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The Pendragon Basenjis invite you to a Basenji art gallery.


Original drawings by Andie

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Below are two photos of Teafer. In the one on the left she is winking her left eye. She does this when she is being scolded. She likes luxury, hence the sheepskin snuggy. She will not chew on HER sheepskin but any others are fair game. In the photo on the right she has made a bed for herself on top of a box of books. The books are standing on edge and are all different sizes - a very lumpy and uneven resting spot in spite of the blanket.

Whatever it is I didn't do it. Wink. Wink!

Books, what books?

This is a drawing of Pendragon's Picasso who now lives in Montana.

This is a photo of Teafer moving. She was less than a year old when this was taken.


Below is a cake I made for a BCOSC Christmas party a few years ago. I used a Lamb cake pan (2-part mold) as a base. The "grass" is shredded coconut dyed green.

Here is a photo of Teafer in her "Vulture" mode.

Below are two photos of Pendragon's Little Bit. at a bit less than 3 and - on the right she is age 15 the photo on the left was taken about 2 weeks before she whelped her first litter.