if you're not eating food, it's allright to add Psyllium preparations like metamucil to carrot, beet, celery juice. (A juicer is 29$ at Discount houses like Wal-Mart!)

You will watch as that sodium ring on the iris is melted out of your body. Raw, fresh extracted celery juice between meals will be your most thrilling event of the day. You will watch as the addition of a beet half to the juice mix causes you to have two, then three full bowel movements a day.

You will start to describe the changes to your do-nut eating friends and warn them that as the pile-up of waste matter continues, the heart cannot get the blood it requires and goes into heart attack, or there will be a stroke in brain, or aneurism in coronary artery and they will join you at your juice breaks.

When you start this new regimen, the healing is rapid and if a permanent life style change can be engineered, the conditions of disease will not return. Go on a fine, fun, delicious NEW DIET.

BREAKFAST-whole grain sprouted grain (meaning BIBLE BREAD,) toasted w. scant butter, all fruit jam you make yourself, very little sugar, mostly fruit. Pectin from certain fruits can thicken it. You do not need so much sugar. Black coffee. Or tea. If you believe you're hypoglycemic, a protein meal is better. (but Bible bread has protein. It is not flour. GRAIN CAN HAVE THE BAD SIDE, FROM GLUTEN. It's sprouted whole grain, wet down overnight, rinsed, and it's beginning to grow, it changes nature. It is amazing stuff, and healthfood bakeries have it, some super markets in western USA and NYC have it, from NATURE's SUNSHINE bakeries, EZEKIEL 4:19 bread, after bible passage. AVOID all bread even whole grain if not sprouted first. Amazing is, no acid in mouth after eating it, unlike other breads. Not constipating. No mucus formation in nose while you sleep, which does happen if  flour is used in any way. Avoid all flour products from now on.

Soy/almond/grain or coconut milk, a non-dairy milkshake protein drink w. sour fruits as they combine with proteins. Orange, fresh pineapple, papaya, guava, lemon blended with almond milk. (For the almond part, soak a cup of raw almonds, overnight. In A.M., peel and discard skin, yes blanch the nuts, skin is astringent, useless except on skin to close pores. Then, throw peeled nuts in blender with fresh coconut chunks, coco juice, and sour fruit.) COCONUTS and almonds are first rate protein. Better is to eat them, chewing well.

Want to quit coffee but fear Caffeine withdrawal? A delicious cup of Yerba Mate tea and you speed off into your day. Why is this caffeine better? It doesn't come from a burnt bean which is a known carcinogen. You might as well drink brewed barbecue grills as drink coffee!

LUNCH: Light, simple combinations. Protein/greens/vegies or starch/greens/vegies Low fat 2 clove garlic blended w.lemon on salad, 2 cloves crushed on buttered toast. Huge avocado, onions, fresh picked red tomatoes in summer, sunflower seeds. High amino vegie protein like tofu, avocado, or if you can handle fatty meat without stupidity hitting, have fish/ chicken/ steak, in which case you eat no starches in same meal. If you have mental work to do in day, avoid proteins at midday. Just have starches. BEVERAGE: More Yerba Mate if you're an ex caffeine junkie.

SNACKS: hi-color fruits, raw nuts/seeds/dried fruits. OR a rich desert that you wouldn't dare eat with a protein in your stomach.

DINNER: chicken, beef, fish, always eat proteins with a green salad, even a glass of red wine. Or, if vegetarian, a Diet for a Small Planet combination that adds up to a full amino spectrum. I.e. beans with corn tortillas. This would be salad's sole companion. Desserts are eaten alone, between meals, not w. proteins or starches, so not at meals. BEVERAGE: herbal tea.

AVOID: Salt especially with aluminum silicate in it for pouring. Get real sea salt, or salt with no additives. Use LIGHT SOY SAUCE (I find a big bottle at Korean grocery store cheaper than super!) or amino broth like Braggs. Be certain that soybeans are first ingredient, not wheat! Make gomasio savory salt using toasted sesame seeds. Grind in a pinch of salt. Keep in fridge. (a heavenly delicious, SAVORY food condiment for meats, vegies, stews, salads!!) Avoid fatty cuts of meat, seek out lean. Thin your blood with avoidance of butterfat rich foods like sour cream, cheese, canned soups with inferior oils in them. The only oils you want to eat are sesame or olive. The others are toxic from pesticides and Canola melts your nerves. Naturally avoid real cholesterol foods like Ice cream, too-frequent eggs. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Put a trampoline in front of the TV and BOUNCE! Get that old ticker to pump and get your lymph to flow which it will, using a trampoline. And last, if you're feeling tired and stupid, get rid of your Mercury fillings but with a holistic dentist as this can be a toxic procedure.

