AIR REPAIR  by Anita Sands Hernandez

In an increasingly polluted world, our homes are our first and last line of  defense. The city beats against the windows but it can't come in. The home is fortress combined with temple. Home is where the heart is. HOME is where our children take their first breath, and a trillion more that come after. Home sweet home is the ultimate citadel. Or is it? The sad reality is that no matter how we scour the place, the average house crawls with filth. The carpet where our infant gurgles is teeming with dust mites, bacterial life and toxic poisons from chemicals in that rug which his little damp hands carry to his mouth and eye. Dust is hidden in every crevice. Bugs live in colonies in our mattresses. The sheets on baby's bed are buttered with spores  and mold from that wet spot behind the tub, that leaks into the bedroom air. The sheets are painted with detergents which penetrate his skin. Toxic gases waft in from the city  streets and are inhaled into lungs to line the surfaces  with toxins that block air. They even go into his  bloodstream to end up residing permanently in his  brain where they go about their nasty work of stealing oxygen molecules.

While Binky's parents proudly proclaim that their  urban palace is spanky clean just because Binky's toys are put away at night, they are in denial about the absolute filth of their city's air, the grime on every inch of every surface in their home, and the  carcinogens in every cell of little Binky's body. Our homes and bodies are toxic dump sites so filthy they make Love Canal look clean. Our plush, $100 a yard carpets are allergin factories regurgitating dust and chemicals. The gas blowing in from city streets is thick with atoms of corrosive acids with names like nitrous oxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, heavy metals, and plain old soot. Factory waste fills every lungful that the laughing baby lying on the clean, white rug inhales ---along with propyl alcohol from his soap and body lotion, carcinogenic talc from his diapers and common dust, molds and pollen---all of it insulting the immune system, stealing the oxygen from his blood, aggravating allergies and opening the way for catastrophic disease itself. California's EPA admits that big city air pollution causes us to die prematurely of heart and lung ailments, reduces life expectancy 1-3 years and increases risk of early death by 26%. I, a non-smoker Los Angeleno certainly feel it. Every time I breathe  in, my entire chest cavity itches and I am forced to cough.

What can conscious people do? The answer is clear. As modern man girds his loins against the metropolis, prime among his tools is the electrostatic air purifier, the cheapest of all, or the HEPA (for High Efficiency Particulate Air) carbon filter air conditioner. One day, in house "ElectroStatic" purifiers or in-duct, built in HEPA air cleaners and filters will be the rule. Today they are the exception. The city dweller's lethargy about cleaning the air in his home and office is predicated on denial which can easily be confronted. Once he learns how his allergies to the air compromise his entire immune system and that of his children, his ignorance of the harmfulness of the poisoned air he breathes will soon be a thing of the past.

True, the average man has just mastered the
eggbeater and electric shaver, and with great
difficulty, a few evolved specimens of us have
dominated the VCR and computer but evolve we
must and by the turn of the century we must get the
hang of the central Air cleaner or be conquered by
the modern age and perish.

Price tags on air tech are extraordinarily user-
friendly. 30% efficiency (either electrostatic or pleated
filtering media but not HEPA) costs a modest 150$.
65% efficiency costs a pleasant 350$ while 99.9
efficiency is only found in the HEPA or high
efficiency particulate air machine. A sample machine,
for instance the one made by PURE-AIR SYSTEMS
costs a tolerable $995. An electrostatic air purifier is
half that amt. They have a grid which gets so loaded
that you must wash off the soot daily! These
machines could easily be manufactured by factories in
third world countries. Some bright exporter might
take one of our best, 400$ machines, a simple
electrified grid, tear it apart, analyze how the low
current attracts the gas molecules by static, then
retro-engineer one, and then create a line that they
wholesale a more affordable model back to the
northern hemisphere's big cities, creating franchises
in every city like McDonalds. Whoever does this
with franchises in every city called AIR REPAIR will
be the next billionaire to follow Bill Gates. I mean
what good is it to have WINDOWS without air
coming in thru the actual window, air to breathe!?
Bite the bullet. To purify your home, to get rid of
that cough factor, for 400$ to 1000$ dollars, ( chump
change really) to be able to breathe get your first
machine now! Then, investigate being the HENRY
FORD of the E.S.P! You could find a third world
factory that could manufacture your line and create
the electrostatic machine much more cheaply than the
ones Sharper Image has right now.

