10 Largest Oil Fields in the U.S. The chart at the end of this page is from the prestigious WALL STREET JOURNAL. What it says, is there is no oil in USA, and that we have to invade ARAB WORLD and steal it. (Which is what we've done. If you've looked at newspapers in JUNE 08, we just created the SEVEN SISTERS being able to get all the oil she wants from IRAQ with no bid oil contracts.) Perhaps a more productive activity than readint the WALL STREET JOURNAL would be a bit of education, so, here it goes, look at the chart, then come back and read these comments from  an OILMAN who's in my own family. "Sorry to burst anyone's bubble, but those oil field numbers are WAY off... so far off they might as well be on another planet! For example, the #1 listing of Prudhoe Bay has to be excluding the "Secret holding"
of Gull Island, which has available to it, right now, over 200 billion barrels all by itself. Not to mention many fields that have been "tapped dry" and capped 20 years ago are having their caps removed and finding the fields are full again due to natural production. Yes, the books have had to be re-written, but not made available to the general public that oil fields in the artic regions of the world, that produce what is called "light-sweet" crude are a "renewable" resource.

Also, the list shows the Saudi field at 75 billion is so far off the scale as to be laughable! About 3 months ago it was quietly announced that the Saudi's had concluded studies showing that they were increasing the estimates of proven reserves SEVENTY PERCENT. Yes, I said that right, so instead of having reserves of 260 Billion barrels, now the Saudi's have documented that they have 442 BILLION barrels of known and provable reserves.

This information is not widely reported, for to do so would cause people
to start thinking, "What oil shortage?"

See, the Trans-Alaska pipeline, take a look at it, ever wondering why
the support-struts are so wide for just one pipe? It is because it was
designed to hold THREE pipes. Two for oil and a smaller one for Natural
Gas. Take a look at the map of the Trans-Alaska pipeline, and you will
see it take a sharp hook that forms an "arrow" shape pointed at
Canada... then superimpose a map of the trans-Canadian N.G. Pipeline
system and you will see that the Trans-Alaska Pipe comes VERY close to
the Canadian N.G. Pipeline system. There is a reason for this. The
original agreement, before it was discovered just HOW MUCH Natural gas
or N.G. was really up there, was for that N.G. pipe to be put on and
feed into Canada, then the Canada pipe could carry N.G. to the northern
States of America.

Instead, for over 25 years, there have been jet engines, the size of
engines that could power a 747, that have been modified to burn N.G. and
they have been running 24/7 powering huge pumps that take the N.G. that
is coming out of the ground in Prudhoe Bay, and pumping billions of
cubic feet of N.G. back into "empty" oil fields, since they can't "burn
it off" like is down in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Many people do not realize that N.G. is almost always found on top of an
oil field and must be "bled off" before you can pump the oil out.

So, take a look at the charts below, but realize that it is mostly a


The following table is based on various sources and is as accurate as I
could make it. It represents CUMULATIVE production, not current
production, PLUS estimated reserves, so it is a measure of all the oil
that was/is contained in the fields. Some, such as most of the
California fields, have been producing since the 1930s and are
significantly depleted. Most (more than 10 billion barrels) of Prudhoe
Bay's oil has been produced. 10 largest oil fields in the US

Field, State Cumulative Production+ Est. Reserves

1. Prudhoe Bay, Alaska                  10+ billion barrels

2. East Texas                               6.0 billion barrels

3. Wilmington, California                 2.8 billion barrels

4. Midway-Sunset, California           2.2 billion barrels

5. Kern River, California                  1.95 billion barrels

6. Yates, West Texas                     1.95 billion barrels

7. Wasson, Texas                           1.8 billion barrels

8. Elk Hills, California                     1.5 billion barrels

9. Kuparuk River, Alaska               1.5 billion barrels

10. Panhandle, Texas                      1.4 billion barrels

The largest oil field in the world (Ghawar in Saudi Arabia) contains an estimated ultimate recoverable 75 billion barrels of oil, or more than seven times Prudhoe Bay, in Upper Jurassic shallow-water carbonates in a broad anticline. THERE is no reason to go around looting, pirating and murdering the natives around the planet. There's no reason to vote these OIL INDUSTRY guys into office, these Republican Oligarch oil-o-crats. We need to start googling up research on what BUSH SR. really wants in the middle east or is he just keeping war alive for LOCKEED?