How you can stop World War III from Happening
                                                                                                                                                by Anita Sands Hernandez

Does it make sense? Make war on SADDAM cuz he looks like JOE STALIN and he has the best quality of oil that exists, barely need refining. Iraqui oil ends up costing a buck a barrel cuz it's so pure. No wonder we wanted it. And then the Bush/Cheney group justified it with lies and lies only?  SADDAM never gassed the Kurds. The prestigious NY. Times carried story by a CIA whistleblower saying Iran was throwing Saran gas in that border skirmish where Kurds were trapped. It wasn't Saddam. He never had Saran gas. CIA's PELLETIERE says IRAN had SARAN. ( ) BUSH used that phony story to GO INTO IRAQ ANYWAY.  Bush lied about babies being pulled from incubators by Saddam. Propaganda and you bought it! (NY TIMES STORY RIGHT HERE!

The SARAN GAS story started back in 1990 when BUSH #1 had to destroy Saddam with propaganda. Bush pere wanted Saddam to invade Kuwait so Texas could GET THAT OIL out of his OPEC hands. At the start of all this Gulf War biz, our State Dept heard from Saddam by phone, that he wanted his province, Kuwait, back. State Dept hears him say 'Hey guys,  I'm going in because Kuwait is drilling sideways into my land, and doing it from a province which you basically stole from us." (Brits sliced Kuwait out of Iraq's bleeding side in '28 and made it a separate state which would play oily ball with Brits).

Saddam said, 'Kuwait is illegally going way over OPEC barrel limits in sales, and with sidedrilled oil, MINE -- not even their own! And I'm putting a stop to it." Our dept of State tells him, not a problem for us, go ahead. Do it. (with a big, CROCODILE SMILE).

So Saddam moves a few tanks in and we appear out of nowhere and beat the living crap out of his people for the next dozen years. Now remember this mental picture: oilwells on fire. Got it? Yeah, well WE DID THAT TOO! In l991, as his troops were departing, WHILE we were tractor-burying 6,000 fleeing men in the sand (burying them ALIVE), we also set fire to a (#%& load of KUWAITI oilwells which  Feb 20, 2003, our GI's confessed on national radio to having done! (Read US TROOPS BURNED WELLS. It'll make your eyes bulge. SOLDIERS WENT ON RADIO IN CALIFORNIA, confessing it. G.I's told MEDIA that they were told to burn those hundreds of wells!  Bush et.cie, LYING like a rug, AGAIN! TO US!) Bush Gov  secretly burned those oil wells and hung it on Saddam like the true Nazi Propaganda-ist he is and then he genocided (new verb) this  country for 12 long years. Hey, Though a lie stand for 12 years, that don't make it the truth! Bush, Colon, Dick and Kunty  (all get nicknames based on the first chakra of survival-of-self) -- this low BUSH GANG is a bunch of low miserable killers who lie and carry a standard that reads "blame the poor KURDS getting gassed to death on Saddam too!" (which N.Y.TIMES tells us last week, Iranians did, again, if you didn't click on it the two LIVE LINKS or URLS I gave you above, please read  how SADDAM DID NOT ever GAS THE KURDISH how that was a LIE too). Turns out Iran had Saran gas; they did it and that URL just above here is where a CIA whistleblower tells NY TIMES the truth!! And Bush Senior lied about the INCUBATORS in Kuwait supposedly unplugged by Iraquis, killing babies. That was proven to be a LIE too! I wonder if Saddam even killed his son -in law for betraying him.

Do you see a trend here? Wholesale mendacity from G.O.P-NAZIs Allen Dulles OSS faction which BUSH SENIOR is...lies to the American people. (Duhhh, are we dumb as mushrooms! Where they keep us in the dark and feed us nothing but shit? NO we are not!) We didn't have the facts then. NOW we do!  The BUSH gang lied to impose trade sanctions to Iraq over a dozen years (that is really 12 THOUSAND DEATH YEARS in dog years, cuz you know how slowly time passes when you're NOT  having fun. And it's no fun, kiddies, those daily bombings of a 'no-fly zone (called that cuz not a fly survives there,) a zone we decreed to exist over half their country, twelve thousand Miserable Dog years of genocide, child death, starvation, freezing in winter, baking in summer, which USA citizens like you doing it to them quite blithely ---(NUREMBERG where are you when we need you?)

Now we announce we're pummeling these emaciated Bedouin cave men in a new war, seeking to cut the head off the snake who it turns out HE is no snake! The BUSH FAMILY IS THE ONLY SNAKE ON THIS PLANET!  Hey, is it any wonder l9 SAUDI funded gangbangers  took flying lessons? Saudis hate all other Arabs but is it any wonder they came to the rescue of IRAQ? Well, anyway, that's ONE theory. The other is that CIA said, you're our boys,sheiks, do  us a favor.  Train 19 home-ies todo what the Mullah did a few years back, try to take down WTC buildings. We'll tell you how, in fact we'll help. We'll put charges in the corners of every floor.

Looking back, WTC was one 911 Emergency that had to happen. There are still too many nations or groups within them that are total ‘have-nots’ and who get treated badly in the bargain. Malcolm X said it. "No American DREAM here just an American NIGHTMARE". A landscape littered with have-nots, never will haves and victims. And Americans eat candies in Hell and watch zone out boob-tube reality shows. HAH! REALITY??? MISNOMER!

Another great mind, one I always trusted, Mario Cuomo, was quoted in the online version of the "Nation"Magazine  (two days after the 4 planes hit) saying that America needs to help the have-nots in the third world."

Hey why not? We spend a trillion times that amount killing them. Spend a tenth or a hundredth of that WAR TOY MONEY and give these peasants seed money to grow food, orange trees, nut trees, vibrant health, then diamond tips to drill their own damn oil and sell it to us and get them into the planetary economy! These people are dear beings. Good, Fine. STRONG. BALLSY! They can have functions. We need them in the gene pool. They have uses. We don't have to kill them, vacate their continent with AIDSor carpet bomb them or daisy cut them or create starvation diseases, plagues of war and then steal their resources. We can let them sell their resources to us at a fair price and join in to incremental growth. That is what makes a planet healthy wealthy and wise.

Cuomo said in that article which may not be on the nation archive, as they selectively prune, but go see ... that the Twin Tower Terror "was NOT at all like Pearl Harbor, as then, we KNEW the enemy." (actually he got very close to 180 degrees from the truth. This assault was exactly like Pearl Harbor. Recent Books (just published) indicate FDR knew the Japs were headed for Hawaii and our so-called liberal, socialist prexy FDR let it happen so that he could justify WWII. It's all in "Day of Deceit: The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor" by Robert B. Stinnett. And for an article that says BUSH Sr. knew about  911 ahead of time as Israelis knew, and our CIA knew, and plenty of folks were warned away from airports that day, important folks, so he knew just like FDR did about Pearl. That BUSH SR.  Defense Intelligence, David Atlee Phillips, Howard Hunt, Texas oil money, Giancana's Mafia group and Cuban exiles  worked togethr and killed JFK and we let Bush not get caught, read the fascinating

Bush Sr. is really a longtime genocidal, nazi trained killer. He was the real guy throbbing to get into Afghanistan for the oil  PIPELINE to go thru... SOUTH WEST UKRAINE area, GEORGIA has the oil, which once was RUSSIA...Bush wanted this oil pipeline because he and the same Texans who killed JFK could score billions of dollars all to themselves. There will be no trickle down wealth for you. Count on it. So don't side with him. Osama Bin Laden's supposedly being there justified his going in. Bush Senior, using his IQ 80 son,  with Cheney directing the realistic puppet like motions from a remote control box, has put 12 years of Nazi genocide on your country's karmic record!

