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SYMPTOMS: JOINT PAIN, BODY STIFFNESS, hard uric acid deposits on shoulders, back, all over body. Tendonitis or easy enflaming of a tendon such as tennis elbow, bad bursa/shoulder, carpal syndrome.

IN LATER LIFE: PAINFUL CHANGES IN BONE structure, rheumatoid arthritis in hands; gout in toes, feet, degeneration of key bones means knee operations, hip replacement often necessary. EITHER the disintegration of disc pads OR the thickening inside the narrow, spinal channel causes SQUEEZING on nerves, causing pain or numbness in legs; spurs on spine eventually interfere with nerves hence you lose gland or organ function. Osteoporosis is PRONOUNCED as the same acids that deposit in joints eat up the bones.

HEALING GOAL #1 TO STOP ARTHRITIC TENDENCY IN ITS TRACKS. No GLUTEN  in any food, or hidden in soups as thickeners. That means no flour, bread, grain, pasta or baked goods at all Less animal protein being eaten, more 'vegie nutloaf substitutes', or 3rd world bean based 'hummous' type sandwich spreads, used in the center of a salad or as 'dips'. But animal food is fine if you FOOD COMBINE CORRECTLY. No sugar, coke or fruit (alkaline digestion) in same meal as meat digestion, (acid requiring.) LESS of the meats that are high in PURINES.

HOW:CUT DOWN FOODS THAT HAVE PURINES, URIC ACID: Coffee, tea, meat soup, organ meats, all animal flesh that is roasted or baked or fried but you can have meat that is simmered in water with herbs with the water thrown away, or given to animals. The purines in these foods enter into the water. No shellfish, dried peas, cabbage. No dried soups that contain disodium guanylate or inosinate and of course the gluten in noodles. EAT no peanuts as the allergin swells joints. Mold on them is lethal, and they're higher in pesticides than any food. (Switch to raw blanched almond butter, easy to make yourself, too). AVOID: Nightshade plants as they are allergins that affect, aggravate the arthritis factor: potato, tomato, eggplant, bell peppers. Peel eggplants! Substitute parsnips, turnips for potatos. Use 'power vegies:' beets/carrots, broccoli, dark green cress/salads. (NO HEAD LETTUCE) Instead of animal protein, SUBSTITUTE TOFU-VEGIE BURGERS. Develop the discipline to make your vegie burgers in lg. amt., freeze for later nuking, or using in sandwiches to take with you wherever you go. Big food corporations make tasty soy patties, found in freezer section, but fermented soy products tofu and tempeh are more assimilable (having no phytic acid which causes mineral excretion hence osteoporosis). SPROUT all pulse, grains by soaking ovenright before cooking. Eat sprouted grain breads not flour based breads. Use vitamix to triterate grains after overnight sprouting. Then be certain to let your dough rise 2 hrs minimum so the flour will also dissipate phytic acid.

HEALING GOAL #2- Better digestion of protein that IS consumed.

HOW: If you have any gas in tummy after meal, you are not digesting, you're fermenting. Banish all fruits, cokes, sweets from an acid-requiring meat meal. Accompany proteins with greens. Take digestive enzymes like RAINBOW COMPANY's ALL ZYME (Protease and Lipase ) to be consumed if you must eat animal proteins. (Available at Healthfood store). 'Bitters' before a meal do the same thing so chew a bowl of fresh spring chicory or dandelion leaf, watercress, arugula in a salad, more bitter than headlettuce.. DO NOT COMBINE proteins (in same meal)--with sugar, fruit, starches, milk, juices as they dilute stomach acid. Eat protein foods by themselves, so protein digests completely. Waste products in meat are eliminated completely with the fast moving fiber. Also, protein wastes move too slowly through you when combined with constipating white flour/bread. Meat shouldn't be stored in your body. It rots! Add a green salad to flesh, then meat isn't there long enough to have time to rot. Secret is to COMBINE MEATS only with high fiber greens which in addition, lower cholesterol. Aspirin, soda pop, pasteurized citrus/tomato or vinegar burn our stomach lining, hurting our ability to manufacture stomach acid. Switch to RAW LEMON in all salad dressings, never vinegar. Supplement zinc which body needs to make stomach acid but as acid digestion has a downside, i.e. that it melts your bones, eat PROTEIN meals ONLY occasionally. Use tofu/miso broth for some protein meals.

 HEALING GOAL #3 Less uric acid stored in body.

