SIXTY THREE  years of reading palms have shown me that THE PALM of the hand IS truly THE MIRROR OF THE SOULů Perhaps all METAPHYSICS is PROVEN by the complete accuracy of palm reading. AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. THERE ARE SIGNS posted for our USE, signs of hidden things, things you do not know! The instructions have been given us. We just never KNEW IT! YOUR PALM contains SIGNS of your capacity for happiness, your degree of evolution, your TRUE TALENTS, your past and future luck in love, your capacity for hapiness, monogamy, (hey, maybe get your partner's palm done ! Or your child's)

Your hand tells us about your marriages, health condition, money situation. It shows us when the happiness starts, and where you're out of balance.  I can read your palm print with a MAILED IN XEROX! IF it's the kind of machine that gets finest papillae ridges or fingerprints! Don't know why I didn't think of this years ago, but the quality of SOME of the recent xerox prints I've rec'd is so startlingly GOOD that this JUST occurred to me! OFFER palm readings BY MAIL.

So, here's the riff. YOU SEND ME A 7cent XEROX of your hand. Dominant and the other one. One each. And a check for 15$ You will get back a description of your character, PLUS, what it is in your PALM that makes me know that. Which lines. So it's a kind of lesson in palmistry. YOUR PALM will be interpreted in a typed up minimum five page reading sent you by email. What people don't realize is that the lines in your palm show not only the past but the future! All you have to do is tell me what age you are, so that I can determine where on each line you ARE NOW.

When you get this done for the first time, you don't want to consult a gypsy. Go to the best. I have been reading hands for 52 years. What other 13 year old have you ever heard of who ate, slept, drank Count St. Germaine and CHEIRO? (Their books available for a buck at At one time, working for over a decade at the Renaissance Faire, on Witches' Row, I read over l00 hands a day. That was a learning ground, let me tell you. Half of what I know, I learned THERE. So, get your Life Reading . Go to a xerox machine that has variable settings from dark to light, and make a good print, not too dark, and not too LIGHT. I want to see the fine lines and ridges. Do both hands. The left hand which you don't write with, is the UNCONSCIOUS. The mother's legacy. It is facts that you won't look at, it is unconscious pain, secrets of past lives beyond memory, even.  The right hand is your conscious mind, the yang or dominant side of the brain, the rational belief system and shows what you THINK is coming. The left shows what you've created and may NOT know is coming but also your unconscious, the shape it's in.

Many folks have trauma on left hand whereas right looks perfectly healthy. There are differences so I need to know which hand is your dominant.  Remember, you want to turn the dial to the middle. TOO DARK and I can't see fine lines. They're just a smudge of black ink. TOO LIGHT and they're just a white piece of paper. I NEED TO SEE every ridge, every fingerprint, we're talking FBI quality here! Then, mark the xerox "right" or "left" the second it comes off the machine hot as minutes later, you won't recall or recognize which is left and which is right unless you wear watch/rings. That's how TURNED AROUND are xerox machines! Do the ham side (pinkie edge) of both hands separately, on a 3rd page. NEXT, you want to tell me which hand is your dominant hand. WRITE ON EACH PRINT, MY NAME, email addie is  NAME @ AOL.COM and RIGHT DOMINANT. NEED TO KNOW WHICH YOU WRITE WITH!  

Give the ASTRO COM and CAST YOUR CHART, They need your date of birth /hour/city. You get a gif file. EMAIL THAT TO ME AS ASTROLOGY AT EARTHLINK DOT NET. SCAN YOUR HAND, EMAIL ME THAT. Or send me a xerox photo copy of your palm. Your reading is 30$ an hour 15$ half hour, by return EMAIL. You might get a chart analysis tossed in if I'm feeling perky that day.   At age 75, it happens SOME days. Fer shure You will get a detailed palm reading back by email. PAYPAL knows me as my addie not my name ASTROLOGY AT EARTHLINK DOT NET