Mario Cuomo was a true liberal when he said that instead of the U.S.A. going to war willy-nilly on just any Arab country, greater anti-terrorist cautionary measures should be implented, which should have been there in the first place and that they involved aiding the disenfranchised. I guess that's the mark of a foolish dogooder, huh? When someone commits a crime, you jail or execute him, then you go back to the barrio that produced that criminal and set it on fire. But not CUOMO or any liberal! He'll send in food, education, after-school activities, welfare and free health clinics so no more rowdy youths follow. The mark of the right-winger is that he bombs the entire barrio. By this measure, Colorado should have bombed Columbine village off the planet. And then bombed Boulder, for the little beauty queen kid who got murdered. That's how you treat criminals! That'll take a bite out of crime! OH you rightwingers, repent. Get the flag off that SUV and get the car sold!

Regarding Cuomo's sense of there being too many ‘have not' groups on the planet, today, beyond their ‘not having food, homes, heat and freedom from the raining down of bombs' there is also the condition of the Palestinians having long endured genocidal treatment, a half century of isolation and contempt from Zionists who were moved into PALESTINIAN land by Britain about the time the Brits pulled Kuwait OUT of IRAQ's flank, which created Palestinians being in concentration camps for last 40 years and created the Arabs having their knickers in a twist which made us want to help the Israelis, so we created the l990 gulf war to give us a perch there to not only resolve these Palestinian problems but control the oil, and that was the start of all this 911, WWIII misighas.

To the Jews,  Palestinians are a bunch of 'darkies' who live in the Israel area. They're despicable 'outcrowd'. Now I'm a JEW and I side with Israelis that they belong in their ancient pre-Brit homeland to some extent, but they aren't treating their darkies right. They gotta offer them Ghetto record labels, hair straighteners, rap music and fun sitcoms and movies like we did to make them happy barrio dwellers. Israelis God blessem are paranoid, viewing Palestinians as killers,  hot blooded, bomb strapping 'ethnics', not rural, happy music making, tapdancing blacks like our own sweet ones where only an occasional guy on heroin breaks in and steals a buck. No, they aren't as tolerant or forgiving as we are.  They really lock their darkies out in the back pasture!

Now, imagine the most angry Sacramento Serial killer and go times three. That's what being locked out' does to you. The Sacramento serial killer Soltys was locked out of his church while his wife was embraced by it. He cracked. The Palestinians are having walking nervous breakdowns, just like Soltys, who shot up a city, only this nervous break down has been fifty years coming.

George Bush Sr and Jr are the last in a fifty year string of presidents who have turned a blind eye to the psychosis of the Palestinians and blindly support poor harassed Israel who smartly continually takes our advice to just treat 'em like darkies --only they're seriously muffing it. But of ALL of our prexies, 80 IQ Bush, the Curious George Hand-puppet of his father and Dick Cheney, Shrub is the worst. The others at least pretended to get involved in those Camp David type talks and maybe accidentally that did some good.

With US pressure, Israel took the Palestinians out of the wire fence concentration camps and gave them land and an equal start, jobs, aid. They were like blacks on welfare, climbing upward, but paralyzed on the bottom tier. All they could see was that they were dirt poor and lived on the desert a few commuting into town to be houseboys. They got angry. They didn't see how our blacks became top Generals then Secretary of State. Here they can get battleships named after them, be Congressmen, sportstars, businessmen, music, journalists, broadcasters. They didn't see how any ethnic with talent or education could climb higher than whites, even.

No, they had no hope so they kept shooting up buses and bombing pizza parlors so the Israelis ( who aren't perfect) began to get testy.

Israel is a country of contrasts. A matriarchy, it swims in macho guys indulged by their mommas, in uniforms with guns. Generous hearted, they gave one of their provinces to these damn Arabs they inherited, and got shot up for it and turned on the Arab ingrates and started making them go through customs to get in and out of  their Arab villages. This bugged the Arabs who have too much cojones and come from a patriarchal society.

It was a case of my balls against yours, 'us and them' polarization. Israel is productive, green, wealthy; their kibbutzim made the desert bloom. They also swim in our aid money. The Arabs were given a patch of desert and locked out of the job market. The only aid they got was lemonade.

Israel could give these peasants jobs or at least WELFARE and food stamps and lawn implants, sprinklers and tile fountains which sooth the Arab heart but instead Zionist soldiers regularly go in to Arab villages with uniformed men, sniff around for terrorists, shoot children and make the survivors live off to the side in the slums, going thru check point Charles all the time. Worst of all however, is when Jews bomb neighboring Muslim countries, every damn bomb has MADE IN THE GOOD OLD USA written on it.

The middle East senses that it's really the U.S.A. making Israel so ballsy and testy and not the squalid Palestinians. Now USA should do something about this quandry. We should demand the Israelis make their own damn bombs or write in Hebrew, local made.  WHO NEEDS this bad P.R. we're getting from racial strife 7 thousand miles from our shore? And the more sociopathic of their Arab ranks have now exploded the planet's World Trade Towers? Is nothing sacred? That was the CRIB of capitalism!

This four hijacked airplane 911 emergency action by the terrorists had one objective: to open Bush's eyes and force him to stop supplying Israel. It was for SHRUB to stop telling Jews to kill Muslims. The Arabs want BUSH to start brokering/negotiating a just peace in that part of the world like Carter and Clinton did. Bush Jr couldn't broker a wonton in China town. He didn't follow Clinton's leadership role in the middle east; he has consistently said 'let Arabs eat cake.'

Do that and you have revolution on your hands every time. These four flying guillotines flown by suicidal Palestinians and Muslims were intended to force Bush to pay attention to the Middle East. Well, OVERKILL must be a word not found in Arab dictionaries.

The terrorists succeeded dismally if that was their intent. Cuz Bush is going to be paying a LOT of attention to the MIDDLE EAST FOR A LONG WHILE!

Bush failed to interpret the "HELP US" message written on the side of New York,  Israel will certainly go on kicking its Palestinians around, terrorist acts will probably continue and they will be done in other ways now that the cardboard cutter thing was found out. Try Mycoplasma bacteria on sidewalks where you walk your children, anthrax in your beef, water supplies polluted with deadly cyanide or weird microbes. Germ war. Coming soon to your local community.

The Palestinians and Muslims are here inside America by the tens of thousands, and among them utter terrorists, admitted by a totally lax (or bribed) INS. They are amply well-funded by their deep pockets Osama Bin Laden and a lot of angry Arab OPEC OILMEN with deeper pockets.

They and their sons can study at the best schools, wear Armani suits. Twenty five thousand of them got stateside studies on how to fly a jet. They can bring in all the microbes and small atom bombs ( suitcase nukes) that they want or the Mafioski will sell them. I wouldn't go to any big fancy Synagogues right now and I wouldn't live near one as Bin Laden covens of student kamikaze bomber pilots which are in every city of America.