HOW- 1). Less food that requires acid digestion, like meat. More vege proteins. 2.) SWEATING will flush uric acid and salts from the body so exercise out in sunlight, take steams, or take acid soak bath. (2 cups apple cider vinegar in a very hot tub, soak 1/2 hour until you sweat profusely.) NEXT: MUCH Less salt in diet, as salt traps water in body, prevents flushing action. Use 'Weightless' tea, available at most super markets, (made of una ursi herb). When using diuretic herbs, replace trace minerals magnesium/boron/calcium (calcium citrate best) taken with magnesium and cod liver oil for assimilation. Supplement potassium. Take Green tea, full of anti-oxidants, as a daily beverage, not coffee, tea.


HOW- Restore the potassium/sodium balance of the body. For a meat-eater this entails more potassium rich foods, or greens, vegies, fruits. Eat foods high in natural, organic SODIUM like celery, vegetables, which WILL REMOVE INORGANIC-FORM SODIUM FROM THE BODY. We don't eliminate sodium from diet as it is is required in digestion, but we make certain it is organic, assimilable, soluble, easy for the body to handle. Inorganic sodium (table salt) CAUSES PLAQUE in veins, ARTHRITIS AND OVER ACIDITY. YOU DON'T WANT IT. So use sea salt only. INORGANIC minerals CAN BE CHELATED OR removed by taking organic sodium foods. Meat eaters have high incidence of arthritis. Vegetarians do not. The vegetable kingdom has a great deal of potassium, found in 'live foods.' Potassium balances the high salts/ash of MEAT eating. In non-meat eaters like cow or deer who eat only potassium rich foods, the craving for salt is very balance them. We humans have the reverse problem. Our bodies NEED supplementing. Liquid potassium is best form. It gives muscular strength, the urge to exercise, and that in itself strengthens the skeleton.


HOW - GET rigorous and stimulating, brisk MASSAGE with cold-pressed peanut oil, ON ALL YOUR MUSCLES, wherever your body is painful to a hard touch, and on NERVE MERIDIANS. Have a strong masseur oil hands, dig deep, rub hard on nerves. If you are smiling, it's not hard enough. Work on all limbs, moving toward lungs. Take lemon and water afterwards to flush out poisons that are loosened from body. THEN, sit in hot bath w. 2 cups vinegar for 30 minutes, sweat. Do plenty of rubbing skin w. bristle brush to get skin to 'work' better at elimination.


HOW;- Supplement Calcium either by taking calcium citrate (which won't end up in veins as plaque) or by eating sardines, with bones, OR chicken bones, breast, back bone and all leg knobs/gristle or by taking chondroitan sulfate, glucosamine and calcium. To assimilate calcium, use a little lemon juice, codliver oil, magnesium, boron whenever you supplement calcium. AVOID DIURETICS like pasteurized OJ, coffee, tea. Eat foods rich in CALCIUM like yogurt, whey, veal bone broth, raw green leaves in salads, lime-rich corn tortillas, sesame tahini, and occasionally, fresh, not aged, cheese. Calcium citrate is 'cleanest', no deposits result. Other sources calcium can end up in veins as plaque. CALCIUM CITRATE or BONE MEAL CAN be used as a supplement, and always with Vit D, (codliver) magnesium and boron rich foods, to assimilate it. Condroitan Sulfate grows bone material. Avoid tea which contains the strongest diuretic of all, theophylline, more diuretic than coffee or chocolate and which melts your bones right out of your body as well as containing high purines.


HOW- Do painful Yogic stretches while nose (not mouth) breathing. (VERY DEEP LONG BREATHS). HAVE SOMEONE PUSH YOU DOWN INTO (and hold you down) in HARD long STRETCHES which is 'Yoga.' Maha mudra moves acids out of leg so hip joint, knee, gout in foot all disappear.


HOW: Massage and exercise, deep breathing. Trampoline-jumping. Occasionally during day, do body gravity reversing neck stands. (Safer than head stands) Exercise is known to prevent osteoporosis, or bone erosion. Easiest way to exercise for the lazy is to make an agreement with yourself that you will not allow yourself to watch television unless you are on the floor or bed doing constant stretches or exercises.


DURING NIGHT - DISTILLED water, soporific teas. Leave jar of soporific herb tea (pasionflower, hops, vervaine, valerian, skullcap, chamomile) by bed, drink all night, every night.) all night so you get more & deeper sleep.

