How To Save Your Stuff
From a Disaster

Complete instructions on how to protect and save your
family history, heirlooms and collectables

By Scott M. Haskins, Conservator

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Loosing something dear to you that you can't replace is a disaster. What would you do if boxes of important "stuff" got wet? Have you ever decided not to collect or put out into view, your cute porcelains or glass items for fear that they would be broken? Have you ever had a pile of photographs stick together? Do earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, mold, silverfish or grandchildren worry you?

If so, then you need to have this book! "How To Save Your Stuff From A Disaster" by Scott M. Haskins has complete step by step instructions plus photographs and illustrations. You will be guided through chapters on how to save papers, books, works of art, ceramics, glass, sculpture, furniture, silver, paintings, frames, leather, bone, ivory, and magnetic storage media.

There are also chapters on how to make archival copies of your important documents and photos, how to deal with your insurance company, how to do archival framing and much more very practical information.


"How To Save Your Stuff From A Disaster" has received wide acclaim and great reviews from the emergency and disaster preparedness field, historical societies, galleries, museum curators, auction house experts, teachers, professional conservators and, most important, from people like yourself; retired folks, home bodies, Moms and Dads.

Here's what people have been saying:

"This is a book that would make Lewis Carroll's Alice very happy: "Lots of pictures and conversations"...a jolly good read!" -Kenneth Winslow, Butterfield and Butterfield Auction House V.P. and furniture expert.

"As a self-help book it is the ultimate manual...This is a must have for anyone who prizes the family's photos, papers, etc...even without a home disaster." -Juanita Thinnes, past President of the Friends of the Historic Mission Inn, Riverside, CA and genealogist.

"There is no other book on the market like it. It is more than a reference guide, it will be one of those books that you put in an important place and refer to often. The peace of mind it provides may also help you sleep better. The book meets the expectations and hopes of the reader." -Dorothy Adams, Conservation Materials, LTD, Sparks, Nevada

About the Author

The author, Scott M. Haskins, has worked in both Europe and the U.S. as a professional conservator for the last 20 years. In addition, for the last 7 years he has taught adult education classes on how to preserve your treasured family history items. He has worked with historical societies, museums, corporations, State governments and the Federal government and most important he has helped tens of thousands of people to save their "stuff."

Now You Know What To Do With All Your Stuff

This book is your constant reference on protecting and saving all your items at home or in the office.

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