BUSH and his oligarch handlers (chums of his father, really, an elitist insider for fifty years, clerks to the Harriman dynasty and part of the ALLEN DULLES OSS/ CIA cabal group that carries out the will of the American fourteen families, --- the group that wanted the oil under Vietnam, and killed JFK for backing out of Nam, )-- believe that a war with the Middle East would give them all of Syria's oil, all of Iran's, Iraq's and Libya's oil as the Saudis are running out. Yep! Their dig is almost dry.

These same Oil-o-garch gents own our banks and war toy corps and the HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL TOO. So no matter what happens they make money.  WWIII would NOT IN ANY WAY rescue the economy they drove into the dungeon for you and me, but the rich wartoy makers would have a better time. See, they Enronized all the profits from every corporation on Wall Street. They are like BEES that sucked their own hives dry so they have to have a war now to survive.

Imagine what they plan for your sons: The Draft. DER STATES UBER ALLUS! Then we'll all be employed building bombs and flying them, and dropping them on thousands of innocent Arab babies a day, (i.e. doing just what those terrorists did on those four planes). The oligarchs are hepped on, more than ‘up to' WORLD WAR THREE. And you won't know what you did 'til you get to the gates of St Peter and he points a finger down at the cloud and says "you, m*#%@) f#)%&@(-er, you get out of here."

The men who run US policies are all old soldiers, who had their heyday during the BIG WWII. They want the rejuvenation pill of  war all over again, so they are unconsciously letting war break out again. And alot of them only get fruit salad if they do. They wanted the war. They knew the terrorists had turned 4 planes around were heading to NYC and DC and yet they did nothing!

Don't take my word for it. Tom Brokaw interviewed a reporter from the Christian Science Monitor on NBC. The reporter told Brokaw that he had spoken to the people in Air Traffic Control who handled one of the planes that flew into the Twin Towers, not the person who actually handled that plane, but people who were in the room at the time.

They told the Monitor reporter that the pilot did keep pressing a certain button and that they DID hear what was said in the cockpit as the plane made that U-turn and headed for New York City.

The Air Traffic Control workers knew the plane had been hijacked and called an airforce base where some fighter jets were supposed to be scrambled (which, the Air Traffic worker told the reporter is what's done in case of a hijacking.) But apparently no planes were scrambled and when the reporter later called the base to get info about this they said they couldn't release any info without permission from NORAD. The reporter hadn't been able to get in touch with anyone at NORAD yet, he told Brokaw.

Apparently, from what was heard in the air traffic control room, the original pilot was at the controls when the plane turned and when it went into the towers. The question Brokaw kept asking the reporter was whether anyone in New York or anywhere was notified about the hijacking. The reason he kept asking was that he was thunderstruck hearing that the traffic control worker had already said clearly that the AIR FORCE had been informed. Of course they were. Planes turn around in OHIO fer gawd's sake, the USAF could have taken them out at any point. Over Illinois. Over the Great  Lakes. There were no jets following them, were there? Isn't that strange? The proof of Gov negligence was on NBC-TV and was seen by many of you along with Shrub reading Seuss upside down in Florida. Why was there no follow-up on this story?

Well, here's why. Our government is capable of letting the terrorists take out a few more thousand of you. Cuz a gov's the most heartless thing you can find outside of a cyborg.

When --(not ‘if’) ---TERRORISTS put mycoplasma germs in your air, infect us all with chronic pneumonia, take out a city here a city there or a synagogue in flames, or public buildings, or more twin towers where your young relatives work, they are sure of one thing. OUR G.I's are going to enlist and fight this WWIII, out of FURY. Fury works and the gov knows it. And they love wars. Soldiers get fruit salad on their shoulders. Everyone gets higher pay and rank. And we steal more resources from the third world wrapping ourselves sanctimoniously in hubris, outrage as we shoot.

LOOK closely at this savage event which OUR GOV KNEW ABOUT ahead of time and let happen because it was THE PERFECT kickoff to JUSTIFY going into a PLANET-WIDE SUPER BOWL.

NO COUNTRY could say ‘no' if we wanted to bring troops in to 'locate' OSAMA's many covens. Of course if they think my three sons are going to fight in LIBYA, SYRIA and IRAQ, they have another think coming. My 4 kids (raised by a single mother) live like outcrowd darkies in the American ghetto working entry level jobs trying to get up in this harsh world. Some run cottage industries and work 80 hour weeks. Problem is some COLUMBINE HIGH type kids would fight. The statistics tell us that 80% people believe we should strike back. So they already have what they were aiming for.

Another reason that I believe they knew THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN. I had an astrology client Mary Schneider weeping on my shoulder before 911 and for a year after. She is an INS (Immigration Nationalization Service) career agent who works at Orlando INS office in an area near Vero Beach, FLORIDA, and as you saw  in newspapers, a huge lot of terrorists lived there.

She was locked in a 3 yr war with her INS brass, alleging that her superiors continually take CASH for citizenship and ignore greencard marriages if that's how a terrorist wants to get in, cash given by potential terrorists (in her eyes and she told me this in l999 so she had no idea of 911.) She says Arabs were practicing Green Card fraud which we know, but that her cohorts were cooperating.

She had won her first whistleblower lawsuite before I knew her. She's still in "whistleblower" litigation with the INS, AND she still works at the INS office. They tried to scare her out of there with brutality. But this lady is tough. She spent 20 yrs at borders, like Canada, catching potential terrorists, spotting phonies, now the last five years or so she was riding a desk in this Florida INS office, reviewing green card marriage applicants and the woman is an acutely sensitive, a living lie detector. Amazing. Totally psychic PISCES. Florida happens to be a hotbed of OSAMA BIN LADEN people. Osama has funded thousands of independent contractors. He's like the Henry Ford of Terrorism. Mass production. He's also a DPSS welfare for sociopaths. So imagine this psychic career INS officer Mary meeting these green card customers and busting them, then finding that her bosses approved the greencard marriages and new citizens are popping corks and her paperwork is missing.

She used to weep to me, (I'm a career astrologer) on the phone. I didn't charge her, as, over the last year even without the OSAMA business around, I realized she was some kind of Joan of Arc in duress. She sent me packets of clippings and print-outs of chat rooms where Floridians discussed how much they'd paid the INS for their citizenship and to whom, naming agents by NAME. l0k was the going price. She'd send pre-stamped BIG envelopes and I was supposed to mail them to NY TIMES, to Weiser the reporter who'd covered the 1993 WTC trials. And to many other papers. And I was never to tell anyone who she was but to relay information she'd given me. No reporter answered.

Came September 11th and all the reporters called me. But by then she was a nervous wreck, frightened for her life and told me to stop contacting reporters. I understood. (NOT)

Imagine working in an office where all the other workers and her superiors want her out so they can continue to sell citizenship for 10k a pop! She had a lot of paper work and notes that prove this in her desk and proof of fraudulent applications and when she goes semi public ... telling major officials in Washington, word gets back to her bosses who entered her desk at night, stole the papers/proof but she had backup copies. She sent them out, began warning senators, reporters and everyone that the INS was not only letting in terrorists but doing it for bribes.

At some point in this battle, her INS superiors began to be SO cruel to her that she sued them. Not workmans' comp but something like that, there is a specific whistleblower kind of lawsuit. AND SHE WON!

