SINGLE LADIES, (and if you're not a single lady, send this to pals who are,) your HOROSCOPE has within it, a picture of WHO is the perfect boyfriend or husband for YOU! When I look at your scope, doing the 15$ boyfriend / husband reading, how do I FIND HIM? FIRST I LOOK AT THE FIFTH HOUSE OF LOVE- Mars in 5th or 7th houses, or ruling them, he's a young muscular athlete, found at a gym or sports event. Jupiter ruling or in those houses, he's a teacher. SIGN up for classes somewhere. Venus in the love houses, he's an artist. But VENUS SQUARE SATURN, he’s at a real constricted church and a bit of a bore.  If it’s just the VENUS archetype, then what you want will go see art collections! Go hang at a MUSEUM at those new highly touted exhibitions, and go to all gallery openings.  If SATURN rules fifth house, he's older, serious, more corporate at times, but not SATURN IN ARIES; then he's a cop. So drive fast. SATURN in LIBRA, he's a lawyer, get a class in LEGAL SECRETARY WORK!  SATURN IN CAPRICORN he’s a merchant manufacturer, work for the big corporations. Go to secretarial school.

I not only give you a description of WHO, but WHERE. YES. NEXT I tell you where he's found. Second house, he's at stores or galleries. Or VENUS in the 2nd,  he's found somewhere when you're shopping or eating out. If In VIRGO it's vegan cafes or shops for produce. If in CAPRICORN it’s by DAY the banking community by nite some austere, minimalist posh cafes on the fawncy side of town. AND which NIGHT is coming up or which lunch hour…I send you that in your daily stars, StarPower “MAP OF THE MONTH” and I sometimes put a client on that LIST for free. I am anxious that you don’t spend 8$ on a salad on the wrong meal out on wrong nite! Saturn nites ferinstance.

The idea is, we deduce from your horoscope WHERE you WILL find Mr. Right according to the rules of ASTROLOGY. If some LOVE planet is in the 7th house, you meet him while at parties, out in public, at cafes or clubs. If in the 12th house you meet him at church!

And then, from your horoscope we describe a few places where you might go to find this Mr. Right. Where your statistical Percentage of hitting a HOME RUN is more accentuated. MARS in the 12th is hospitals. Venus in 11th is clubs, groups, singles parties. LAST, when. WE GO INTO WHEN you can find him. TRANSITS or current skies of 2005 will tell us WHEN to go there (to that place,) to find him. (IF MARS rules the boyfriend house, we want a transit from current skies, to that planet. I will look at the entire year of 2010 for a JUPITER aspect, better JUP/MARS & that way cover the 'when' part.) Then in the dailies you get SUNDAY NIGHT, (ask for them, it’s 7 days at a time,) you pick out the MARS days and be somewhere around those hours when MOON LINKS TO MARS. This means you go out on that day/that hour and look great and see what happens! Or say that JUPITER is in the region, I INFORM YOU! In the dailies you’ll see that written as a JUPITER NIGHT. OR DAY. ASK ME where the dailies are located this week, in cyberspace. They are posted. is where I am and I can tell you in an instant.  And I WILL!

So get the picture I am a top astrologer, have been for 50 years; I will cast your horoscope, (you give me hour/dob/city,) I will: LOOK AT THE FIFTH HOUSE OF LOVE and describe the archetypal boyfriend that you want. Meaning he should be LIKE the planets related to the 5th. He should have modes of being which relate to that planet that rules our fifth house or is IN the house….and modes to avoid at all costs, painted by afflictions to it….(i.e. planets square it, ) I will analyze the LOVE ruler's good aspects, but bad ones, too. There is always a HIGHER use for bad aspects. Mars/Saturn is violent but if he's a hard hat, then it's used in a good way. Pounding cement and nails.

SECOND, WE LOOK AT THE HOUSE OF MARRIAGE!  I go to the 7th house and describe to you the HUSBAND he will become and sometimes I see which is better, being single and dating the guy or marrying him. And, we loop back to the RULER of the 5th house and see where you are (or SHOULD BE,) when you MEET this perfect fellow! There are usually many different places that are the keywords to what an astrologer sees in your 5th house. PISCES is church, also religious sites, temples, antique stores and hospitals. SO we'd be visiting anyone we knew at a hospital, or getting a job in a hospital. What if THE BOYFRIEND ruler is in the 9th house; that would be university extension, foreign countries, (you'd have to travel. And travel where? CAPRICORN is MEXICO, SAGITTARIUS is SPAIN, etc. And the 9th house points to higher mind classes, Yoga school, Socratic circles, libraries. Colleges. LAST I DO WHERE AND WHEN.

What if the best planet in your horoscope is ruler of the llth house of friends groups, clubs and it's a better planet than any of the LOVE houses. Means stay pals! Well, All this gets typed up for you and it's 15$ and if you want it, send your data to me now. You give me 15$ by paypal, send the 15$ to PAY PAL SITE and tell them just this: it's for  SO THAT IS extremely easy and rather cheap, no? So what's the catch?

THE CATCH! It's this. You tell me how it turned out, and if you used the exact hours I gave. I put the events that will definitely follow, i.e. your meeting, etc., in an article on MEETING MR. RIGHT  at INDEX THREE, the LUCK IN LOVE index(  it's at MY SITE. ) I won't use your real name. Which is what I promised FLAME MC BAIN before she sued me for using her EMAIL MONNIKER! (Judge Judy found for ME). And I will show my editor at DELL the article. I've sold 4 cover story articles to DELL HOROSCOPE, and this is a high concept article and you’ll be in it. I may even sell or as a book. LOVE AND METAPHYSICS. USING the stars to GET CUPID to work for you! Be prepared to meet MR. RIGHT immediately, then. So, wanna PLAY? Anita Sands.