BEFORE BREAKFAST: LIQUID FIRST THING, EITHER AS HIGH CALCIUM TEA OR JUICE. (TEA: raspberry leaves, alfalfa leaves). Citrus juice is fine if you pick your own fruit (orange and grapefruit but never pasteurized as it would be triple acidity). Fruit must be fully ripe. It creates arthritis if not. Drink with some liquid potassium which balances sodium, effect of life long meateating, and also gives muscular strength. Take Cayenne pepper capsules to dilate, clean out capillaries, prevent heart attacks, angina. Niacinimide.(B3) if no liver damage, 150-250 mg, and take your calcium + now.

 BREAKFAST- fresh HOMEMADE raw goat or cow milk, made into yogurt with 4 genuine cultures (no gelatin) served w. Papaya, pears, pineapple pomegranate, raspberries, strawberries. Watermelon by itsef. (THESE are high sodium fruits). AVOID CAFFEINE; Take your all day brain tonic caps like BRAIN POWER or "Mental Edge" (these have magic brain vitamins, ginseng, amino acids, dong quai, and stimulating herbs like bladderwrack, gota cola that do NOT work like caffeine on vagus nerve or pancreas. TAKE a TWIN LABS Multi-vit. Or, have a Bioflavenoid-rich, stroke-preventing fruit shake, (cherries, orange, blackberries all prevent strokes) add Spirulina algae and bee pollen especially if you want to lose your allergies. In cold weather you may want a more substantial oats or whole grain toast. Use jam of the new fruit only variety, made with no sugar. GET OFF COFEEE/tea, pop, pasteurized citric drinks, diuretics which cause excretion of minerals. If you must have coffee, use water-processed COLUMBIAN De-Caf. CAFFEINE aggravates any blood sugar or pre-diabetic pancreas problems which some healers feel disposes to Diabetes. TAKE MULTI VIT PILL that has Vit E, Choline, a MEGA-B-Complex. +Sub-lingual B- 12, OMEGA FISH OILS, and with every meal, appropriate digestive enzymes, protease, amylase, etc. Take niacin after meal. Start w. 25 mg, work your way up in dose to as high as 500 mg.

A single fruit breakfast is good. Sour Cherries are rich in powerful antioxidants called anthocyanins. The coloring of tart cherries is an indicator of flavonoids that are known to be effective in preventing certain diseases and aid in removing toxins out of the body. In addition, studies show that anthocyanins have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.

MID MORNING: SNACK ON HIGH CALCIUM raw nuts/seeds. Dried, unsulphured fruits in small amts IF YOU SUSPECT A BLOOD SUGAR PROBLEM TO EXIST.

BEFORE LUNCH: supplements, digestive enzymes or raw dandelion leaf 'bitters.'

LUNCH: 3 high sodium VEGIES like Squash, Swiss chard, Chinese cabbage, okra, pumpkin or brown rice, taken with salt-free sweet butter OR OLIVE OIL. soup made by cooking Veal bones several hours to make a calcium rich broth. Then, put vegetables in it, simmer a few minutes. Have high calcium sesame, miso, tahini, garbanzo in sandwich spread, with Dr. Bragg's amino seasoning, or low-salt soy sauce or gomasio (toasted sesame w dash salt).

Eat salad with high sodium, high-Calcium watercress, celery and romaine. (no white head lettuce). If protein is included in meal take protease enzyme. Avoid nightshade plants: potato, tomato, eggplant, peppers. Avoid unripe citrus/pasteurized citrus (frozen oj.) Niacin after lunch. 25-100 mg. As our water is distilled, has no inorganic minerals, we seek organic minerals in raw vegie juices. (Note: Organic vegetables have l0-20 times the mineral content so we can't shop the A&P fulltime, I'm afraid.)

MID AFTERNOON SNACKS- IF NOT HUNGRY, use raw juices that chelate the blood, ridding it of inorganic salts, inorganic calcium and replacing these with ORGANIC CALCIUM AND MINERALS. IN A JUICER, JUICE celery/parsley/cress/carrot.

DINNER: BROWN RICE, 3 high sodium low starch vegetables: leeks in veal bone broth, high calcium peas, turnips, parsnips, kale, kohlrabi, romaine, carrots, asparagus, cauliflower, lima beans. SALAD of cucumbers, endive, cress, romaine, chinese cabbage, cheese & dressing of olive oil, real garlic, & a dash of soy sauce; a whole grain like bulghur wheat, millet, barley, brown rice, use unsalted butter, and with meal take a multivit pill, Twin Labs best brand. TOTAL vegetarianism is the most certain cure for arthritis.

