If you're pregnant, get on the right diet now. Use tea/coffee/cokes, you get nausea, baby will have pancreas/adrenal problems. Nausea is low blood sugar, known as hypoglycemia. Taper off on caffeine, less and less until there is NONE in your diet. Do not quit cold turkey. Jarring to the fetus.

Next, MOMMA! You have to be on the right diet! If one VIT FACTOR is left out, baby has defects.

Vitamin D. Take sun baths with almond oil & lanolin slathered on skin. LET OIL stay on after. Only bathe sweaty areas. Leave the irradiated oil on the big skin areas overnite so it soaks deep in. SKY cloudy? Take D-rich, flavored cod liver oil mixed with Vit E and A instead. If you don't get enuf VIT D your CALCIUM products will not be absorbed WHICH MEANS nasty calcium is DEPOSITED as plaque in arteries = heart disease.

SUPPLEMENT CALCIUM. Calcium Citrate with Magnesium by Twin Labs or other really good manufacturer. & eat chicken bones, yes, the knobs, gristle, the ends. Cuz our bones are GONE. Yes, Sodas, tea, coffee, citric acid, and acid coming from our own STOMACH involved in meat-eating ---all have stripped calcium from our bones! Take CAL supplement with sour/acidic drinks like a real lemon squeeze in water will do or Apple cider vinegar. Remember, no calcium is absorbed if VIT D isn't there and the acid, too, so take COD LIVER OIL capsule (cuz yuk itís not tasty) with your calcium fix. CLO is cheap at drug store. We must do cal/mag/D. We are ALL headed toward osteoporosis. It's necessary we COMPENSATE by supplmenting calcium. If you use other forms than calcium citrate, like eggshell, bonemeal, or any of the other forms, always take it with magnesium and an acid drink, cider vinegar or fresh lime/lemon in water as these acids dissolve calcium.

Next: VITAMIN B: The whole B complex. Also, You separately need sublingual B-12 but I have sources that say only cobalamine, genuine Vit B 12 works, hard to find. Know a guy who orders it mail order, Iíll ask him where. Only 6$. Not a price issue, itís an authenticity issue, see, phony Vit B fools receptors then you get these massive Vit B 12 lacks.

VIT C. It is found in rose hips so when roses have those red balls, that is the best source available. Cut slices off, into OJ, let stand over night, or just take the chips of rosehips like you take aspirin. Once you cut the bolux, use whole thing right then. AUTUMN is red rosehip time. If you don't have money, beg vitamins. You do not need milk as a calcium source. Use TAHINI, or sesame butter mashed w. garbanzo beans, as HUMMUS DIP. I have recipe. Eat CALCIUM RICH GREENS: cress, collards, romaine, raw spinach not cooked---and grow an organic salad garden.

For BABY. ABOVE all, breast feed. There are immune enhancing factors passed on from your blood to the baby's. Every disease you ever had, your IMMUNE SYSTEM recognizes and can cure on sight. Your T-CELLS have been exposed to measles, colds, flus, etc. all kinds of bacteria and viruses too, and have learned to KILL those germs. A baby has no immune protection. But when he gets your MILK, he inherits immunity. There are no excuses for not breast feeding. Kid seem lactose intolerant? allergic to your breast milk even? Well, hereís a secret. TOTALLY quit eating any milk yourself and your milk will not make him allergic any more!! NOT enough milk? Eat OATs for breakfast and BEANS with lunch and you'll have twice what baby needs. ALL babies do best on breast milk! Medical Journal says there is 22% less breast cancer in woman who have nursed! IF IT'S IMPOSSIBLE, and you are already using bottled formulas, THROW THEM OUT, give them to cats and dogs. Switch now to live, raw goat milk, best kind for human babies next to MOTHER's. You are going to go to healthfood STORE regularly, 2 or 3 times a week, read their books for free every visit.

NEXT: Vaccinations and anti-biotics are dangerous & a total waste of everybody's time. They hurt the baby's body in ways we can't see, but which give him serious disease later in life. Once a child gets sick, monitor fever but let the fever run, no aspirins. His immune system 'learns' about that virus, beats it next time without getting sick. When he's ill, take away all solid foods. Put him on a raw juice fast. Make carrot juice for one meal, add a tiny tbsp of greens. Fresh ripe 3-yr on tree citrus (that fell from tree, so it's not confused with 2nd year fruit) is another meal, with pulp! So feed with spoon, not a bottle that clogs.

"Feed a cold, starve a fever." Keep him covered & warm. Let the HEAT of his fever KILL the infection. The heat will kill bacteria and viruses. Make the little tykes sleep in complete PJ's w. foot socks as they might kick off the blankets. If temperature goes over l05, wrap his head in a cold, wet towel. THE BRAIN doesn't like anything over l05. Keep rewrapping head until fever breaks. When he's awake, give raw fruit to which you add BUFFERED powdered Vit C, avail at Health food store. He will quickly get well, sometimes in HOURS, then have lifelong immunity to the virus he fought off. Give baby's body vital power with a NATURAL food diet of live foods, magical goldenseal AND echinecea tea. Steep 20 min in near-boiling H20. Feed off a spoon. Add a few teaspoons of fruit juice concentrate from a frozen cylinder to flavor. A protein meal when he's sick would feature avocado with a few drops of lemon, and raw, pre-soaked (to sprout, then skinned ) almond ground into powder in blender and stirred in. Thatís a vegetarian steak!! A fruit meal *(always given two hours separately and away from protein) would be fresh raw papaya or grated, fresh raw apple.

