My desperate 40 year old astrology client plans on giving her crush the singer/ dancer boy, her valuable, second microphone. Like most on-stage men, he's popular, has a dozen women a week chasing him, Chippendale's body and all, but she thinks that she should share her mike worth 800$ with this chorus boy. Not share. AN OUTRIGHT GIFT. After all, she has two. She unconsciously thinks he will cherish the gift, love her more. Love it. Remember her. The whole gag-me nine yards. BOY! SHE DOES NOT UNDERSTAND MEN. Men feel contempt for women who GIFT THEM STUFF, who try to buy them with this transparent maneuver. AFTER such a pathetic try, they will always believe that she was a loser, desperate for him. Not only does this make a man very uncomfortable but he will immediately start exploring avenues to leave her. Cause she's a nobody!

So get this, girls: Men have a lot of muscles but there is no such muscle as GRATITUDE in them. If you give to a man whom you are dating, if you DO FOR a man, LEND money to a man, instead of his reacting as WE WOMEN WOULD with gratitude, a male recipient has a lingering un-ease, a guilt which  he doesn't face --- which makes him SOUR --which in turn makes him equate us with trying to BUY his love and he loses respect for himself. HE loses FACE. So to straighten that out, he has contempt for HER instead. She has given him a MINUS event. One that sickens him. NO MATTER HOW MUCH HIS STUDIO NEEDED THAT MIKE!

The Ancient Chinese had a prime rule in all negotiating. NEVER make the other party lose FACE. Lacy Peterson found out SCOTT was lying about being in Med School. Thatís why he had to kill her. Not fatherhood, not the other girl. He had told his wife and her parents that he was about to be a doctor, told her a huge lie for years. She found out; he lost face. So never cause a man to lose face. YOU WILL LOSE HIM. Same idea, never give to a man! THAT GIFT HE NEEDS and the fact that he needed it -- makes him lose face!

I know, -- any woman would react to a gift with more love for him. WOMEN are supposed to take. We are YIN. Our bodies take. Men's bodies GIVE. That's how the two sexes are and that's how we think. BUT where girls go wrong is assuming that men are like us. They are not. So keep the lump in your bed sheets away from the lump in your purse. Honey and money don't mix.

Now, oddly, the other way around is the best way for a man to get a woman. Let your man spend money on flowers, candy, trips, clothing, even new tires for your car, even a car itself, even a penthouse and rent. You will be touched and love him more. Men give those things to women as the barrage of meaningless, costly things ties you to him. BUT he will not give you job connections. He will never send you out into the world to be a success if he wants you. True, if he helped you  get a job, meet a bigwig, his stock would soar sky-high with you, even higher than diamonds, but he wonít do that. Because he isnít giving to you, heís giving to himself. Heís tying you to him. He's not sending you into the MALE WORLD to shine. Unless he wants to get rid of you.

 Oftena woman accedes to a man's request for a loan. Thinks money shows their friendship, trust. Maybe they had THAT but the second she gives, she's a loser, a fool and he doesn't feel good and he has to dump her and hide the body. TAKING doesnít work for him AND GIVING does not work ON HIM. It works in the reverse way.

Giving work, effort, time to a man's career is DISASTER for a woman. He despises you for it, especially if he really needs that help.  Put him through med school, when he graduates he always marries a night nurse where he's interning. 

HELPING A GUY might work if you're in a community property state, and there are only a half dozen that I know of, (ask me for list). That payback only works if you are married over ten years.

The one good thing about not marrying the man who asks for a loan, takes money and gives promises, (if he breaks them,) is that you couldn't testify against him if you were his wife, but you CAN testify if you're his girlfriend.

Many wives have sent their hubbies through med school working fortyhours a week for ten years and they can litigate when he leaves and they always do litigate as he always does leave. My take on married men who got really rich after his wife put him through school is, -- any man who can afford a red Ferrari will use it. 

she gave too much to him, Betty Broderick killed him when he left herThe Betty Broderick story is a t.v. "movie of the week" that you should rent, called "A Woman Scorned" with Meredith Baxter Birney and that handsome rogue, Stephen Collins. Was on Lifetime Channel. It is chilling in its accuracy of how much you will be ripped up when you've given everything to a man and had him turn on you and leave.Before the Doctor started cheating on Betty B. she had put him through college!   When he found the new girl, Betty drove a car into their house, came back with a gun and shot him and the nurse right in the bed. Dead. And Meredith went Gay in real life.

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