 BEDTIME - When seeking a healing, sleep more than 8 hours. Make a tea out of sleep producing herbs. Drink tea starting an hour before bedtime to encourage the desire to sleep at an earlier hour than usual. This has the effect of lengthening sleep to 9-10 hours. You will make enough tea to drink 1 cup at bedtime, then another 2 cups during the night. Leave the brewed tea next to the bed in case you wake up. Buy bulk herbs which are cheaper than capsules. Tea is better than capsules as it is assimilated quickly and won't linger in the bowel next day, mixed with your food, making you groggy in day time. If you tend to wake a few hours before you want to, wrap an oz bite of cheese in napkin or foil, put under pillow. If you wake, eat it, rinse mouth wi. Water from jug next to bed. Don't get out of bed. Cheese produces the second four hours of sleep.

SHOPPING LIST BULK SLEEP HERBS TO BUY; VALERIAN, HOPS, SKULLCAP, chamomile, red poppy, vervaine, passionflower. NOTE: COMMERCIAL teabag MIXTURES are more costly than bulk. Healthfood store has nat'l magazines with herbal distributing companies so that you can buy your herbs mail order.

KIDNEY FORMULA- Uva-ursi, peach leaves, Juniper berries, Corn silk, Cayenne, Queen of Meadow (root), Buchu leaves, Cleavers.

HIGH SODIUM FRUITS that chelate inorganic sodium from blood: pineapple strawberry, or mangoes (whole) or fresh totally ripe and RAW citrus juice.

SOUP INGREDIENTS: 3 high sodium low starch vegetables: fennel, leeks, chard in veal bone broth, there is high calcium in fresh peas, turnips, parsnips, kale, kohlrabi, romaine, carrots, asparagus, cauliflower, lima beans.

SALAD INGREDIENTS sunchokes, fennel, cucumbers, endive, cress, romaine, chinese cabbage, cheese & dressing of olive oil, real garlic, & a dash of soy sauce, although Dr. Bronner's Amino Broth is just as tasty and unique. Garlic Jack cheese.

GRAINS: GLUTEN FREE BREAD made of a whole SPROUTED grains like wheat, rye, spelt, oats, barley, millet,is excellent. As these cost 5$ a loaf at the super market or   healthfood store, get a VIT MIX. Breadmaking is easy and can be done without a recipe on the 2nd occasion.  Each meal should contain low gluten brown rice, bulghur wheat, millet, quinoa, lentils, barley, or beans. As you want to eat less red meat. USE THE INTERNET go google up GLUTEN content of grains, and find and eat  only the LOW GLUTEN GRAINS. Butter or garlic-flavored olive oil is added AFTER the grain is cooked. SUPPLEMENTS: Chondroitan sulfate, glucosamine are always good for the bones.


1). THE SUPER PAINFUL STRETCH- Yogi Bhajan personally showed me this ancient Auryvedic secret. Stretch all the nerves near the afflicted joint. At times, someone must help you when you do that particular yoga stretch and maybe push your head down to your knee when in the Knee stretch position, or pull your arm into an absolute extension. If you TURN the foot upward in leg extensions, you achieve maximum stretch on hamstring. Turning the hand achieves maximum stretch in the nerves of the arm. Stretch the nerve you can get the uric acid congestion in the joints to leave VERY QUICKLY. Why is one of the mysteries of life. Maha Mudra is the leg exercise. Don't know name of the Arm exercise.KUNDALINI YOGA SCHOOLS are in every city of the world. URL is their class locator.

2.) KIDNEYS MUST FLUSH URIC ACIDS OUT. If there is any puff or bagginess under eye, kidney action may be insufficent. Diuretics always appear to make facial puff go down but they also cause osteoporosis. They melt the bones out of the body thru the bladder, so the tack to take is to CONSUME less animal protein, (or none, ask me for recipe for tofunut burgers) and digest what animal proteins are consumed BETTER. Meat eaters must take care to have water between meals. Kidney herbs can be simmered into tea. (Buy box of dried tea leaves of Uva Ursi herbs at HF store Brew by simmering l5 minutes on low heat; at nite, leave jar of tea by bed, drink all night, every night.) For a better flushing action without diuretics, consume NO salt as salt traps water in body, prevents flushing action.

3.) THE ALLERGIN QUESTION - Everyone has some food allergies. Test yourself (instructions on how to eliminate foods and re-introduce them are in any good book on allergy testing.). You will then permanently eliminate the foods that cause joints to swell. If you persist in eating allergin foods, they cause lowered immune system which is dangerous and can also aggravate arthritis. If your joints swell up after you eat it, it's got to go. The Nightshade family, (potato, tomato, peppers, eggplant) peanuts and citrus, wheat, chicken, beef, dairy are known allergins.