When baby is ill, first thing, take away all milk, solid foods, meats, grains. Let the fever go as high as it wants. Thatís the bodyís way of frying those germs. If it goes to 105, cold wrap head. THEN maybe use aspirin but otherwise, just let it go. If the body beats the germ, it will always have that germís number. If you use antibiotics that germ will return and return. You can never get the disease out. It becomes chronic.

When sweetieís sick, always give light raw foods that would help any sick person recover: raw fruits. Scrape a highly colored, hence solar powered, fruit like papaya or nectarine, or peach. Feed off spoon. Give baby as much in a sitting as he'll take and do not feed any milk/meat. We don't give sick people anything rich to digest until they are well again. No pablum, no meats, no milk even. Give l0-vegie broth for lunch/dinner, raw juices AS meals, instead of food. Donít waste money on canned Gerbers. Take a real fruit or avocado, make IT the meal, then give raw juices between meals. Juicers are 29$ at Walmart, no reason not to have one. Be scrupulous cleaning vegies/fruits, getting peel off if sprayed.

Sick babies get Fruit for breakfast. That's it. NO GRAINS. They are mucus producing. MILK is worse. When baby's digestion goes on vacation that little body can spend its time beating those microbes! REMEMBER, at all times, MONO meals work best. All fruit, or all vegies, or proteins combined with vegies. Teach 2 yr old kids to eat dark green salad with a nutcake entree, or tofu meatloaf entree. Ask me for recipes.

Go to library, read everything on your 612/ 613 shelf and you'll learn wonderful tricks, like how to sprout seeds, nuts, beans and your dear little tyke will be eating LIVE proteins not dead bodies which make us into a GRAVEYARD or give MAD COW disease. FRUIT /SPROUTS/GREENS have a jolt of sunlight which has some mysterious LIFE energy we don't understand. Man can't duplicate them at his factories; these foods can't be stored; they don't keep. ONLY DEAD food can be stored in markets. Inert food. No bug will attack white flour. But no market can keep brown flour long. Learn to make your own whole wheat bread for this reason.

As baby's infection goes away, only mucus is left. This is natural and we want to see it come out. Let baby's body expel it with a good, wet cough. Coughing is good. It shows the body wants that waste matter OUT. Help infant spit into a kleenex you hold. Continue light foods, OJ as it causes mucus to be expelled. Give herbal teas that are expectorant in nature, (bayberry, lobelia, mullein, grindelia, yerba sante, licorice root, loquat leaves,) or soups w. onion, garlic in the broth. NEVER use soy milk. It is implicated in crib death. Soy cannot be eaten by humans unless fermented as tofu, miso or tempeh. It lines gut with plastic. They make plastic out of soybeans, you know. Baby an have seasoned tofu, as a food, though, in place of meat.

BABY FORMULA: This recipe for baby formula using goat's milk came from a great European healthfood doctor. It's HALF grain GRUEL and half goat's milk. Gruel is a thickened cereal broth. You boil cereals, they make creamy brown gruel. Toast brown rice or barley, grind to powder. Make a whole cup of cereal powder and keep it in fridge in closed jar.

CEREAL POWDER: In black iron skillet, toast brown rice until it pops, & it's golden. Cool. GRIND in blender until it's fine powder. Store in tight, sealed jar in fridge.

TO MAKE GRUEL: Take 1 cup of water. Stir in 2 tbsps of powder, boil at low simmer, in good, clean water until it's thick like cream. You'll get about a cup of gruel. Use l tsp sweetener. DO NOT USE HONEY as it can cause serious problems in infants. It isn't always pure enuf. If you boiled it, it would be. But when you spoon it out of the jar, it's often raw and loaded with trouble. Microbes that only hurt babies. For adults raw honey is the best! So how do we sweeten for an infant? We do NOT want to use sugar which is what corn syrup is..as it harms even adult sized pancreas/adrenals. Invest in a bottle of rice bran syrup at healthfood store, or use GENUINE maple syrup and do not sweeten very much. SUPER MILD. Keep all the components of formula in fridge. The powder, the syrup, the gruel COVERED in plastic bag, and of course, the goat's milk. ALWAYS Taste-check your goat's milk to make sure it hasn't gone sour. If sour, offer to pet or return to store, complain, get a new one! The result from this perfect raw milk diet/breast feeding, is perfect health. A minimum of health complaints. And no serious disease ever in baby's life, later. Give bottled, pasteurized formulas, you'll have disease in your kid for years! CHOOSE the easy path, no high expenses, no high hassles. The human BREAST, what a sweet face looking down into babyís eyes, what a lovely user-friendly container!

There is a tribe in Africa that does it perfectly, all of it, says an anthropologist: http://primal-page.com/pygmy.htm

Teach other mothers!  ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ, mother of four astrology@earthlink.net