If we could bring in really good air purification
machinery at lower rates than ORECK or Sharper
Image, we wouldn't have to skimp. To heck with one
machine per house, SPLURGE. You can dot porticos,
floors, wings or windows with a bevy of them.
Start with the HEPA machines, which we have
already and which Air Conditioning shops install. A
little true blue ALL-AMERICAN filter, dust
arrestance 88%, efficiency 20% costs $75. Why not
put one on each of the kid's rooms. A DUST FREE
has 93% dust arrestance and a price tag of $88. We'll
put it in the kitchen. The big PURE AIR from
Plainfield Indiana is the Grandaddy we'll put in the
basement and connect to an air-duct system. For
$995 it'll give the house a pair of carbon-filtered
lungs. In the West wing where Mom sometimes does
her sewing, a very trim Hi-Tech for 88$ or a
Newtron from Cincinnati, dust arrestance 86%
costing $400 will do fine.

In the spring, when pollen floats everywhere, we'll
run the little guys on windy mornings while the
PURE AIR pulls in rich, oxygen-laden garden air at
night. In summer, when the chemicals in smog photo-
react to sunlight to become harmful ozone, we'll run
the big guy full time, keep all the windows shut, fill
the house with wide-leafed, oxygen producing house
plants and remember to shut doors as fast as we open
them. We won't let any gasses in. We'll make the
entry hall into an hermetically sealed airlock. Beam
me in, Scottie, but puhleeeze, keep the burnt
petroleum-particulates out.

As sensitivities mutate into compulsions, and
compulsions into refinements, the strategies multiply.
Air Repair will become an art form, an arena of
experimentation. After dinner conversation will pivot
on filter tech and the wisdom of pre-filters, non-
corrosive finishes, or which machines hum, which are
silent, which have blowers, which have lifetime
warranties, vs. warranties for five or ten years.
There are satisfying complexities, choices to be made.
Some require a $150 filter put on every three years,
less demanding machines require prefilters that cost
$20 for a box of six but you have to change them
every 3 months. Another has a 35$ filter.
Imagine a game this complex, satisfying and
inexpensive that also saves lives. And the money Air
Repair costs is chicken feed for what you're getting: a
healthy family, a new hobby, purity and peace of mind
all wrapped up in one pastime. For some of you, it
would be a business, "AIR REPAIR" we take the pain
out of breathing. Estimates free" I can see the
business card now. It would be a major hit in any big
city even at 5 to l0 thousand a pop.

Air Repair is an armed response to a brave new
world ---but a damn filthy world---one that is
beating on our windows and doors 24 hours a day,
targeting our family's lungs.
Air Repair is a responsible tackling of the pollution
problem that is wreaking havoc on modern man's
body, spirit and mind. And on our children's too.
Filthy air is shortening our lives and making the
quality of life we 'enjoy' very limited, indeed. This
filth and toxidity is only going to get worse and
worse as China and the third world gets the
automobile. A layer of soot and petroleum particles
will block out the sun! Worse, it will block out every
breath you try to inhale!

Now, here is the SEED IDEA related to this. What a good business this is, even in hard times. If you have a nephew or son who doesn't know what to do with his life, send him to trade school for air conditioning. If you know someone in the third world who wants to live there, have him set up a small factory to make the electrostatic unit and you start the franchises in the big filthy cities! You will not only save lives but you will be wealthy beyond
measure. INVEST in that nephew and make millions with him. Do the books so he cannot salary himself without your signature. And sit back and rake in the money.

A simple google search that  one does locates all kinds of AIR REPAIR MINI MACHINES. Do a google search on the words electrostatic air purifier, putting it "in quotes." I found dozens of manufacturers. Seek out HEPA FILTER INSTALLERS. In your city, that's not a mail order thing.

Or which has the best prices of any online
store. With 50$ for a room size air purifier, HEPA and OZONE, you can really do one in each room  right now, today. Its catalogue has lowest prices for across the board cameras, appliances, etc, they beat everybody price wise. Or Visit:

Just imagine starting an import business that
warehouses the machines by the thousand and
wholesales them to your internet friends WHO DO
THE AIR REPAIR FRANCHISE in every big city.
Imagine all of you learning a simple installation riff.
Imagine selling them the way they sold vacuum
cleaners, door to door. Get hold of the Consumer
Reports article on the electrostatic purifier. Your
librarian can find it for you.

Think of your nephew who's handy. He and your son
could do this as a business. You could type up a
prospectus (the secret of doing this,
form is there, and out of every 3 you give it to, one
will invest. You an easily raise the money. Talk it
over with young men in your family. Air Repair is
the wave of the future!


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