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Flamenco Extraordinaire 
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The Reviews

"Clarita was stunning.  she had poise, control and rhythm. The last of these attributes was what made the performance exceptional.  Clarita constantly moved and twirled with elegant grace, but snapped with clockwork precision on the beats. 

Maybe it wasn't so much that Clarita was always with the music as the music was always with her."

William Berry


"Clarita also provided the most riveting dance solo, with Eustaches's wind swept flute seeming to swirl around her eloquently drifting arms and hands."

Jennifer Fisher
Los Angeles Times

"The afternoon belonged to Clarita -- sweetly buoyant in Jose Greco's "Panaderos a la Flamenco", elegantly virtuosic in the sustained footwork of the "Sarasate's Zapateado", Boldly playful in the dramatic contrast of Alegrias."

Lewis Segal
Los Angeles Times

"Watching Clarita dance reminded me of a mid western storm. Her feet were like lightning striking the earth. The performance was exciting, romantic, dramatic and as classic as love."

Douglas Eddy
Santa Monica Messenger

The Presenters

"We enjoyed the talented group's graceful and beautiful dance interpretations. The ample repertoire introduced many of us to a varied array of regional Spanish dances. We believe expressions such as yours bridges cultural differences and educates us in cultural diversity, we recognize your contribution to these goals. We look forward to future presentations by Arte Flamenco for the enjoyment and continued learning experience of our community.  Well done, Clarita!"

Dora E. Salomon
Committee Member
Caldwell Fine Arts

" ...the auditorium was full and the audience loved the performance
providing the company with a much deserved standing ovation. The
dancers were a joy to behold and a pleasure to work with backstage."

Carolyn B. Bennett
Executive Director
Everett Performing Arts Center

"The performance itself went off flawlessly. The musicians alone were worth the price of admission and could probably hold their own concert. The costumes were beautiful and Clarita and her dance troupe were fantastic. They are talented artists and exciting performers. I would not hesitate to book them again and encourage others to schedule them as well."

Allison Carter
Community Ctr. for the Performing Arts
Eugene, Oregon

"Everyone is still raving about the splendid program. The company is outstanding and Clarita is magnificent. This was the first time I have seen a standing ovation in the middle of the first half of a show -- she richly deserved it."

Joann Muneta
Executive Director
Festival Dance & Performing Arts
The University of Idaho      





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