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Tetrahedron Machines 3D Tetrahedron

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The Tetrahedron Machine is the simplest Platonic solid brought to life as a dynamic mechanism. This polyhedral sculpture has four corners, four sides, and six edges made of air cylinders connected by flexible joints. Under air pressure the cylinders extend and contract, changing the shape and volume of the robot in interesting ways. Three Tetrahedron Machines have been built so far, conceived as interactive art under human or computer control.

Selected Images:

  • Prime Tetrahedron's first movie - Real.ram (42k) or Real.rm (42k) (get Real player) or AVI (500k).
  • Big Tetrahedron at SFMOMA. Two Tetrahedra at SFMOMA. Big Tetrahedron on edge. Skinny Tetrahedron takes a hop. Prime Tetrahedron Balances.

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