"Music of Eastern Europe"
(Centaur: CRC 2211)
Performed by the Ensemble Viento of Portland, Oregon. Features works for woodwind trio, quartet, and quintet by five Eastern European composers.
                                                                              Item # P0028                                  $15.00

"Wanted - The Bassoon Brothers"
The bassoon section of the Oregon Symphony-now wanted for low-down playing and bass behavior! They're on a mission to save the "oons" from extinction by exposing you to a body of new sounds and music for the instrument.      Item # P0029                                    $15.95

"Captured - The Bassoon Brothers"
The Bassoon Brothers "wanted" on their first album for low down playing and bass behavior are now "captured" by 'oons enthusiasts who can delight in the brothers' mission to save the 'oons' from extinction.                                          Item # P0030                                    $15.95

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