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          A publisher of books of poetry, Astounding Beauty Ruffian Press is an independent, literary press located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in southwest Virginia.  Our authors include Georganna Millman, Jennifer Key, Cynthia Hardy, and Amy Randolph.  We publish work that captures our attention, that we find strong and beautiful, and that holds a hint of mystery.  (Don't worry about whether your poems are mysterious; they may be and you just don't see it.)

from 2013 winner Amy Randolph's Waynesburg University press release:
“I feel blessed and honored that my manuscript was chosen,” said Randolph. “As a poet, I consider this a strong affirmation not only of my own writing but of the value of all poetry in a culture (our culture, specifically) in which the genre often seems not to play a significant role in people’s lives. This is why I’m so grateful for Astounding Beauty Ruffian Press and the work they do – clearly not for profit, but out of a genuine love of poetry and a commitment to producing beautiful books.” 

May 1 - July 15
15 pages of poetry or less

Special Note:  Please refer to this website for all information concerning our press.  Many online entities print announcements and other things that are incorrect.  For instance, that our contest is annual; it is biennial.  Also, that our cash award is $10,000; we base our cash award on the ability of the press that year, which most often is $1,000.  See SUBMIT for further details.
          Our press is named in honor of the champion thoroughbred filly Ruffian, whose astounding beauty, unbelievable feats on the racetrack, and tragic fate, haunt us to this day.  She was magnificent, and she was golden.
Poets are channels through which the truth is told.

Astounding Beauty Ruffian Press follows strict rules of conduct as set out by the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses.


Astounding Beauty Ruffian Press
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image of Ruffian from the painting by Richard Stone Reeves