Three months before 9-11,  she wrote Atty General John Ashcroft himself, also the DOJ/ telling them about INS fraud on high. Sent copies to the FBI and waited. Not only does Ashcroft not contact her, he sent her letters and documents back to the VERY I.N.S she works for. Total BETRAYAL by our Attorney General! That's when the INS JOAN OF ARC began to pursue track two. She had stacks of stories cut out of NY Times about the different covens in NYC and FLORIDA. She wrote explanations for the reporters, doing their legwork, sent the press packets to me and had me mail them on to the newspapers with my address and contact fone, ratting out all the little AMERICAN Osama Bin Laden covens the INS had been helping in.

As Ashcroft never answered her, she became convinced that not only does the INS have a VESTED interest but the government itself seems to, also --(not being on the take, but something bigger, some strange agenda or reason for letting the terrorists in. My thought is the Denzell flick STATE OF SIEGE where the CIA is addicted to spying so they let the worst criminals in so they can spy, achieving not only orgasms but a kind of virtual FRUIT SALAD on their shoulders)

Bribes wouldn't make the US GOV or CIA or NSA let these Arab terrorists in. So what else dould it be? Besides advancement and spying fun, The STATE DEPT, WHITE HOUSE, appear to have wanted a huge UGLY event with a lot of brutal deaths to occur so they could then JUSTIFY GOING TO WAR in the MIDDLE EAST!

THERE is proof that the GOV KNEw about the attack beforehand
9/11/01 - WTC Hard Drives Show $100 Million In Criminal Credit Transfers Before Towers Fell

Tom Brokaw also found clues. At the time, activists began looking for rebroadcasts of that Brokaw show. Didn't find it. I doubt you'll see it though. Our GOV is very quick. Quick to dictate to networks, quick to erase clues the liberals might find, and quick to talk about 'possible responses.' That is gov lingo for "we go in with soldiers."

Quick responses to provocation are how every huge war starts. They tell you, 'don't worry. We go in with a few soldiers, and bingo. Only the bingo is, you've got the draft back. Since the Twin tower bombing, every TV show has been saying that 80% of us want to beat the Bejeezus out of the camel jockies and the Middle EAST cuz they all supported and hid ATTA and OSAMA, and let's send those soldiers in NOW! If you don't see that percentage fall, get busy being a peacenik while you can. Cuz it's your kids' lives on the line. And your wallet. WARS do not make economies prosper!

The morning of the 911 tragedy, the INS worker emailed me, her usual, calm tone. Mind you she is a total southern lady. Looks like a pretty Sally Field, a PISCES, a very PSYCHIC sign. Church lady voice. Her officialdom tone and xenophobia is pervasively a part of her. She hates immigrants getting in here. Very Republican lady. I'm used to it. So read this note.

"ANITA, According to news source the speculation is Osama bin Laden is either directly or indirectly involved. Select Islamic Muslim MOROCCANS here in Vero Beach and Miami, and elsewhere, I can only surmise assisted in some way or another; if nothing more than aiding and abetting these extreme terrorists with food, housing, funding, etc. GOD HELP OUR COUNTRY -- this is just the beginning. Our Beautiful, Beloved America will never be the same. Our government is at fault for not deporting illegals and rewarding those engaged in sham marriages committing Felony Fraud and Perjury with permanent green cards. As I mentioned on the phone, INS doesn't take security training seriously, extremely lax in training on terrorism, what to watch for, body language, etc. and U.S. Customs seldom looks at personal luggage. How did these terrorists get past security with any type of weapon in order to hijack all these planes???!!!!" (This was early a.m when we didn't know details.)

WELL I wrote her back and told her there hasn't been airplane terrorist security in the last few months when we were expecting this, had all kinds of information that it was about to happen. I deduced that they kind of wanted this to happen. Also, told the INS lady that her moment had arrived. Now, she should send her material to Congressmen and Senators, the FBI and EVERYBODY and go to the papers.. She responded: "you can do it but just keep my name out of it as I have pending litigation."

Well, I guess she isn't Joan of Arc after all. I thought about it. Realized that without her, we had no story. I fretted but at that very moment, I turned and saw Atty General Ashcroft on TV saying 'if you know who did it, call the FBI NOW," Instead of punching his face on the TV screen, I instantly wrote the DOJ an EMAIL. I said "Dear Attorney General Ashcroft, DO you remember that little INS lady who wrote you about OSAMA BIN LADEN having huge flocks of soldiers in Florida and having HIS RANKS hugely built up by the agent's INS bosses letting them live there as citizens and accepting OSAMA CASH as a bribe? And how you Mr. Attorney, ignored her and betrayed her to her own bosses?" and I just went into detail on the whole thing. Sent that to a few people, FBI, a few congressmen, Senators, you know, the usual suspects, Teddy Kennedy, Lieberman. Well, instantly, my NETSCAPE froze. No matter how many times I rebooted, scanned disk, defragged, the email part of it was dead. I could go online but touch the email and it froze with a glaring red error message and a Swiss flag.

NETSCAPE, perfect for four yrs. crashed. DEAD IN THE WATER. So no biggie. I go to and see huge menu of browsers all free, but no NETSCAPE any more. So I GOOGLE "FREE DOWNLOAD" and Plus sign and "NETSCAPE 4.7" and bingo I find it.  I click on the NETSCAPE and pick the best one for me, and for an hour I download the NETSCAPE version 4.76 and install the thing and I'm back in biz. Anyone could do it without being a tekkie. I install my old addressbook, my old bookmarks, which I'd seen were still intact using ZTREE, and placed them off to the side, on CD-roms and floppies, and my huge EMAIL stack of letters, 8 million bytes, I put that on another directory, out of the way while I de-install. Then used file manager ztree to move it to the INBOX. (Go to, get this file manager.) It TOOK A LITTLE TIME I'll admit. But teeth gritted, I wasn't letting the FBI duke ME! And then I did a google search on free firewalls, and downloaded one, and then got a virus protector free, did same search. Thusly loaded for bear, I stepped proudly out onto the net again like a cop in flak jacket. Chest high! Balls low. GUN RAISED. SMILE ON FACE.

First thing, I call the orig publisher of the L.A Free Press, still plenty connected in L.A's journalism circles, and a star client for a few years. I ask him to get me a list of young hotshot Woodstein type reporters to handle the JOAN OF ARC OF THE INS vs. ASHCROFT story, where we allege that the USA has consistently NOT WANTED to stop the terrorists last few years. To show how, to U.S. Intelligence, it's only a few thousand civilian casualties, why do they care if IT WILL ACHIEVE THE GOAL OF WAR. THE services LOVE war! They only can get fruit salad during wars, not during peace time!

Hoping I can still get off to the race toward peace with this fearful INS Joan of Arc as the keystone of an expose of some kind, one that proves OUR GOV'MT WANTED this to happen, I went to a website that had dozens of emails of congressman, and start hitting all the democrats's emails with the entire story all the time thinking, screw netscape, should I check the underside of my car tomorrow morning for a bomb?