VITAMINS/FOOD ADDITIVES: THE REALLY GOOD one Phosphatidylserine is found online, l9$ to 40$ for the two month supply, it's made of soy lecithin extract. Also: Vit E, Garlic, onion, avocado, Primrose Oil, Omega Fish oils, niacin after every meal, starting with 25 mg and increasing as you learn to tolerate the flush it gives, that pink cheek thing. Phenylalanine, lecithin, choline.

IN MORNING, TO JUMP START BRAIN: Gotu-kola, gingko, ginseng, kelp, (often called bladderwrack), hawthorn, magnesium, liquid potassium, damiana and RNA. And from compounding pharmacies and online, and periwinkle extract, 'vimpocetine,' which you send to Europe for, or it may be in Canada. Do a search on the words periwinkle and vimpocetine. Or try http://www.LEF.ORG (Life extension Foundation Org, online.) SAME (S-adenosyl Methione) neurologically active. LEF.ORG has it. but my guru says is the really hot website. It's a pricey mixture. You can find similar mixtures for a quarter of the price at the healthfood store under other names. But this one is the high performer in the nootrophic marketplace. After you get their brain formula, get tryptophane, available thru at 800-404-8185. And by prescription, Provigil, or its generic name, modafinal. It's a brain alertness chemical. A non amphetamine drug for narcoleptics. Military uses it, when pilots were flying long missions. Also, take B-6 and B-12 but only if full spectrum B foods are eaten as one B causes requirements for other B's to go up. (so the cheapest way to supplement B and the most natural is to take Beef Liver once a week fried lightly in onions.) MINERAL CAPSULES & DIGESTIVE ENZYME capsule are optional, w. meals. As most Calcium supplements add to plaque, AVOID calcium unless easily assimilated calcium citrate, with D, magnesium and Boron added for absorption. There are New Age super calcium foods like sesame tahini which have huge calcium readouts. So do green salads, corn tortillas with lime. Sardines with bones but don't forget your cal-mag pills. Your newly empowered, fresh brain needs those strong bones to stand up on and carry the body forward into a new half century of joyous activity. Do a search on LUCIDRIL or Centrophenoxine. From Europe. Search on DMAE.  DO A SEARCH ON KEYWORDS like Smart Drugs, Nootropics. Go to There are some good articles and links there.

LAST SUPPLEMENT, MOST EXOTIC- Metamatrix Labs in Georgia and Spectracel Labs in Texas both do a blood test which will reveal which vitamins you're deficient in. But spend the same three hundred bucks on spinach for a year, olive oil, blueberries/blackberries/peaches in season, the vitamins we mention above, you're going to not only KNOW what you were missing but STOP MISSING IT!

There is a saying in France, "Si jeunesse savait, si vejesse pouvait." if only the young KNEW HOW -- and if only the OLDSTERS WHO KNEW ---COULD!" Well, now, that saying won't apply to YOU! You will know and do --- and be up to your tricks well through the next century!

It helps not to take in chemicals that DESTROY the brain. Imbibe NO ALUMINUM in salt or spices. ALUMINUM found in brains of Alzheimers patients means no deodorant unless organic but THIS info JUST came IN:  BE CAUTIOUS OF COMMERCIAL GRADE SALT AND ALL bottled, commercial ground up SPICES! READ LABELS, because they are kept dry and flowing free with added aluminum silicate. I just checked my spice islands chili powder and that one mentioned silicate oxide (no aluminum).  SODIUM ALUMINUM SILICATE Flow agent for seasonings, spices, powdered milk products and other ...] Synthetic Sodium Aluminum Silicate is extremely effective as a freeflowing and anti-caking agent for the manufacturing process of powdered foodstuffs such as table salt, salt substitutes, seasonings, spices, sugar, flavors, powdered cheese, sauces and many other powdered Food Industry products.