4.) SUPPLEMENTS: Niacinimide 150-250 mg every two hours if liver is strong, otherwise niacin, 25 mg and up, after meals until relief is achieved. Vitamin E, 400 Units 2x daily, Vitamin C 1 gram daily, have all been observed to heal osteoarthritis. Good results followed use of sulphur (Glucosamine sulfate) 500 mg 3 x daily, Devil's Claw, New Zealand Green lipped Mussel, Shark cartilage, avail. healthfood stores.

5.) GET FIRM MASSAGE on all the nerves, muscles, joints in the afflicted area. Get those Salicylite foods citrus and nightshades & wheat --all banished from diet. Take SALMON OIL for Rheumatoid arthritis. Feldine is a medication for pain.

6.) MEDICATE: DMSO is a shin rub used by vets, made of SULPHUR which carries ANYTHING into the body. Delivers it. So add some GARLIC and rub into all painful joints, litely swathed overnight kills bacteria in Rheumatoid joints. But wash skin of joints where you use DMSO and wash hands as all bacteria is carried INSIDE as well. Get your C, too; Bioflavenoids with Buffered Vit C (rose hips best source, make infusions, seeds get stratified in fridge to plant in spring, have hybrid rose bushes.)  Vit C infusion eliminates bacteria/infection hidden in joints. Take full course of anti-biotic, Minocycline, which kills mycoplasma bacteria in joints which causes rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus. Not a dangerous antibiotic, used all the time for acne. Use oral or topical DMSO with it. Take DHEA hormones, progesterone and pregnenolone, Chondroitan Sulfate, Devil's Claw extract, Cat's claw and glucosamine.

NOTES: For online info on Rheumatoid Arthritis, read Townsend Letter for Physicians, Issue # 145 Pg 111, Issue #141 P 132, Issue #143 Pg 104, Issue # 148 Pg 18 and Issue 149, P 99. Read the January 95 article by Dr. Tilly B.C. Volume 122 Pg 81-89, in the Annals of Internal Medicine. For more info on Minocycline for Rheumatoid Arthritis & Lupus, send SASE with 55c to The Road Back Foundation 4985 N. Lakehill Rd. Delaware OH 43015 and contact Dr. Ray Peat at PO BOX 5764 Eugene OR 97405, (503) 345-9855

*You can get Pregnenolone and DHEA hormones from Compounding pharmacies like "Lifelink" 445 Lierly Ln Arroyo Grande CA 93420. (805) 473-1389. 180 capsules 40$ but there are other dosages at other prices. Shipping 4.50 UPS. call: HOME LINK 800 272-4767, or write LIFE ENHANCEMENT PROD. PO Box 751390, Petaluma CA 94975. Get pregnenalone hormone from BEYOND A CENTURY 800-777-1324, 150 caps of 30m $59.50 It is a precursor of body's own supply of DHEA.

FOR DMSO, call Arizona HEALTHFOODS in PHOENIX try 800-INFO for #. Get DMSO more cheaply from your VET. Veterinarian grade is just as pure as human grade. Just tell vet "my horse limps, I want shin rub." I learned about this from the actress/ dancer Ann Miller who used it to do Sugar Babies so long at post age 70!

For INFO on DMSO protocols send SASE to Dr. Stanley Jacob L225, Oregon Health Sciences Univ. Portland OR 97201. For more about DMSO, call American Academy Metabolic Medicine 800-982-2101 ext 123. Treatment protocols will be provided.

Get DHEA RESEARCH bulletin #463 from American Society of Nutritional Research, 12416 N. 28th, Suite 18, PO Box 241 Phoenix AZ 85029.

Get NUTRITION NEWS "DHEA WILD YAM" PO Box 55279 Riverside CA 92517.

Contact Dr. Arthur Schwartz, Fels Institute, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA. a longtime researcher in DHEA. Or google his work.

DOSEAGES: DHEA can be given in doses of from 3 mg to 30mg daily but as high as 1,600 mg a day for 28 days was found not to be injurious, subsiding later to a low daily maintenance level, 3x a week.

COMPOUNDING PHARMACIES and mail order suppliers are getting increasingly interested in holistic remedies of these types. Seek them out.

KEEP GOOGLING for FOODS to HEAL ARTHRITIS or stop it when it's just starting up. . I just found this: "Eating Sesame Seeds and Humus and Tahini are Superior To Tylenol for Knee Arthritis."


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