I told these congressmen and senators that my opinion on why they chose to let terrorists do this to NYC is...the Chase Manhattan was about to have to pull the towers down anyway. The Twin Trade Tower bldg's were built very light weight, weak and corrupt with asbestos, and they were very old. 1976 in dog years is old. The towers were basically cardboard which VAPORIZED before our eyes like squished Nabisco wafers, so light were they. The Chase Manhattan, City Bank, (read IMF) knew the Twin Towers were THE prime target of the poor machismo befuddled, phallus-centered Arabs. So they sold the towers to some guy who quickly  insured them. Then the gang let the towers be sacrificed, not a problem. It was a kind of American 'cristal nacht' (Hitler broke a lot of windows at his own White House one night in 34 and said that the Jews and Communists did it, we gotta lock em up. Then he burnt the Reichtag, said 'oh they did it again', and got his way). Nazis did this kind of self sabotage to justify the concentration camps, wars, new martial laws, rescinding of civil rights. The usual Ashcroft Constitution Hashing that led to Aushwitz.

The invasion of Poland was inaugurated with the same tricks. Nazis killed a few POLES, at their own border, put them in German uniforms and screamed "POLES KILLED OUR SOLDIERS" That justified the first military move Nazis ever made, which was to invade Poland. Not a bad tactic. They all used to do it. Lyndon Johnson took a battleship commander's message that there was lightning on the horizon as The Gulf of Tonkin Incident (!) which justified our going into Vietnam with forces in 64 (previously only South Vietnamese forces fought). The ship commander later stated in his autobiography that it was a D.C. hoax and that all he'd seen was lightning flashes. 56,000 Americans died from that hoax. FDR did it, too. The OSS (CIA of that day) knew PEARL HARBOR bombing was coming before hand. To FDR, a few soldiers shot up was not going to be a problem. Let the japs machine gun them so the American people get angry, then THE GOV can GO fight Britain's WAR. He didn't know the Japs had tech to down THE ARIZONA!

ANY PRESIDENT can get past his own pacifist turning them overnight into foaming mad flag wavers, ENLISTING, JOINING THE ARMY G.I's without any prodding at all.

No gov fears war. GOV's do real well in wartime. The people are hypnotized by the newsreels, nice to one another, manageable. All the cranky guys are off the street, sleeping in barracks, off shooting guns. No crime. The super rich have three really lucrative biz, they trade in oil, guns and drugs. Banks make gadzillions funding war toy factories. Workers are employed gainfully so even cars sell. The Economy gets lean and mean. ALL the tax receipts go to buying war toys. Revolving doors see the money spin from Pentagon to Transnational to Bank and back again. Who owns these war toy factories? THE BANKERS. The war economy rescues any OLIGARCH in a slump. Not the country. The country suffers for decades after. Every war is paid for in stuff that comes out of your life. Salary, public works.

So I'm not saying go buy war toy stock right now, though it would probably be a realistic idea, because you're too nice to fund the war machine. Also, They enronized the profits. No stockholder gets any. Last, when you finish reading, you will not be angry enough at the other Arabs. The ones who were NOT flying those four airplanes.

THE GOV KNEW about the terrorists. Every phone call, every email, every encoded email was translated. Every terrorist was bugged. The alphabet soup agencies, (NSA CIA. NSC, FBI) knew what pimple got popped on which nose in these Arab terrorist apartment complexes in Florida, Boston and New York. Knew l00%. They didn't change the way airports do things. They could have had US soldiers in every airport conducting real searches. They could have Sky marshalls undercover and sealed cockpits! In Russia, you fly BORSHT AIRLINES, no damn terrorist can get into the cockpit. IT IS SEALED! NO SOUND gets through. you could slice up the entire passenger list and the stews and pilots would be listening to Billy Joel happily in the cockpit (which was what these guys did, they slit stewardesses throats so that pilots opened up.) NOBODY ON BORSCHT AIRLINES stops flying. They fly, they hear screams, they fly some more and they land, They unload bodies. That's Russia for you. So we could have stopped this by sealing the cockpit. BUT THE GOV does not care about civilian casualties.

As for their Pentagon getting bombed, They had backups of info on floppies in a subterranean vault in Montana, be sure of it. But People backed up? What fer? PEOPLE is the one thing Bush has too many of! As for 3,000 people in the Twin Towers, those financial guys had backups of the paperwork on floppies in five other cities. People were expendable! Proof, the stock market opened brightly a week later, so the info was obviously stored in floppies in the bellies of PC's far from the Wall street WTC.

What it's time for the stunned citizens of the USA to do is to study up on all of it, bankers, war toy corporations, bought politicians, revolving doors,  Palestinians, Muslims and Islam. We know Arabs are genetically predisposed to be chauvinist. The Taliban buries women alive when their husbands die in war believing they're happier with HIM. As jealous, 'Alpha' type men, they lusted for the World Trade Center towers which were not just financial symbols but, more importantly, symbols of sexual prowess. Huge concrete Phalluses against the Morning Sunrise facing East, facing THEM.

Men in Muslim countries, have for many years, shown how desperately jealous they are of other men and how fearful they are of the liberation of their wives and daughters. Women there are suppressed and controlled by violence and fictional religious doctrine, making it abundantly clear how deep the men's sexually inadequacy is felt. The macho hubris of those two, giant, phallic NY towers giving the third world the finger (not once but twice ) must have infuriated those demented fundamentalists wimps to the point of madness.

I must restrain myself here. These men love their wives, deeply. They simply protect what they love. Also, they know that you have to hide a beautiful girl! Or she gets raped and you can wipe the mud off the outside of the shoe easier than the inside of the shoe as Ferenc Molnar, Hungarian playwright said. Women bearing  illegitimate issue is abhorrant to them.  The Arabs know young, punk, lover boys roam the streets and want the same thing that they wanted as young men. I do believe caring and heart is at the center of Purdah.

Be that as it may, the Brit actress Vanessa Redgrave has been an Arab partisan for 30 years; we owe it to the spirit of fairness to read up on her arguments, find her speeches online, or find other better writings. (You researchers who do the ALTAVISTA AND GOOGLE search thing well, search for articles on Vanessa's writings on Islamic Jihad, Al Qaeda, (Osama’s group) the Muslim Brotherhood, etc. online.). And when you read up on her, you'll see their rage at us, so remember a lot of their most recent rage had to do with Hillary Clinton who reversed the family fondness for Islam in a heartbeat to win the Jewish vote in her year of NY campaigning. It’s said that she singlehandedly created the atrocities in Israel in the year before 911. Read up on Hillary's campaign.

If the American public stays openminded to araby, not preferring Jews as they're whiter, and stays in its heart, they will create a peaceful planet. Hearts are the most peace-full place. The state of peace is one of being fair, non-judgmental. Even judging something as good connotes there is a "bad. The state of Peace is a neutral place of Unconditional Love. It is all Good. All perfect. Right now. If we carry any resentments, revenge, hatred or fear of Palestinians, NOW is the time to release it. And then execute those insane terrorists immediately. And torch their camps. And find the Arab politicians that aided them and hang them too. But be surgical. Don't take out the entire civilian population as these bozos tried to do.

When we speak of eradicating all Middle Eastern countries that sponsored, sheltered them, remember, these Jihads, brotherhoods and Al Qaeda and their forerunner the Palestinians, were allowed to exist in a barbed wire hell for fifty years. A lot of sympathy was engendered for the Palestinians. They were not invited into neighboring countries, but were allowed to became Yankee Capitalist Poster Children victims by all the Muslims who loved to point them out, engendering all kinds of hate campaigns against Yankees by Muslims. Forget that the Muslims of Indonesia horribly mistreat and murder their Buddhist populations. Indonesia is a country of repeated Muslim savagery. Read up on that so you see and understand the racism on the other side, too.

