ARTHRITIS, or 'Them Bones Them Bones Them Bones, Them Bones!  (And how to get RELIEF)

Most Americans subsist on an inadequate, even harmful diet. They suffer from the FRONT part of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and never know the bad back part is creepin' up on them at a relentless pace. (unseen.)

They suffer quite often from arthritis, wrongly considered to be one of the usual aspects of aging. However, in more "primitive" cultures --(still in loving contact with nature) arthritis is a rare and serious disease which is skillfully treated because it is deemed to be unnecessary suffering. And when bone or joint pain gets all the way bad, and your joints have to be surgically replaced with steel, the longest operation in history, one that can leave you permanently dumb and dumber, we are talking serious side effects!

It has been observed by some health practitioners that reactions to certain foods can cause the symptoms of arthritis to appear. These problem foods are high purine meats, peanuts, nightshade plants like tomato, eggplant, potato and the gluten in wheat. And cabbage for some odd reason.

When James Coburn began to suspect that food allergies were contributing to his massively bad arthritis, he went on a program of isolating himself from all suspected dietary toxins, then he re-introduced suspected allergin foods slowly, watching for reactions. You can run the typical allergy test. (any book on allergy testing will explain what to do.)

The concept is that the foods we are allergic to will cause the negative bone response. Allergy specialists test you with a needle prick then rub a suspected food into the scratch. Some scratched areas become inflamed. That's an allergic reaction for you. Stop eating that food!

But there is one allergy that works another way. GRAINS, make that the GLUTEN in certain grains, will line your intestines with glue, preventing all vitamin absorption  and cause a host of diseases, among them arthritis. Read "GLUTEN IS BAD FOR YOU" based on latest scientific information.

I never did the ALLERGEN testing that involves scratching the skin. I did more informal self-testing by eating a food that I haven't had in a while. In my case,  potatoes, even minimally green, even not noticed as green, cause seizures of arthritis. Tomato and eggplant will give palpable joint pain the next day, so three of my favorite tasty foods have to be kept at a total distance! (Note: It does the same thing to cows who forage on these plants, though some die from those nibbles.) Auto testing myself on another level, I note that ramen, pasta or baked goods with flour give stuffy sinuses that night, so I can't do those either. I do bible bread, made from whole grains sprouted in an overnight bath, then rinsed, ground into dough. Available all markets and healthfood stores these days! NO ACID in the mouth either!

NOTE: I discovered that there are other allergins that make the bones swell up. HEAVY METALS. So you want to take all heavy metals out of the body and there are protocols all over the internet. They involve amino acids, algae, cayenne, steam baths.

There are also DIETARY GOUT REMEDIES.CLICK here for a fabulous article. Remember, GOUT is uric acid your kidneys couldn't lose. Between meals, drink raw kidney cleansing juices, watermelon is a good one. And avoid foods with URIC acids, organ meats, shellfish, and cook your flesh foods in water, so they lose the juices that make consomme jell. Give consomme to animals or fertilize yard with it. And avoid Pharm Meds that change your ability to urinate as URIC ACIDS need to GO!

To relieve the deep, grinding pain of arthritis, you’ll want to take:

(NOT ALL AT THE SAME TIME but regularly!)

SUPPLEMENTS: of hydoxy apatite calcium, calcium citrate with magnesium, boron, Vit D also for absorption, pycogenol, glucosamine or glucosamine sulfate ,boron, magnesium, cod liver oil, other fish oils; apple cider vinegar (brush your teeth afterwards) evening primrose oil; kelp, selenium, nettles, hawthorn, prickly ash, niacinamide (important: never take one member of the B-complex family by itself as it will lead to a deficiency of the other B vitamins, if you take niacinamide, for instance, you MUST take a B-complex tablet as well…because rickets aren’t fun at all) methionine, vitamin E, vitamin C (deficiency of this vitamin is common, it’s needed for collagen synthesis) pantothenic acid.

PAINKILLERS: skullcap, valerian. If pain is bad, a poppy bolux from the garden, brewed into tea without boiling. You'll dream in chineese!

RUBS: aloe, peppermint oil, comfrey, cayenne, onion, celery/ cabbage juice on or put into a poultice, wrap. DMSO (vets' shin rub) with garlic. And the magic of your loving family's massage!

SPECIFIC BODY WORK to eradicate all ARTHRITIS is the type that sends oxygen to remote areas of the body that tend to get gouty, like down the arms to the hands, down the legs to the feet. (Your brain will also get more oxygen, which is very useful as far as senility goes.) In other words, do  YOGA. The inhalation of super oxygen breath with a painful stretch that you HOLD draws both oxygen and energy to the joint that you're aiming at. Yogic breath and stretches will  also take away nerve pain as in sciatica. The oxygen goes to the pulled nerves/ muscles and to the joint. Yogi Bhajan once revealed to me the secret of stopping a triple attack of gout in toe, ball of foot, hip and knee joints, with maja mudra, breathing deep into that painful pull. Bhajan had us do it with the bended leg UNDER us, we sat on it. The burn or pull was on the straight leg, and we had a deep breath in our lungs while we felt it burn. He had a friend push on our shoulders so our nose was near knee. That stretched out leg had been sick for a week; the pain left in one day and never returned. So burn those nerves! Pull those nerves. Tote that barge!

MENTAL ATTITUDE: Loosen up. Letting go of rigid attitudes is nice.

DIETARY: Let go of uric acids, i.e. the juices of dead bodies. Simmer the meat in seasoned water, celery, carrots, onions, garlic, then give the broth to animals. Baking meat leaves the high uric acid juices in the meat.