It's ironic that our government got blamed when every Arab country near them refused the refugees entry. But hey, that's irony (i.e. painful duality) which is the zeitgeist of good drama. Without polarization and duality (said to be the hallmark of Satan) there’d be no show biz. Our dazzling movies open in theatres with rats running over audiences feet and show that the USA lives a rat free existence, lives high on the hog eating foods other than rodents. Muslims leave the theater, walk into their own streets and bombs fall on them that read ‘made in the USA’. Israelis shot them at Arabs but they put the picture together, as we would have, in their shoes and deduced ‘Uncle Sam is evil.’ We sold wartoys to so many nations, and cheered when they fell. We cried 'hooray'. We read nothing on Islam, we ate candies in Hell while fifty years of polarization went on. Now we must get off our lazy, uninformed bewilderment and understand their inconsistencies and our own.

We should take a second, get off our rage at their having shot holes in the big Apple and very simply take up Pakistan’s generous offer to use their country as a base, and go in and surgically remove the terrorists in Afghanistan and politely ask our ally Saudi Arabia to hand over theirs and leave the rest of the screwy Middle East alone. Because if we aren’t surgical and polite, we are going to be picking atom bombs out of our teeth in every city in America.

The trick now is for you to be more suspicious of our government than you are of Arabs. Keep remembering that our gov has a vested interest in getting you crazy enough to send your sons and brothers and sweethearts off to war. Soldiers dying by the score doesn't make armies, politicians, oligarchs, bankers, the think tanks that decide policy ----BLINK. Not if all these linked groups can achieve their imperial aims. A War economy.

The NSA/ CIA FBI had been watching the terrorists learning to fly airplanes, and plotting and they just let them go about their smarmy business. They saw the four planes turn around and they only knocked out the one that was headed for the White House. That one was probably shot down by our Air Force.

In every other sense, our alphabet soup agencies let the Arab pilots go about their murderous business. Letting it happens is identical to making it happen.

We who elected these war loving politicians have the ability to change our world right in this moment. Now. If we write Barbara Lee, the sole Congresswoman who voted for peace, and back her. Create a peace coalition around her. One which allows polite, surgical hits.

Then, reach out and touch one foreign, ethnic person with unconditional love . That will have increased the Light in a time of darkness when so many of us have a growl of anger rising in our throat, when so many are depressed watching ash cover a building filled with trapped bodies, when many thirst for revenge.

This is the perfect moment to see that only peace and compassion are required, quirky logic of the heart, not linear logic that says an eye for an eye. Not adrenalin. In movies Schwartzeneggar achieves instant ‘gitback.' We are real, not celluloid and we don't need 'gitback'. Those who make you believe you want ‘blood and fire' who fan your rage are playing you like a lute. Watch for traces of jingoism in speeches from incumbents. Remember whose back pocket they're in. We do have the best government that money can buy. And war toy money bought it!

Spiritual people will demand things change. Mario Cuomo advised that we spend on Aid which targets the most needy sectors abroad. There are starving babies out there. Our job should not be to find Iraq's rusty missiles but  to find those babies. Your heart too hard? CHANGE it. To change a HEART takes wrapping your mind around new concepts and saying this is true. I now know what is true. Then,  turning your mind off so your heart opens, and then, turning off CABLE news, and only surfing to the truth sites online, Non commercial so corporations can't control them.

You already sense that government aims are not always responsible, realistic or kind. Bush/State Dept/ Pentagon ideas will always make money for a few billionaires and exploit the lives of the rest of us. So read the material found at sites like those on this list, which teach an ALT reality. And then, ask your mind to be quiet so that your heart can dictate 'do this, write this, call this person. Share this info.'

Today we must study how to use email,  not to scream for bloody revenge, not to mourn for the dead. They’re fine, they are still alive somewhere beyond here watching Bush Gang continuing to do mischief. Waste time with none of these git-back activities. Only researching and studying which you can do with any good search engine, will make your mind know the TRUTH and your heart open to COMPASSION and then the third sister will show up: PEACE. Those are the three muses that will insure that no suitcase nukes show up in  your city.

The question made of professional psychics like me was: "why didn't we know?" or "shouldn't Spirit have told us of these things?" The pages of my daily newsletter warned about this for six months beforehand. There is a spiritual healer in L.A. who dreamed the entire thing two nights before it happened. A naturopath doctor. But there are few human ouija boards who can tell you what is going to happen tomorrow in case you're thinking of going to a nightclub with one stairway and pyrotechnics on stage!

What you saw on the 911 Emergency day is the result of twenty five years of an entire people either being locked in tents behind a barbed wire fence or held hostage by their own CIA-trained rulers who exploit them, play chess wars with them as pawns. These people unfortunately watch our Hollywood t.v. and films where the average family lives in a palace with a full fridge and green lawn and a great job. They have something to compare their lives to!

We spoiled, American brats cannot continue to dwell in bliss and ‘eat candies in hell’ as Pablo Neruda called it, (read his poetry, the CIA had him killed) while people live behind a fence, on the Gobi desert like the Palestinians or get bombed like the Lebanese or like those poor suicidal Arabs at Guantanamo.

The event of planes hijacked is our karma for not going to see their movies, where the production design calls for a desert floor, an emaciated goat if they're lucky, a lot of barbed wire. And when they cross the mountains on foot and enter Europe as wetbacks, they’re rounded up and sent home. Actually, I did see that movie. The family freezing as they crossed mountains. Dad ends up carrying corpse of kid to freedom.

But most of us never looked in their direction. We ignored starving, trapped sectors living behind fences in the middle of the Gobi Desert. Vanessa Redgrave screamed for years, demanded and created a lot of change. Israel let them out and gave them a small section of land. Those of us who read up on these things will become "warriors" of light. We will be working against the WAR tide, dwell in truth compassion and peace and see that planetary war will cause bombs in our cities. If we hit a great many civilians in Arab countries, the big guys, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq will turn against us. Israel will cease to exist. We don’t want to go there. Yet many assume or deduce that Israel still demands we get rid of all her enemies and let 911 happen so we'd join her. She let our Pearl Harbor happen.

911 was amazing but can we see causes and lift ourselves above unrealistic anger and the whim to bomb all Islam to Kingdom Come?? Can we see anything more in such an event than a convenient reason to enjoy adrenalin and rage and wave a flag? Are we going to study, then create a group with a higher vision or send our grandchildren into a certain WWIII with atomic power on all sides? SYRIA has nuclear power, so does IRAQ, hell, so does FIJI! And they can all build a bomb in a rented apartment in L.A or in HOUSTON, or in FRISCO, or right inside NYC and set them off with a finger flick. They could! And if the BUSH GANG funded by oil men go on being Nazis, they maybe WILL. People who have nothing to live for always find causes to die for.

Bushitters tell us the ARAB suicide bombers believe they will go to heaven. Not true. Muslims consider suicide a very great soul crime. Supposedly they won’t drink and we know they do and did. So don’t expect anything linear or neat from this well trained group of terrorists. They are unpredictable. Actually there's no THEY. As can openers do the damage, any sociopath with an attitude can show up in a nuclear plant and bomb us all. Leaving starving factions out there is dangerous. If we behave well now, we will get the aid of Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan and Syria and Iraq. If there are too many civilian casualties, we will lose it. As Bush Sr. won't stop we just have to get his puppet out of office. That's all it will take.

OK? So are we agreed. No Bushitters, no planetary holocaust. We cannot wave flags and call for war. Those who believe in an eye for an eye end up with both sides blind! (Gandhi said that.) Start a community tide not unlike the anti war movement of the VIETNAM years. That was a fun group. Remember it? Investigate the disenfranchised groups left to be tortured by their own tribal hatreds, whether in RWANDA, in SENEGAL, in INDONESIA or in PALESTINE. In the Middle East, we let our allies torture trapped people until Vanessa Redgrave made a more generous lifestyle available to those fenced in people.

We let Israel shoot them up occasionally just as we used Israel to batter other countries and storm the tide in the Middle East. They were bastards but they were our bastards. This is how we do things in the U.S.A. We trained all of them, sent them to our military schools so their officer class could see how to run a decent death squad. We created the death squads of Guatemala, El Salvador where 80,000 were murdered by their own government. We trained then allowed the Turks do what they wanted to their small dissident factions with impunity. In the fifties, we let the Greek Generals do what they wanted to their own people. (Rent the movie "Z" or "MISSING") We let Pinochet kill Allende and 30 thousand Chilean liberals. In that case, we had boats parked on their shore and instructed them step by step how to do it.  And we trained the Vietnamese for the Phoenix Program Civilian extermination program. We did so much of this thing that the Catholic Clergy started Liberation Theology as a response. Across the planet, the USA LET these TYRANTS do what they did cuz they were OUR TYRANTS every step of the way: Saddam, Noriega, Khadafi, Marcos, Idi Amin and the Taliban which beat the Ruskis and then took over Afghanistan, once were all OURS.

Take responsibility, U.S.A. The volcanic rip in our planet's side is a chasm now which opens threatening to swallow us all and the choices become harder... Leap into the fire or see the truth, take responsibility, repair the damage, get into a peaceful state and stop World War III, pulling our families to safety. This is the beginning of new wisdom for the planet. The people who checked out during this four airplane event, were part of this drama so that something can change in YOUR. Their death and painful transition needs to be for something GOOD. Go forward, in a spirit of reason. This is a test. Will you pass? Or just continue to be ignorant and automatic?

THE USA and ISRAEL have conveniently overlooked the right to PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS of groups who had no political power to complain. The dozen men who flew the four planes and held knives to stew's throats grew up behind barbed wire like junk yard dogs. Mention that to the next person you see who wants to beat up a camel jockey and mistakes an American Sikh (this happened a few days ago) for an Arab. Or reports some very nice American Muslims living nearby to the FBI. Deal with your suspicion and paranoia about Muslims in another way. Stem the tide.

Remember, the BUSH/ CHENEY government is already using the word ‘the war to come.’ and remember that they LET the terrorists attack so they could go to war. They had their own GI's, soldiers burn oil wells.PYROTECHNICS and ARSON, all BUSH PROPAGANDA. GI's did it.

This ENDLESS WAR with IRAQ and soon to be continued in  IRAN, started back in 1990 when we had to destroy Saddam with propaganda. Bush wanted Saddam to invade Kuwait so Texas could GET THAT OIL out of his OPEC hands. At the start of all this Gulf War biz, our State Dept heard from Saddam by phone, that he wanted his province, Kuwait, back. State Dept hears him say 'Hey guys,  I'm going in because Kuwait is drilling sideways into my land, and doing it from a province which you basically stole from us." (Brits sliced Kuwait out of Iraq's bleeding side in '28 and made it a separate state which would play oily ball with Brits).

Saddam said, 'Kuwait is illegally going way over OPEC barrel limits in sales, and with sidedrilled oil, MINE -- not even their own! And I'm putting a stop to it." Our dept of State tells him, not a problem for us, go ahead. Do it. (with a big, CROCODILE SMILE).

So Saddam moves a few tanks in and we appear out of nowhere and beat the living #%*( out of his people for the next dozen years. Now remember this mental picture: oilwells on fire. Got it? Yeah, well WE DID THAT TOO! In l991, as his troops are departing, WHILE we are tractor-burying 6,000 fleeing men in the sand (burying them ALIVE), we also set fire to a (*%&load of KUWAITI oilwells which a few years ago, on  Feb 20, 2003, our GI's confessed on national radio to having done! (Read this piece called " US TROOPS BURNED OIL WELLS in IRAQ" . It'll make your eyes bulge. Some SOLDIERS WENT ON RADIO IN CALIFORNIA, confessing it. These G.I's told the MEDIA that they were ORDERED to burn those hundreds of wells!  Bush et.cie, LYING like a rug, AGAIN! TO US!) Bush Gov  secretly burned those oil wells and hung it on Saddam like the true Nazi Propaganda-ist he is and then he genocided (new verb) this  country for 12 long years. Hey, Though a lie stand for 12 years, that don't make it the truth! Bush, Colon, Dick and Kunty Sleazy (all get nicknames based on the first chakra of survival-of-self) -- this low BUSH GANG is a bunch of low miserable killers who lie and carry a standard that reads "blame the poor KURDS getting gassed to death on Saddam too!" (which N.Y.TIMES tells us last week, Iranians did, again, if you didn't click on it the two LIVE LINKS or URLS I gave you above, please read  how SADDAM DID NOT ever GAS THE KURDISH how that was a LIE too). Turns out Iran had Saran gas; they did it and that URL just above here is where a CIA whistleblower tells NY TIMES the truth!! And Bush Senior lied about the INCUBATORS in Kuwait supposedly unplugged by Iraquis, killing babies. That was proven to be a LIE too! I wonder if Saddam even killed his son -in law for betraying him. Maybe that was bogus too!

Blacking Saddam's REP, going in just to take ONE MAN out and creating millions dead, burnt, exploded, blinded, amputated -- was wrong. The whole damn war has been a real cataclysm. MID WAR,  WORLD NEWSPAPERS told us that 16 Intelligence agencies agree THE BUSH WAR was a massive error and created a problem thousands of times worse than a little CIVIL LIBERTY and HUMAN RIGHTS problem with SADDAM, most of it cooked up.  This is the problem, Not some four airplane event, although that was ALLOED To happen by BUSH, and maybe even extra bombs were added in the Buildings. But in 2006, we can see that this war is turning into  a TEN THOUSAND AIRPLANE EVENT which dwarfs anything in recent memory, makes the USA look like the THIRD REICH and which many of your friends and relatives have dirtied their hands participating in. And this is the first time in history where an enemy has a huge fifth column inside our country and can set off a bomb or two in every American city, and do it daily.

We are a world family. The barbed wire babies on the desert didn't deserve that life. The had done no crime except be born too near the Jews who wanted 'liebensraum," that is living room, and it is what Hitler said he really wanted,-- Germany to be big enough and repo old lands that had once belonged to it. (!) The Israelis are now just like the man who’d screwed them. They at one time gave the Palestinians part of their country. They were prepared to let them start at the starting line, as we let our blacks do in the Kennedy and Johnson Civil Rights years but that ethos is over with. Israel one way or the other, humane or cruel, will continue dealing with its darkies, and slowly eradicate the anti-social fanatics among them. Life can be tidy again. But can we Americans find peace within our hearts now, not for those l9 jerks who perpetrated the WTC events. No, those guys are dead and their friends will be caught. I don’t mean them. I refer to the WHITE HOUSE, the State Dept, and the small group of men inside each of the alphabet agencies who let it happen. Those are the real Terrorists.