FOODS TO AVOID: The entire deadly nightshade family(genus solanaceae), includes: tomatoes, peppers, potato, eggplant, and smoking tobacco! Food allergies make joints swell, we know that,  but it also jerks the immune system down a lot so any infections in teeth suddenly ache. With me, it's pork. Within hours of eating it, my bad tooth hurts. Frequent offenders: potato, (espec greenish ones and you can't always see what potatoes have their green sprouting element activated) eggplant, tomato, peanuts... but it's dif for dif people ya know

AVOID Meat unless simmered in flavored water, but no salt. As the juices are given to pets or used as fertilizer if not salted excessively. Gravies that meat creates. Bread with gluten. Bible Bread is low gluten, it's fine, (made of grains soaked, water tossed, sprouting grain ground into dough.)  If swollen joints persist, avoid Peanuts as more toxins/ molds on this food than any. Avoid Tea, being a diuretic, washes minerals out of bones which is the pain causer of all time. NO diuretics. If a doc gives you a diuretic he usually does mineral replacement at same time, knowing this will weaken bones. MAGNESIUM is a diuretic so folks who use it regularly tend to piss away their bones! 

AYUREVEDIC CURE: for joint pain, turmeric brought to a simmer in hot milk.

 HERBAL NUTRIENTS: Boswillia (from India) bromelian (active enzyme in raw pineapple) eat it on empty stomach, Pycogenol , black cohosh , chaparral, garlic, sarsaparilla, desert willow, poke root, meadowsweet, colloidal silver, yucca leaves, Green Tea as your new daily beverage, High in anti-oxideants. No tea/coffee which can cause arthritis!

CHINESE HERBS: Dong qi, Gou Ji, Siberian Ginseng, Bone Mender, Xo Xian, Eucommia bark, Fo Ti, Disacus Root, Mulberry Stem, Dodder Seed, Job's tears.

WESTERN HERBS: a muleload of Alfalfa tablets, burdock, tea of celery seed, meadowsweet, Echinacea, rhus, phenyl-aid, devil's claw, yarrow, licorice, and get the active element in wild yam from a health food store, in capsules, DHEA.

BORON- A friend wrote me: I have a jewel to share with you.  I discovered a mineral called BORON from the many searches I did to relieve this aching soreness in my right knee.  I suffered with this since Oct of 2006.  Well...3mg of boron taken 4 times a day started me on the road to recovery.  I can actually walk normally again.  I found out this info from a Dr. Rex Newnham.  He is in England and he has  written lots of papers on the subject of boron. (GOOGLE it.) I have ordered his product and the book about "Healing Arthritis and Healing Osteoporosis."    I also picked up the boron tablets from the local health food store.  It was 60 tablets for about 4.00 dollars.

 MENTAL ATTITUDE: Loosen up. Let go of rigid attitudes. So you’re always right --who cares? You’re in pain because of your need to be right. Let it go.

THE PAIN-FREE WAY TO LIVE: DRINK MORE (filtered) WATER! Get a BRITTA and make your own. Drink Double your usual amount. Drink green tea. Eat the cartilage from chicken bones. Eat shark cartilage as capsules. Red or black cherries. DAILY in season. Eaten ALONE. Do not mix proteins with fruits. Fruit meals are a solo item. Salads combine with meat/ other proteins, but definitely try to get by without meat. Starches combine with veggies/salads. Efficient digestion is created by food combining and gives less waste being deposited on bones. Maintain a body weight as close to normal as possible to avoid strain of weight-bearing joints. Include more dietary fibre. Avoid so much beef and beef by-products and high purine foods, cabbage. Sardines, Gland meats. Except for bi monthly liver for B's

MENTAL ATTITUDE: Loosen up. Let go of rigid attitudes. How you allow yourself to react to the world around you has everything to do with how you feel. Try to soothe yourself with gentle music and quiet times of reflection. Try not to judge others harshly.

TREATMENT PLAN: (from the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, by Michael Murphy N.D. and Joseph Pizzorno N.D. , Prima Publishing, Rocklin , CA)

Diet: All simple, processed and concentrated carbohydrates must be avoided, complex-carbohydrate, high-fibre foods should be stressed and fats kept to a minimum. All flesh foods are simmered in water and herbs, so purines depart into water, never baked, fried, roasted.

Supplements:Niacinamide, 500 mg/ 4 times a day (under strict medical supervision)Methionine, 250 mg/ 4 times a day, vitamin E, 600 iu/day, vitamin A, 10,000iu/day, vitamin C, 1-3g/day, Vitamin B6, 50mg/day (always take B-complex at the same time to prevent deficiency but best B complex is LIVER lightly fried for 30 seconds each side, WITH ONIONS. YUM!), Pantothenic acid, 12.5mg/day, zinc,45 mg/day. Boron.


KEEP YOUR KITCHEN CLEAN! Sterilize the kitchen things we use every day and rarely know how to take proper care of. They include dish cloths, dish towels, sponges, scrubbers, scrapers, cutting boards, etc. These articles MUST be kept clean and dry or fierce bacterial growth will ensue. Cutting boards and washing-up cloths must be sterilized with bleach and rinsed thoroughly, especially after meat has been prepared. Soak salads in sink with some vinegar in the water, to kill bugs. Add a tsp of bleach to that sink of water also. Rinse under faucet, drain the leaves in a colander, bag up when dry-ish and store in fridge.

It is possible that much of this illness is caused by ignorance of proper methods of hygiene. Oh, and remember to relax! Let go of needing to prove you’re right. That's supposed to be the metaphysical cause of joint pain. WHO KNEW, huh?