The barbed wire Gobi foot soldiers who did the plane-flying were funded by Osama bin laden, a very wealthy Saudi who early in life volunteered to be a CIA mercenary soldier in Afghanistan to get the Ruskis out. Who created the Rogue Ruskis? Sixty years of cold war created them! We didn’t need to do that to Russia! So our State Dept and CIA and OSS created The Ruskis in Afghanistan and Osama just as it did Ho CHI MINH who was our guy in ASIA. We left, he'd been armed by us and now he turned on us and we had the NAM WAR.

Osama cut his teeth in OUR Afghan guerilla wars which CIA paid for. See the TOM HANKS film CHARLIE WILSON's WAR which tells the story of how a cute Politician got that mishap started. Osama did what he set out to do. He GOT THE RUSKIS OUT and never took a bullet, a successful soldier, a General, American appointed president of the disenfranchised exploited, murdered Muslim victims across the entire colonized Middle East. To him or whichever Taliban brain came up with 911, this four plane event was just evening out  the score a little. Those few thousands we lost on the 911 emergency day, were (to his mind) fair, karmic tit for tat. And he’ll get his tit-tat very shortly but beware of that day, for as an Afghan said, ‘Kill Osama and every Afghan will become an Osama." Kill an American and we will all become Muslim haters.  WHere does it stop?

Our dead are in heaven watching us, praying for peace as they don’t want you to join them too quickly. They will come back in new bodies one day, born to you maybe as the children coming in the next few years. I believe in reincarnation. I was regressed, saw two other earlier lives with my own eyes, so I believe that we get repeat lives!  NOBODY DIED during that 911 emergency four plane event. It just looked that way.

So when your buddies talk war, you might talk reincarnation. Talk ASHCROFT ignoring the INS and letting in terrorists, watching them train at flight school, doing nothing.. Talk Israelis leaving their brothers the Palestinian tribes in the desert sun without water, food, homes. Talk our government secretly wanting war so they could pirate the oil. That is the reality. Not, 'they cut off our twin towers' we OWE THEM! But "OUR GOV let this whole terrorist thing happen here and built upon it for a reason! What might that reason be? WHAT IS the CUI BONUM? (That's Latin for 'Who profitted from the incident')

When Bush conquered Iraq, what did Bush get? OIL which has been his family's industry for 50 years. And all their Texas chums and funders biz, too. They wanted all the oil on the planet. WHY? So that we get more smog? SO more babies die of asthma, birth defects? Tell them where to get off. Tell them to have battery operated cars. Tell them you're tired of green house effect and poisonous air giving us all cancer.

The reality is right there. Investigate it. Don't be a robot they can program to kill the way those terrorists were programmed by their own sorrows. They were very susceptible. Have it in your heart to forgive them. To them, Osama looked like a man with a good idea: an atrocity to even the match.

Half of the terrorists are dead, the rest will be found, tried and hung.. Just let the image of those stupid, cheering Afghanis we saw GO. Sources now say Ted Turner knew full well that film was bogus, and really had been shot in 1990 when Kuwait was invaded. Turner has fifty thousand acres of cattle in Patagonia so he can sit out any war he causes in a bomb free zone. So don't watch CNN, watch FOXN where they're young, brassy and are telling the truth. Fox Cable. You'll hear things there you will not hear anywhere. Interviews get done with the right people and the right questions get asked.

Next chore, demand that your government send aid to all refugee families as well as to any people who are starving in desert villages inside of the countries where the citizens are imprisoned by their own crazed warlord leaders. Demand that Israel aid Muslims within its own borders.  The U.N. should insist that Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Libya and Afghanistan let their own kind in and give them jobs or train them for work. For the last thirty years the Arab world wouldn't let a single Muslim from troubled Israel, Afghanistan or Lebanon in the door. Every Arab country is filled to brimming with multi millionaires who could have written a check to Arafat, made the Palestinian families happy so there’d have been no terrorism in Israel and Beirut, no one did, so these events were predictable. Disenfranchised people who have nothing to live for always find something to die for. You would too, in their place.

Read the right things, think the right things, speak the right things. Be anti-Muslim genocide because it all started with a 911 FRAME JOB done by BUSH/SAUDIS.  Don’t be a jingoistic jerk. It’s too easy. Too automatic, too routine. You already played into the hands of a PAIR of Oil constituency presidents (41& 43) who ran a war in 1990 against Iraq. Then they ran one thru CHENEY robo-signing checks from the I.Q 80 alky son, to get IRAQ a second time, with GENOCIDE ON THE SIDE in Afghanistan. They also made a war on AMERICA. They trashed our constitution with HOMELAND SECURITY & Patriot Acts which enabled Gov to spy on you, arrest you, take you to Guantanamo and seize your house and car.

Study and you will see the tumor that has burrowed into the White House. Don't be angry about it. Stay centered in truth, compassion and peace and start being an ACTIVIST twenty minutes a day, posting at your blog, relaying NEWS ITEMS to your list.  Maybe for fun, write a snail mail letter to this longtime CIA prexy, G.Bush the lst c.o/ post office in Kennibunkport Maine, and the idiot kid in TEXAS. Remind Dad that he was on Hitler's team just before WWII so he's a co-creator of that war where 30 million died. And he's already catching up on that number on this one. He's a Christian. Don't be sectarian genocidal like the one in a million Muslim who's jihadist.

But do continue watching Saudi-trained pilots with boxcutters cause planes to t-bone buildings on t.v. on every anniversary of 911, like it's a favorite old E-ticket ride at Disneyland. As it'll remind you of Hitler's words. Don't lie about little things. LIE ABOUT BIG ONES. They will believe those lies best of all.

And watch ALTERNATIVE NEWS. I like and recommend YOUTUBE's collection of RT NEWS shows. Like a mirror, they show you the Melanoma on America's back. And visit/ surf websites that teach. Do a Google search on search terms like "CIA importing" and selling drugs since the late 30's, Try Vanessa Redgrave's speeches as she was privvy to Palestinian victimology-history. Google Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, etc. And throw in the Battery Powered Car. Anything but sit in front of TV watching that big, black jet deliberately fly into solid steel and 3,000 living human bodies imploding like a huge black cake and ants raking the ashes for survivors that will never emerge and memories of the bereaved families.

You dear reader  are not yet the victim of blowback. But one day, you will be a victim if the genocide of Muslims keeps up. Prevent it. Learn from these events, these dead.  Fight for a democratic president who has no ties to the PENTAGON. That isn't HILLARY AND BILL so you will have to hold them in check for 8 yrs.  Seek a  restoration  of the Constitution which has been turned to hash in favor of FOR PROFIT WARS. We should not get into jingoistic wars predicated on lies, propaganda and some rich guy's monetary needs. You and I are NOT that kind of person. Join the PAUL REVERE SOCIETY to prove it.

"OIL is too important to be left to the Arabs" - Henry Kissinger